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  1. Absolutely, he's totally off and it's such a shame that the lead singer of a band that makes like 6 million $ per gig isn't able to re-learn a 100 year old song. I really thought about going to the Mannheim Show on Sunday because of SOYL but this is pure bullshit, it really is awkward to watch.
  2. Songs slowed down

    Absolutely, it‘s pretty obvious on Jungle
  3. Funny SCOM Remix in the background with the strings & beat
  4. Tried several times with different computers & phones... still getting the same error message :/
  5. For 35€? I‘m not able to buy any there‘s an error message saying that there aren‘t enough tickets left...
  6. OH FUCK ME, I MISSED OUT! No more Tickets for Mannheim apparently...
  7. I love how it's basically Axl in every thumbnail That's so... Axl
  8. Sorry for asking this stupid question but I just don't get it 1:02 in the My Michelle Video?
  9. Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot to mention 'compared to all other Versions of Shadow Of Your Love'.
  10. By the way, I just realized that the gnr.fm Version of Shadow Of Your Love is tuned 1/2 down (EDIT: compared to all other Versions of Shadow Of Your Love), and even though there are ways of altering the speed and pitch of old recordings in the studio, I think that at least the Bass and Guitar Parts are new reocordings. The Drums might be Stevens Original Takes because you obviously don't have to alter the pitch of drums, and Axls Vocals might be either re-recordings or the original takes artificially tuned down half a step.