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  1. I've always wondered if Axl uses a backing track. Ron and Pittman used to do backing vocals and people often seem to mistake that for a backing track. He also uses the echo effect, that I guess could be mistaken as a backing track. But is there any real evidence that Axl would have actually used a backing track at some point? Is there a youtube video that proves it or something? If so, a link would be appreciated.
  2. Me too and I still do! Dunno how many times I've played it. I don't consider myself obsessed with it. It's a great album. Nothing more and nothing less. It's a far better album than some fans give it credit for. Do some fans overhype it? Maybe, but not that many as far as I know. If The World and Scraped are not that good. So what? Neither are Anything Goes and Think About You. Pretty much all albums have some filler songs. Hard School sounds like a song that's better than most of the songs on CD, so why shouldn't we be hyped about it? Well that's not so strange if you prefer epic songs that CD is full of compared to rockers that AFD is full off. Why be embarrassed of your own taste, just because your taste has changed? I love AFD even more than CD, but even that album has some cringe worthy moments. No album is perfect. Some thought it was better than it actually was and some thought it was worse than it actually was. I was a fan of GNR back in the day when Slash was still a member, so can't comment on that. Some fans probably share your feelings. Personally I never saw CD as one of the most eagerly-anticipated albums in rock history. CD was a joke to most people before it was released. I didn't know anyone who was excited for it except for myself. And the reason why I was excited was cause I loved the song Chinese Democracy and Oh My God and I saw potential in new GNR. Then came the leaks and I loved most of them too. It would have been just Axl's crappy solo project for me, if I hadn't enjoyed those songs. It's only overly-bloated and overproduced, if you prefer a stripped down production. Personally I'm tired of all rock bands sounding the same. Every band has the same stripped down and raw sound. I love the production on CD cause it's different. Prostitute is an amazing song. I.R.S is a basic good rock song. How is This I Love pretentious? It's Axl at his most honest. He's not acting like a though guy, not making jokes, not trying to be super artistic with deep metaphors etc... He's just brutally honest about his feelings. Probably the least pretentious lyrics he's ever written. Scraped and Riad... while not Axl's best work, they still have the kind of energy that you don't find on any Limp Bitzkit album. They only sound overproduced and sterile if you want everything to sound raw. It's a matter of taste. I want variety in my music. Sometimes I want to listen to stripped down and raw music and sometimes I want to listen to music with more layers and I'm glad that not all music sound the same. CD's production is fine the way it is. If this was an album by a new band in 2008, that band would be one of my favorite bands now and I would most definitely check out now and then when their next album is coming out and if their unreleased music would sound as good as Hard School does, I'd want to hear the rest of it like crazy.
  3. I actually agree with what you say. That's why I'm not trying to predict when the album comes out cause we all know that Axl's a tinkerer. But he could release an album without Slash and Duff when the stakes where much higher, so there's no reason to think that he can't do it now that there's less pressure. He's visibly more confident now that he has a band that people love. Surely he's aware that he'll lose his band again if he keeps tinkering the album forever. Personally I haven't seen anything that would suggest that he'll never release another album again. He's just slow, but it will come out eventually.
  4. As far as I know, the only thing we know about Thyme is that Marco Beltrami worked on it. So it will most likely have some orchestra in it, so I guess it's an epic song.
  5. I have no doubt what so ever that they'll release a new album at some point. I mean Axl had the balls to release an album without Slash and Duff when the whole world was ready to hate the album without even hearing it, so why the hell wouldn't he release an album now that he has a band that everyone loves and everyone wants to love what ever music they'll release. When will they release it though? I have no idea.
  6. It's the same song as Checkmate, but The General is a different song.
  7. Finally heard these clips. I assume full versions haven't leaked yet? Atlas Shrugged sounds good. But it's the kind of a song that you really have to hear from beginning to end to fully understand what's going on. So it's hard to say anything about it. It has potential. The Checkmate/JackieChan/Hard School clip though... I've always thought that it sounds like the best NewGNR song. Exactly the kind of a song that was missing on CD. And this clip is just further proof that it is an excellent song. Single material. Can't wait to hear the full version. I've always thought that the song is about how Axl wanted to save GNR instead of throwing it all away. I still think so. Lyrics like: "no efforts spared to save what we had" and "had to be a fool to let it be thrown away" (or what ever it is that he's saying) sounds like he's singing about why he decided to continue with GNR after the break up.
  8. Trump is a part of the hollywood elite though. Just saying. Nobody is in a bandwagon if they don't support Trump and supporting Trump doesn't make you in any way anti-establishment.
  9. It's an okay list, but it's weird that The Spaghetti Incident isn't represented at all. I'd add Down On The Farm, Don't Damn Me, Double Talkin Jive, Locomotive, There Was A Time and This I Love in there. But if they're allowed to put only 26 songs there, I guess it's an okay list. Just replace the extra Don't Cry with something that I mentioned.
  10. He was good even in 2018 when he sang with the screaming AC/DC voice. I'm talking mainly about SOYL. I do agree that he should sing with that voice in the studio too, cause then he would sound good on those songs live as well. My point is that he didn't sound good on Rock the Rock because of the layers. If anything the layers were unnecessary. He would have sounded great even without them. Probably even better, at least to people like you, who prefer the natural and gritty approach.
  11. Wouldn't you say that Axl sounds good when he sings AC/DC songs? He's singing Rock the Rock with the exact same voice that he uses for AC/DC, so why is it so hard to admit that he sounds just as good when he sings like that in the studio as he does when he uses that voice live. Sure there's layers of vocals and sure, he has the echo effect when he sings live, but those are not the only reasons why he sounds good when he sings with that AC/DC voice.
  12. Cool! Nothing surprising though.
  13. Terminator - Dark Fate

    I agree that so far the movie doesn't seem all that exiting. I don't mind the female characters, but so far I just haven't seen anything that would have grabbed my attention. Well, except the fact that it's a Terminator movie and the first two were great films. And the fact that James Cameron is involved again. I don't think T3 was a bad movie. It was actually pretty entertaining. It wasn't worse than most Marvel movies, but compared to T1 and T2 it was pretty bad. Most movies are pretty bad when compared to classics like the original Terminator movies. I haven't seen T4 and T5, so can't comment on those. The general consensus seems to be that none of the sequels are anywhere close to the quality of the first two though. So now those movies are scrapped and this is the new T3. Scrapping all the sequels is a pretty bold move and it wouldn't make much sense unless this movie is MUCH better than the original T3. So that's the most interesting thing about this new Terminator movie I guess. They seem to be pretty confident that this is much better movie than T3, T4 and T5. Otherwise it wouldn't have made any sense to scrap those movies. So I guess I'm cautiously interested. Maybe the trailer wasn't all that interesting cause they didn't want to spoil the great parts of the movie. Could they actually have learned not to spoil movies in trailers?. Could the movie actually be much better than the trailer suggests? We can only wait and see I guess.
  14. Gareth Rhodes Gn'R covers

    He's cool! He made me appreciate Locomotive more, cause listening to his version was the first time when I actually paid attention to the lyrics properly.
  15. Avengers: Endgame

    Here's my ranking of the MCU movies. (Only ranking the one's I've seen obviously) 1. Captain America: Civil War 2. Avengers: Infinity War 3. Ironman 4. Spiderman: Homecoming 5. Avengers: Endgame 6. Guardians Of The Galaxy 7. Ant-man 8. Black Panther 9. Thor: Ragnarok 10. Avengers: Age of Ultron 11. Ant-Man and the Wasp 12. Ironman 3