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  1. In Germany AFD entered at nr 2 of the album charts this week 😱 https://www.offiziellecharts.de/charts/album
  2. Now that was progressive! Love the song, one of the reasons I love Illusions so much. And that performance by Axl is just fuckin mindblowing
  3. Ok... that's just... your opinion man
  4. Speculation: Skin N' Bones 2018?

    I'm not tired of the setlist, seen them in vienna, now I'm going to visit one of the shows in europe and I want to see Prostitute!
  5. I like this topic, because it were my first 2 albums that I ever bought and I wasn't even a teenager. Since UYI I was the first of the 2 CD's I bought, it's UYI I for me personally. (The first cut is the deepest they say). Reg the songs it's based on the current mood I'm in. UYI I has more drive, agression and dirt, which I really miss in most of nowerdays music. UYI II has more Ballads and cleaner sound. the colours of the album-covers seem to represent this kind of dualism. I think it was great idea to make 2 albums out of them, so each of them gets more attention. And also the songs seem to be well seperated. I can't tell which one is better, after all these years I'm happy that both were released individually.