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  1. My favourite is Estranged. If I was going to say to someone who had never heard GNR, i'd probably say for them to listen to something Welcome to the jungle, or maybe Civil war. I think Civil war covers both the grandiose aspect of GNR, with some of the fire breathing. Depends who's asking though, if it's an all out metalhead then maybe Garden of eden, if it's a soppy ballad fan maybe this I love or November rain, if it's someone into more experimental music maybe Better or Shacklers revenge. To me there's no quintessential Guns song.
  2. Not a huge maiden fan, but they are a great band nonetheless! They do have some absolutely brilliant songs, they are like clockwork live and they are very fan friendly with how they release music and give info on the going on behind the scenes. Gnr are great, but they haven't had the career that Maiden have had, they have not been as consistent (yep I know Blaze bayley era blah, blah) and while maiden aren't as famous outside if the rock / metal world they are absolutely huge playing to anywhere between 15-80000 people a night wherever they go in the world. You don't need to Luke their music to give them that credit!
  3. Give me some reggae! That's my favourite bit😄
  4. I enjoyed 'don't let it bring you down's thought I feel good was cool too, even though they messed up the stops... The singer leads that song Frank!!! Some good stuff recorded too obviously.