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  1. I loved VR. It was awesome to have them and New Guns at the same time.
  2. Slash or Axl - Whose the bigger asshole (Pre reunion)

    I still liked both of em. Having said that, you look at the constant lineup changes, the excuses, the whining and bitching about stuff and the clear inability to work properly within the confines of a true functioning band and it's quite clear that Mr Rose is by far the biggest "asshole".
  3. 2006

    2006 was fucking great.
  4. The Chinese stuff. Half baked reunions with poor vocals and overly long guitar solos do nothing for me.
  5. He wrote a wonderful bouzouki "riff" in the pre-solo section on Atlas Shrugged.
  6. I'm pretty certain in my own head that Izzy made his feeling known to Axl plenty more times than any of the others. As for why did he fill in for Gilby? Money... And appear in the NewGnR days? Money.... Why didn't he play this sham reunion? Money.... And rightly so, why should someone do something for less than they believe they are worth? Good on him.
  7. As opposed to accepting the late starts, the ridiculous hours of doing nothing, wasting money and tolerating Axl's ludicrous and out of control ego and behaviour. By not sitting idly by and allowing it to continue he was putting his foot down... By getting the fuck out of a chaotic environment on tour he was putting his foot down, by quitting at their peak he was putting his foot down, by openly stating that those music videos were fucking ridiculous he was putting his foot down, by rightly refusing to be forced to take a pay cut and by telling them to fuck off for offering him peanuts in comparison to what they were getting for this sham of a "reunion" he was putting his foot down. He was in no way perfect but to me is the one that remained true to himself.
  8. When Izzy left, so did the last ounce of spine and balls in the band to stand up to Axl's shit...
  9. I heard from a guy who cobbles Axl's shoes that it's gonna be an Ultra HD Blu Ray of the Bridge School Benefit.
  10. I caved in and listened to every song in leak form before the album dropped. I regret nothing.
  11. That is a great list. Don't think I can improve upon it. For me the Adler appearances were the best part. To hear those songs sound so fucking "right" with him drumming and to see that big cheesy grin on his face was very special. If only they'd give him and Izzy a run.... *sigh*
  12. If I never heard Live and Let Die again it wouldn't be a moment too soon.