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  1. When it comes to Axl, I always thought that this was an important step forward considering the reunion: "Really, you can get guys from the 'Illusion' thing, but the only thing that would make it would be Duff and Slash, really," Axl said. "It's nothing against Izzy and it's nothing against Steven, or anything like that. Steven may want it, but these guys I'm working with right now, they work really hard and it's hard work. I've toured with the other guys and I've also seen what they've done since, and I just know the difficulties." "I don't have an excitement to work with people that joined in the 'Illusion' time," he said. "There's behind the scenes that was really, really difficult there with different ones. So it's not really even a full reunion." https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/news/general_music_news/axl_would_only_reform_gnr_with_slash_and_duff.html I think that was the first time, when Axl spoke about reuniting with Slash, like it was actually a possibility. It was also pretty revealing, when Richard Fortus spoke about working on some old material written by Slash: "A lot of the new stuff that we've been working on; some of the stuff come from nothing and some of the stuff is stuff that we've been working on that were ideas that were already there. Some of the stuff Slash did -- it was the beginning of the seed of the song that's been around for a while." http://loudwire.com/guns-n-roses-slash-material-new-album-axl-rose-posts-photo-studio/
  2. Alphabet Concert Game

    Haven't seen all that many bands live, but surprisingly I almost got something for every letter nevertheless. A Aphex Twin, Alma B Beck, Bonobo C Clark D The Darkness, DJ Pierre, Darude E Eevil Stöö F Florence + the Machine, FKA Twigs, Flume, Frank Ocean G Guns N' Roses, Goldfrapp H Holly Herndon I Iggy Pop, Iisa J Jon Hopkins K Kraftwerk L Lana Del Rey, London Grammar, The Last Shadow Puppets M Massive Attack, Mos Def, Morrisey, Michael Monroe, Moderat, MØ, Major Lazer N Noah Kin O - P Prodigy, Pet Shop Boys, Poets Of The Fall Q - R Red Hot Chili Peppers, Roisin Murphy, Regina S Sia, Skepta T Trentemøller, Tove Lo U - V The Vaccines, Vince Staples W - X The XX Y Young Thug Z -
  3. I admire his life's story. There's plenty of famous people in the world, but only few people have such an interesting life's story. The way they started off from the streets and became the biggest band in the world. And the way Axl became one of the most hated rock stars on the planet and still managed to rise from all that and blew everyone away fronting AC/DC. That's just so damn cool to me!
  4. The MYGNRFORUM Around the World Song Challenge

    Wow! I was just reading random threads here, bumped into this one and noticed that it's Finland day going on here. I might as well answer since I'm from Finland myself. This one's one of the most beautiful melodies composed in my country if you ask me. Oh and @Blackstar, I'm impressed by your knowledge of finnish music. This is probably my favorite song from Iceland:
  5. What Are You Listening To 2017

    According to Spotify these were my my most listened to songs in 2017: 1. Nightrain - Guns N Roses 2. Wasn't Born To Follow - The Byrds 3. Wichita Lineman - Johnny Cash 4. Big Shot - Billy Joel 5. It's So Easy - Guns N Roses 6. Shoot Me Again - Metallica 7. Back In Black -AC/DC 8. Blue Light - Mazzy Star 9. Shackler's Revenge -Guns N Roses 10. Silk - Wolf Alice 11. Very Ape - Nirvana 12. Dust Is Gone - MØ 13. Slave To The Rhythm - Michael Jackson 14. Trouble Seeker - Cypress Hill 15. Chinese Democracy -Guns N Roses 16. Doesn't Remind Me - Audioslave 17. Black Skinhead - Kanye West 18. Final Song - MØ 19. Chronic Sunshine - Cosmo Pyke 20. Windowlicker - Aphex Twin 21. Bodies -Drowning Pool 22. Sunshine (Go Away Today) - Jonathan Edwards 23. Prostitute - Guns N Roses 24. Rap God - Eminem 25. Normal Person - Arcade Fire 26. You Could Be Mine - Guns N Roses 27. Radio Friendly Unit Shifter - Nirvana 28. Scott Joplin's New Rag - Scott Joplin 29. Because - Smertz 30. Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden 31. Daydreaming -Radiohead 32. Come As You Are - Nirvana 33. The Last Thing You Should Do - David Bowie 34. Reckless Life - Hollywood Rose 35. Earthen Gate - Fuzz 36. Whatever - Oasis 37. SCREAM - Grimes 38. Feel - Robbie Williams 39. Coma - Guns N Roses 40. Where Is My Mind - Pixies 41. Don't Think Twice It's All Right - Bob Dylan 42. I Walk The Line - Johnny Cash 43. I Started A Joke -Susie 44. Let It Be -The Beatles 45. Insane In The Brain - Cypress Hill 46. Live And Let Die - Guns N Roses 47. Flute and Harp Concerto in C Major - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 48. Blush - Wolf Alice 49. Jugband Blues - Pink Floyd 50. This Is The New Shit - Marilyn Manson
  6. If the World Discussion

    The worst song on the album if you ask me. The reason why I dislike a lot of pop music is because they are mostly just some crappy chorus that is repeated over and over and over again. That's kinda how If The World sounds to me also. The chorus is like a stupid cheesy James Bond song. And I don't care if it's stupid on purpose. It doesn't make it any better. It's not totally terrible though. There's some nice guitar playing on it and I guess the overall groove of the song is nice. I also like it when GNR is a bit experimental and tries different things. This one didn't work for me, but it's good to be experimental anyway.
  7. Which album would you choose?

    https://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/axl-rose-confirms-chinese-democracy-sequel-20140605 I think, this is what ShadowOfTheWave is talking about.
  8. Which album would you choose?

