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  1. That Fall Out Boy guy, he doesn't know what he is talking about.. Is he retarded?
  2. Happy Birthday Izzy!

    Happy birthday to Iz!!
  3. Kind of have mixed feelings about this. I mean the current situation is already more than we could hope for 5 years ago!! And they fucking kick ass live, plus I am going to see them for the 2nd time in 2 years while before that I was only a newborn when the UYI tour took place in Holland so that is something special! 3hour+ shows and all.. On the other hand, no new music on the horizon and the exclusion of IZ and Steven kind of leave a bitter after taste and don't make it live up to it's full potential.
  4. Great for slash and his band shit news for us we aren't getting new music by gnr people, as some on this forum said earlier.. And I believe them now and it's a huge ass smack in the face. For that I can't get excited about this news, it comes more as a disappointment. For all their fans, congrats!
  5. http://www.nme.com/news/music/angus-young-writing-new-acdc-album-axl-rose-2270741 NME and UCR http://ultimateclassicrock.com/wlup-last-songs-devil/ Are reporting about it now as well, using the same source tho.
  6. Thank you for your statement, but I was only joking dude.. No need to point out the Axl route since the late 90's. Also there is something called overexaggarating
  7. It will be more Angus and Friends like this, actually Angus is pulling an Axl Rose here entire new line-up, new album but still keeping the band name
  8. Yes IF Chris Slade and Stevie Young will still do it, I don't see any reason why not, but Chris Slade is getting old I don't know what his ambitions are and stuff.
  9. https://www.therockpit.net/2018/interview-angry-anderson-rose-tattoo-2/ really interesting information Angry tells us about Angus writing an album and that Angus saying Axl is in that band.
  10. Steven Adler live on Facebook

    I'm glad he decides to tour again! It's good for him and us fans that he is out playing! Especially after what he said like a year ago about not wanting to play small venues and stuff.. Glad he changes his point of view, and I wonder who the singer will be
  11. Lol Thanks for calling me desperate I was only convinced it's him cause it sounds so damn close! You would say it is his 92 93 voice! and I still have my doubts about it being someone else
  12. oh some mysterious duo vocals!? By Axl and the Guns 2 Roses singer?
  13. Lets ask Axl himself to find out lol, I get some of you think it's not him but I can't believe it's someone else.
  14. Thats exactly my point, for example when he sings the word tomorrow! That is fucking Axl to me!
  15. Wtf people, I feel weird here lol, you guys confuse me... I would say it is Axl for sure, and Axl live sounds different than Axl idk in studio or rehearsal space?? I mean what if he can still pull off singing like that in a particular setting? Who the hell could it be then??