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  1. can anyone post the setlist, please?
  2. I'd rather pay more to the band, through SticketMaster, for the spots I want... rather than paying a marked up price to a scalper. Totally worth the prices, IMO.
  3. Aleeve, my friend... It's all about taking Aleeve before the show starts.
  4. There wasn't an opener Saturday in Sac... so maybe none?
  5. What time do the merch stands open? I'd love to be able to get a litho or 2- without having to resort to paying Ebay mark up prices. thanks!
  6. What a disorienting situation to walk into! Poor Axl- I'd be trying to climb into any car that slowed down long enough, too... anything to escape that shit show! ESCAPE! ESCAPE!
  7. Need help: Don't Damn Me

    Chester Cheetah... popular commercials in the 80's/90's. 0:24 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zMnqWsffbw
  8. Whats your biggest GNR regret?

    This: May 9, 1991. First warm up show for the Illusions tour. San Francisco. The Warfield (2,300 person capacity). The fact that I didn't hear about it on the radio is not what tortures me- it's the fact that the show had been advertised in the local paper as "An Evening with The Doors". At the time a really good Doors cover band played in the area often, and I thought it was them... so being a big Doors lover... I contemplated going. A lot. Often. Daily. My gut whispered.... "go, go, go...." and I didn't. So, lesson learned. Always listen to your intuition. reviews & pics here: http://www.gnfnr.dk/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=1380 fuckmefuckmefuckmefuckmefuckmefuckmefuckmefuckmefuckmefuckmefuckmefuckmefuckmefuckmefuckmefuckmefuckmefuckmefuckmefuckmefuckmefuckmefuckmefuckmefuckmefuckme