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  1. It's just a bit odd that cover songs that were done as a tribute to the artists that passed away are still setlist staples YEARS later. I think I'd buy tickets if they came my way again but I'd be disappointed knowing I'm either going to get the same setlist or maybe even a shorter set. Last time I saw them they did OTGM, TWAT, and debuted BHS. It's hard to get excited paying £150 for that.
  2. 09/25/19 - Charlotte, NC - Spectrum Center

    Very good Shadow, hope there's better audio out there though!
  3. Did you sleep through 2016?
  4. Band does sound very tight from what I've heard. That's my sentiment of positivity for the night.
  5. Some people are delusional. I'm not one for Axl bashing and even I can say I'm disappointed. Yes he's almost 60 but he's supposed to be a professional singer. If I paid 400 bucks for a ticket I'd expect him to be prepared. His voice should be rested and warmed up for the show and he should be fit enough to support that. I cgaf about having a belly but if it's the reason he's dropping the jungle intro and doing the whole song (including the outro "scream") in a clean and frankly weak voice then he should be doing something about it.
  6. Knowing axl he'd do a little of each octave and it'll be weird.
  7. Right. I'm emigrating just so I can follow these shows at godly hours... Zzzz
  8. Fuck you upside downers Gibbo. It's 4am here.
  9. Those last few shows in 2014 were great. Axl seemed to be trying to make a point busting out some killer vocals, bringing back yesterday's, twat, prostitute. It felt a little bit exciting again.
  10. @Eddie Money You still with us buddy?
  11. This actually reminds me of Slash's Snakepit. Could definitely see Sluff on this. Vocals need to go up 1.5db.
  12. He was full of banter during Slane in '17. Felt quite lucky tbh, like we'd really got him in a good mood.
  13. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    Yup, and a load of 2006 and those 2007 IEM videos from Japan.
  14. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    Considering how many people he's alienated it's a wonder why he leaves his personal information out there.
  15. Gareth Rhodes Gn'R covers

    Same here, it's stunning. I just wish he'd done a bit of the outro. Axl parody aside, his voice is plenty rock Damn, I really miss his covers.
  16. Along with Slash's testicle, the time they ran into each other, and there must be a show where Axl fell (apart from Troubadour) lol
  17. Man I dream of a Best of NITL release.
  18. Not to mention rumours have it she's basically a product designed to make money. Her image, her music, her 'persona', all made for her to make a load of music off these depresso teenagers. Despite their many flaws, I'll stick to being a GNR fan.
  19. It looks like a pretty good line-up (although I only know the Raconteurs and Gary Clark Jr. from the bands on the right) it just seems like Guns N' Roses are a vastly different act to the rest... lol
  20. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    The only place it was ever posted (and analytics verifies that) was once on this forum almost 3 years ago. It must have been flagged by YouTube's content ID system, though I don't see how you could claim authorship of a live performance (with 2 different sources mixed too).
  21. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    I got the same thing this morning, also on an unlisted video with a mere 84 views. Any idea how to get more details? I can't even find a way to dispute it or find out who submitted the complaint.
  22. The full clip was posted ages ago, it's somewhere in this thread.
  23. So much respect for the dude. He let himself go for a few years then came back with a storm. If I look half that good at 71 (!) I'll be pretty happy.