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  1. So this book is out but you can't buy it?
  2. Chinese Democracy Vinyl

    You own 1400 albums? On vinyl? That's killer man. I never got into vinyl because I started buying CD's when I got into music and I never really switched. I own about 800 CD's and I can't stop fawning over them :).
  3. It's definitely possible Axl had to tour in 2002 to recoup the costs but that begs the question though why did go for a few thousand seaters in the US when he could have toured Europe (he only did three shows) or South America to much larger crowds and more revenue? The negative vibe towards new GN'R was always the strongest in the US. I wish the 2002 tour didn't end the way it did, it would be interesting to see how the band would have evolved chemistry wise. Ah well. Yeah, Izzy didn't record those albums for a big financial gain the way Steven is with those books or whatever he's doing. I believe Izzy has enough money pouring in from royalties to continue living in obscurity. It definitely helps that he's very low key, no Malibu mansions for him or fancy Ferraris in the garage if you ask me. I bet he doesn't even go out to eat much, haha. But I would argue that his apperances with GN'R in 2006 and 2012 were at least in part financially motivated so it's not like he's completely oblivious to his bank account.
  4. I'm not gonna pretend I know his financial details. In my opinion he didn't have to tour in 2002 or else he could have done in 2001 when he at least had some momentum going with the Las Vegas and Rio gigs. I believe the record company was paying a shitload of money during that time to keep the process rolling, including paycheks and other costs. I would agree that by 2004 things started changing a lot and then after the release od Chinese and the lawsuits you mentioned he had no choice but to tour a lot for Guns to remain active. Steven and Axl are totally incomparable really. I don't know how well off Steven is. I don't think you do either. Or Axl for that matter. But I would say they both need to work to live the way they're used to living. Royalties wouldn't cut it. My feeling anyway. As far as the reunion goes, it was suggested (I forget who?) that Axl still thought of Slash as a candidate to play on some Chinese songs as late as 2000/2001 but it all fell apart. Slash himself admitted he was very toxic towards GN'R and Axl during the promotion of VR which, I repeat, intensified their disagreements. Also Slash and Duff sued Axl in 2004 due to some mix up regarding royalties which strained the relationship even more. I believe Axl resented the things Slash told the media regarding their relationship and the situation of the band. I think that hurt Axl way more than the power struggle within the group or the arguments about Snakepit. That was all happening behind closed doors between "family" members. It was when Slash went public. It started in 1995 surely but later it got way worse. Axl was still very complimentary of Slash in 1999. A few years later he called him "cancer". And Slash self-admittedly bad-mouthed Axl a lot during VR era. And obviously the book, I agree on that.
  5. I respect that you feel that way but I wholeheartedly disagree. His "version of GN'R"? His version of GN'R is a nostalgia touring band. There's no denying it. If you want to support his "version" of GN'R that's OK, but it goes against everything he used to stand for. As I have stated before he mocked bands like Kiss and Iron Maiden but he's in no position to do that anymore. He sold out in so many ways. Pepole change, I get that, but he used to have a certain stance or attitude toward what the band is all about and it's all gone now. He ate his words regarding the band, the reunion, the whole "music comes first" nonsene. His "preferences" you say. What are his preferences? To milk the GN'R name with subpar singing and absolutely no new material? Cause that is what's happening. They can't even bother to put together a live album. Because it's not profitable. I don't know how much he cares about money but he's obviously extremely devoted to milking the cash cow and avoiding everything that isn't as profitable as live shows. That's the way I see it. He didn't have to realease more music in the late 90's or early 00's because the money was still pouring in. A lot of records were still being sold at that point. It was only in the last decade or so that the bands have been forced to tour extensively for their financial survival. Interestintly Axl's been on the road almost non-stop since 2009. Think about it. He didn't have to reconcile with Slash in 97 or 98 becasue his lifestyle was never under threat. If it was he would have done so, as history has taught us.. He was barely keeping Guns afloat with residencies and theatre shows and then ultimately he had no choice but to settle for a reunion. With Bumblefoot and Ashba leaving he just could't bring in two new gutarists in go on like nothing happened. To many members have come and gone. It became a joke. He was in a do or die situation and he settled for a reunion despite all the nasty comments he has previously made. Otherwise the band was done. He didn't do it to please the fans, let alone any kind of musical