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  1. NITL live videos on youtube

    Lol at no video this week. Laziest band ever.
  2. NITL live videos on youtube

    I agree that this NITL SELECTS is too little too late, although I hope it continues and turns into something cool. But I don't understand people saying that the mix is bad. This is exactly how NITL GNR sounds in person and has always sounded. Frank's drums are eq'ed terribly always and Slash's tone and playing has always been weirdly shreddy and dry/digital sounding. NITL GNR has always sounded like a completely different band from '88 or ' 92 Era guns. Whether it's in person, on YouTube or even raw tracks from IEM.
  3. NITL live videos on youtube

    I disagree. The stadium shows I went to at least half the fans didn't know who Slash was and were just excited to see a Team Brazil production. Many of them were clamoring for information about the daughters of the management team saying that's why they got into Gnr in the first place.
  4. I'm not going to make a big dramatic post about being done with this band, but I'm kinda done with this band. I've been a hardcore fan since 1988 and yeah I think it's pretty obvious this band only cares about money at this point. I don't think of it as they've given up on the fans as we all have been told numerous times that they don't owe us anything. I just think they've given up on themselves. So as a result why should anyone else care about them. The YouTube nonsense was the first straw and first time I started to think wow this band does not give a shit about fans. Then came the Trumpian lies and gaslighting from management as to the extent of their responsibility in the matter and their powerlessness to rectify the situation. Since the Corona shutdown though for them to not put out even a bit of information about what they're working on let alone a single and still have the same smug appearance of "fuck you fans buy our merch." yeah well I think I'm done.
  5. It also helps that Metallica sounds really good at their shows.
  6. Dude you're just flat wrong about nearly everything you've said about Pearl Jam. I would take the time to explain it to you but several people have already done so and you've ignored it.
  7. I've always found the canonization of Izzy on this board kind of humorous. Is there anyone who really believes that if Izzy had been in the NITL lineup from day one and not Duff that people wouldn't be sitting here in 2019 saying that Duff is the heart and soul of gnr and the only one with integrity and blah blah blah. Izzy wants money. If he wanted to play for us (the fans) he'd be doing it. End of story.
  8. I like how by the end the performance is a full fledged dance off.
  9. They are like a Broadway play. It's especially obvious when they do back to back nights and put on nearly identical shows. But at least we got Dead Horse and Locomotive. That was definitely some solid fan service. They weren't playing those for the casuals that's for sure. I think we all just wish this band would be a lot more ambitious and take some chances.
  10. Copyright Strikes....

    Russ you have been the voice of reason through this entire thread that I just binge read.
  11. Live Era '16 - '20

    I forgot how good Axl was in 2016. RIP that link probably.
  12. Axl's St. Louis Rant Before YCBM

    That was UYI tour Izzy. That's why I don't understand why people want him back so badly. He used to just fake his way through the UYI songs and be barely audible.
  13. 10/13/19 - Manchester, TN - Exit 111 Festival

    I don't know about the later part of the set but it looked packed in the stream from that southern guy who couldn't get over that they were 20 minutes late.