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  1. Slash's Universal Monsters Maze Soundtrack Album!

    Cool! Sounds like great Halloween music!
  2. Some preferred Nirvana or stuff like that for sure, but a huge portion listened to both GNR and grunge and industrial etc... What I'm saying is that next to generation X, millennials probably listen to GNR the most. At least to my knowledge GNR is a little too modern for most of the Baby Boomer -generation. Generation Z that came after the millennials is probably the generation that you're actually talking about. For them 70s and 80s music sounds ancient. For millennials 70s and especially 80s music was a big part of the music they grew up with, along with 90s music.
  3. I don't think you know what the term millennial means. Millennials are people born between 1980-2000. Well according to some sources it's the generation born between 1980-1995. My point is that a really big portion of millennials were growing up when GNR was at it's peak. Of all the generations millennials and generation X are probably the biggest GNR fans. Anyway, I don't think that the next GNR album will sound like 70s or 80s music. It'll probably sound more like a mix of Velver Revolver and Chinese Democracy.
  4. You don't know that though. I understand that it may seem like Axl doesn't want to release new music, but then again it didn't seem like he wanted to release new music before CD was released either. Well it didn't seem like that for the general public. I don't even remember how many times it seemed like CD might be released, but it never happened. Again and again and again and again the release was cancelled. So why did you believe that CD would be released back then, when most people doubted it would ever be released because of all the delays? I know why I personally believed that CD would be released. Because based on all the interviews, Axl genuinely seemed to want to release it despite all the delays. Same thing this time too, except this time Axl's been wise enough to not build too much hype around the next album too early. But we've seen interviews of Axl where you can clearly see that he wants to release new material at some point. So despite of not releasing music in a long time, I do believe he wants to release new stuff at some point. They've been touring and they just released the AFD boxset, so they're working much more like a normal band now, compared to the times before CD release. Maybe... Who knows. At the end of the day Axl has always wanted to (at least paint the picture that) he's doing what's best for GNR. He always tried to make it clear that when Slash and Duff quit GNR, he wanted to keep the band alive FOR THE FANS. But the majority of fans never truly accepted GNR without Slash. People hated Buckethead. Sure, many hadcore fans liked him, but for the majority of GNR fans he was a joke. People hated DJ Ashba even more, so is it really a wonder that Axl didn't have a lot of motivation to release new music with that band. He has always painted the picture that he wants to do what's best for GNR, so finally he called Slash. Now he has a band that the majority of fans love. Would it have been more beneficial for Axl to release a lot of music between 1998 and 2014, instead of now? That's a hypothetical question and we'll never know the answer for sure. There's a chance that the majority of fans would have NEVER accepted new GNR, no matter what Axl did and how much music Axl would have released. It could have hurt GNR and Axl's reputation much more than the fact that Axl only released one album without much promotion. If Axl would have promoted new GNR like crazy and released a lot of music, there's a chance that the backlash would have been infinitely much stronger than it was. There's a chance that GNR could have become the biggest laughing stock on the planet. So it could be a good thing for his reputation that he didn't release any more music then. Now he has a lot of unreleased material that he can release with a band that the majority of fans actually love, so there's a much bigger chance that those songs will actually be successful when they'll be released. Sure, there's also a chance that many more people would have become fans of new GNR, if Axl would have released more music with the old band but we don't really know what would have happened. It's all speculation. All I know is that I understand 100% why Axl was so hesitant to release music between 1998 and 2014. The stakes were so incredibly high. Now, pretty much the whole world has forgiven Axl and the majority of people who like rock music want to hear new music from this band and most of all they want to like it. There's people who didn't even want to like Chinese Democracy cause they hated the whole idea of GNR without Slash. But now Axl's been forgiven. I think, what he managed to do with Chinese Democracy is more than enough for him. The stakes were so ridiculously high, that he could have easily become the biggest joke of all times, but that didn't happen. Instead there's many people who consider CD just as good as the old GNR albums and CD can often be seen on lists about underrated albums. The fact that many people consider it worthy of the GNR name is probably enough for him. They still play CD songs on the tour even though Slash and Duff are back in the band, and Slash and Duff seem to be interested in working on the CD2 songs too. All in all things have gone pretty well for Axl considering that he could have easily become the biggest joke of all times. Instead they're now selling out stadiums all over the world and there's a lot of demand for new GNR music. Most people don't give a crap about the past war between Axl and Slash. Nobody cares about who needs each other more to be successful Slash or Axl. People are just happy that they are in the same band again and people want new music from this band. I disagree! I'm pretty sure that the next album will have a lot of CD2 songs on it, so if it's a successful album, nobody can say that it's only because of Slash and Duff. You can't love the next album without giving a little credit to Axl's past version of GNR too. And that's the funny thing about it. People want to love it because it's the first GNR album with Slash in such a long time. But just like the hugely successful NITL tour, it will be partly nuGNR. So what's going on here is that the lines between nuGNR and old GNR are getting blurred. At the end of the day most people won't care about the lines any more. People will just enjoy new GNR music, no matter if it was written by Buckehead or Slash. And if Axl will ever release his autobiography, it should clear many things up. From Axl's point of view it's a good thing that he can honestly say that he truly tried to do what's best for GNR. He did call Slash even after all those nasty misunderstandings between them. He can easily paint himself as the good guy now. Obviously I'm not saying that I know what's going to happen. This is just how I see things. Of course some people will always speculate about the things that happened between Axl and Slash and who did the right thing and who did the wrong thing. But personally I believe that the majority won't care. And of course there will be people who will hate the next GNR album cause it sounds too modern or whatever. But that's besides the point anyway. I still don't see why you had faith that CD would be released, but you're now so skeptical that new GNR music will be released. I really don't understand your skepticism, but thanks for trying to explain your point of view anyway.
  5. Just out of curiosity, why are you so skeptical this time around? This time releasing an album should be MUCH easier for Axl, when the pressure isn't solely on him. No one's gonna blame him for ruining GNR if the next album isn't as great as the first albums were. This time Axl has a band that most people consider GNR. Everyone in the band seems to want to release new music, so what exactly is the reason why you're so much more skeptical now?
  6. Lol at this thread. Yeah sure, there's a possibility that there will never be a new album. But that's far from a fact. In other words far from reality. As of now we don't know what the reality is, but I personally think there's a FAR bigger chance that we'll get a new GNR album than not. Why? For starters I don't agree with the "if Axl wanted to release something, you would’ve heard it by now" statement. I mean what makes you think that you know Axl well enough to make such a statement? Or do you say that only because if you had a lot of unreleased material in your vault, you'd release it as soon as possible? Well guess what, you're not Axl. You don't know all the things that are going on in his life. You don't know all the reasons why he hasn't released new music after CD. All I know is that most people didn't believe that CD would ever be released but it did. Most people didn't believe that a reunion would ever happen but it did. So after all this it feels a little comical in my opinion that some people are so sure that there's never gonna be new music. The way I see it, I believe that after CD was released, Axl started to seriously consider a reunion. So he didn't even want to release a new album at that point. He made the band create a remix album to buy some time and CD2 was a backup plan in case the reunion plans would fail. But he had no serious motivation to release new music with that band. He was more interested in a reunion so now that he has the band that he wanted, there's no reason why he wouldn't want to release new music. The only thing that could delay the album at this point is the pressure to make an album that's worthy the GNR name. Well that's the way I see it. But I'm not saying it's the reality. But the reality is that Slash says that Axl wants to release new music.In my opinion your post has very little to do with reality. It's just writings of a frustrated fan. That's all.
  7. I'm thinking the intro might be from a remix version of Better that they were considering for the remix album.
  8. At one point that would have been a funny joke, but this time it's most likely true.
  9. Top 5 VR songs vs top 5 Slash/Myles songs

