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  1. Look how productive the musicians in this band are! Another album by a member in this band not with this band!
  2. Don't we call GN'R our band sometimes? As it is our favorite for example, our band did a good job or our uncle Axl blabla?
  3. Respect for Axl! I hope he Will be better soon, and I hope hé doesn't overdo himself
  4. Your Least Favorite Among the GN'R Hits

    My least favorite is Sweet Child, heard it too often and it's a good song but it gets boring after a while. So overplayed.
  5. http://crazzfiles.com/conclusive-photographic-evidence-proving-california-is-under-attack-by-dews/ I found some interesting photos here suggesting these fires were not caused by natural heath, I don't know what to think but it sure is interesting, and with today tech and the double agenda by those in power you never know.. https://www.lockheedmartin.com/en-us/capabilities/directed-energy.html in this link there is exact info on how these weapons operatie. Makes more sense now.
  6. Solid performance this one! Nice and great for the fans there Who didn't get to see Guns for so many years!
  7. I saw this last week, very emotional for many reasons, of course the music being one of them! What amazed me the most was how good Rami Malek was, he really became Freddie for this movie! It was so impressive. The timeline in the movie is weird yes but it doesn't stop it from being a great watch! The only thing I missed was the last years of Freddie and the recording sessions around the time where Freddie was a bad ass doing so while being weak, a Grande finale might have Been some images of the Freddie Tribute in 92.
  8. That Nightrain thats how Axl needs to be the whole tour, then everybody is more than content and the press will be all positive!
  9. No shananana shadow of your love
  10. 11/08/18 - Jakarta, Indonesia

    I get the frustration about the setlist, but those People haven't been able to see them on this tour yet. And they have to bring the show that comes with the current tour I guess. I mean a few changes happend since 2016 but the most is the set they live by
  11. Finally we can follow the band again and check their performances and tour stories and discuss about them till we get headaches
  12. Happy Birthday to Tommy!! We must never forget his dedication and passion to Guns N' Roses for many years, a damn fine bass player and a hard working musician.
  13. The venue is kinda out of palace it doesn't make sense to have such a location near a wildlife park.. They send an email to management but what they should do is stand for a removal of it at all if it's a thread to the animals living there. But I guess governement cares more about money than anything like always, otherwise the thing would'nt be there in the first place?
  14. With musicians like we have in this band it must be good, maybe not the whole album as no band releases a perfect album... besides Appetite maybe? But with Axl and Slash as the leading songwriters I can't imagine that they Will Come up with something bad? Thats not possible?? Best guitarplayer and best singer in the world hellooo? 🤣 Plus we have a solid rythm section in there! If they recreate their sound that we are used to 50% of the job is done already. Now Just have faith in the songwriting and the deep emotions in some songs in all sorts of ways and Axl supporting that with fitting lyrics and there we have an album we can be content with!
  15. They sure capture the GN'R sound! Where are they from and for how long are they around? Are they playing worldwide?