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  1. TBH, I never understood why people would want Gilby... Is TSI their favourite GnR album??? Nostalgic much about 1992 tour??? Or maybe about early 90s musical videos??? Matt played on UYI, so I understand, but Gilby, in my book, was same hired hand as the current guitarist who fills for Izzy is (Fortus is his name, right???)... Bringing Gilby back wouldn't change nothing to me.
  2. The future for Guns?

    I just thought how funny it is that two once gutsy, adventurous sleaze-rock outfits turned into corporate, nostalgia-fueled cash mashines, and both have same singer...
  3. OK, didn't watch this... Did he said something we don't alredy know??? No??? Just as I thought...
  4. I always wondered how its possible to listen simoultaneously to GnR and U2... I mean, I have varied musical taste, Im not discriminating when it comes to particular genres, but there are some things I simply don't understand- sorry, I can't imagine U2 (or Radiohead) fan rocking to Nightrain... As for this thread- I don't know what he means... 3 hours setlists???
  5. The future for Guns?

    2012- A Different Kind Of Truth 1991- For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge... Yep, my fault for confusing Rock or Bust and Black Ice... Neither album is relevant though, but at least one is ACDC album... You confused relevant VH album with irrelevant one, tough... Yeah, but I was refering to the post in wich author claimed Axl has a chance to make an impact with new GnR and ACDC albums... And impact (on a rock history) is a pretty strong word...
  6. The future for Guns?

    1. If you intended first paragraph to be ironic, then sorry- its not the case... I've declared ACDC a joke the moment they recorded album without Malcolm. 2. I didn't ask for "a good album". I asked about great album... And besides that- what do you mean by "good album"??? How often did you listen to Black Ice past 2015??? Do you see Black Ice as an album that brings anything to ACDC canon??? Do you think some Black Ice song will remain in ACDC setlist in 5 years (assuming they still will be touring)? 3. OK. Lets change "arguably most talented person" to "key ingredient" (although I think its somehow insulting to assume that Izzy was "key ingridient" on the same level as Duff, or that Malcolm was "just a key ingridient"). When last time any band recorded great album without they "key ingredient"??? Van Halen's FUCK is first thing that comes to my mind, and this was in 1991... 4. As you see, my original post was refering to "making impact on history of rock", not on creating media hype. You say its gonna be big- and I already agreed. They're gonna be big purely on strenght of "ACDC" or "Guns N Roses" names... And later, they gonna likely meet the same fate as Chinese Democracy, or Black Ice... Sure, some may like them, but these are not "impactful" albums...
  7. The future for Guns?

    "Brands" are huge, bands are not... Where was the last time either "band" recorded anything noteworthy??? Legacies of both GnR ad ACDC are already established, any "new" albums would only serve as a reason to go on tour to "promote" said album. Sure, it would be a huge news, after all its "ACDC" and "Guns n Roses" (both without most talented member of each band, but general public will not know it), but after short time hype is gone, everyone forgets it... If you disagree, please answer- who was the last "classic rock act" that recorded great record??? And question number two- who was the last "classic rock act" that recorded great record without their arguably most creative member??? Because its where GnR and ACDC are now...
  8. The future for Guns?

    What "impact"??? His two bands are glorified coverbands for nostalgia people... Only "impact" he's gonna make is an impact on his bank account...
  9. The future for Guns?

    Future of Guns??? Well, for me Guns are long, long gone, so it doesn't matter... We're always gonna have AfD, Lies and Ritz gig, though... Future of current incarnation??? - touring - touring - break for solo projects - touring - moar touring And lol for people who are hoping for new material... Don't know whats more funny- fact that they think its gonna happen, or fact that they think its gonna be good if it happens.
  10. OK, top5 1. Rocket Queen 2. Nightrain 3. Brownstone 4. Easy 5. Think About You Top15 would be rest of AFD (sometimes I feel that worst AFD track>best non AFD track), Estranged, Patience and... Reckless Life??? Hard to rank covers... For example I think You Can't Put Your Arms Around The Memory is one of most beautiful songs ever written, but GnR (or maybe what's left from GnR in 1993) version... not so much.
  11. Led Zeppelin were bigger band than Stones... Also, Rolling Stones at no point of their career were considered biggest/most popular band in the world. GnR were, in 88-91...
  12. That would be legit comparisson only if Stones would tour with some clown in place of Keith...
  13. Use Your Illusion Box Set?

    I wonder why people are obsessed with those "boxes", "bonus material" etc... I mean, as someone once said- there's usually a good reason why that "unreleased stuff" wasn't released- it means it wasn't good enough... No way I'm gonna pay for overpriced version of what I already have. I understand if you're a collector, but otherwise- it makes no sense...
  14. Lol. First- they won't. And second- even if they record the new album, its going to be shite... I mean, sure, in the beginning it will be a huge news, possibly even #1, but month after release everyone will forget about it, like usually happens with new records of so called "rock giants"... Bands simply don't record great music 30 years after their prime, especially without their most talented member...
  15. Those who are not die-hards, or nostalgic people who were growing up when GnR were in their prime (and now are prime target of so called "reunion") usually don't even know who Axl Rose is (let alone Izzy Stradlin, or Steven Adler). Some of them know who Slash is, though... They know some of most popular songs, like Paradise City, or Don't Cry, as those songs are often on the radio.