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  1. Better song: Coma or Locomotive

    Coma easily. I love everything about that song and it's one of my all time favorite songs in general. Locomotive is a good song, but it gets a bit repetitive. I wouldn't mind if it was a bit shorter. That being said, Axl seems to perform Locomotive slightly better live.
  2. Axl´s music influence nowdays?

    I think he's into all kinds of music like he's always been. The next album probably won't be all that industrial sounding because of Slash and Duff, but I'm sure it will have some reworked CD era material on it.
  3. Very cool! A decent performance from Axl as well. He struggled a bit in the middle, but as soon as he switched to the lower voice he sounded great again. He should switch to lower voice earlier next time.
  4. Why no Street of Dreams?

    "the feelings that I felt I saved for you and no one else" Personally I don't see what heterosexual man would write this about a man, but maybe that's just me. Fact is that they hadn't played SOD in along time with the past line up either. The setlist is already a bit too ballad heavy if you ask me, so no need to bring SOD back. If they necessarily want to play a certain amount of covers, I wish they'd replace Wichita Lineman with Down On The Farm. Axl would probably still sound great on it, cause he can use his natural voice there. The setlist could use some more punk rock.
  5. Hard School on GNR's setlist!

    Are you done splitting hairs? Nothing about what you said changes anything about my point. It's still makes a hell of a lot more sense to play one of the many leaked songs that a portion of fans have already heard than give away yet another one of the unheard songs.
  6. I think it's far more likely that people will be upset because they WILL use CD-leftovers. I mean they already have Hard School on the setlist. Everything's pointing to the direction that CD-leftovers will be used. No I won't be upset if they don't use any leftovers. I'm just saying that it's the most likely scenario that they will use them. And some people will be upset about it. I agree though, you can't please the whole fanbase cause people want different things. The best effort you can do is to try to include at least a couple of songs for the afd fans a couple of songs for cd fans etc. Of course even that won't please everyone.
  7. It's always that way. I guess it's the freshness of the songs that makes people go crazy. I remember when Chinese Democracy was released and Sorry and Scraped were by far the most popular songs on some polls because they hadn't been leaked long before. Scraped! The song that's now probably the most hated CD song was the second most liked song back then, because it was fresh.
  8. I don't know about all time favorites, but right now it's probably: 1. Coma 2. Better 3. Double Talkin Jive 4. Estranged 5. You Could Be Mine
  9. Wait what rumor is this? Since when have we known what tracks are on the rumored EP? I assume this is some bullshit rumor again?
  10. I don't know how many people are actually saying that any of these songs is The General. But 14 Years for example was originally two different songs, until they decided to mix those together. Everybody knows that The General was written by Brain, but obviously not everything about it was written by him. So when Brain had written the first rough version of the song, Axl could have decided to mix some elements of these songs into that one. Nobody knows. Not you or me. But people like to speculate. It's fun!
  11. My first thoughts on these: Billionare This is not a very interesting instrumental in itself, but it's definitely possible that some of the ideas used here were later used on The General. Dub Suplex This song most likely became the Buckethead song Jump Man, so we'll never hear it with Axl's vocals. Kinda shame because I actually prefer this over Jump Man. Would have been interesting to hear Axl's vocals on this one. Although this sounds perhaps more like a rap type song. State of Grace Most of us have heard this one already, so not much new to say about it. Some people have speculated that this and Billionare might have been mixed together into The General. I guess anything's possible. The cellphone clip did have some similarities to this if I remember correctly. As it is, it's definitely not strong enough to live up to the legendary status of The General. But if some parts of this song were used as a part of a much bigger and and much more grandious song. I could see it living up to the hype of The General. Oklahoma Definitely one of the most old school sounding CD era songs. This is a lot like what I expected Hard School to sound like instrumentally. I would have preferred it to sound more like this. Devious Bastard There's so many hard rocking instrumentals in these leaks with potential. But it's up to Axl's vocals if he can raise these songs to another level. I.R.S I don't know. The riff isn't loud enough on this mix if you ask me. Hard School Didn't hear much of a difference compared to the version we already have. But I only listened to it once. Dummy To me this is honestly one of the most interesting instrumentals and one of the most interesting leaks in general. Once upon a time Prostitute was described as sounding like fire and ice. But in my opinion the desription fits this song MUCH better. The contrast between the soft part and the hard rocking part is insane. The soft part is probably the lightest and poppiest sounding part of any GNR song ever and the hard rocking part might be the darkest sounding part of any GNR song. Loved this one much more than I was expecting considering that we've never even heard about Dummy before these leaks.
  12. Nope! Originally I didn't even like that song. It's grown on me a bit and I was pondering between Sorry and Madagascar, which one to include but went with Sorry.
  13. I'm too lazy to start counting minutes to check what would actually fit on a CD, but Chinese Democracy had 14 songs, so my picks for the 14 songs would be: 1. Chinese Democracy 2. Shackler's Revenge 3. Better 4. Street Of Dreams 5. Perhaps 6. There Was A Time 7. Catcher In The Rye 8. Hard School 9. Atlas Shrugged 10. I.R.S 11. Oh My God 12. Sorry 13. This I Love 14. Prostitute
  14. Hard School on GNR's setlist!

    Well like I said, if they played something new from A/S/D or something off CD2 that we're not aware of, then there would be even less unheard material for the next album. I mean let's say that they were thinking of putting Hard School, Atlas Shrugged and Pehaps on the next album. That's already three songs that the fanbase has already heard. In fact it's actually more likely that they were planning on putting even more of the leaked songs on the album. Songs like Soulmonster and Zodiac could very well be meant for the next album. In fact we might have already heard like half of the songs that were meant for the next album. Why would they on top of that give away one more of the unheard songs, so there would be even less unheard material on the album. If they're gonna play a new song, it makes a hell of a lot more sense to play one of the songs that fans have already heard, so not everything will be spoiled. Besides, even if they played an unheard new song, the media would probably still mention the leaks, so it wouldn't make much of a difference anyway. All I'm saying is that it's really not that strange that they're considering playing Hard School. It makes a lot more sense than playing something that hasn't leaked. But who knows if they're even gonna play it.
  15. Hard School on GNR's setlist!

    Yeah yeah, I get your point. But if they were planning on playing a new song anyway, what should they do? Not play anything because songs happened to leak? That would suck. Play something that hasn't leaked? Then there would be even less unheard material on the next record. Besides, even if they played some new tune that hasn't leaked, the media would probably mention the leaks anyway. Not playing anything new would probably be the only way to avoid too much buzz around the leaks. But maybe the whole reason why they even decided to tour now is cause they thought it was the right time to play a new song and maybe even reveal the album name or something. Should they just forget the whole plan cause of the leaks? That wouldn't make much sense either.