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  1. Those were good perfomances! The firts verse of Jungle was weak, but after that it was good
  2. I get that the forum doesn't allow links to official songs and stuff. But this is just a bootleg, what are you not allowing it's circullation just like any other bootleg? The only difference is that it was leaked now
  3. Why didn't they release this? I mean, is an awesome show, really. Different, but awesome
  4. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    Man this vocals are FIRE. I really dig this track. It's always nice hearing new Axl vocals, that voice is amazing
  5. I really don't like cover bands. Do your own thing
  6. Axl is sounding very good tonight. I enjoyed that Civil War.
  7. Man that was a GREAT Shadow.
  8. What a lame crowd btw. No energy at all
  9. Good Slither! I dig the arrangement on the chours and the last verse was much better today. Good performance! If he can add some more power to the chorus it would be great
  10. There are so many "rock charts" at Billboard. Which one matters the most? Because I only see Shadow at 6th on the "Mainstream rock songs", but it isn't on the "Hot rock songs" chart. It's kinda confusing
  11. Love GNR fans. They didn't even play it yet but the bitching already started.