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  1. Guns n Roses in 8D

    Why would I want music to rotate around my head?
  2. Exactly! And I would emphasize the "hard to say" -parts. You can speculate all you want, but when people start to act like their theories are basically confirmed facts, that's when people fall flat on their faces.
  3. 03/14/20 - Mexico City, MX - Vive Latino Festival

    Normally I would probably have been disappointed, but I guess I've learned my lesson. I wasn't expecting anything, didn't even watch the streams. Basically I'm so used to no new music that this doesn't really evoke any emotions.
  4. 03/14/20 - Mexico City, MX - Vive Latino Festival

    These soundcheck videos make me happy! Hopefully Corona won't ruin everything that the band has planned for this year.
  5. The "New Album" Thread

    I'd be more than satisfied. Any new GNR music would be a dream come true. Well, as long as it's good music, which I'm sure that it is. Gnr music is usually good. So yeah, how about a surprise GNR album on april the first maybe? Wouldn't it be fun?
  6. Why does Axl invoke such strong feelings?

    The only feelings that he invokes in me is that I really enjoy his music and it's frustrating to know that he's written so much music that I'd enjoy, but he's not releasing it. I want more Axl's GNR type music. That's all. There's so many people in this world, why isn't there more great music? All I want is classic rock type music, but with influences of all kinds of modern music. Both slower and faster paced songs and a singer who sings with many different voices. Is that too much to ask?
  7. I'm sure that new music will be released within the next ten years.
  8. Friends HBO Reunion Special

    I liked Friends! Never understood why people say it hasn't aged well. Yes, the characters are annoying and creepy. They always were. You can't make ten seasons of humor out of regular people. I'd be excited about this, if it wasn't for the whole "unscripted" thing.
  9. If my thoughts about Slash and Duff have changed, it's for the better. Same thing with Axl. They all seem to have matured in a good way cause they managed to bury their hatched. And not only that they seem to respect each other in a way they never did before. In the past Slash used to talk to the press what ever he had on his mind, which led to a lot of bad blood between him and Axl. In the past it felt like they were competing against each other and sometimes Axl seemed jealous of Slash's sideprojects. Now they feel much more like a team. Duff seems much more diplomatic than I ever knew he was. He's probably the main reason why we even have a reunion. So yeah, I respect that they have grown as people. I just wish that they'd release some music.
  10. First Single Guesses?

