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  1. If a 2020 album with the NITL lineup is just the 2010 album with Slash and Duff overdubs, then fucking lol Laziest fucking band
  2. That's kind of a bargain I would have paid that myself if that's what it would have taken to liberate it A bunch of poor assholes pooling their money and going "YOU TRUST ME, RIGHT BRO?" to each other as one of them leaks everything and screws over the collective is exactly where this all went wrong
  3. GNR songs ranked by popularity (streaming)

    Post the numbers for the other albums
  4. This was the first mention of that title https://www.nme.com/news/music/guns-n-roses-358-1400687 And the second mention (and last, I think) - http://www.heretodaygonetohell.com/articles/showarticle.php?articleid=27 So it was either bullshit or a legit album title - the name "Chinese Democracy" was announced in September 1999 and Doug Goldstein said that name was finalized 6 weeks prior
  5. Bucket and Brain were both on Scraped, so that means it's a 2002-2004 composition
  6. 99% sure a pic of the setlist had "Oklahoma" written in place of Riad for the 1/1/01 show
  7. Nah if they were recorded they would have been on the CD - no reason to leave them off So after 2001 Axl put down lead vocals on: -Berlin (assuming it has lyrics) -Scraped -Shackler's Revenge -Sorry -Soul Monster -The General -This I Love
  8. So after the dust has settled, the only songs from this era that are unaccounted for in some kind of listenable form are: -Down By the Ocean -Ides of March -Seven Unless they're on the locker discs under a different name
  9. Merged Billionaire and The General into one entry Still at 48!
  10. Shankler's Revenge is to Shackler's Revenge what Billionaire is to The General Ideas that were liked and then built upon
  11. The stems exist from the album version on Rock Band so I'm sure that can be done easily
  12. Ummm...something just dropped and I thought I'd let you all know Check the main forum for new threads
  13. Oh, hi, our friends, did you think we forgot? A hundred and ninety-two hours, it wasn't for naught. We told you eight days for specific reasons. Now your patience is awarded by more aural teasing. It does look like someone acted a bit early. Walker blew his little wad, and dropped PRL, its bitrate dirty. The funniest thing is, we expected that move. Walker may be many things, but one thing he's not is smooth. Those silly hoarders, they're running out of goods. Oh they'll talk a big game, but ask them to produce, and we don't think they could. Its all good, though.. we're here for you. And unlike silly little losers, we plan to follow through. If you recall our last brief communique We mentioned some targets that made some say "Hey!" Well the good news is, our eyes are on the prize. As soon as we've scored, we'll keep you apprised. Like we said before, we do this for you. Its not about the fame or notoriety, that's true. There's a reason we might not always be straight forward with clues. But at the end of the day, we're just fans too. Enjoy this zip, sorry for the delay. We'll be speaking again soon, on a not far off day. To those you care about and love, always be true. And remember, in the pitch black, you could be eaten by a grue. Cordially, The Chairman