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  1. There Was a Time, Estranged, Rocket Queen, Paradise City, Breakdown. No order.
  2. Oh that’s right, must’ve skipped while clicking through, gonna edit it.
  3. They seem to think we'll like Rough Mixes #2 a lot. Seems full of Bucket and Brain songs.
  4. I want Disc #2 so bad. Bucket solo on Shackler's, P.R.L. (supposed to be the title track of the next disc), some Bucket demos, Quick Song, Zodiac...
  5. Catcher, Maddy, Chinese, Scraped, Jungle, Easy, Brownstone, TWAT, James Bond, LALD, Sorry, ITW, Prostitute, Rocket Queen, Michelle, SOD, KOHD, YCBM, IRS, Ballad of Death, SCOM, TIL, November Rain, Pink Panther, Shackler's, Out ta Get Me, Nightrain, Better, Patience, Paradise City. Full Chinese but Riad, some Bumble vocals during the instrumentals.
  6. The big "Fuck Bob Ezrin" thread

    There's still a chance those were working titles and we know them by a different name. Like 3 Dollar Pyramid turned into Better.
  7. The Chairman >>> Santa Claus Any bets on what will we get later? Rough Mixes #2, #4 or Quick Song?
  8. I'm afraid yes, iirc most of the band didn't even meet during that time, GNR future was really uncertain. Axl probably had some ideas going around, recorded lyrics and vocals on tracks that are missing (not only the ones released on CD) and that's it.
  9. Wow, spot on! It's really sad Axl had someone as talented as him and most of "his" songs weren't released, even though his solos by themselves are already amazing and elevate most of the songs. I guess his demos that made the final cut were Shackler's and Sorry.
  10. Billionaire, Dub Suplex, Devious Bastard and Dummy are all Bucket's songs, almost certain of this. All of those were recorded on 10/05/00 and this is classic Buckethead sound.
  11. 90% of ChiDem and I'd say the whole supposed trilogy was made by that time. Axl recycled TIL from Illusions' sessions almost at the buzzer and added lyrics and vocals to Better (3$ Pyramid), Shackler's, If the World and Sorry and that's it. I just have no idea when did Scraped show up but it would be better if it never did.
  12. Dub Suplex is pure Buckethead, omg. Loving it.
  13. Quick Song, Rough Mixes #2 and #4 missing now, right? I can't wait for Rough Mixes #2, seems full of Bucket and Brain demos.
  14. Axl was right. Of course that motherfucker was right. One of the best songwriters of our generation couldn't be wrong about songs he worked so hard to release in 2000. I'm so mad at the producers who rejected this. I know it's 20 years too late but the frustration he probably had after the rejection must've been so bad. No confidence, 8 years polishing songs that were already amazing, the official release of Chinese Democracy totally undermined by all the leaks that happened before. This would've been HUGE in 2000. Everyone was waiting for Guns N' Roses' return. Instead, he probably wasted his prime songwriting years insecure about himself and his band, almost never touring. If you ever read this I wanna say you're amazing and this is pure gold.