    My prediction is that it'll be a brand new song. I'm guessing that they might want to start with a single that's written by the big 3. Of course Hard School is a good guess too, cause it was on the setlist. But I really think that they were considering playing it only cause it leaked. Not because it was supposed to be the new single. I love Atlas Shrugged, but I doubt it'll be a single. I avoided listening to Soulmonster, so I can't really comment on that. As far as I know none of us has heard The General either, so... Well based on the intro that we've heard, I'd say it might be too epic for a single. I'd guess it's probably a pretty long song, but then again how should I know.
  11. I agree! I didn't say that. For Axl they are in general easier though. Depends how you define lower register. No, AC/DC doesn't have It's So Easy type songs, but Brian songs are full of, what I'd call lower mid range parts. Axl's lower mid-range is pretty raspy still. Madagascar is a good example of that. But when he has to sing in a higher register than that, he has to scream in order to sound raspy. Brian Johnson songs go straight from that lower mid range chest voice to screaming. That's why those songs are perfect for Axl. Rock the Rock is similar. But a big part of GNR songs like for example SCOM require higher pitched singing. There's absolutely none of that in Brian songs. All the higher pitched vocals in Brian songs are pure screaming. Axl can't use the screaming voice in SCOM cause it's a ballad. Besides the melodies are a bit too complicated for screaming. But lyrics like "Back in black/ I hit the sack" are like made for screaming. They're short bursts of screaming. So that's why Axl sounds good on AC/DC songs but in many GNR songs he sounds like Mickey. If the only reason why Axl doesn't sound like in 2010 is because he's trying to preserve his voice, then how come he's constantly trying to sing with rasp. Every time in GNR concerts when his voice goes to lower mid range, Axl's trying to sing with rasp. He's forcing rasp out of his mouth every chance he gets. Why would he do that, if he's not motivated? You'd think that he would just sing everything clean if it was a choice. No, he uses rasp when he's able to. But he can't sing with rasp in high register anymore unless he screams.
  12. I never thought that saying Axl's 2016 voice is overrated would stir so much conversation. I'll try to respond quickly to these. This might be my last message here cause I don't have enough time. My point is that it may have been a bad show compared to other shows of it's time, but looking back at it now it had some really great performances in it. People remember 2012 in a much worse light than it actually was. Axl's voice was about as good in 2012 as it was in 2016. That's my point! That's besides the point. Or you know, I wasn't personally talking about anything else but his voice. Like I said, he was clearly running, dancing, jumping and in general moving around much more in 2012, so you could make an argument that he had more attitude back then. But in the end the whole attitude thing is just a matter of opinion and I'm more interested about facts. Plus I was talking about his voice. Changing the way you sing these iconic songs is more difficult than one might think. Would SCOM sound better with his natural voice? Maybe, but he would have to sing it in a lower key then. Would fans be happy if he'd sing it in lower key? I don't know. But I do agree that they should do something to make the setlist fit Axl's voice better. In my opinion the best solution would be to release a new GNR album full of songs that are easy for Axl to sing. Then they could fill the setlist with those songs. I've been asking for some concrete examples of how his voice was better in 2016 compared to 2012, so this got me interested. I actually used a stopwatch to see which Jungle screams were longer. The ones from 2012 or the ones from 2016. The longest Jungle scream that I found from 2012 was 13,5 seconds (Appetite for Democracy). Pretty much every other Jungle scream that I found from 2012 was 11,5 seconds long. The longest Jungle scream that I found from 2016 was 21 seconds (Las Vegas) But half of the Jungle screams in 2016 were about 6 seconds long. So you're right, the longest screams in 2016 are longer, but then again 2016 also had plenty of super short screams that didn't exist in 2012. I think this is because the 2016 shows were more improvised. In 2012 they had a certain way of playing it at every show so the scream was almost every time 11,5 seconds long. Slash's way of playing is more improvised and because of this Axl also improvised more and the length of the scream was very inconsistent. So I don't think that there was a difference between Axl's vocal capabilities in 2012 and 2016. Technically he was equally good both years, but it's really a matter of taste which one you prefer. I really don't have the answer to that. I agree that his raspy singing seemed super effortless in 2010 and I guess his voice was just in great condition back then. But something happened to his voice. Is it just a symptom of aging or was it something more concrete than that? I wonder if even Axl knows what happened?
  13. What era though? Calling 2012-2014 an era of Axl's voice is like calling 2016-2020 an era of Axl's voice. No, Axl sounded pretty good in 2016 compared to now. Likewise Axl sounded pretty good in 2012 compared to 2014. Well in 2014 he sucked until his voice was great again in those Vegas shows. It seems like people remember 2012 as being much worse than it actually was. Probably cause people were still expecting him to sound like he did in 2010. Now they remember that the whole 2012-2014 era sounded mostly like early 2014, which couldn't be farther from the truth. Similarly people remember 2016 as being better than it actually was cause they compare that era to early 2014 and now. In reality Axl's voice was pretty similar in 2012 and 2016. I don't remember what people thought of that HOB 2012 show back in the day. I wouldn't be surprised if it was considered bad cause people still compared everything to 2010. But looking back at it now. Oh Boy, there's some really great performances there. The scream on LALD for example is longer than in Vegas 2016 and I wouldn't say that it's any less powerful either. So if that's what Axl