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  1. Wasn't a fan of TFA. Rogue One was a bit better. I have high hopes for this one. According to the reviews this one's not playing it too safe, which is exactly what I needed to hear to get excited. Hopefully the reviews are right and not something that Disney paid them to say.
  2. November Rain: 823 Million YouTube Views

    It's impressive! And even the music videos that are currently more watched than November Rain, won't be that after a couple of decades. They won't stand the test of time like November Rain does.
  3. I can't stand Axl's 2001 voice, so 2017. Although that particular WTTJ is pretty bad compared to most 2017 versions.
  4. Yeah, it's a sacrilege that they play Rocket Queen without Adriana Smith!
  5. Guess they're really trying to break records with this tour. That's understandable. Personally I'm disappointed. I wish they'd just quit touring and focus on a new album instead. But plenty of people seem to be happy about this news, so good for them!
  6. I like the 01-02 version, but I have no idea why some don't enjoy the current version. Who goes to a concert to hear the songs exactly like they're on the album anyway. I really like the extended guitar solos live. I mean it might be boring if you watch it on periscope every night. But when you're there, you're there to hear them jam.
  7. I'm sure they'll release new music at some point. An album that mostly consists of CD 2 songs, but with some new songs written by Slash and Duff and maybe even some leftover songs from the nineties. Slash just plays some new guitar solos on top of the CD2 songs. Axl might have his own suggestions to how he wants the guitar solos to sound like, but they'll all do some compromises here and there. They've grown up, I'm sure they can work it out.
  8. It's not random. It's obviously a reference to all the illuminati shit surrounding Washington DC. https://www.ranker.com/list/secret-conspiracy-and-occult-symbols-in-washington-dc/amandasedlakhevener
  9. I loved hearing the CD tracks when I was at the show. But right now I think they should drop the CD songs, as well as the AFD and Illusion songs, and all songs actually, because it's time that they stop touring altogether and concentrate on creating new music instead.
  10. What's this Axl/DC quality you're talking about? He didn't use any more rasp on that song even when he sang it with AC/DC. I see no difference worth mentioning between this and his AC/DC performances.
  11. The tempo is not Franks fault. It's the bands decision to play the songs faster. Bringing back Matt or Adler wouldn't change any of that.
  12. Well this has been a very confusing couple of days. First people acted like Rio was the end of GNR, even though Axl sounded exactly like he's sounded all year long. Now people are saying that Axl has redeemed himself and Welcome To The Jungle sounds as good as it did in 2016, even though Axl still sounds exactly like he's sounded all year long. There's pretty much no difference between this and Rio and people act like this is some kind of a come back from Axl. Even Welcome To The Jungle sounds pretty much the same. Yes, even in Rio Axl sounded mostly raspy in WTTJ . This Sao Paolo version of WTTJ has occasional clean vocals just like the Rio version did. There's barely any difference between them and people act like they're as different as night and day. The only difference is that Rio was pro shot and the clean vocals were a lot more noticeable because of the good quality. Now people are listening to bad quality cell phone recordings and they notice some rasp here and there and they go apeshit because of that. It's like they don't even notice that the clean vocals are still there. Just like in Rio Axl sounds occasionally raspy and occasionally clean. There's no difference.
  13. Either Houston or a compilation of different shows.
  14. Axl’s CD letter

    You mean this one: What if you lived in constant fear... knowing that you could be arrested at any time without cause; without warning; thrown in prison; tried and convicted; sentenced with virtually no chance for appeal or reprieve; even executed without representation by a jury or family? What if you were informed by the government that you and your family were allowed to visit your loved one in prison, but before you were allowed to do so, you were suddenly informed that without notice the State had them executed? What if the degree of force brought against much less than minor misdemeanors - or outright innocence - was as extreme as for the strongest offenses and nearly a part of your every existing minute? What if you knew that a friend or a family member, a loved one, could be ripped from your life instantly with little or no recourse? What if nearly everyone and anyone could literally be a government informant for information regarding remedial discussions in areas of human rights; Buddhism, Tibet, the Dali Lama, different systems of government, religion or spirituality or conversing about and with anything other than disdain for the way of life, government and commerce in western society? If you were born into such a predicament and circumstance, what would you do? What if you felt so helpless and afraid that you were compelled to sell your own child you love because you cannot afford the financial penalty and other consequences due to China's 'one-child' rule? What if your contact with the world outside your country was controlled by your government to the degree that you had no real awareness of even basic global current events? What if you lived in a country where the discussion of a word associated with the name of your country, such as "democracy," in any manner but disdain could bring severe consequences, what would you do? In my opinion, on some level what obviously is an understatement, is that the true core of a multifaceted perception, and the reality of life for an entire country with the largest population in the world - and my particular focus - is that you would suffer... daily. Unless your mind and/or education could maneuver through the minefield of communist law enforcement and government bureaucracy, where the risk is so real and psychologically devastating that living in obvious fear and denial are nearly positive forms of action, reaction, and daily survival or protection for yourself and loved ones... You would see suffering and you may even choose to simply see suffering as a means of survival. I have no disrespect for the People of The Republic of China whatsoever. In fact, for reasons I can't explain, I have a deeply rooted and firm respect, compassion and love for the Chinese people. Our song, "Chinese Democracy," in its irreverence, is for positive purposes and communication with all segments of society; music fans (Guns N' Roses fans in particular) and, especially, the western media, to open a dialogue in areas not necessarily focused on both current events and