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  1. Yeah I used to get irritated by Bumble's complaints but in hindsight I actually sympathize with the guy. He had to go through a lot. i think leaving the band was the best thing for him to do, and on the flipside of that, I think Slash and Duff coming back afterwards was the best thing for the band.
  2. Yeah I think abrams is the stronger director between the two because he has a better sense of pacing and seems to also have a stronger eye for cinematography. Also, I've heard that he works really hard to try to bring emotion out of his actors when on set. You feel that in TFA, as well as other films of his like ST09. You don't get that same level of emotion in TLJ, though. The acting feels a little robotic in comparison. Dont get me wrong, abrams has still had his misteps. I don't like Into Darkness, for instance. But I think if you pared abrams with a very good writer, we could've had a slightly better sequel trilogy. Nothing against Kasdan. I thought he did a good job with the writing of TFA, but I'm not sure if I would've wanted him to stick around for the rest of the trilogy. I think he might be passed his prime, a bit. i feel bad for criticizing TLJ, cause overall I liked it, just not as much as TFA, is all.
  3. Yeah even though I like the new films for the most part I agree that they should've had a gameplan from the get-go, and stuck to it. I feel the disconnect, especially with Finn. I garuntee Abrams and Johnson see him as two completely different characters.
  4. I slightly disagree. I think TFA had stronger replay value since it was shorter/ easier to swallow.
  5. Guns N' Roses Comic Books

    Those gnr youtube cartoons from like ten years ago are pretty funny.
  6. The original banned cover art of AFD, as well as the cover arts for UYI, were both old paintings that Axl had bought the rights to. Wouldn't surprise me if he did the same again for a future album.
  7. Locomotive outro. No question.
  8. Bucket is the better guitarist overall, but Slash is the better fit for Guns.
  9. JJ says he sees Episode 9 as the end of the Skywalker saga, and Ridley said she doesn't think she'll return after Episode 9, so I think the idea of generational trilogies is still intact, at least for now. there will still be tons of spin offs, at least one a year, from now until the end of time though. Make no mistake about that.
  10. It's a little more complicated than that. George Lucas is rumored to have been on the DGA blacklist ever since Empire cause he wouldn't let the film have opening credits (they didn't give a shit for the original film). That's apparently why Speilberg didn't end up directing Return of the Jedi. He didn't wanna risk getting blacklisted as well. iirc Lucas had asked Kasdan to write the prequels back when the ball was getting rolling on those in 1994, but kasdan turned it down. Rumor has it Kasdan was afraid of being blacklisted by the guild as well. Other rumors suggest it was cause Lucas and Kasdan had a personal fallout at the time. If the latter is true, they must've made peace at some point cause they were both at a WGA event together back in like 2007 or so.
  11. Yeah hayden did his best with the absolutely atrocious dialogue and action cues he had to work with. He's probably not that bad of an actor if he had a good script and good director behind him. I've never seen any of his stuff outside of SW though.
  12. Just when you thought you've heard it all...no wonder george ran away from all this shit.
  13. Yeah if I were the filmmakers I would've established rey as a random right away in the first film. Make that clear. Give her a last name and actually show her parents as they're leaving her in that flashback that occurs midway through the film.
  14. I think the thing about luke killing kylo was to give luke a valid enough reason to Wanna hide on the island for years and "close himself off from the force." It also explains kylo's reason for turning evil, and why rey would sympathize with him. only negative aspect is that, like you said, it hinders Luke's arc from Retuen of the Jedi. But maybe the idea Johnson was going for is that even legends who save everyone and learn all the lessons can still be human and make mistakes. ...did I say all of this in an earlier post? I apologize if I did XD
  15. I think Disney/Lucasfilm wanna move away from the nepotism thing and suggest that anyone can be the hero of the Galaxy, no matter where they come from or who they're related to. Rey's parents being deadbeat alcoholics and that random slave kid using the force on the broom at the end are examples of them trying to break away from the nepotism thing from the first six films. Anyone can be the hero. More relatable to the general audience that way.