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  1. Steven Adler *accidentally* stabs himself

    Hope it wasn't intentional on his part! Best drummer this band ever had! Best wishes for a speedy recovery!
  2. Puff's next book should be titled "How To Be A Liar and Other Lies."
  3. What's next? Interviews where Puff is telling us that it was their record company who was insisting that they use the "f-word" on their albums, despite his best efforts to convince them that wasn't "how to be a man."
  4. Wow! I think it's becoming a real challenge for anyone to argue that Duff isn't complete and total shit at this point. You know it's gotta be bad when you start remembering Tommy Stinson fondly!
  5. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    The point of the shows is so they can make the most money possible with the most minimal effort put forth. They haven't announced any other dates other than the half dozen or so that were announced this morning. But worry not, if the band sees a way of making even more money in a specific market I'm certain that they will be there.
  6. New song for the October shows?

    You're theorizing that they booked Vegas dates just so they could play us a new song?
  7. New song for the October shows?

    Perhaps the reality is there is just too much anxiety on both sides regarding the potential of new material, and that's why they're opting to keep this endless tour going instead. Keep in mind, one of the primary issues that lead to the demise of the band back in the mid 90s was musical direction. Supposedly, Slash didn't want to push himself, and Axl just wanted to write industrial flavored Stephanie Seymour ballads. As early as a decade ago, Axl was interviewed and stated that he didn't really care for Slash's guitar playing, and according to Axl, Slash and Duff had told him that everything he was doing [90s] was crap, and that beat him down... and bad. Fast forward to the present.. has a lot really changed? Has Slash upped his game in terms of musical output over these last few years? Did Slash come to the realization that Axl's vision is where it's at, and now he's suddenly eager to put his stamp on that same era of Stephanie ballads? We know that Axl said he played the material for Slash and Duff and that they liked it, but really, what else could Slash or Duff say? "Yeah. When we heard those other songs, we [Slash/Duff] looked at each other, like, how the hell are we supposed to polish this turd?" Yeah .. I'm sure that would have went over real well right before a 1/2 billion dollar reunion tour. I wouldn't be surprised if both sides would greatly prefer to keep this cash-grab going as opposed to engaging in a new feud which could ultimately put an end to the cash cow that ultimately lead to them reuniting to begin with.
  8. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    Yes! And quite frankly I'm surprised more fans don't consider this an issue when it comes to this supposed, fairy-tale album that they're recording. Axl can't sing anymore, Slash stopped coming up with cool riffs decades ago, and Duff appears to be more comfortable telling us "how to be a man" than he does with contributing anything worthwhile, yet somehow when they all come together in the studio for the first time in decades this is somehow going to translate into magic?
  9. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    I think the reason fans appear to be 'bummed' is because they're seeing just how full of shit this band actually is given that they keep mentioning some pretend album like it's their main priority. They should just be honest with the fans and say something like, "Look, we're old, lazy, and lack creativity. Plus, one of our primary songwriters isn't even in the band anymore. So instead of bullshitting you about some album that we never interned to write, we're just going to tour our greatest hit repeatedly and take your money every chance you give us."
  10. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    Hopefully they let Adler join them for the Vegas shows since they'll be right in his backyard. If nothing else, that would at least be a couple songs that wouldn't sound like pure shit with Thunderstinker behind the kit. Thats probably the closest we will get to "good" out of this leg of the tour.
  11. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    I remember when Dizzy, Ashba, Fortus, and BBF used to say VERY similar things and frequently. How many albums did we get from those promises? I know that we're supposed to pretend that this is different because Slash is the one now saying it, but don't forget that the same decision maker is still in place. If I were you, I'd prepare myself to be irritated.
  12. I think many are giving Axl and Slash too much credit when it comes to this perfect chemistry that they share. Keep in mind, the last time these 2 released an album of original studio material together Izzy was part of that lineup, AND it was 30 years ago!! Thirty years ago my neighbor friend and I were in acrobatics and we used to do crazy flips and catch one another off my parent's high standing, front porch. Guess what? I know longer have that friend to catch me and I sure as shit couldn't flip like that 30 years later.
  13. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    Yeah .. it's definitely hard to believe that a US band is touring a lot in the US. Didn't see that one coming. Perhaps an endless continuation of the NITL tour is their way of punishing the fans who didn't support Axl's Nu GNR ambitions. And to anyone thinking that anything new will come of this new tour ... good luck with that.
  14. GNR in OKC October 23rd?

    I'm sure there is a much greater chance that you will see EU dates in 2020 than this fantasy album that they speak of. And I agree, if the fans really want to see them stop touring, they'd be well advised to stop buying their tickets.
  15. GNR in OKC October 23rd?

    No surprise here. The more dates they continue to book the more excuses they have to not be recording this fantasy album that they're soooo interested in doing.