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  1. Slipknot’s Chris Fehn sues band and gets fired

    Claimed that they were withholding money from him.
  2. I like the album cover art! The red filter is cool, and it’s nice to see him with long hair again.
  3. Star Wars IX Thread

    I think they were also mentioned in tlj. Luke tells Rey that when Ben Solo turned he “took some of my students, and slaughtered the rest.” my guess is that the Knights of Ren are those other ex-students that ran away with Ben Solo. That’s just a guess, though.
  4. True but Slash and Duff are constantly saying lately that they approve of the new songs Axl has shown them. Plus, now that they’re older, they’re probably less concerned about the creative aspect of it and more concerned about just getting an album out so that they can have an excuse to tour again and make more money.
  5. https://www.google.com/amp/metalinjection.net/latest-news/breakups/slipknot-officially-part-ways-with-chris-fehn-call-his-claims-manufactured/amp welp, I guess Corey and Clown are getting even greedier than they already were. this sucks. First Paul dies, then the fallout with Joey happens, and now THIS?! wonder if he’ll still be on the new album, and if they’ll replace him for the tour or just leave his spot empty now.
  6. [TOOL] New Album Is Being Mastered

    It’s almost done, thank fuck...
  7. RIP Bernie Tormé

    He was the first one to replace Randy Rhoads, right? Damn shame. RIP.
  8. GNR on Terminator 2 Figure

    The new terminator movie coming out later this year apparently uses cgi and archival footage to recreate John Connor from T2 for flashback scenes. I wonder if they’ll include GNR and YCBM references again in those sequences. In T4, they had the Christian Bale version of Connor use an audio clip of YCBM to distract a Terminator while he hijacked a motorbike or something. Thought that was a nice nod as well.
  9. Captain Marvel

    YCBM isn’t considered a 90s song? Wasn’t it part of what’s arguably considered the biggest movie of the 90s?
  10. Star Wars IX Thread

    It was confirmed the other day that there will be an Episode IX panel at Star Wars Celebration on April 12th. So it’s looking like we will get the title and trailer then.
  11. Star Wars IX Thread

    They showed a work-in-progress trailer at a private Disney shareholders meeting the other day, so I guess we’ll have a finalized trailer soon. i mentioned this on another forum; but I’m starting to think Fate of the Galaxy would be a good title. a lot of rumors are describing this movie as being full of Galaxy-wide battles from beginning to end, so a title like that would fit with that scope imo.
  12. Yeah I think it’s safe to say it’ll just be CD leftovers with slash and duff overdubbing a little bit of everything... and personally I’m completely on board with that!
  13. Guns N' Roses played Heartbreak Hotel in 2012?

    Did he sing it high-pitch like the AFD era recording or low-pitch like Elvis and pretty much anyone else who covers it?
  14. Old Axl Rose Diss Track?

    As a musician who struggles with vocals and avoiding the traps of being “too lo-fi,” listening to this honestly just makes me feel better about myself...
  15. Cure Me Or Kill Me would’ve been a great GnR song imo. Could totally picture Axl singing that one. Damn shame it didn’t work out. on topic; this is cool! Happy for gilby. Good album!