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  1. I dunno, the idea of Axl scrambling for a 10-second intro to TWAT and screaming "start cannibalizing our bad songs!" to find it instead of coming up with something new sounds very Axl
  2. Just had a thought - is the intro to "There Was a Time" on the final album maybe taken from "Thyme"?
  3. The instrumental of "The General" that GNR used to open live shows in 2006 would have made a good intro to the album - maybe by 2006 Axl thought that's all the song was good for IRS coming in hard immediately after that to start the album would have been cool
  4. I have a theory I want to run by you guys I was researching the original interviews where "We Were Lying" and "Beta's Barn" got mentioned Dizzy quote where "We Were Lying" was first mentioned: The interviewer admits he might have misheard Dizzy - maybe Dizzy said "Me & My Elvis"? Similarly, check out this 2009 interview with Chris Pitman: http://www.heretodaygonetohell.com/articles/showarticle.php?articleid=172 Maybe Pitman said "Better Gone" and the interviewer misinterpreted it?
  5. Removed “Leave Me Alone”, “Broken” and “Today, Tomorrow, Forever” and re-added “Motormouth” - also added the untitled Tommy Stinson demos from the locker We’re still at 48 Since “Curly Shuffle” is apparently a cover, I wonder if the reworked “Knockin on Heaven’s Door” was submitted to the label in 2000
  6. Good call - I took that off and found out I was missing “Leave Me Alone” so I added that Total still stands at 48
  7. Are you asking how many people fucked their cousins the night that wall came down
  8. Oh hey - I counted right! From a March 2001 Brazilian Journal interview with Beta: http://www.gnfnr.dk/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=3052
  9. "Realdoll.com" I see even GNR wasn't immune to writing songs about virtual sex in the late 90s
  10. Down by the Ocean was a leftover Izzy track from circa-1994-1996 IIRC
  11. 2 Years of Writing, 9 Years of Overdubs: The Chinese Democracy Story
  12. Did the band even write any tracks after 1999 that weren't included on the final album? If this 15-disc set leaks then Axl's vault of unreleased tracks is pretty much empty A deserved end to Team Brazil's years of endless bullshit
  13. I think we're seeing the leaks now because that 15-CD set has been cloned and will be available for sale soon The tracks will be worthless to hoarders at that point - might as well create some excitement now while they still can Reminds me of the idiot who paid $1000 for the Chinese Democracy album 5 days before it was released and posted it on here
  14. "They call me one-take Axl!" "Yeah, but your takes all sucked" "YOU'RE FIRED - WHERE'S MY AUTOTUNE?"
  15. Does anyone still have the shit-quality recording of "IRS" from Eddie Trunk's radio show in 2003? I was wondering if the lyrics from the new 1999 leak are the same as in that 2003 recording - Axl's phrasing is different in a lot of spots than what he sang on the final album Trying to figure out how many times he re-recorded the vocals
  16. I wonder what track number Atlas would have been on the album - Ron mentioned they were trying to fit it on the disc at the last minute, but he didn't say if it was going to be the last track Someone should tweet him and ask if he remembers
  17. Merck was trying to sell a phantom album that was several million dollars over-budget and had demos of many of its songs leaked and in the hands of people who were trying to extort money from the band He was probably lying to protect the product There's an alternate reality where all the hoarders leaked their demos before 2008 and the album got scrapped - Irving Azoff selling the album to Best Buy and recouping the label's money was a small miracle
  18. Let me put it this way - if Slash had made amends with Axl prior to 2008, would we have ever heard “Sorry”? Doubtful
  19. Maybe it’s about Izzy and Axl didn’t put it out because they reconciled after he wrote it?
  20. Song is decent Bucket should have handled all the guitar parts on the album - he’s so far ahead of Robin and Paul in skill that it’s almost silly