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  1. Sigh... if only Ezrin had just told Axl what he wanted to hear that night, so that we could’ve gotten the more “raw” version of the record (plus more records that would’ve likely followed)... then again, we would’ve never had shit like bucket’s awesome solo on TWAT, probably. Hell, for all we know, the reunion with slash probably would’ve never eventually happened either, cause my guess is that CD would’ve performed better commercially had it come out in 2001, instead of 2008, thus giving Axl no good reason to really reconcile with slash. oh well. Guess I can’t give ezrin too much shit, if he was just being honest.
  2. RIP Grumpy cat

  3. Slipknot’s Chris Fehn sues band and gets fired

    Update: New word on the street is that the new guy might actually be Corey Taylor’s teenage son, and that’s why he has the number 8 on his suit.
  4. Slipknot’s Chris Fehn sues band and gets fired

    The band played for the first time since 2016 today, debuting their new songs Unsainted and All Out Life. The new record (which is called We Are Not Your Kind) comes out in August. The new masks look cool. Also, there’s a new member there in place of Chris wearing what looks to be a burnt version of Chris’ mask with a smaller nose. Some people suspected it was Corey cause the neck was huge and he was wearing a number 8, but when they played today we all saw that it was a different guy. I guess Corey just gave him his number for some reason (maybe he feels like he’s too good to have a number now or something). Unsainted sounds great btw! Can’t wait for the album now!
  5. Four albums? I’m assuming you’re not counting Lies and TSI, in this case?
  6. I forgot how funny that was! And how vocally similar Sandler is to Axl! so turns out Slash’s first solo record actually came out in 1991, and was called Mother Goose! was Sutherland actually playing the guitar there?
  7. I had a dream last night that some mod who was butthurt over Disney Star Wars changed the title of this thread to Star Wars Episode IX: I Give Up.
  8. I can see them having a one-off single out by then, but not an album.
  9. I feel like the same could be said for the other way around, where Axl focuses too much on ballads and whatnot. They need to meet in the middle. Not one overpowering the other.
  10. No problem, anytime! weekly episodes for the shows that are confirmed so far (Mandalorian, Clone Wars, and Cassian Andor). I’m assuming the rumored shows (Kenobi and Solo) will also be released as weekly episodes if/when they get confirmed. for now, this is all we know: Mandalorian season 1 - Fall 2019 Clone Wars - Spring 2020 Mandaloriam season 2 - Fall 2020 Cassian Andor - Spring 2021 so my guess is Kenobi and/or Solo will only happen in Fall 2021, and that’s assuming the rumors turn out to be true, and both shows still happen.
  11. According to highly credible sources, Kenobi will now be a live-action mini-series on the Disney Plus streaming service, instead of a movie. Rumor is six episodes, each 45 minutes long (similar to The Mandalorian). Apparently Stephen Daldry, who was writing the script for the movie version before it got scrapped, is still involved, and a lot of elements from his canned movie script are being stretched out to fit the format of a mini-series.
  12. Yeah, that I’ll give you. If the future mainline “saga” films lose money like Solo did then I’d say there’s a good chance the franchise could die, like the Trek films did. i feel like making a movie about Jedi that appeals to the international masses shouldn’t be that hard, though. Especially since they’ll no longer be constrained to the Skywalker history after this year’s film.
  13. Yeah those must just be old photos from backstage at one of the NITL shows. Splash wouldn’t wear his top hat at Axl’s house or a studio or whatever.
  14. A company doesn’t buy a movie franchise for $4 billion to end it after only producing films for four years. It’ll go on forever in some way or another just like superhero franchises do because that’s just the world we live in now and, frankly, it’s nobody’s fault. New films will be aimed at new kids and more international audiences. It’s as simple as that, really.