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  1. Lol. First- they won't. And second- even if they record the new album, its going to be shite... I mean, sure, in the beginning it will be a huge news, possibly even #1, but month after release everyone will forget about it, like usually happens with new records of so called "rock giants"... Bands simply don't record great music 30 years after their prime, especially without their most talented member...
  2. Those who are not die-hards, or nostalgic people who were growing up when GnR were in their prime (and now are prime target of so called "reunion") usually don't even know who Axl Rose is (let alone Izzy Stradlin, or Steven Adler). Some of them know who Slash is, though... They know some of most popular songs, like Paradise City, or Don't Cry, as those songs are often on the radio.
  3. Pros- Guys (I mean at least three of them) seems to be happy, and earned a lot of money... Fat daddies who danced to Don't Cry at their prom, watched November Rain video on MTV, had big Slash and Axl poster from teen magazine on their wall, and have no fuckin clue who Izzy Stradlin was, are happy too... Cons- Brand, sorry- band that calles itself GnR becomes more of a joke every each day...