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  1. Im glad to see him persisting ownward, traveling to a cool part of the world and playing the songs he loves. It would be cool if he did some post-AFD songs like You Could Be Mine and Back Off Bitch afterwards (as an encore), since he finally played those live at that Argentinian cover band's gig a couple of years back.
  2. Out of likes so I just wanted to say that these are my exact feelings.
  3. Wasn't there a rumor that Matt was pissed with Duff and Slash now for not "fighting harder" to also get him back in GNR for the NITL tour? my guess is Duff will focus on his side projects (Loaded, Walking Papers, Levee Walkers) for the next year or two.
  4. Yeah they'll tour arenas on and off every few years with this line up just to keep the pay coming in. New album, though? Doubt it. Maybe like a one-off single for a movie soundtrack every now and then or some shit. But at this point, I think id rather have gnr be a nostalgia act anyway, as strange as that sounds. I mean... Nostalgia isn't necesarily a bad thing, is it? Seeing Axl and Slash live together is always gonna be cool now no matter what since everyone thought for 23 years that would never happen again. A new album with this Frankenstein lineup would be a little weird and kinda hurt the legacy, a bit. But for playing the old hits live, they're a good lineup and they seem pretty tight and stable. So I kinda rather it just stay that way. TLDR: yeah they'll tour again with this lineup.
  5. Id rather an Axl/DC album and full tour first anyway. Angus ain't getting any younger. And slash might as well finish the record he was writing before the GNR reunion now while axl is busy with other stuff anyway. after the next Axl/DC and SMKC cycles, there will be some hunger from the general public for another GN'R tour again. A new album (or a new EP or song, at the very least) would help to sweeten the pot. But let's face it. Chances are they'll just tour the oldies again. GnR is nostalgia now. It's whatever. People were hungry for Axl and Slash shows for 23 years. The two of them just playing their hits together will be enough for them to sustain tours for many years to come still. regardless if whether or not a new GNR album will ever happen, using this current opportunity to do Axl/DC and SMKC3 first makes complete sense to me. And if Axl and slash then tour together again afterwards, I will still go see them again, with or without new music. So, all in all, im happy.
  6. 25 years, really. Then again, TSI is just a covers album, so one could actually make the argument that it's been 27 years since the last "real" GNR studio albums (those being UYI1 and UYI2).
  7. Brain re-did all of Josh's drum parts note-for-note from 2000-2005, but I have a feeling this particular recording is from 1999. It has the same sound/feel as the leaked 1999 versions of IRS, There Was a Time, and Catcher in the Rye.
  8. My thoughts exactly. Checkmate is most likely from the 1998-1999 Sean Beaven sessions. The lineup is most likely Axl/Finck/Tobias/Stinson/Freese/Reed/Pitman.
  9. oh shit I forgot that "the shadow company" was actually a thing. That basically means there was two GNRs co-existing in like 1995-1996.
  10. I don't think we'll ever see all of it. Some of it might feel too "personal" to him, I would think.
  11. Matt kinda rubs me the wrong way based on these quotes. Then again, so does Axl.
  12. You can tell the interviewer thought Axl was kind of a weirdo. Imagine walking into that room and saying to her "that guy is gonna be the singer of ACDC in the year 2016."
  13. Just watched the video... Wow! a lot to unpack there! izzy was definitely the alpha still at this point. axl still thought he was in LA Guns lol. Introduced himself as "Axl from LA Guns." Izzy tried to correct him but Axl didn't hear it. Compare that to the Axl from the 2008 forum chats who, when asked why he kept the GNR name, said "because GnR is who I am." If only this 1985 Axl knew how much the name "guns n' roses" was gonna take over his entire life... crazy that songs from their very first rehearsal tape went on to become fan favorites, and even hits! Not many bands can say that! No wonder this band became huge. All they needed was a better lead guitar player (which thankfully they soon found). The Tracii solo on don't cry was shit. i wonder why the picture-disc EP never happened. ballsy of them to record a rehearsal and bring it to their first ever radio interview. Weird hearing songs I grew up with like Don't Cry and Think About You right when they were fresh off the press. It's also chilling how close Think About You sounds to its final form. And the whaling Axl does at the end of Anything Goes is, like, beat-for-beat the same whaling he does at the end of the AFD version. its was chilling when they did La Grange in the middle of Anything Goes and Axl goes "new guy... Brand new... Duff..." Speaking of duff, did he not use his last name at this point? They never say it. Also it sounds like Izzy called himself "stranded" instead of "Stradlin." GN'R was so new at this point that they had to spray paint the name over an LA Guns van lol. kinda funny hearing Axl asking listeners to go meet him at a restaurant. It's like the polar opposite of the Axl who walked onto the Eddie Trunk radio show in 2006 and wouldn't even take calls from fans. So many thoughts racing through my mind. What a gem!