sounded like when he had a cold back then, how good were the average shows then? Slash's playing certainly gives the song a different kind of attitude. I give you that. Other than that I don't really know if I get what you're saying. Like I said in another post, it's clear that Axl was more energetic back in 2012 cause he was younger. It's something that you can objectively measure. He was dancing, moving, running and jumping more back then. So it's perfectly understandable if someone would say that he had more attitude back then because he was more energetic. At the same time he seems perhaps a bit happier in 2016, so he definitely has a different kind of attitude in 2016. Which one is a better attitude kinda feels like a matter of taste. At the end of the day when we're talking about these kind of things then we're really grasping at straws. My point was that Axl's voice wasn't drastically better in 2016 compared to 2012. If he had slightly more attitude or not doesn't really make his voice drastically better anyway. I watched the only videos I found when I wrote My Michelle 2012 on Youtube. At least Milano 2012 and HOB 2012 seem to be on Youtube. They're not perfect examples of his voice cause Sebastian Bach is also singing there. But on the parts that Axl sings, he sounds pretty much the same as in 2016. I mean you're not wrong in the sense that of course he wanted to prove something and because of that he gave it his all for AC/DC. He would have sounded worse if he didn't give a fuck. BUT, that doesn't change the fact that those songs are also much easier for him to sing in general and there's 0% of chance that Axl could sound great for a full GNR set if he really worked on it, as long as they play songs like SCOM, NR, Better, RQ etc... His higher mid-range hasn't been good enough for that since 2010 and his voice seems to be going worse all the time. So how on earth do you think he could do it? That's like saying that YOU could sing a full GNR set with rasp if you really worked on it. No you can't cause you don't have the voice for it and neither does Axl. It's not as simple as screaming=rasp. His lower voice is also still good. He can still sing with rasp when he's using his lower mid range. Madagascar is one example of this. Better on the other hand is a song that's mostly right between his lower mid-range and higher mid-range. So often it's a weird mess of rasp and Mickey. When his voice was better in 2016, the range of his raspy singing voice was also bigger. Rocket Queen is another song that jumps between the lower mid-range and higher mid-range a lot. So it's usually a mix of raspy and clean vocals. So yeah, if Axl would start to get his voice back, you could hear it in these songs that are between his lower mid-range and higher mid-range. But I have 0% hope that Axl could ever sing a song like SCOM that's mostly higher pitched mid-range with a fully raspy voice again. 2010 is never coming back. At best we could have vocals similar to 2012 and 2016, but that may never happen again either.
  14. That couldn't be farther from a fact. I just watched a bunch of performances from 2012. They're raspy as hell. I seriously can't say which ones are raspier 2012 performances or 2016 performances. That's just a straight up lie! I just watched a lot of videos from 2012 and was really surprised about how energetic he was back then. You can see that he's younger and making the kind of moves that probably would have broke his bones 2016. The way he leaned back back then when he screamed. It's almost like he was defying gravity. He was dancing, jumping and running around much more than in 2016. He even did the kick in It's So Easy back then. I mean this is not even a contest. In 2012 he was more energetic.
  15. First of all saying that he improved on certain songs compared to 2012-2014 doesn't really say much. Sure he improved if we compare his voice to his early 2014 voice. He sucked then. But then he was great again in the last Vegas shows of 2014. 2012-2014 is a long time frame. So how exactly was This I Love better in 2016 compared to 2012? What are these noticeable improvements that you're talking about? You'd think that if they're so noticeable I wouldn't even have to ask. If we're talking about rasp, the Appetite for Democracy performance of TIL sounds at least as raspy to me as the 2016 performances. The House of Blues version from 2012 just might be raspier than any version from 2016. And the scream in LALD seems to be longer and stronger in the House of Blues version than in any version from 2016. So how exactly is LALD better in 2016? WTTJ was mostly raspy both in 2012 and in 2016, so what is the noticeable difference? It's difficult to find videos of My Michelle and Out Ta Get Me from 2012-2014, but I found one from 2012. Axl sounds just as strong there as he did in 2016. In other words full of rasp and power. You can't just say that there's noticeable improvements if you don't give any examples of what these noticeable improvements are. You know what is a 100% fan made myth? The idea that the only reason why Axl sounded better with AC/DC is cause he gave a fuck. No we've had this discussion before. Brian Johnson songs go straight from Axl's lower mid-range to screaming. That's why those songs are in general easier for him. He's always raspy when he screams and it's much easier for him to sing in his lower mid-range voice compared to his higher mid-range. Most GNR songs are full of higher-mid range singing. That's why he sounds like Mickey. Sure, AC/DC songs have some moments that are difficult for Axl, if he tries to sing them perfectly. Especially Hell's Bells has those super high notes. That's why Axl said that it's the hardest song he's sung. They have some difficult notes here and there, but in general they're way easier for him. That's my point. You say that he stopped caring after 2016. Still 2016 had some very bad GNR performances. You gotta admit that it's not because Axl wouldn't care, but because he just can't do it. He can't sing certain songs with rasp. It's not possible for him. Most AC/DC songs are in this sense easier for him. They go from lower mid range straight to screaming which is ideal for Axl's voice. So yeah, Axl's voice doesn't seem to be drastically better in 2016 compared to 2012 and AC/DC songs are in general easier for him to sing than GNR songs.