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  1. Any Lego fans on this forum???

    I don't personally care much about lego these days but I have a shit ton of the stuff in my house (lego my parents hung onto and passed on and a load of new stuff via 4 kids of my own). The best set we have owned (IMO) was a large hospital set bought from Denmark. I've never seen one on sale like it in the UK, it was quite unusual. Unfortunately we are crap at looking after stuff well and most of our sets have ended up mixed in massive generic boxes.
  2. Hopefully this will be a good read. Matt is no wallflower when it comes to his opinions but there is a question mark over whether his GNR bridges have been totally burned or not. If he still thinks there's a chance he might work with any of the guys again in any capacity then he's probably going to be cautious. A few years back they were all in the same against Axl camp, now he will be a lone voice if he decides to stir shit up.
  3. Happy birthday Axl!

    I'm sure you won't read this Axl but Happy Birthday anyway
  4. Ask Staff Anything!

    I have no idea but weirdly they have just this minute started working again when I got your quote notification. Maybe you are a lucky omen HV can probably comment on your above post. I don't have that kind of knowledge.
  5. Ask Staff Anything!

    Me too. Mine has been like that for about a week now (so apologies to anyone who has tagged me, I wouldn't know). I had a convo with @highvoltage about it but we've not figured out the cause as yet. Sorry.
  6. What is the latest pic of Axl?

    Yes. Middle aged man doesn't look like younger self in photos shocker!
  7. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    I can see them. They are face palm emojis but not ones that specifically belong to this forum so it probably depends on what browser etc you are using as to whether you can see them.
  8. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Yes, I don't think this is just Axl. I'm fairly sure the other two would not risk the tour or their own financial stake if they felt Steven was a liability. Slash and Duff may say positive things publicly but I imagine it was a collective decision or at least one they all supported. I feel a bit sorry for Steven because he is like that little kid who thinks that they are all still his besties despite evidence to the contrary.
  9. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    You were not suspended for 'tellin' it like it is and also swearing' you were suspended for name calling another member, trying to rally support for getting them to leave the forum and derailment. It seems nothing we discussed a couple of days ago actually sunk in because you are now back to doing the same thing. I'm really disappointed you chose to do that.
  10. I love how resolutely stubborn he has always been (even when I've not agreed with his stance). I admire his loyalty to those he considers friends. He used to sport one of the best beards ever. The leather kilt deserves a mention too.
  11. Rumor of a new album???

    I'd say that was true until about a year or so ago. I've heard both SCOM and PC recently on R2. CDAN has it's fair share of bullshit but they do have a reasonable hit rate too. I think this could be equally true/untrue and it could also be about GNR or another band, their version of A list in any given situation has always been very flexible. So many occasions where they have revealed blinds that everyone thought was Tom Cruise etc..then turned out to be some soap actor. I don't think at this stage in the game it's impossible that all three parties would agree to have an independent person make some of the harder creative decisions. If releasing an album (and further touring) is important to them I'm sure none of them want to end up in a situation where they fall out again over creative differences. Given that the NITL tour happened and without major incident I'm willing to assume Axl has perhaps changed his stance on a number of issues in the last few years.
  12. Please knock it off with this TRUTH stuff. It's becoming very repetitive and verging on derailing. This is a forum, people are debating and sharing their opinions and nobody is insisting they know the inner workings of GNR.
  13. I was reminded a bit of Paul Weller or an older Liam Gallagher. I think it's the coat.
  14. He totally could do both. Twitter is flexible like that!
  15. That's so cool. Very happy for you both!