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  1. Anyone following the wacky "Threatin" story?

    Not followed closely but I did read one article a few days back. Talk about delusions of grandeur! Although it's not vastly different to a lot of other shit that goes on via the internet - this dude just took it to another level.
  2. I dunno. The news stations have helicopters doing flyovers, a number of less famous than Axl celebs have been reported on ad nauseam. As I said though I could be wrong and of course the danger isn't fully over as yet.
  3. It's possible I'm wrong but I think he might be one of the lucky few that made it relatively unscathed. I just feel we'd have heard about it by now, he's lived there decades and it's a well known house so I think had it burned down it would have been reported.
  4. Can we try and stay vaguely on topic. I know Axl tweets about various things and the temptation is to discuss it all but I don't want the thread derailed completely. As suggested in the Social Media thread we are happy for someone to start a general Axl and Politics thread that can encompass a wide range of squabbling discussion.
  5. I'm seeing more and more reports of missing persons especially from the Paradise fires. Over 200 now according to one news outlet. It seems to be mostly the elderly, sadly they probably couldn't move fast enough or didn't have transport. Really awful.
  6. It's fine to discuss in relation to the fires and Axl's tweet about it. Just don't go totally off topic into general politics.
  7. Seen a few graphics now that show the fire hotspots and for the moment Axl's home looks not to be directly in the worst parts. Of course it's not contained yet so anything could happen over the coming days. His home is on the sharp bend in the lower portion of the photo.
  8. Maybe it's just an 'in' joke? Like he was meant to be there but didn't make it or something so they shopped him as a joke.
  9. Do you have family or friends elsewhere you can go to? Stay safe, that's the most important thing.
  10. From what I can gather on twitter it's already hit that area. It will probably be a day or two at least before all damage can be assessed.
  11. It's terrifying the speed this fire is spreading.
  12. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    It's not looking good for where Axl lives.
  13. That does look a bit like Axl's place although it's hard to tell through the smoke, I thought he had more land around his home. I know property can be rebuilt especially by the wealthy and insured and the safety of people/animals is the important thing but it makes me really sad that so many homes are destroyed.
  14. http://www.tmz.com/2018/11/09/caitlyn-jenner-malibu-woolsey-wildfire-home-burned/ Not sure exactly where Jenner lived in relation to Axl