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  1. So I listened to Breakdown again just now for the first time in a while. It's actually a lot better than I remember it being. I still wouldn't say it's as great as the other seven-minute-plus epics on the records though.
  2. Yeah I think I can live without Breakdown.
  3. Welcome to the Jungle was where it started for me. By the way, it's kinda funny reading about kids here discovering GNR in like 2011 or 2012. Makes me feel a little old, but at the same time, it's nice to know GNR's influence continues to bring in new fans to this very day.
  4. Looks like Cavill might be free to shave his mustache for the reshoots after all, now that production on MI6 has been shut down for 9 weeks due to the injury tom cruise sustained yesterday:
  5. Fox wants to "reevaluate" the franchise, so it looks like a Covenant sequel won't be happening (thankfully):
  6. Casey Affleck accidentally let it slip that Ben is out. He then retracted the comment saying he was "just joking"...I'll let you make of that what you will:
  7. Glad that this is FINALLY confirmed!