aspirations. Don't delude yourself. That is a totally different situation to 97/98 when he was driven and motivated, was writing songs and planning to do something big but it never really materialized. Axl's rich but he's not that rich. He needs to work to sustain his entourage and Malibu home. In 97/98 he didn't have to do shit. And he didn't. At least not in terms of any live shows or releases. Also keep in mind that in 97/98 there wasn't that much to forgive between Axl and Slash. The whole resentment hugely intensified during the VR era. The whole "perfecionist" thing has been put to rest multiple times. Even by Axl himself. Supposedly he was already a perfectionist during AFD but he still released a bunch of records from 1987 to 1993. No perfectionist would go on stage so underprepared and sounding as horrible as he does. Considering all the shortcomings the "perfectionist" argument just does not hold water. You can believe it but it's bogus. I understand he doesn't want to release a "dud", as you put it, but all bands have their ups and downs, not every record can go 18x platinum in the US. I'm absolutely convinced he could have released something is he wanted to. He could even do it on his own label but he prefers the backing of a big label. Why? $$$$. He admitted that he kept the Guns name in part because of the finances attached to it from the record label. It was just easier that way. Financially speaking. There's never been more different ways and options to release new music than today. And yet he doesn't. At all. For decades. He could do anything he fucking wanted. He doesn't even have to release a record, maybe just a song or two. He doesn't want to do that either. Why? I think it's the lack of $$$ that comes with it. And lastly... "artistic approach" you say. Sorry but that made me laugh. What artistic approach? Axl's not an artist. Artists produce art. Axl was an artist, one of the best of all time. His last "art" came out in 2008 but the vast majority of it was written and record pre-2000, meaning that he's done almost nothing of artistic value in the last 20 years. Edit: All of that being said. Axl is allowed to do WHATEVER he wants. But I'm entitled to my opinion about his decisions regarding my favourite band. I love him. Always will. Peace.
  6. Because there's nothing going on. The whole "mystique" thing is just a pretense. Bands display their art because it's what they love to do and are inspired to do so. GN'R is just a corporate machine. Soulless. Greedy. Unimaginative. Dull. Many bands still do music videos with no chance of them ever being played on MTV or VH1 or wherever. Beacuse they want to show their art. They communicate with the fanbase, give out interviews, release studio and live work. Some of them even with more than one band at a time. Bands still release tons of music and CD's despite selling a fraction of they used to. NIN is giving out music for free. Rolling Stones recorded a new song during the covid-19 epidemics after a 50+ year career. Because they're musicians and this is that they do. So many bands continue to create their art and are eager to give fans something to be excited about. Not because they "owe" them but because they want to. GN'R don't want to do shit. They just want you to pay for memberships, concert tickets and overpriced cringy merchandise. Otherwise you can sod off.
  7. Please go away. And I mean that with respect. Just go away.
  8. NITL live videos on youtube

    Bland, boring, uninspired and highly manipulative footage. Well done Guns, you've outdone yourself again. My favourite band reduced to this. At least I'm used to it by now.
  9. Sad times to be a fan of this band. This isn't even a band. It's a sham.
  10. His voice is absolutely terrible. And it's not just about the lack of power or rasp anymore. It has changed drastically. Lost all the appeal. Even his talking voice is completely different to what it used to be. I find that very odd. Even on the rare occasion he does sound remotely good he doesn't sound like himself. His voice is shot. I'm not a singer and I lack the appropriate terminology but his voice used to be so rich and colorful, nowadays even when he manages to belt out a decent raspy scream it still comes out flat and empty. I don't know if that makes any sense but some of you might understand what I mean. I honestly can't listen to YouTube videos anymore. Makes me cringe. I also won't be going to any shows in Europe.
  11. Not based on personal preference but rather what is generally considered to be their best and well known material. I had to sneak a Chinese song in there for a more complete representation of their catalogue. Also I fucking love Better. 1. Welcome To The Jungle 2. It's so Easy 3. Nightrain 4. Paradise City 5. Sweet Child O'Mine 6. Patience 7. Live And Let Die 8. Don't Cry 9. November Rain 10. Civil War 11. Yesterdays 12. Knockin' On Heaven's Door 13. Estranged 14. You Could Be Mine 15. Better honorable mentions: Rocket Queen, Mr. Brownstone, You're Crazy (acoustic)
  12. Great music. Axl's voice. Killer image. Danger and unpredictability. No fucks given.
  13. Maybe you're right. Although I doubt he's very much involved in any of this. As long as the cheques are coming I don't think he cares one bit.