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  1. Mercy kill the band now before it gets even more embarrassing
  2. The truth, and the end.

    Shut the fuck up Fernando
  3. The truth, and the end.

    Thanks for the good times man - I can't even pull up my favorite live performances anymore when I want to watch them Fuck this band
  4. He could have nodules - those fuck with your range and force you into falsetto But if he had that problem, he wouldn't be able to do the AC/DC stuff at all, so who knows
  5. The Alfred shit has completely killed by fandom for this band - videos I've been watching for years are now gone forever Rot in hell, fucker
  6. 2006

    The sound mix was fucked - wasn't Axl's fault
  7. Slash Talks About GN'R In Past Tense

    The GNR brand has been reinvigorated to the point where if Axl continued on without Slash, he could probably sell out hockey arenas again with Duff/Frank/Richard/Dizzy/Melissa for a few years Now if Duff and Slash both left...that would be a harder sell If Axl decided to release Chinese Democracy 2, a tour with Bucket and Tommy to support it would make a lot of sense - Bucket was supposedly hard up for money earlier in the year which is why he went on tour for the first time in a while, he'd probably welcome the payday
  8. She plays Pitman's parts fine and sings background vocals much better than Pitman Why does Dizzy still have a job
  9. Now comes the awkward "hey Slash we need you to play a wedding - please leave your SMKC tour immediately and fly to New Zealand" down period that Bumblefoot loved so much
  10. Oh hey look https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terminator_6
  11. I remember when Merck paid Izzy behind Axl's back to do the 2006 gigs, and Axl ranted about it like Izzy was supposed to do them for free
  12. The same production crew that filmed the Troubador gig and got stiffed on pay also filmed the Dodger Stadium gigs You'll never see any of it until Axl pays them off
  13. 2020...But I Can't See Shit Tour
  14. Bumblefoot said Atlas Shrugged wasn't included because they ran out of room on the disc
  15. Happy 9th Anniversary to the album being sold in dollar stores!