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  1. That's one reason why these discussions about Axl's voice are difficult, cause people have so different opinions about what sounds bad. Personally I'm not a huge fan of Axl's voice in the 2001-2002 era. But I do think that the clean voice fits some songs. It fit some songs then and it fits some songs now. A lot of the times when people dislike Axl's current voice it's mostly because of the lack of rasp when he's singing those high notes. But it's difficult to talk about these things cause you never know exactly what the other persons preferences are.
  2. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    One thing you could add to this, is that Axl didn't approach the project as a solo project. He didn't have the freedom to make any kind of music that he wants, cause he had a certain idea of what GNR music is supposed to be. According to Axl his solo material would be a lot more instrumental.
  3. That might be true actually. We know that Axl's into some kinky shit.
  4. I'd like to know the psychology behind these kind of responses. Do people feel threatened by good argumentation, so they feel like they're been attacked, no matter how calmly you try to explain your views. Nah! You would not enjoy current Axl's version of Your Crazy. Trust me! Axl can't do the high pitched raspy singing it requires. Perhaps the fast version might work for you though cause it's full of screaming. Patience for example has like about 5 seconds of Axl's clean voice. Other than that he sounds like 2010 Axl throughout the whole song. Hence 95% amazing. Facts are facts and they don't change no matter how many laughing emojies you use in your posts.
  5. For a normal person it would be taxing on the voice. But Axl's in his comfort zone when he's screaming. Sure, Hell's Bells is a though one even for Axl, because of the super high pitched screams. But most of the screaming songs are easy for him. He always sounds good on them. Not only when he's trying to make an impression. The songs where he can sing in his natural voice are probably the easiest for him to sing, but the screaming songs are a close second. Is this a serious question? So you admit that you know absolutely nothing about singing? A singing voice is a hell of a lot more complicated thing than (either you sound good when you scream or you sound good when you sing normally). I mean you got to be trolling. Cause I doubt you honestly think it's so black and white. Everyone's voice is different. Did you know that? Did you also know that there are things like a tenor voice, a baritone voice and a basso voice? Some people sing better when they sing in high pitch and some people sing better in low pitch. Did you know that? Cause it seems like you know nothing about this. Why do you think Wichita Lineman suits Axl's voice? Could it be cause he can sing it in his natural voice? He doesn't have to sing it in a much higher voice. Oh my, when you look at other songs that Axl sings like Don't Cry and Patience, he always sounds good when he's singing in his natural voice. It's only the parts when he's singing in a much higher pitch, when his voice becomes weird. Seriously, this is not rocket science. Axl's trademark high pitched voice is gone. When he's singing in a high pitched voice he sounds good only when he screams. When he's trying to sing in a high pitched voice with his singing voice, not his screaming voice, he always sounds bad, unless you happen to like that clean high pitched voice. Nothing about this should be complicated. I can't believe I even have to explain this. You only need to watch live videos to see, what kind of singing fits Axl's voice and what kind of songs don't. Yes, Axl's voice is currently in a conditions when AC/DC songs fit his voice much better than the songs that he wrote for GNR earlier in his career.
  6. I know what OTGM sounded like in 2016. It's not a secret that his voice was slightly better that year. Nobody is saying that Axl sounds better now than he ever did. That 2017 performance is still very good though. I mean can you name anyone in this world who would perform that song better than Axl did on that video? If there's NOBODY in the whole universe who could sing it as well as he did, wouldn't you say it's a good performance then? It seems like you can only stand listening to songs that he performs perfectly. Although I would add SOYL to your list of perfectly performed songs as well, at least when he gets the timing right on that one. But it seems like everything under perfect is shit to to you. Like there's no in between. Either it's perfect or it's shit. Oh well, I'm not here to change your opinion. Just wanted to point out why people disagree with you. Not everyone demands perfection. If a song is only 95% amazing, it's still a good performance.
