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  1. searching your roots

    Neither I'm afraid. I'll start suggesting it when the grandkids begin arriving.
  2. searching your roots

    My husband did this about 10 years ago and discovered he is related in part from this guy. Not directly as I don't think he had kids himself. I think it was from a father/brother/uncle - can't remember exactly. We went to his birthplace, added to their genealogy project and my husband and sons had a photo op under the tree. I keep trying to get one of them to to do Newton as a school project but they seem less than impressed.
  3. Probably because there was no evidence to back up the story and the initial reaction from other posters wasn't exactly positive so it was obvious how the thread was going to pan out.
  4. Don't let that hold you back.
  5. You mean like this woman? https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/datablog/2017/oct/18/australia-gender-pay-gap-why-do-women-still-earn-less-than-men A decade in her job as a TV host and she wanted the same as her male counterpart but the network refused. The BBC has also had huge issues over this recently. Many of these have been older women so no maternity leave. These cases have all been highly paid individuals but there's no reason to think it doesn't happen lower down the food chain. The BBC is a publicly funded organisation, if they can do it I'm pretty sure the private sector have got away with plenty.
  6. I think you're confusing 3rd wave with 2nd wave. Really? These are all from the last month. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2017/09/25/gender-pay-gap-widens-12000-female-managers/ https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/datablog/2017/oct/18/australia-gender-pay-gap-why-do-women-still-earn-less-than-men http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/gender-pay-gap-uk-women-work-free-rest-year-2017-income-men-sexism-a8003306.html Did you mean to sound so dismissive? This comes across a lot like shut up and look over there instead. Women's treatment in those countries doesn't cancel out issues closer to home. If you feel so strongly about those places perhaps you could focus your efforts there!
  7. Please make your arguments without attacking other posters. This is a contentious issue that is worthy of debate but personal attacks will end up shutting down the discussion.
  8. I sort of assumed at the time that it meant they would roll around in 2018 for another Euro leg but that doesn't appear to be the case. I suppose it's possible they will resume in a couple of years starting with Europe or other non US markets. I don't know though, another part of me thinks this might be it unless they have an album to tour.
  9. Ask Staff Anything!

    Are you not getting the notifications?
  10. If it wasn't for the top hat I might have guessed Edgar Allan Poe. Artistically it's good but doesn't capture Slash at all.
  11. Izzy in NYC?

    Definitely Fortus. I wonder how many people have attended shows and just assumed they were watching Izzy? Not surprising the other 3 are not in a rush to negotiate with him, they probably don't need to thanks to the unobservant general public.
  12. Ask Staff Anything!

    Sorry I don't have an answer for this @highvoltage may have an idea I'm guessing it's a popular thread and someone requested it be pinned. I remember a while back there was discussion about having a sports section, pinning certain threads may have been a compromise.
  13. It is a shame that some people will be priced out of seeing a show. I couldn't justify the higher priced tickets for London because they had no other UK dates so that meant travel and hotel costs on top of the ticket price. At £95 each they weren't the best seats but it was a compromise and I still had a great time. If they had played Manchester I would have paid more due to not needing an overnight stay. It has become elitist in a way because the costs in some places are akin to seeing a Broadway show (I was shocked when I visited NYC at how much that cost ). I guess the writing was on the wall so to speak when Coachella was initially announced as the first comeback show, I'm glad it wasn't the first show in the end as somewhere like that is probably quite alienating for a lot of fans. I'm not sure how it will pan out in the future, if shows decline in sales numbers you would expect the prices to come down but it's not clear whether they will continue to tour beyond next year so it might have been a case of grab it while you can (which I guess they were banking on). I doubt many people regret shelling out on a show but it's probably not a repeat experience for a lot. It could be argued that with fairly static setlist for each tour leg it wasn't really designed to be something you see more than once.
  14. I like the majority of CD so personally I wouldn't want it dropped but I do recognise how utterly stubborn Axl is about this one album that wasn't exactly a mainstream success. I sort of like that about him though. He is never going to drop it totally though because that would be him saying that 93 - 2015 was meaningless and he clearly doesn't view it that way. The best anyone hoping for less Chinese is going to get is if they release a new record and it gets relegated to 2 or 3 songs per show.
  15. I'd love to see one of these MSG shows, I've visited it once and it looks like a great venue. I'm not a Pink fan, I don't dislike her just fairly neutral about her music so I can't get worked up about a tiny guest spot. Weren't they backstage together recently at the Billy Joel show or did I imagine that? Talking of Billy Joel maybe a load of his fans were really upset they had to put up with Axl for a few songs. Being upset about guest spots might work both ways. I love the litho idea of all three having their own for each night. I would love a t-shirt but they are going to be super hard to get 2nd hand I imagine.