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  1. Star Wars IX Thread

    Quick update regarding the spoilers I posted above:
  2. Star Wars IX Thread

    I think Disney, LFL, and the different creative teams behind all the new content (particularly EA) all hold a little responsibility for the worldwide starwars fatigue that’s currently going on... but I think another aspect of it is that we are all just growing up and starwars isn’t really for us anymore and we live in a world now where it isn’t the only big special franchise in town. I think fatigue to some degree was inevitable no matter what. But yes, I agree that they could’ve handled everything a little more carefully than they have.
  3. Star Wars IX Thread

    The reddit thread which revealed these leaks seems to have been deleted from the Star Wars Spoilers Reddit now. Whether it was cause they were real leaks or proven to be bullshit, I have no idea. With that being said, I’ll summarize what I remember reading (edit; added in spoilers from other credible sources):
  4. Ghostbusters Sequel

    Dan Ackroyd and Ernie Hudson both said it’s looking pretty likely that the two of them, as well as Bill Murray, will all be in it and would be their original characters again (instead of random cameos like in the 2016 reboot). With that being said, I think I read somewhere that it’s already been officially confirmed that, if they are in the movie, they’ll just be supporting roles at most, with the focus mainly being on a new team that consists of four teens (two boys and two girls). that’s about all we know so far.
  5. Star Wars IX Thread

    Looks like some of those new reddit rumors might just be BS.... shame. Hopefully the movie is still good.
  6. Ghostbusters Sequel

    Thank fuck they’re scrapping the Kristen/Kate/Melissa/Leslie universe and going back to the original universe with the surviving members of the OG crew! Reitman’s son at the helm only helps to sweeten the pot! feel bad for the actresses of the 2016 reboot, though. They tried their best. It’s not their fault the script was shit.
  7. Star Wars IX Thread

    I saw that! If that stuff is true, this’ll be an amazing movie!
  8. My new album: Agora!

    Good news everyone! I just found out that a website called Divide & Conquer is gonna write a review on this album!
  9. Robin Finck pissed off

    Gotchya. Thanks for clarifying. i was reading some of the reviews from people at the 12/29/01 show on that link provided in an earlier post on this thread. What interesting times those were! This band has a lot of crazy history to it.
  10. Robin Finck pissed off

    Wow! Imagine meeting your co-lead guitarist the day before the fucking show and having to work out a fucking 20-song set with him all in one rehearsal! Jeez, this fucking band... on topic; wow, I never realized how much of a fucking diva finck was...
  11. Tension in the early 2000's lineup

    I already knew about some of this drama, but not all of it. Wow, what a shit show this band has always been behind the scenes...
  12. First time CD tracks were played

    No problem! Quick correction: If the World’s live debut was actually Taipei 2009, not Osaka.
  13. First time CD tracks were played

    Chinese Democracy - House of Blues 2001 Shackler’s Revenge - Taipei 2009 Better - Hammerstein 2006 Show 1 (not sure) Street of Dreams - House of Blues 2001 If the World - Osaka 2009 TWAT - Hammerstein 2006 (can’t remember which of the 4 shows it was) Catcher - Osaka 2009 Scraped - Seoul 2009 Riad - House of Blues 2001 Sorry - Seoul 2009 IRS - one of the 2006 shows (not sure which exactly) Madagascar - Rock in Rio 2001 TIL - Taipei 2009 Prostitute - Osaka 2009
  14. Star Wars IX Thread

    I just remembered that in the last movie Luke said “the rebellion is reborn today.” Maybe that’s the title? The Rebellion Reborn. EDIT: some other options I just thought of are The Fire(s) of Hope, Fire of Rebellion, The Age of Fire, and The Way(s) of the Force... something with “fire” in it could be cool, I think...
  15. Star Wars IX Thread

    Too cheesy, yeah. Kylo’s new mask is reportedly pieces of his old one mixed with red crystalline material. So sort of like a visual hybrid between Vader and Maul. Yeah but two credible sources did confirm that a teaser trailer does in fact exist so expect the marketing to start any day now. Maybe not tomorrow, but soon!