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  1. The "New Album" Thread

    Yeah but Bon Jovi can suck my dick. I understand that Slash releases music with his own band pretty easily, but he has his own label so it´s a really simple process for him. GNR has UMG. Slash did confirm that they´re working/finished stuff so I think that's good for the band, now they only need to agree with UMG in the terms of the release. I´m not saying that UMG doesn´t want new GNR music. But GNR may be asking for something based on their old contracts that UMG isn't willing to provide. Or GNR doesn't want to promote things a certain way. Either way, I think that they´ll agree soon enough on the terms. I´m still optimistic for new music on 2020
  2. The "New Album" Thread

    But they would need to release a single before an album, that what most bands do. I think a new song would a step on the right direction
  3. Well, that´s interesting if true... They have a show that day though
  4. I'm really liking all singles from Ozzy so far. My least favourite is the second one, but they're all good. This one the lyrics really hit you and the overall feeling really goes with it. Yes, it sound processed, but Ozzy´s voice is ALWAYS processed.
  5. The "New Album" Thread

    Yeah, or the interview could have been done in December or something. But we're stretching it a little. What's giving some kind of hope that something new is coming this year is that Jarmo is really optimistic about it. I don´t think he ever was this confident in the past years
  6. The "New Album" Thread

    With "this coming year" is he talking about 2020 or 2021? They're so vague LOL
  7. Thing is, Izzy was really important for the band at their beginnings but money-wise he isn´t a big factor. So the rest of the band leveraged that. Izzy didn´t like the proposed deal so he bailed out. Then the band proceeded to sell out stadiums on a really successful tour. Izzy thought he was worth more. Shit happens. Maybe Izzy deserved more than what he was offered. Or maybe not based on his unreliability to be on such a long tour, we could debate that.
  8. The "New Album" Thread

    Are we still debating this? LOL I mean, even Slash and Duff are fine with it and playing CD songs every night. Let it go, that band was Guns N' Roses too and that´s a fact
  9. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    A new chapter huh. Let's hope so! We'll see
  10. The "New Album" Thread

    It was on GNR's reddit. There's a thread for that I think on this forum too. Actually I think that the biggest clue is that Jarmo said that "that's still the plan" referring to that quote. Also that this new tour is not being called NITL. I don't expect much from Slash's interview today, but we'll see. There seems to be a lot of rumours and smoke pointing in that direction. If by February we don't have anything announced then March/April is not possible.
  11. Solutions

    I think that a good solution would be to ban all of the suspicious accounts, ban their IPS and make the sign-up process by admin-approval only. Also, hide some sections of the forum to new users until we have enough evidence that they're not part of this.
  12. Solutions

    How did those individuals became so powerful in terms of pulling down material from EVERYWHERE? Youtube, Discord, even your hosting provider... They must have some kind of access that proves that they're the 'legitimate owners' of the material
  13. Well, seems like this is really the end of NITL. We didn´t have this kind of articles before. It´s almost like a press release or something. Also the last time we had the "the end? We're just getting started" on the tour page of gunsnroses.com so they were teasing us from the beggining. Now we only have some festivals dates but it seems to be something else. I think that we'll hear something new the next year in some form
  14. What F* is this

    HAHAHAHHA love it! The Madasgar one is legend
  15. The guy is nailing Shadow of Your Love every night. He was also nailing Back in Black. For Hard School he will be more than fin. Atlas is kinda like Catcher, so it should work