    Depends COMPLETELY on what the other band is. CD 2 covered by One Direction doesn't interest me at all. Also who would be the songwriter for the songs that Axl would sing on? I love Axl's voice, but even he could never save a song like Justin Biebers Baby. All in all I think I would lean towards an album sung by Axl though. He makes almost any song sound good. Much prefer his take on Big Shot compared to Billy Joel's version for example. Axl's one of my favorite songwriters, but in the end I have to admit that many GNR songs would sound terrible with some other lead vocalist. But if I had to choose between CD 2 covered by Foo Fighters or some Offspring album covered by Axl, I would definitely choose CD2 by Foo Fighters.
  9. Okay! I'm a little late to the party, but here's my opinion. I enjoyed The Last Jedi more than I enjoyed The Force Awakens. I didn't hate The Force Awakens, but it was disappointing, because it had almost no new ideas. It felt almost like a remake of ANH. When there's a whole galaxy to explore in your movies, it's just inexcusable to make such an unimaginative movie. The Last Jedi at least managed to surprise me at times. And Luke was pretty awesome. But the movie was far from being amazing. I can't believe some reviews actually claimed that it's hands down the best Star Wars movie since Empire. Either Disney paid them to say that, or they saw something deeper in the story than most people. I mean obviously the movie was trying to deal with some deeper themes. But I think The Dark Knight Rises handled the idea of becoming a symbol of hope much better than The Last Jedi did. I do give Rian Johnson credit for at least trying to put some deeper themes into the movie. But they don't save the movie from being a bit underwhelming. Even though This movie was far more interesting than TFA was, I thought that it was still playing it too safe. I was hoping for Rey to turn to the dark side, or something... Something truly unexpected. But the most unexpected part of the movie was the death of Snoke. It was an interesting plot twist for sure, but that brings me to an other problem that I have with these new Star Wars movies. The problem of not having a proper threatening villain. Don't get me wrong, I actually like Kylo Ren. He's a pretty interesting character, but he's not really a threatening villain. Rey kicked her ass in TFA without any jedi training. He was no match for her in this movie either. The idea of Star Wars movies has always been the fight between good and evil. But these new movies feel more like good guys versus losers. There is no sense of threat in these movies. We never saw much of Snoke in TFA and I was hoping that he would turn out to be a really dark and evil villain in this one. But instead they just killed him. He turned out to be the most useless villain ever. How are we supposed to be excited about the next Star Wars movie, when there is no threat. We know that the hero Rey can beat the villain Kylo Ren easily. So what's there to be excited about? I was excited about this movie cause I wanted to see what happened to Luke. He didn't disappoint. He was a cool character, but now even he is dead. Why should I be interested about the next movie? Last but not least, the biggest disappointment was probably the music. I love John Williams, but I guess he's becoming too old, because this was the worst Star Wars score ever. Even Rogue One had a better soundtrack. Well, actually I liked Rogue One as a movie more than any of these new movies. To me Chirrut Imwe is the most interesting new Star Wars character. He the kind of a character that we've never seen before in Star Wars and that's what I want from these movies. Something that we've never seen before. The fact that all the heroes died in Rogue One was also something completely different. Anyway, back to the film score. It was dull. I don't think I heard even one new interesting composition in the movie. The score of TFA sucked too, but at least that one had a snippet of greatness. The Jedi steps -theme had so much potential and my thought was that if nothing else... at least we would get a complete version of The Jedi Steps in this movie. But we didn't get even that! I did not have big expectations for the soundtrack of The Last Jedi, but it still managed to disappoint. Now I'm sounding more critical than I intended. In the end I though that the movie did many things right. It was way more interesting that TFA. But it disappointed a lot because this should have been the movie that justifies the existence of all these new Star Wars movies. But it failed in doing so. Anyway, I'd rank the movies like this: 1. The Empire Strikes Back 2. A New Hope 3. Return of The Jedi 4. Rogue One 5. Revenge Of The Sith 6. The Last Jedi 7. The Force Awakens 8. Attack Of The Clones 9. The Phantom Menace
  10. This is all most likely related to Axl's WAR project. What ever that it...
  11. I'm just gonna say my little opinion about this. I think there's a huge difference between sucking and being great. Obviously Axl doesn't sound amazing on YCBM. But he doesn't suck. I mean 99% of earths population would sound MUCH worse on YCBM than Axl does on that performance. It's one of the hardest songs to sing that even exists. So there's just no way I could say that Axl sucks on that performance when I know that 99% of people could not pull that off. In fact if I heard someone sing YCBM like that in a karaoke bar, I'd say that he sounds fucking amazing. But it's easy to say that Axl doesn't sound good, when we know what he's cabable of. But it's impossible for me to say that he suck when I compare him to earths population. In Axl's standards it's a bad performance but it's a great performance compared to what most people would sound like on YCBM.
  12. Thoughts on Double Talkin Jive

    I love the energy of DTJ. Especially the beginning of the song gets me always so pumped. More so than almost any other song. The live version is even better. And of course "homefuck" needs a special mention!
  13. Wasn't a fan of TFA. Rogue One was a bit better. I have high hopes for this one. According to the reviews this one's not playing it too safe, which is exactly what I needed to hear to get excited. Hopefully the reviews are right and not something that Disney paid them to say.
  14. November Rain: 823 Million YouTube Views

    It's impressive! And even the music videos that are currently more watched than November Rain, won't be that after a couple of decades. They won't stand the test of time like November Rain does.
  15. I can't stand Axl's 2001 voice, so 2017. Although that particular WTTJ is pretty bad compared to most 2017 versions.