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  1. Ask Staff Anything!

    We've had a discussion about this and are going to move things around a bit to try and accommodate everyone. Now Slash is back in GNR it's hard to draw a total line between Guns and solo stuff so we'll try to go for a balance.
  2. Chinese Democracy Time. So about 10 years from now!
  3. Duff might have had the most to lose from Izzy making a return. If Izzy was given a fair slice (as a founding member) then everyone else gets less but I think this would affect Duff more than the other two. He would also be vying for a position of importance within the line up, Axl and Slash as top billing is a given but as things stand without Izzy in the picture Duff can maintain respectable 3rd place. He still might of course even with Izzy as he's arguably maintained the bigger profile of the two but it's something to ponder. Purely speculation as I don't know what went on with the early negotiations.
  4. The Third Place

    I bet most people's third place is somewhere online!
  5. Axl Rose being mocked for no reason

    I guess if he experiences any sad feelings over this he can always go check his bank balance and call up a hot model for a bit of an ego boost. It is mean of course and almost everyone in the public eye gets negative comments about their appearance. I expect if he cares enough to shut it down one stern email to Twitter HQ would do it.
  6. Quite. It's not difficult to recognise that Myles is a capable singer. I don't personally enjoy listening to him but that doesn't mean he's crap at it.
  7. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Yes she is pretty awesome and a fast learner! Well and truly got chucked in at the deep end the first week when a load of leaks happened. Sorry to hear about your Dad, I've been there a few years back and it is rough. I know it's cliched but time does help. Good luck with the job hunting.
  8. Tell your 9/11 story

    I remember it was around lunchtime in the UK. I was feeding my son who was a small baby, he's strapping 6ft young man now who will turn 18 in a few months. It's weird to have that as a visual aid of how much time has passed because in some ways it still feels recent for me. It was one of those defining watershed moments for anyone old enough to comprehend it at the time. The world felt like it changed instantly. There was before and after 9/11 and I still have a strong sense of that. I can remember just watching in utter horror and wondering what sort of world he was going to grow up in.
  9. I'm sure he doesn't particularly and legacy rock seems to have been strangely insulated from the recent metoo trends. Think we had a discussion thread about this a while back and somewhat came to the conclusion that a lot of stuff going on was so blatant and openly part of the culture it gets left alone. Cynically speaking there is no gain for the media in pointing out that 70s/80s rockstars were procuring groupies, even if underage ones, because everyone is a bit 'well duh!' about it. Slash is also all about his image and whilst I don't expect him to be the most PC guy in the world I think his SM accounts are carefully curated to reflect this and maintain the brand as wild man of R&R. It's what sells, Slash as SJW would not. It's worth noting that he isn't running around in real life with girls young enough to be his daughter like some middle aged men so 'all things considered' he could be worse.
  10. Lol. A number of the songs are sexist there isn't any 'sort of' about it. They are however also a product of their time. I feel it would be better to speak frankly about them in those terms rather than pretend it isn't what it is. I'm sure though he doesn't want to say anything that might draw the ire of the twitteratti and I can't blame him on that score!
  11. Ask Staff Anything!

    No it's not that simplistic, there are fairly easy ways around IP addresses. We aren't unique here in that respect, it's an internet wide problem for any site that is commentary based.
  12. This seems like those type of relationships where both parties talk to other people about how they feel (Axl - China Exchange, Slash/Duff - various interviews) but don't ever have a direct conversation with each other about it. It's nice that they all get along enough now to tour together but I'm not harbouring any illusion that they hang out or phone each other up for cosy chats. An album might happen but I don't think it will be anytime soon.
  13. Ask Staff Anything!

    This is the crux of the issue. The people involved in takedowns have held multiple accounts here over the years, some get get spotted but inevitably others go undetected. It wouldn't make any difference in the end to limit viewing to signed in members.
  14. House of Cards Final Season

    I'll probably end up watching it but I can't say I'm enthused. I'll forgive them a little bit if they finally wrap up the dead journo plot so that the fictional world of HoC knows the former Prez pushed her under a train.
  15. Yes, it seems extreme because these are super rich people who all spend in a month more than most of us do in a year or two. Granted with the resources available to Perla over the last 17 years there is no obvious reason she couldn't have invested in some sort of career for herself but we don't know what goes on in other people's marriages really. My sister has never worked since having kids who are now teens and from the outside it appears like she does fuck all but her husband never wanted her to work (which is a whole other side issue) and they seemingly fumble along happily with that arrangement. She'd be a bit a screwed if he left her though because wealth wise they are at the other end of the spectrum to Slash. We can't extrapolate anything especially useful about divorce from the rich and famous because their lives are so far removed from the average family anyway.