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  1. Although the new material thing is most essential I find this interesting: ““I mean, I have no prospects. Now that we’ve actually mended fences and gotten back together and done this, we’re going to keep it together. Because all the bullshit we’d had that sort of caused all of the shit back in the nineties, there was a lot of outside influence on that, so now that that’s sort of eliminated we’re just left to our own devices. We get along fucking great.”
  2. I'm not 100 sure about the order but this would be a setlist I would be happy with. Songs I considered but didn't put there was Anything Goes (most underrated AFD song) and I.R.S (would be interesting to hear this lineup play this tune and with vocals in thos Acdc/SOYL register Axl handles really well. It's so easy Mr. Brownstone Welcome to the jungle You could be mine Pretty tied up/Breakdown Estranged Slither Prostitute Out to get me My Michelle Don't Cry Chinese Democracy Shadow of your love Coma Madagascar Yesterday's November rain Rocket queen Better Sweet child of mine Encore Nightrain Knocking on heavens door Scraped/Riad Paradise City
  3. Yes. Iceland as a country have a pupulation comparabla to to Gothenburg, Sweden's second largest city where Guns played 2 days before. And Sweden have a population around 10 million. But.. Icelanders were the only ones who had the balls to actually jail some city of london banksters in the aftermath of the 2007/2008 financial crisis. These guys are some really punk wikings. I actually had an Icelandic flag as a profile picture for 6 months after that to hail my Nordic brothers and sisters as I myself is a Swedish who's lame government and ppl like sucking Satan's cock.
  4. No. Don't agree. IMO he have improved a lot from the start if this leg. I would say he performed better last night than most of the 2017 shows. And he sounded good or really good on the majority of songs. But yes, there are (two) songs that are worse than "good". But this is my review where I bolded out where Axl sounded good or very good IMO. It's So Easy Mr. Brownstone Chinese Democracy Welcome to the Jungle Double Talkin' Jive Better Estranged Live and Let Die Slither Rocket Queen Shadow Of Your Love You Could Be Mine Duff - You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory/Attitude This I Love Civil War Yesterdays Coma Slash - Johnny B. Goode/Godfather Theme Sweet Child O' Mine Wichita Lineman Don't Cry Used To Love Her Slash/4tus - Wish You Were Here Layla/November Rain Black Hole Sun Only Woman Bleed/Knockin' on Heaven's Door Nightrain ENCORE Jam/Patience Madagascar The Seeker Paradise City
  5. This was a fucking awsome concert and whay better than Stockholm 2017. But what the fuck. I've spent 15 years in a studio. I'm not a studio guru, but this was sound issues. Again. It's a certain higher frequency that's disappear from time to time - the clearness in the sound. That's where Axls rasp is and that's where most of the dynamic is in slash guitar. I had my spot on the right flat in the middle, and frequences came and disappeared throughout the whole concert and clearly affected the experience of Axls voice in particular. All the people beside me could hear it too. Our theory is not just mixing issues, but the wind. I have an trained ear to hear beyond the mix and his debt in his voice is clearly cut off in the mix. Most soundguys cut off frequencies around 300-500hz, but there's where his voice debt and character are. I don't agree what some say about Axls performance. He was way more solid than in Stockholm 2017. I even thought YCBM sounded decent - He didn't have rasp but more like a clear and strong "crisp" in his voice that I really liked. Axl didn't perform bad on one single song in my opinion! Of course YCBM and SCOM weren't the highlights, but they sounded decent. On the contrary, he performed beyond my expectations on every other song, especially PC and Madagascar. Some people beside me where sceptical about the "new guitar guy", but ended up really impressed of Richard when the show was over. I agree that he should have been louder in the mix. What to say about slash and Duff and the rest of the band.. they did their job and did it well. Solid. Slash never ending outros annoys me, as I think the energy built up with the audience that should be burst out just pours out instead.. But I really like Slash playing on both new and old songs.
  6. This is a fucking awsome concert. But what the fuck. I've spent 15 years in a studio. This is sound issues. Again. It's a certain frequency that's disappear (between 5-7 khz) from time to time during slash solo and I could hear it while Axl singing jungle. That's where Axls rasp is and that's where most of the dynamic is in slash guitar.
  7. At 2:19 where Axl sings "Black holy water.." we get a glimse of what it would sound like if Axl chose to sing it in a slightly higher harmony and not in this YCBM level that doesn't really work.
  8. Of Bucket, Ashba, Bumle or Finck, I'm so glad it was Richard in the end. The most solid guitarist by far, and his style fit the sound of GnR in general, and Slash in particular. During the nuGnR days, Richard was the one, and the only one, who could capture Slash parts with feeling and the overall sound of the original band. And the only one who contributed to the CD material with some "Guns feeling" (like his melody at the end on Madagascar). Of all possible replacements for Izzy, we couldn't get any better.
  9. Don't Cry (Alt lyrics)

    I prefer the lyrics themselves, less cheesy and more mature than the original, but that last "And when you in need of someone, My heart wont deny you, So many seem so lonely, With no one left to cry to baby.." is what makes the song far superior vocally.
  10. Russia has been an Axl moment during the nuGnr tours...
  11. And I have to just make another point.. no, he does not "struggle. It's when he has to struggle his rasp comes forward. That's why he always use more rasp 9,5/10 times at the 2nd half of the last don't cry chorus, or 9,5/10 times at the 2nd half of the chorus on civil war since those song was reintroduced. When he comes out of breath his more demanding but polished and clean vocal style can't do it, so he goes into 90's mode to manage it. Like 184 out of the last 192 times these songs were played live or something.
  12. Just.. no? I only came over half of the song from 2018 in Madrid on YouTube - the choruses before and after the solo. He has "just" slightly more rasp than the studio version. Not ok? Honestly, the difference is "crap" and nailing it" between these two versions? You guys can't be serious? There's differences on word by word comparison, yes, but overall there's one superior over another? No. Just no. 2018 2017 But comparing Madrid 2018 to Madrid 2017 , or my morning boner 2017 to 2018 on one single occasion, doesn't make it general. Here's from Netherlands 2018, and his rasp and depth even on the someti.es shaky verses is superior to both versions above. Not sure I even have to add "in my opinion" as it's closer to a fact. And another TIL version from 2018 even more superior to you "2017 nailed it version" Edit*
  13. Yes.. But.. getting tired of this "high notes issues" hypothesis. Prove me that's the case as a general fact (that underline means that TIL in Berlin can't be used to prove a general fact for this tour) Meanwhile, this represents his ability to hit high notes. In general. Listen at 1:15. And the same part at any Maddy been played so far.
  14. This is the Axl voice thread. And that's not an Axl voice issue.
  15. Overall, yes he's a better guitarist. I love his inputs on the CD songs. The rawness and solos on CD, and the "slashy" melodic solo on Better (but maby cut it into too many tunes, but the concept is still amazing). Sometimes I think he plays a bit sloppy on both the UYI and AFD songs (but not the way he did on heroin 30 years ago). But the highlights reach a new level he haven't reached before.