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  1. Ask Staff Anything!

    If you become a club member you get various perks, one of those is the ability to change your screen name.
  2. I thought that but this is probably a UMG driven thing so maybe they didn't have a lot of say once they signed off on the content. I don't pretend to know how it all works though.
  3. Obviously the answer to that is no and I ask that people don't beg for links in the thread.
  4. I removed the link. Not had a chance to discuss it with @downzy yet but given that this is a monetised product and UMG are removing youtube links within minutes of uploading I feel it's not wise to post links on the forum. So unless he says otherwise that's the stance I'm taking at the moment. Sorry.
  5. Ask Staff Anything!

    The last forum upgrade no longer offered the chat room option. We were disappointed about this too but can't do anything about it.
  6. The Royal Wedding

    It certainly livened things up a bit. Windsor looks like a lovely town, I can't say I'm too fussed about the wedding but we definitely do ceremonious pomp very well!
  7. What's that old adage about no publicity being bad publicity? When people stop having opinions and are no longer interested in the discussing the band is when he needs to start worrying about it. The worst thing that could happen to GNR is indifference from the public.
  8. Thats what I thought. Based on what I've read previously I expected it to be bad so I was reasonably surprised. I might go watch it when it's released.
  9. Not sure if there is a thread about this musical biopic yet. The first trailer was released today.
  10. That's really cool. You definitely made their job easier by having a huge collection in one place. I hope they think to gift you some of the merch for your time and effort.
  11. Which will probably include the possibility of meeting everyone except Axl.
  12. That's a gofundme story right there. My son ate my copy of AFD <obligatory sad face photo> please gofundme to buy the boxset. Seriously, I've read more ridiculous requests on that site!
  13. None at the moment. I might by a download at some point but I'm not in any hurry.
  14. Pretty sure you're not! It's a crazy amount even for die hards. I agree with Russ that it's a shame it's the only option to get the vinyls, I think most collectors would prefer those to CDs.
  15. So are they hoping people with think this is a new song?