  7. That's simply not true! There's many songs that he sang well after the first 4 songs. Listen to this for example: Name one other person on this planet who could sing Out Ta Get Me like that. There's none. It might not be 100% perfect like in 2010, but most of the song he sounds incredible. Axl's voice doesn't work the way you say it works. His voice doesn't turn to shit after singing a couple of songs. His voice sounds bad when he's singing stuff that doesn't suit his voice. It doesn't matter if it's the first or the last song on the setlist, if it fits his voice he sounds good, if it doesn't then it is what it is. When he's singing stuff that suits his voice he could sing all day and sound incredible. That's what happened with AC/DC. Those songs fit his voice and that's why he could sing AC/DC all day without starting to sound bad. Out of all GNR songs SOYL is the most like an AC/DC song in the sense that the song is full of screaming from start to finish. That's why he always sounds good on it. When it comes to GNR songs Axl usually sounds good on certain parts of the songs and not that good on other parts of the song, depending on what kind of a voice he has to use. The first songs on the GNR setlist are songs that fit his voice pretty well. He usually sounds good on OTGM too. Wichita Lineman and The Seeker are also songs that are easy for him to sing and nobody can say he sounds bad on those. There's many songs where he sounds great 95% of the song, like Don't Cry, Patience, Nightrain etc... So saying that he sounds like shit on those is a pretty huge exaggeration. When it comes to the clean high voice that some people don't like, there's technically nothing wrong with that voice either. I'd say that voice suits certain songs, but of course it's a matter of taste. At the end of the day you only have to ask yourself, how many people do you think could perform these songs better than Axl? Myles Kennedy maybe? Sure, I can respect that opinion, but with him there'll be 0% rasp and 0% venom in his voice. If you prefer his voice though that's ok, but there's not many people who could sing these songs anywhere near as well as Axl, and to be honest I don't think there's anyone in the whole world who could sing AC/DC songs these days as well as Axl. So I have a hard time calling his voice shit when he's singing songs that almost nobody could pull off as well. Sure there's moments when he sounds bad, but there's also moments when he sounds amazing. On average he sounds good. People just tend to expect more than good from Axl cause people are used to that inhuman voice that he used to have.
  8. It's quite simple! There's a difference between good and incredible. In 2010 he sounded incredible. Now he sounds ONLY good. Or to be more specific, he sounds incredible at times and pretty bad at times. On average he sounds good. Of course it's disappointing when you know what Axl's capable of at his best. But you can't deny that no one else could pull of SOYL like Axl still does. If that's not good, I don't know what is.
  9. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    This is the one thread where getting likes is a bad sign. Means that your opinion isn't as unpopular as you thought!
  10. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    1. Frank is my favorite GNR drummer ever. 2. CD is the second best GNR album. 3. Izzy's solo material is boring. 4. Nothing wrong with Team Brazil. 5. I dig Axl's hats. 6. Final version of CITR is better than the Brian May demo. 7. I don't like Paradise City. 8. My World is kinda cool. 9. I hope that the next GNR album sounds more like CD than AFD. 10. GNR music getting more political would be a good thing.
  11. Based on the interviews we've read, it's safe to say that a large portion of the next album will be songs written by Axl before the reunion. So the album will most likely be more comparable with CD than AFD. I don't think we have to fear that it's gonna be too generic. A much more realistic concern is that it will be too different compared to the old GNR stuff. So AFD era purists will probably be disappointed. CD fans will probably like it.
  12. Yeah, the next Avengers movie comes out way too soon. It's not gonna happen. As for the next Terminator movie, there is actually a tiny chance it could happen, but personally I'm not expecting new music this year.
  13. Is there anything surprising about these mothers not being very emphatetic? No sane mother lets their child sleep with a strange man behind locked doors. There's something seriously wrong with these mothers and laughing at an inappropriate time is probably their smallest crime.
  14. What is your quintessential Guns N' Roses song?

    Welcome to The Jungle is probably the most obvious answer, but you can't really say that it embraces everything that GNR is. There is no tenderness in that song. I mean the bands name is Guns N' Roses, so the band is not all about guns but about roses too. Is there a song that would properly capture both sides? Well November Rain has the ballady first part and the harder hitting second part. So maybe that one? But I don't know. No song really captures the whole essence of the band.
  15. He was criticized back in the day. But he's been gone for so long that these days only people who liked his drumming style ever really talk about him.