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  1. This is the best new gnr song I have ever heard! Have had it on repeat since I’ve heard it. Absolutely fucking incredible!!!!!
  2. Can you send me a PM?


  3. This is wild. I don’t think I’ll sleep tonight. What a night to be alive. if the album was released with these 99/2000 versions of the songs, i feel a lot of them would have gotten airplay like a motherfucker. Chinese is wild, and rhiad is as well! (Was honestly never a fan of rhiad but this one rips!) #inb4forumcrashes #inb4copyrightstrike
  4. Yes. As far as I can remember that was the name.
  5. Wondering if and when Central Park will get leaked.
  6. I can definitely say, listening to this on my stereo at home was the best way to do it. Sounds very cool on a big stereo!!!