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  1. The "New Album" Thread

    What in the shite are you raving about? Maybe take a day off from the forum? I think you need some fresh air
  2. Yeah, I mean, like I jam in bars and things and have done for a long time, but I haven’t been recently because I’ve been too fucking busy, so this will be fun tonight. And then I start Guns rehearsals on Friday!” https://guitar.com/features/interviews/namm-2020-slash-gibson-collection-his-new-gibson-collection-new-guns-n-roses-album/
  3. Same interview that Slash said he didn't know what to do with new gnr material.
  4. I think it's a bad sign for this 'all new show' if the band is only starting rehearsal this Friday. Brace for impact! Maybe that boast is only for Europe and SA?
  5. The "New Album" Thread

    I think, he believes gnr are still on the tips of every record execs tongue... they ain't. At the same time he goes out and says record labels have no interest in bands, preferring to deal with a singer and 12 producers, which is on point. He probably expects a huge roll out regardless and if he doesn't get it (like with the cd marketing) he'll refuse to do a tap of promotion and bomb the record. Nothing like bombing in style, to be fair. Stick it to the man.... unfortunately Axl is the man in this scenario😄
  6. The "New Album" Thread

    If GUNS wanted to release a record, they could. They are basically holding up the show because everyone knows that after week 1, the legs of the new album are over and done with. They probably just want to milk it for whatever it is worth. That means loads of 4hr meetings and procrastinating, instead of just making a top to bottom great album. End of the day, the record lives or dies on what the fans and critics eventually make of it, and a great marketing promotion doesn't mean fuck all if the album is a pile of shite. I think we can safely say GNR will put out a decent record, but at this point they've backed themselves into a corner, not having released anything for 12 years... they could have released something 6yrs ago, and people wouldn't be half as harsh on whatever comes next. Now it'll be CD all over again "12yrs and THIS is what they release?" blah, blah! I find it difficult to see them releasing anything this year, if they had any definitive plans then Slash wouldn't be so openly pessimistic about the state of a new record. I know he could be bluffing to throw people off the scent or build a buzz, but that just seems crazy.
  7. No, you obviously can't read. There is a big interest. There isn't people rioting but if internet comment sections are anything to go by, there definitely is interest. If you want to read into what I said, and try and minipulate it into whatever you think I said, fire away but it's not what I said or believe. You are aware that gnr are still a popular band, with kids, straight through to adults of all ages? Not sure why you're having such trouble with this. I also never suggested that everybody is aware or following gnr news.... didn't think I had to.
  8. Nope that's exactly what I said, maybe you just didn't understand. Although, I think it was clear. Your notion that this bubble that we're in here, is the only place anyways excited for a record is delusional. There was a time where I didn't use this forum, and I was eagerly awaiting Chinese democracy, I guarantee there's more people like that today.
  9. The "New Album" Thread

    You know, they could have come out and said this in an interview months ago, Last thing we heard was "we all want to make a record" "we're going to make a record in the first part of the year", "there's no more touring until new music comes out". All we actually see though is new tour dates, and people dodging questions. At least the interviewer asked the question though! Bullshit answer and a bullshit band!
  10. I don't for a minute think there's people marking the days off on a calendar or searching "Gnr new album release date" but who was looking for a new Black Sabbath album when they dropped 13? the hardcore fans, and that created ripple effect and suddenly it was big news and people were exited and buying the record. I mean the same can be said for any band 20+ years into their career, yet there are some that still manage to get peoples attention... and yes, GNR do have peoples attention. Anyway... Slash is out there throwing water on all of this right now anyway, so who gives a shit if I'm right or wrong. Bullshit answers about not knowing how to put a record out... it's 1995 all over again.
  11. Nah! you're wrong. There is a lot of interest in and out of the forums for a new record. Are people banging on the door saying "release something now!!!" nope, but there is 100% a big interest in what GNR are going to release. If there wasn't an interest, when Richard Fortus does an interview, vaguely talking about wanting and hoping to make music... it wouldn't be picked up all over the world on music sites. It's not quite the levels of whoever is the biggest pop stars latest release, but I almost guarantee when it comes out there will be a great interest. GNR do NOT care about supply and demand. The only time that comes into play is for live concerts.
  12. I'd do a best of... and the rest. Paradise city Nightrain Out ta get me You could be mine Dead horse Estranged Street of Dreams Better Patience Yesterdays Dust n bones Don't damn me Welcome to the jungle Sweet child o' mine This I love It's so easy Bonus - I feel good
  13. Lawdy, lord! Maybe some hand clap samples instead of a snare too, and a few choruses of macdaddy.
  14. I hate the negativity, but he's proven it time and time again! Axl lut of the gate is poor! He could day to the band let's run the show in full every day for a week and they would do it, but in reality he probably does show up and make apprarances at rehearsal now but in comparison to the other guys prep, it must be worlds apart. The other guys stay match fit ALL year round! So they could at any time hit the road and be top class.
  15. That's also true. I'd never make excuses for them, because they do that just fine on their own😄 I'd agree that they should shake things up dramatically for this upcoming show(s). As far as I'm concerned they should be putting out the notion that they are a band that is moving forward. Beyond financials which are obviously important the band hasn't moved / grown one bit in at least 2 years. If they come out this month playing the same shit, and then do the same again in March it's a clear sign of their intent I don't need to see them again really... I also don't think gnr today are that great a live act (lots of reasons). I'll hold tight for now but it's gonna be mighty disheartening for the summer shows if it's business as usual all over again.