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  1. Nice to read them saying this about each other, it's also very visible live. I love this duo they make the gigs a truly magical experience! I've been a fan of Fortus since I got into GN'R (2008) and found out about the live videos on YT. When I saw them for the first time in 2010 I was amazed by his playing and energy, altho I think his playing comes forward better now Guns is a 2 guitar band again. Also when I saw Kiss in 2014 I think, the Daisies opened for them and Richard really had the crowd in his hands!
  2. I don't understand how Perla can live with herself after this honestly! Basically stealing from the father of their children, the man she once loved I guess if love exists in richland?? She should be ashamed of herself for even wanting this. Slash worked hard to get where he is, came from nothing Guns came from the gutter. And he toured And recorded bis ass off years after GN'R. And she Just sits there in her jacuzzi with her fake tits paid by Slash as well spreading her legs once Slash returns from months of touring.. So messed up. I hope whatever comes in the afterlife won't be soft on her.
  3. 2 amazing albums to me, with amazing songs on them that I listen to on almost a daily base.
  4. The title of this one should just be: Mick's cock was asked to replace Izzy Stradlin in 1991
  5. Adler's Appetite Has New Singer

    He should have taken that singer in his band earlier hope he records an album with this band now
  6. What a great interview! Finally the right questions were asked geez it took a while but we're there. Slash does have a strange way of answering some things tho, and he seems to bullshit here and there, but damn is there anyone else more passionate about playing music than this guy??
  7. Where are you Axl Rose?

    We will find out soon enough what this is all about, we just shouldn't expect anything as the disappointment will be bigger when we do and it turns out into nothing like so many times with our bandana man and his management.
  8. Oh no this is food for all you guys who like to make fun of him, and I'm not talking about the haircut. Here we go
  9. I finally read through the whole thing, what a big mess this is, Del is not doing himself and the band any favors by replying this way. I am glad it finally came to their attention tho, after the intensive hard work on it from RussTCB and Downzy. I am so happy to see how this forum stands up for fellow fans. Especially in these dark and very unusual situations. And I agree with many people's frustrations this band treats us like shit, like cash cows. We as fans need to respect love and support each other now more than ever and show how strong we are as a community. Now I am not very active on everything myself as much as others are but this forum and all you fans and members are important and dear to me! But for fucks sake Del looks so dumb here..
  10. Happy birthday Slash!

    Tour band it says wtf? Oh Happy birthday to the best guitarist in the world!
  11. What is this shit, why is everything down so fast? Who does that and who pays them to do so?
  12. Axl is using the same kind of vocals in Better live and in the later part of Slither as well. Cool video, simple but nice
  13. I didn't get anything of the show but seems it was great, happy for all the fans that went! GN'R kicks ass! No band creates the vibe they create and that vibe, you need to feel it to understand and it seems that Poland felt it!
  14. Heey All, I haven't been able to write my experience about the gig yet so I will do now. Tuesday evening I got a phonecall from a follow fan, who I would meet at the gig he said he talked to Slash and we were allowed to attend soundcheck, I couldn't believe it but I had my hopes about it, needed to be at the venue at 12:00 12:30 So the next day, me my girlfriend and a friend who came from the Uk got on the train from Den Bosch to Nijmegen around 10:45 got there at 11:15 early as fuck lol. Had a coffee at the gas station then went to the venue, I found a football so that was fun till it got too hot, the sun was burning! As we met the other guy we waited till we received more news, saw the band arriving in blinded window cars and the waiting killed us as it was 13:15 already the sun was burning more and more and none of us dared to go for a drink all the way back as we would miss the opportunity... Band already started soundchecking Estranged we were like wtf are we being flashed?? Then Kimo Slash' bodyguard called, he was coming to pick is up. As we waited he came, was very nice and calm and just escorted us into the venue we were the only ones there!! And Slash waved at us from the stage, they did civil war, prostitute some other diddies and pieces of songs and it's so easy, it was really cool and really loud, louder than the gig itself lol, Kimo the bodyguard gave us some guitarpicks and told us we had to leave after soundcheck due to security shit so we went back and thanked him and yeah the waiting started again haha. Finally it was 4pm the venue was open!! First thing I did was buying a Litho as I missed it last year. Gojira came on, I didn't like them but they sounded okay their playing is good just have to be into them. We decided to sit down a bit after that as it was a long day already and we were melting away in the sun. Volbeat came on later, pretty good band sounded tight but not right as an opening for Guns. I felt exhausted before gnr started as I only slept 4 hours the night before and my knees started to hurt, got our last drinks and a slice of Pizza expensive as fuck btw.. And the countdown began! On they came and I was struck by a boost of energy, so happy and intense passion is what I felt. jumped sang danced like a maniac! The crowd was a huge downer tho, boring people really dead as fuck but it didn't stop me. Axl sounded strong in the first part of the gig, then some weaker moments but overall he had a solid performance and went for it! Shadow was really a highlight I loved the performance, also Slither was interesting to witness. Setlist was the same as usual but it's a good setlist! Wichita lineman was a buzzkiller tho. The band overall was really tight and there was so much energy in their performance, Slash was shining as always!! During the encore Madagascar came on, this was a very pleasant surprise! Axl sang his as off!! I enjoyed the whole gig and felt pure excitement the whole way through big smiles on my face and yeah this band just means a lot to me, and to really stand there hearing all your favorite songs by them is like being in the clouds, being free and happy. Thats about it, catched the last train home no problems with that. Was the first time my girl saw Guns and that we got to see them together, we got together due our common fandom and passion for the band so that was quite special!