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  1. Am I going crazy or isn't there already a good quality Catcher leak?
  2. What people need to grasp here is that the distribution of these songs has been done in such a way that a leak would be traceable to an individual rather than the collective.... it’s designed to pinser movement any one of them that try to share... the intentions may be good but they’ve been backed into a corner, cleverly by people they were “working” with. Body slammed, if you will... 100% true.
  3. Some of the people who have wormed their way in have no intention of anything good in regards to letting anyone else hear anything.
  4. TB and a lot of slimy bastards who have previous in these types of situation are very active regarding what has happened...
  5. His tongue is the strongest muscle in his body, all of that Axl ass-licking he does keeps it jacked.
  6. where's Pitman?

    He's probably engaging in anal with that other talentless hack Gashba. (AGAIN)