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  1. Kings Of Chaos without Matt

    Short attention span? I don't know what the deal is but Matt was always the one willing to have a confrontation with Axl so maybe he clashes with others too and moves on if it doesn't work for him.
  2. New GNR merch sale + discount code

    Wasn't there a January announcement? It's probably about merch or maybe the sale is the announcement. Who knows? It's edge of seat stuff! I've moved this to D&N and edited the title so more will see it.
  3. Whatshisface from Neighbours is a Sex Case

    Damn this is a blast from the past. Scott and Charlene Somewhere around the time that episode aired I wrote a letter (proper airmail envelope and everything) to the Neighbours costume department to ask if I could have a pair of surf shorts Jason Donovan wore in one of the episodes. Shockingly they never replied. Guess I have form for obsessive fan behaviour. A few years later I turned my attention to less wholesome boys and it was all downhill from there. Not that Jason Donovan was a wholesome boy in real life as we all eventually discovered but he put up a good front for a while.
  4. I think he's just joking around. Fortus strikes me as fairly content with what he does and not a guy with a huge ego. I'm sure understands perfectly well why those 3 are on all the merch.
  5. Happy New Year MyGNRForum

    Happy New Year everyone. 2019 will definitely be the year of the new album, right?
  6. Black Mirror Bandersnatch

    I didn't understand that this was interactive when I started watching. It took me until the part where to get it. Turns out if you don't interact then it defaults to the left hand choice all the time. I went back in a couple of times once I stopped being dense but you only get a satisfactory ending to the game build if However the nicest ending (if you can call it that) is
  7. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Surely Slash is Slytherin? He's the one with the snake fixation! I'd put Axl and Duff in Griffyndor, Steven in Hufflepuff, not sure about Izzy but maybe Ravenclaw (can't remember what characteristics that house has).
  8. Black Mirror Bandersnatch

    I didn't know about this. Hopefully it will be good, I was a bit disappointed with some of the last season.
  9. Not read any of this thread yet but I just woke up and saw this clip in my phone messages. Watched it bleary eyed and hungover. I don't quite know what this is or why it happened but it's so very random. Very Axl I guess. Sounds ACDC ish. I'll go read the thread now.
  10. The Annual MyGnR Christmas Thread

    Happy Christmas Mygnrforum. You should all be receiving your GNR Halloween sweaters round about now. Have a great holiday everyone.
  11. Some of Peterson's stuff is quite useful, his bread and butter psychotherapy topics about sorting yourself out and taking responsibility for your own shit. I can see why it appeals to directionless young men. The problem comes in the form of him straying into other things he isn't that knowledgeable about and wrapping it up in weird spiritualism and musings about other populist talking points. I agree with the right place right time theory. It's made him very wealthy. I'm always shocked when I read how much money people are giving on sites like Patreon just to hear videos and tours going over the same ground again and again. I've missed a trick modding this forum over the years instead of becoming a youtube guru.
  12. Even he agreed it was awful but was also aware he only scraped onto the course by the skin of his teeth and Mum going all feminazi on his new tutor probably wouldn't help. Seeing as he's my primary interest I'm also complicit in the patriarchy by letting it slide.
  13. I think a lot of young men that fall into this way of thinking don't have much opportunity to mix with women. Back in the 50's young people mixed in person at tea dances, later on that turned into pubs and nightclubs, now people gravitate to online spaces many of which skew heavily towards one sex. A lot of them seem to be tech oriented which is an issue. My eldest son is studying IT at college, it's popular enough that they need to run two concurrent groups but last year there was only one girl on the whole course, this year none. Compared to when I was at college (doing A Levels with about a 50/50 split) the social mix is non existent and they only hang out with each other. He's into Thai boxing as a hobby and the club is all male so at almost 18 he has virtually no interaction with non family females, which worries me a bit. There's a lot of debate about whether girls are interested in tech subjects and I find it believable that numbers naturally skew towards male students but when I took him to enrol on the course there was a young girl being interviewed with her Mum for a place and the guy running the course was doing everything he could to dissuade her from joining even going as far to suggest childcare or animal care would be a better option. He belittled her self professed interest in IT as not really evidence yet had no issue giving my son a place based on the same self professed qualifications. The difference in interview was stark - my son wasn't a great candidate as he did poorly at GCSE due to various factors. I almost put a complaint in to the college about the blatant sexism, I wish I had really but my son didn't want me to make waves before he'd even started and technically I wasn't supposed to be eavesdropping. The whole experience was really depressing. I've no idea if she stuck to her guns and got on the course (maybe she was the lone girl last year) I can't imagine the course will have been much fun if that was the attitude of the staff.
  14. Really pleased you have a full set. Looks awesome
  15. Well as they say, you can't choose your family.