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  1. Hail to one of the greatest producers in history of music, who knew what to do, when hearing shitty materiał.
  2. Beginning of the end of the band who just 4 years prior released greatest album in music history...
  3. I'd like to hear GnR version of SFTD, unfortunetly, it never happened...
  4. Wouldn't call Get A Grip great record. Pump-Yeah, but not in Toys In The Attic class...
  5. Members-AFD5 Hired hands-other peasants. This is clear to me.
  6. Slash and Gilby

    Slash and who???
  7. Yeah, but thanks to you, Axl went home...
  8. Well, Rolling Stones released cover album lately... Besides, its not like album sales are main source of income for bands these days. This. Money for touring are too good now for hm to leave. Besides, he says it clear that he prefers to tour than to record, and he always has solo career to be "creative", if he want.
  9. UYI - Boxset (wishlist)

    Im not telling it wasn't massive success (it was, just like Spice Girls were massive)... Im just telling that: a) it wasn't something that build their legacy (actually it could be argued that it damaged their legacy- I won't go that far) and b) it wasn't as massive as AfD in commercial terms
  10. UYI - Boxset (wishlist)

    They would be in Hall Of Fame anyway- see Sex Pistols...
  11. UYI - Boxset (wishlist)

    "2 albums in top5" based strong pre-sale (wich was based on AfD legacy) Massive succesful 2 year tour- yep, Im sure St. Louis and Montreal concert goers have a nice memories... Not mentioning leader turning band into travelling circus, and founder of the band was replaced by some peasant halfway... And yeah- music videos made their legacy... Took UYI out of their discography- they're Sex Pistols Took AfD out of their discography- they're random pop band...
  12. UYI - Boxset (wishlist)

    We don't have evidence for press coverage, as nobody counts it... Sizes of audiences is a poor evidence... While touring with AfD they were mostly a support band, in fact when AfD broke out big, they were in the middle of supporting tour... We don't know what audiences they would pull if they toured in 1989. Evidence we have (and OP for some reason decides to ignore) are record sales and chart positions and they left no doubt wich era was more superior not only artisticlly, but commercially as well...
  13. UYI - Boxset (wishlist)

    For 5434354 time. Go to Wikipedia. Check record sales. Check single charts. Here is your evidence. Better than testimony of your coworker, or whoever... AfD out sold both Illusions combined. Biggest single wasn't NR, it was SCOM. Only commercial edge UYI'S have over AfD is bigger initial sales, but its only because of post AfD hype. Otherwise its clear wich album was more popular. Its obvious they were not "a legend" during AfD era, because status of "a legend" comes with time. Nirvana wasn't a legend in 91-94 era, Led Zeppelin weren't legend yet during first half of 70s- but its music that they made that time made them the legend. And no, reason why they are big name now is not UYI era... Its because they used to be legendary band, and their legend was built mostly on AfD.
  14. UYI - Boxset (wishlist)

    Ad 1. You said first UYI made them "legend", now "massive phenomenon", wich is implying they weren't massive before. And while their legend status during AfD era, and fact that UYI's legacy is neglible at best is obvious to everyone, I also said that by all available evidence (it means-record sales, not opinion of your neighboor, work mate or whoever) they were massive before-in fact more than after- UYI. Ad 2. Ummm... Take your pills???