    VR 1. Dirty Little Thing 2. Set Me Free 3. Do It For The Kids 4. Slither 5. She Builds Quick Machines SMKC: 1. You're A Lie 2. Starlight Who am I kidding. I can't even name 5 SMKC songs, let alone 5 that I like. I'm not saying that they're all bad. It's just that the one's I've heard haven't made me interested in listening to any more of them.
  10. Star Wars IX Thread

    Many things about the prequels were better compared to these Disney films. Especially the music which was superb and on par with the original trilogy. The music in these new SW movies honestly sucks compared to the older movies. I'm not sure if it's necessarily Disney's fault though. It's the same guy John Williams doing the music as in the previous movies. He's just gotten old. Or maybe George Lucas was a better director in getting the best out of John Williams? I don't know. But also the basic idea (the premise) of the prequels was like a billion times better compared to this new trilogy. The idea behind the prequels was good. Everyone was interested in seeing how a jedi turns to the dark side. This new trilogy doesn't seem to have any point. When they started to film TFA their only idea seemed to be to rip off the original trilogy. The prequel trilogy had many cool and original ideas, but the biggest problem in those movies was the dialogue.
  11. Star Wars IX Thread

    TFA was the crappiest start for this trilogy that you could imagine. How are you going to make a trilogy with some originality in it, if the first chapter is a complete rip off of the first movie. None of the new characters were interesting at all. Except maybe Kylo Ren. He's the best new character but even he is just okay. All the other new characters were boring as fuck. The only thing that made me interested about TLJ was cause I wanted to see what happened to Luke. He didn't disappoint. He was the best thing about TLJ. TLJ had some flaws, but overall it was a much better film compared to TFA. At least TLJ had some originality in it. I'm glad that they killed Snoke, cause now JJ Abrams can't copy everything from ROTJ. He can't recreate the conflict between Luke, Vader and The Emperor using Rey, Ren and Snoke, now that Snoke is gone. Good riddence! So now they're forced to come up with some new ideas for the next movie. That is a good thing. At the same time it's hard to be excited about the next movie, cause Kylo Ren just isn't a good enough bad guy. He's not threatening at all, because they made Rey WAY too overpowered in TFA. She won the battle against Kylo without any jedi training, so it feels like the good guys have already won. There's nothing to be excited about in the next movie. We already know that Rey is the stronger one so obviously the good guys will win. So yeah, this trilogy was beyond saving after TFA.
  12. Machine Gun Kelly - Rap Devil (Eminem Diss)

    This is the most excited I've been about rap-music in ages. Rap Devil is a cool track. Best MGK song by far. Gotta love angry music. Looking forward to Eminems response.
  13. The only GNR related thing that really interests me at the moment is, what the heck is Axl doing at the moment. Apparently he's not working on the next AC/DC album, so is he working on the next GNR album? Has Slash sent him his song ideas and is Axl creating lyrics for those songs right now? Or what is he doing?
  14. What's the best Michael Jackson song not on Thriller?

    To me Smooth Criminal is his best song, even if you count the Thriller album.
  15. This! As much as I appreciate Evaders recreation of it, in the end it's just his interpretion of what he hears. I'd like to listen to the actual song, but the current version is just too filled with foreground noise and I don't hear anything. I've been dying to hear a cleaned up version, but is it even possible to make the vocals any clearer, or is there just too much noise surrounding it?