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  1. Yeah I think Axl said one of the ACDC guys' wives made him ditch the sunglasses
  2. Colorize old GNR black and white photos!

    Higher res of the NewGNR group shot from above
  3. Colorize old GNR black and white photos!

    No, he did a Metal Sludge interview without Axl's permission after the 2002 tour and got fired
  4. Colorize old GNR black and white photos!

    Higher res Canter's shot:
  5. Colorize old GNR black and white photos!

    Just realized that Izzy has the same jacket on in the Canter's photo that Duff is rocking in the other photo
  6. My first exposure to the band was the 2002 VMA's, so imagine my surprise when I googled "Guns N' Roses" and saw a completely different looking man My immediate thought - "what the fuck happened to this guy in the last 8 years?" And down the rabbit hole I went
  7. If Twitter is any indication, barely anyone is watching this
  8. The editor did a good job hiding Axl's dancing I'm impressed with the editing
  9. I like how last night there were hundreds of members, and now for the broadcast there's like 30 people logged on
  10. Lady Gaga is doing a concert live from Miami that starts streaming at 11PM on Twitter
  11. Robert Plant - Age 57 (2005)Paul Rodgers - Age 57 (2005) Brian Johnson - Age 57 (2004) Mick Jagger - Age 57 (1999)
  12. They might not, depending on how bad it was They could get away with some short clips and then show more of the newer acts
  13. Axl should have just dedicated KOHD to Kobe or mentioned him during the song Graphic is super tacky
  14. I've already bookmarked the Twitter string "axl fat" for tomorrow https://twitter.com/search?q=axl fat&src=typed_query&f=live
  15. They should do the Rolling Stones thing and put a "Deep Cuts" text-voting thing on the jumbotron before every show Text 1 to 5435 for Perfect Crime Text 2 to 5435 for Think About You Text 3 to 5435 for Oh My God