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  1. THE Best gnr tribute band ever ?

    I like the drummer in this one
  2. I would say Slash as both of them remained friends through the years and they spent a lot of time and made music and stuff but then again, Axl is who he is and he loves everybody equally I think but he just never gets too close with anyone thats just the way he is. And then he randomIy asks someone to go to a gig with him or the movie or something. Axl is a spontanious guy and on camera or whatever never really bonds that much with anyone. I do think Duff has a huge amount of love and respect for both of them though and loves both of them in a different way.
  3. Well Towelie, personally I prefer UYI 1 over 2 and that is because of the reason you mentioned, it feels more complete as an album, with a really nice vibe to it. Although 2 has more stronger songs itself it is not as enjoyable as a whole album, as 1 is.
  4. I checked Ticket master yday eve again and for the show in Holland all tickets were sold out except the American Express ones which nobody uses here
  5. I bought my ticket for the show in Nijmegen on 4th of July today!!
  6. Rate: Garden of Eden

    I was having my focus on that as well lol, I wonder if they were drunk or high or completely sober to be able to do that for 3 minutes long
  7. Please Axl, hire this guy...

    That Jungle video gave me goosebumbs right away, man this is so awesome! I really admire the work It's wonderful and I'm going to binge watch that video this week. How can someone not having the hair in their neck standing up straight watching this? holy damn!! Great audio too!! well mixed, hands down, I hope there will be more to follow
  8. I agree with you on this mate, in Germany they should do the big cities like Berlin. hamburg Munich and of course Hannover like they did, they could easily do 2 big shows in Holland like the Stones did. Maybe also 2 in Portugal and 2 in Spain and more eastern europe countries like you mentioned. Hardrock is very populair there, when I went on holiday in Romania I saw loads of rock bars and people with band Tees on the streets.
  9. Maddy sounds cool with this lineup!!
  10. Poll: What do you care about more?

    It is Axl's voice that gives this band his unique sound, thats why they got so big, If it were the same outfit with a less capable vocalist like Eddie Vedder or Bruce Springsteen it wouldn't have been what it is so The voice! Thats also what the band gets critics for the most of the time
  11. Axls Best Scream?

    Actually This one is one of my faves! from 3:29!
  12. I must say reading this thread is fun @Bono @scooby845 Thank you for the entertainment On Topic: I think GN'R set some impressive numbers here, with only 74 shows and a year going so far they have a great average! and like others said, when it reaches the 150 shows mark it should be top 5 easily!
  13. No need to feel ashamed, I was already in tears during Brownstone! let alone how I felt during Coma haha