global social responsibilities. When I was fortunate enough to visit both Hong Kong and Mainland China, I experienced different levels of fear at all times in relation to the particular area I visited. I did not experience the fear in the sense of having feared for myself, I witnessed it in others everywhere around me, and kept my demeanor calm, observant and extremely polite. What I felt was emotional heartbreak. I've never witnessed so many individuals going about their lives in such a degree of visible fear, especially the average citizen in the spectrum of social, economic or social position. The military were nearby in some form or another, from one lone sentry to marching drill teams. It was not like a movie as it was much more extreme in the sense that this was real. I did not ask or talk about any of these issues with anyone in public. The use of the two words "Chinese" and "Democracy" was intentional, though perhaps not in the way many may think. I do not purport to know what system of government is best for the people of China. I feel that the prejudice and closed mindedness of at least many outspoken Guns N' Roses fans seems to warrant an awareness of the realities of a constantly evolving and ever growing world where China continues to play an ever increasing role. China, whether anyone likes it or not, will become more and more a part of our daily lives and an integral force to the future of our planet. To that, without acquainting ourselves to severe realities of China as a super power, with all she has to offer and brings both to the future and into our lives, this continuing transition will be less than pleasant and can go in diverse directions most would feel are either inhibiting, unacceptable or unconscionable. Yet, economics and government position could force us into accepting these conditions, as is the case now. There is no way I can touch on all the issues important to such a subject here. Nor do I claim to be an authority or even knowledgeable of all the facts of China. What I do claim, as an ibhabitant of our world, that through my own eyes I have perceived a deep level of pain not evident in the average citizen in western society that is directly related to how the people in China are governed. Why would a government want their people to be under such a level of fear, stress and emotional bondage? I do not entertain delusions that change will happen overnight. What I do know is that whether anyone likes it or not, China is coming and she brings an oppressive force with her beyond anything we have experienced in our daily lives and until we familiarize ourselves, it will be increasingly difficult for many. Tensions may prove much more taxing than need be and have many unsatisfactory conclusions. Basic human rights are at the forefront of these concerns, not just for China but for the planet. The obligation to offer and maintain these rights for ourselves and all citizens of this planet is a responsibility shared by all. The request and plea is for the government of China to recognize that her people love her and give all that they must to see her survive. China can prosper, grow and thrive without the unnecessary level of fear instilled by the government and the intolerable degree of oppression, social and basic human rights abuse exercised by those in power. Religious freedoms, those chosen by the people and not the government, and the recognition and respect of cultures and religions of others is imperative to both the health of the nation and the planet as a whole. Those who rule with fear in my opinion have a deeper and greater fear that rules them from inside (which must be addressed, diminished and steered in alternate directions), than those that form the basis for governing people who willingly seek to follow, fight for and love their country. Please forgive me if I've said too much or you feel this is not my place or my business. As an inhabitant of our planet, I respectfully disagree as in my opinion this is our obligation to each other. These are merely a few thoughts out of many to keep in mind as we move forward in this century. Thank you for taking the time to read some of mine. All the best and God Bless, Sincerely, Axl Rose Then there was also this: "Riad is the name my one time momentary brother in law and the former brother in law of Erin Everly, went by when i knew him. Of part Lebanese descent and a former student of Pepperdine University, he claims to be an international arms dealer, billionaire with ambitions of being "king of the world". He claims to fund several medical organizations and underground Nazi organizations around the world who says his heroes are Napolean and Adolph Hitler. He claims his most prized asset is his anonymity. He also claims to be an expert in military strategy, and was the inspiration for the guns song Civil War, which was written per his request for a song how "people were stupid and he could sell them anything because men love to kill each other". He also claims to be an expert in global finance and money laundering. Living tax free in Belair last I was aware, and claiming to launder monies for wealthy individuals in several countries predominantly Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. With ties to the Bush / Regan administrations and wherever there's a war in the world at any given moment " And this: "In spite of... not in spite. This album wasn't made so much for myself, money, ego or fame. It was made because Riad and those like him exist, no one seems to care or have any idea how to approach such a complex reality and unfortunately we all suffer. My thanks for any and all of the good that came before, goes without saying. My apolo- gies to anyone I have unintentionally con- fused and those that I have mistakenly offended. If absent mindedly, we left anyone out, our sincerest apologies, we'll make it up to you. For Beta without whom none of this or any other imagined would exist. No one worked harder, suffered more and endured more nonsense often saving the entire effort long after the bell when no one else knew how or could. In memory of Sharon Maynard. There are many I miss, many I don't, some I'll remember, others... This is how I spent my summer. And how with the help of many others managed to save my own life. If something here works for you, that's more than we could hope for. Please take care of yourselves and within reason each other. I wish you the best, more of whatever blows your skirt up and less traffic. "Punctuality is the thief of time" -Oscar Wylde Love, Axl"
  15. Finally watched some footage of this one. At the end of the day it was just a basic 2017 GNR show. No more no less. Axl has trouble singing high notes with rasp, unless he's screaming. What else is new? This wasn't anything especially bad compared to other shows this year. It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that Axl sounds like this cause he has sounded like this all year long.