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  1. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wqkr190b6cxip53/GNR Prost.mp3?dl=0 Amplified
  2. Wait, did they play Prostitute or are you guys pre-complaining?
  3. "Once there was this rock n' roll band rollin' in the streets....."
  4. They could bring out Mike Monroe to play that and Bad Obsession. Followed by So Fine, Back off Bitch and Bad Apples.
  5. Bummer. Can I at least count on Anything Goes, You're Crazy, The Garden, Garden of Eden, Dust N' Bones, 14 Years, You Ain't The First, Dead Horse, and Get in The Ring?
  6. Hopefully tonight they play Reckless Life, Breakdown, Pretty Tied Up, Move to the City, Mama Kin, Right Next Door To Hell, Locomotive, Think About You, Shotgun Blues, Perfect Crime, Don't Damn Me, and Since I Don't have You!
  7. I know GN'R ended up playing The Seeker, but how did things go with you and Kate?
  8. I was watching a periscope feed of the encore and as they were playing Don't Cry I knew that chances were good that The Seeker was coming up next, but I hoped against hope that they would instead play Locomotive. Unfortunately it was not in the cards...
  9. I'm all for Fortus getting his time to shine but I think he drops the ball on this arrangement of Madagascar. Remember the old versions from RIR when Robin or buckethead (I forget which) was soloing during the boring quotes part? Even Axl was jamming out on a guitar. I want Slash to be doing that.
  10. Damn.. So close. Maybe next time.
  11. Hopefully next they substitute Locomotive for The Seeker.
  12. Patience is the only song that they've actually changed the way they play it from 2016 to 2017. Going from Slash on electric and Duff on bass to all acoustic.
  13. Slash on rhythm guitar for Madagascar really makes my blood boil.
  14. When meegan panned to the setlist I saw you shook me.