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  1. In Germany AFD entered at nr 2 of the album charts this week 😱 https://www.offiziellecharts.de/charts/album
  2. Now that was progressive! Love the song, one of the reasons I love Illusions so much. And that performance by Axl is just fuckin mindblowing
  3. Ok... that's just... your opinion man
  4. Speculation: Skin N' Bones 2018?

    I'm not tired of the setlist, seen them in vienna, now I'm going to visit one of the shows in europe and I want to see Prostitute!
  5. I like this topic, because it were my first 2 albums that I ever bought and I wasn't even a teenager. Since UYI I was the first of the 2 CD's I bought, it's UYI I for me personally. (The first cut is the deepest they say). Reg the songs it's based on the current mood I'm in. UYI I has more drive, agression and dirt, which I really miss in most of nowerdays music. UYI II has more Ballads and cleaner sound. the colours of the album-covers seem to represent this kind of dualism. I think it was great idea to make 2 albums out of them, so each of them gets more attention. And also the songs seem to be well seperated. I can't tell which one is better, after all these years I'm happy that both were released individually.
  6. There you have your low register!!
  7. Fuck... in the middle of the coma solo picture gone, it's back now but axl's voice is gone by the end of the song, not a surprise though