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  1. Problem signing in?

    We haven't had any other reports. Sometimes with sign in issues it can help to delete the browser cookies for this site then try again.
  2. Ask Staff Anything!

    I don't know if it's possible or not with the current software, an admin would know this better. However the main reason to my mind in not having this facility is that if enough people used such a facility it potentially would ruin the flow of many threads kept as reference to GNR history. I understand privacy concerns but if someone signs up with a throwaway email and doesn't give out any personal information I don't see why they wouldn't remain anonymous. You can of course continue to delete individual posts.
  3. Axl: What do you mean, you don't like the purse? I chose it just for you.
  4. Ask Staff Anything!

    I believe it's an invision board add-on rather than an external ad . It appears once per day per member and I assume is time limited. I don't know if it can be turned off on an individual basis. @highvoltage @downzy can answer this better than me.
  5. I don't think Axl will ever finish/release his original book never mind a new version. If the band stays together now I don't think there will be another book from anyone. If the reunion goes wrong at some point it's possible Slash and/or Duff would do another book within 5 years or so of a split but that depends on the incentive. I think they both wrote books originally partly because they had potential to make decent money from them and keep up their solo profiles, something that isn't a high priority with what they just made on NITL. Also whilst their youth was very RNFR, it's possible that NITL is actually a bit boring in terms of book worthiness, they all showed up on time, everyone brought their families, nobody appeared to fall out. I'm sure there have been a few moments of controversy but not enough to hang a book on. Hardcore fans would read it but it probably wouldn't sell well overall.
  6. GNR Thrives in the PC Era

    Article from the New Yorker that touches on some of the discussion in this thread https://www.newyorker.com/culture/cultural-comment/why-has-r-kellys-career-thrived-despite-sexual-misconduct-allegations Why is the pop-music world so reluctant to address Kelly’s alleged misdeeds? One reason may be that the genre has witnessed so much bad-boy behavior for so long that huge swaths of beloved sounds, from James Brown to the Rolling Stones, from Led Zeppelin to the many records produced by Dr. Dre, would be out of bounds if listeners didn’t separate the art from the artist. In general, we seem especially reluctant to believe the worst of artists whose music has touched us deeply.
  7. GNR Thrives in the PC Era

    Rockstars, the proper bonafide ones, like Rose, Jagger, Plant, Wyman etc.. for some reason seem to have a level of immunity not afforded to most others. It's strange considering they are possibly the most overt group of men regarding their behaviour - many have written books and the stories are widely documented. Perhaps the upfront nature of mega rockstars makes them a dull media target, they can't be shamed and brought down because everyone already knows and they're not pretending to be something they are not. Maybe it's also something about music itself as opposed to other art forms that we are more willing to look past flaws and misdemeanours of the artist. I'm not talking about the Gary Glitters of the world but those who are likened to genius and afforded God like status. It's an interesting question to pose because really they should be easy targets but that doesn't seem to play out in reality.
  8. Tokyo 2009 VS Los Angeles 2017

    If I had the ability to travel back in time and space I'd do both and a lot more besides, starting with the 1980's.
  9. Just woke up and joined for the last few minutes. Axl sounds good, looking forward to the videos of this. Guess they are going for the record length
  10. Watched the new documentary series Shot in Dark. It was really well done and more interesting than I expected, there is some beautifully filmed footage of LA at night.
  11. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Just a reminder that Axl's sister is not a public figure and criticism of her appearence is going a bit too far.
  12. It is but from their perspective they might be less keen to to have former members. My comment wasn't meant as a judgement on Steven, more an observation based on how the band has operated during this NITL tour.
  13. I meant the whole situation where he thought he was doing more songs/shows than they wanted him for and was then fairly vocal about it in interviews.
  14. I don't think we will see any ex members guesting after the Steven debacle. Regardless of who was right/wrong in that situation I think they will be more cautious.
  15. Dijon and Dexter's Twitter Accounts

    I believe people who have kitty sat in the past have posted photographs of them. One of those people was former girlfriend Sasha, I couldn't say whether the photo's cross reference though. I wouldn't be massively shocked if it was Axl (as you say he has a particular sense of humour but which also makes it easy to imitate) on balance though I think it probably isn't.