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  1. Stephen King's IT (2017)

    It's not in the TV adaptation given it was a TV adaptation, I do remember reading it in the book. Wasn't there also a part in the book where Henry Bowers gets jerked off by one of his gang? Anyway, on topic of the new trailer, I'm glad so far it stays true to the source material and look forward to the movie in that regard.
  2. I have kind of mixed feelings about the whole reunion tour. Pro: It's obviously great to have Duff and Slash back playing the iconic Guns catalogue I like their take on some (not all) of the Chinese tracks Axl sounds great again on this tour and probably had to get in shape in order for it to work The band feels more like a band Con: The same ol' setlist safe for a couple of tracks No BBF and this for me is most noticeable on the ChiDem tracks. No new material with Slash and Duff No unreleased material from CD or new recordings from NuGuns due to this tour