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  1. Star Wars TV Series Thread

    No problem, happy to help! youre correct that lucas was always changing his mind about things on the spot. What makes it even worse is that whenever he changes his mind about something he acts like the new idea was his plan all along. His revisionist history impulses are the most annoying thing about him imo. before disney de-canonized the EU there was these two guys at lucasfilm who were paid to basically review every comic, book, game, TV show, etc and try to maintain as much continuity as possible. Whenever something would change or an inconsistency would happen they'd be tasked with coming up with all these weird bullshit excuses to try to make everything still connect together as much as possible (like "oh yeah this is just an in-universe propaganda show now" and so on). I think both of those guys are still employed at Lucasfilm but their job is a little different now that the universe was rebooted by disney to be much smaller. The only pre-disney stuff that still counts are the six original films and the cgi clone wars show that started in 2008.
  2. Star Wars TV Series Thread

    Yeah both seasons were edited into hour-long films that were pretty much just all the episodes strung together. The first "volume," as they called it, is almost like a silent film, but an interesting one at that. Both DVDs are now out-of-print, but you can find both "volumes" on YouTube if you search hard enough (the link you provided above is both volumes put togther). yes, it does connect directly to Revenge of the Sith, and introduced Ventress and Grevious. There's a 3-year time jump in the first episode of season 2. For a long time, the cgi clone wars show was fitted into that gap. However, season 3 of that newer show chose to overwrite the continuity of the micro series. As a result, the micro series was recannonized as an in-universe "propaganda show" made by the rebel alliance to remind people how awesome the republic and jedi used to be. This also helped to explain things like why the jedi are so OP in this show, and why Palpatine is obviously evil and yet the jedi (especially in this show) seem so oblivious to it. when disney announced the de-canonization of the expanded universe, this show was also de-canonized altogether.
  3. Star Wars TV Series Thread

    Yeah it's good but keep in mind it was marketed as a "micro-series" because the episodes in season 1 were only 5-minutes each so there is very little dialogue and the setting and plot jumps around a lot. season 2 had fewer episodes but they were all 15 minutes each so there's more of a straight-forward plot going on with more dialogue.
  4. Star Wars TV Series Thread

    Im excited for the clone wars reboot and the mandalorian. Not really excited for the cassian show though. I feel like he didn't really have much of a character to him in the rogue one film. i hope we get a Han Solo show, since it looks like a theatrical sequel to the movie won't happen now. EDIT: inb4 original trilogy elitists and/or George Lucas elitists come to ruin this thread, like they do with every other piece of Star Wars discussion content on the entire fucking Internet now since 2015.
  5. Bohemian Rhapsody trailer released (film due Nov)

    That's not really the problem, though. The problem is that theyre manipulating the audience into thinking things like "Queen was added as a late addition to Live Aid cause Freddie's shitty manager was hiding things" and "Freedie told the band right before Live Aid that he had aids so it brought them closer together and that's why that show ended up being as awesome as it was." It was like this movie wanted to be somewhat accurate while still having the standard dramatic structure of a film narrative. It was, in a sense, trying to have its cake and eat it too. Now, to be fair, you are correct that biopics can never be truly accurate to what really happened. To that, I say that more biopics should take a note from films like Steve Jobs (2015) and get really artsy and experimental and make it clear that "yeah we know this isn't accurate but we don't care cause we're just focusing solely on character and not on events." A friend of mine once said it like this: "The 2015 Steve Jobs films is not actually about his life, it's an artistic expression of his life." And that's what I think this queen film shouldve been.
  6. RIP Stan Lee

    RIP! A modern-day myth maker!
  7. 2018 Death Pool Draft

    Welp, you weren't wrong... RIP Stan Lee. What a legend...
  8. Bohemian Rhapsody trailer released (film due Nov)

    Just saw it. I thought the first half was good, but then the second half was total dogshit imo.
  9. 11/08/18 - Jakarta, Indonesia

    It's weird seeing Izzy and Steven's skulls on a shirt that includes NITL dates that neither of them have any part of. It's like the Izzy and Steven skulls are just mere "symbols" now, more than anything. Almost like the band treats the AFD lineup like some sort of "myth," if that makes sense.
  10. It was 2012 when they did the one-off show with Scott (right before he was kicked out of STP, actually).
  11. So Axl enlisted Billy Corgan to help him find Chris? Im a little confused about this part. If I recall correctly Zig Zag said recently that Axl didn't like Corgan.
  12. Which of the guys in that pic is Paul?
  13. [KISS] The Final Tour Ever - End Of The Road World Tour

    I usually admire your honest cynicism about the current state of GNR, but here I'll have to respectfully disagree with you. Kiss have tuned their songs down two entire keys and Paul STILL can't stay in key when he sings. Axl may admittedly sound like Mickey Mouse now, but at least he sounds like Mickey Mouse IN KEY with the songs. Plus, GN'R haven't had to tune down at all. To be fair, Crue are insisting that they're still not going to play live ever again. Just record. But we'll see how long that lasts. side note; I think it's GREAT that ace finally played live with kiss again the other night. That would technically be his first show with kiss since 2002, right?
  14. Bohemian Rhapsody trailer released (film due Nov)

    Is that John Deacon?