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  1. Ballad of Death

    I think i'd rather hear Axl record a bout of explosive diarrhea for a GnR release than ANYTHING that Gashba recorded. God awful.
  2. "Tried" being the correct term. "Failed" is also a correct term.
  3. I said it then, now and forever more..... DJ Ashba is/was the very worst professional guitarist I have ever had the displeasure of encountering. Absolutely fucking god awful. What the hell Axl saw in him is beyond my level of comprehension. Utter shite.
  4. This stuff is trumping anything that has happened since the reformation of axl and slash. DAYUM
  5. Man this shit is more exciting than anything GnR have done since they "reformed".
  6. I tell you what... He needs to get rid of This I Love from the setlist... Man that was fucking atrocious. He simply cannot sing it anymore... Good lord, it was like a drunk fat guy doing karaoke at his local dive bar... Crikey.
  7. He never did answer the important question.... Mac n cheese or Mac n cheese balls?
  8. I think it's quite clear why it wasn't there...
  9. Well I like the merch/clothes/designs etc.
  10. At the end of the day this is a fan forum. We are all fans in some way. But it's impossible to please everyone at all times. The music is the thing that matters and it will live on and on. The biggest frustration is that we crave more of it and we don't seem to get a lot. Hopefully this is rectified at some point. We are all secretly rooting for Axl. I was so happy when he kicked ass in AC/DC because he gets dealt shit from every side, all of the time and he seemed to win a few people over. It's really cool to get old stuff that is "new" but I really hope we get some "new" stuff that is "new".
  11. Anyhow, sorry for being an asshole, I do appreciate the fact you answer people who long for answers to their questions. Health and Happiness to you and yours. Remember though... Mac and Cheese Balls FTW!