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  1. Great video, I know they might get some shit for it with our current hypersensitive world, but this is really well done and captures the vibe perfectly. When I was reading the GNR books, an listening to AFD this is what It looked like in my head. Plus Erins ass now we know why he had to bury her in his backyard
  2. Almost every band records each show these days, GNR likely have every single NITL show recorded, I'd say they also have everything from the late 90s on too as it has become so easy and cheap to to with digital desk and a relatively small pro tools rig. But you're right they don't film every show.
  3. I thought the past few months were irritating and depressing looking at the same old discussions, at least now some things are cleared up. @DieselDaisyI know you want Izzy and Steven back in the band, but it's a solid point that if the other guys who play in the band prefer using other people, then that's the best way for the band to continue. Not saying it's the way I like it as a fan, but as someone who runs his own tiny, tiny band! I totally 100% get it and agree. I can only imagine that with the hugeness of GNR the whole thing is way more complicated than any of us care to think.
  4. No, they'll have to follow the protocol of every western band and send all their lyrics and music to the Chinese authority and they will mark out which songs can and cannot get played. That's what happened to Metallica, couldn't perform Master of puppets and a few other songs... could make for a interesting set!
  5. He spoke it about briefly in the chats. Just said he spent a few months travelling around, I don't think he was living there; but he definitely spent a bit of time there... and yeah it was sometime in the mid 90s but he didn't specify.
  6. That would be "something"... maybe it's the "something" Fernando referenced
  7. Chinese reissue starts now It would hilarious if Chinese had two boxsets before UYI even has a remaster
  8. @Fernando I think you cleared things up well, there was definitely a miscommunication on both sides. By meeting the miscommunication head on you stopped things from escalating, mucho respect for coming on here! Now to my question, you've been to more GNR shows than anyone else here, what one song in their catalogue do you wish they would play? one that hasn't been in any of he sets you witnessed. My personally preference (and a LOT of other people on and off forums) is Pretty tied up Just in case you didn't see it if it ever gets played again I'm confident there'll be mygnr jizz all over the place
  9. But is it a bootleg when it's a pro shot/mixed show. Seems more like a leak, similar to a studio album. I doubt they were ever going to release it on their own.... Long shot would have been a UYI reissue, but what are the odds that they even remembered recording this gig?
  10. I agree with this. I mean it's unfortunate that you're right. I didn't mean the fans as a whole, just the forum people, but again judging by the people I know; they were baffled as to why it was news that GNR were selling loads of tickets, they didn't care... but the also weren't asking for new music so End of the day, it's great that GNR are now back closer to the top of the heap and look like they are enjoying each others company! I cannot fault them for wanting to make money as I'd have done the exact same thing in their shoes... and I'd say ta'fuck with the fans, It's time for Tom to get his cash on!
  11. Agreed, I have said this too. The problem is that fans don't care about the most successful tour etc. maybe we would if it wasn't 10 years (and counting) since the last record. However it is an achievement and should be treated as such that two years on there is still buzz and a interest in seeing GNR in huge venues... the reunion (of sorts) was handled pretty well from a business point of view, creatively it's nothing new... but that unfortunately is what the music industry is today, tour, tour and tour some more and THEN maybe release new music IF you have to.
  12. Neither actually. 2006-2010 either are better to my ears... and of course the classic era versions too. In the 2001 version, they don't sound very together and tight as a band... but Brains drumming is good. On the 2017 version, as a band it's tight, but it just doesn't feel right, and that's a mix of the extended intro and the extended mid section soloing... of all the songs for the band to extend this has to one of the worst choices, by the time all the noodling is over, the crowd is over the song and the whole end section drags instead of it being a lift (like it was on past tours) and Franks drumming feels a bit stiff and staccato rather the loose vibe that the song is supposed to have... speaking as a fan of Frank. I know it's a contentious opinion, but I think Duff and Slash got him to play the song like that, why!!? He played it far groovier in that 2012 Philadelphia clip... I doubt he just decided to throw out how he was playing the song for the past 10 years out of nowhere by himself.
  13. Personally I think there's a pretty good balance on here - some people are pure hardcore AFD lovers, Some love it all, some just like the CD era and some like whatever it is that is current - fans from every viewpoint... broad snarky tweets, painting an unspecified amount of the fan base as idiots is neither friendly or wise. I have stated before that I have absolutely no idea of the work that Fernando does, but! I just don't think he gets to run the band, in the same way that a seasoned heavyweight manager would... I could be wrong! who knows! The impression given from these comments is that they would much, much prefer MYGNR to go away. They don't see the positive of 3-5million people a day talking about GNR, all they see is that we say negative things sometimes. We call it how we see it basically, and GNR don't like that; that is why they have endorsed other GNR forums instead. A resolution? stop tweeting, come on the forum and clear up some of the misinformation OR release a statement saying "GNR are back on the road through the months of.... Can't wait etc..... Speculation about AFD release is inaccurate, all recordings are from the AFD sessions with no fixes.... we're hoping to work in new music, but the tour is still our focus" A statement like that basically says nothing, yet clears up 90% of the topic discussions, not very hard. They don't HAVE to release statements or keep fans in the loop, BUT if they are going to bitch and moan when we make up our own theories THEN they need to reconsider their approach.
  14. Just judging by the shows I went to and the ones I watched online, but there was a number of songs that were getting g fairly muted responses from the crowd, some were CD songs some we're covers, some were songs like Coma. I think they should either shorten the length of their set by removing those songs, or keep the same length and just swap out what hasn't worked on previous legs. I don't however see anything too drastic happening, at this stage.