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  1. Sounds more like a keytar to my ears😁
  2. Not necessarily the case. Look at Van Halens - different kind of truth from 2012. Great reviews, and the bulk of the material was at least 25+ yrs old when it was recorded. Good album! Good material is good material. If the 96 sessions had something relevant then it could still work. As for this snippet of a song, it doesn't sound like a Slash riff, and it's definitely not him playing. Not out of the realms of possibility that this song also has Slash based riffs somewhere else in the song. It actually sounds closer to something Duff might have written, similar to loaded.
  3. Nah, this is rough and overly trying to be something and never quite hitting it. Myles knocked this song out if the park, absolutely killer vocal and I'm not always a fan of Myles's voice. Axl could be interesting on it though, as I said.
  4. Sarcasm? It sounds like a half decent tribute act, but it's 100% not Axl. Would be interesting to hear Axl sing this song, one of my favourites that Slash has written. Doubt we'll ever hear Axl sing it though.
  5. Where is everyone??

    Pretty sure your music just blew up my phone speaker😂 kyoko's doll. Interesting that there's so much different music coming from people who listen to gnr.
  6. Where is everyone??

    What kind of music are you writing?
  7. Ok so do the sensible thing, avoid listening to him if you don't enjoy it. For everybody else, the Slash record was supposedly written a few years ago... there was never any intention for it to be GNR material so the whole 'what if' thing can be put to bed. Outside of Axl guesting on a song the chances of hearing Axl sing any of those songs was and is extremely unlikely.... so enjoy the RUMOURED record for what it is, if it is as good as World on fire, I honestly don't care what the status of GNR is. I think that Slash releasing a well received hard rock record right now is a good thing, it reminds Axl that Slash writes great rock songs, so maybe he should write some great rock songs with him too, instead of just releasing 20+ year old material with Slash inserted in over the top.... Not that I have a major problem with hearing old-new material. End of the day, Slash is going to make music one way or the other, and when the bossman isn't giving the green light for Guns, Slash is going to go back and play with his other functioning and pretty damn successful band... no point getting upset about it. Finally, until GNR officially wrap up the NITL tour I almost guarantee you won't see or hear a word about new music... and the NITL tour still has legs, they could easily go back through Asia/Australia and do a run in SA, on top of the current EU dates and sell out. That could run well into 2019... so waiting or even hoping for a new album is likely just setting yourself up for disappointment. These guys don't need to make a new record to tour successfully, and that's the shitty truth.
  8. Hey, if Guns aren't gonna do a record then SMKC may as well do something. I just don't see where they can fit it all in though. Myles has just put out a record and is promoting it for a good portion of this year, 2019 is already taken up with the writing and recording of the next AB record, and Slash will be busy from May through the summer with GNR. Even if they do manage to write and record a record when are they going to promote and tour it? Also, with Slash out playing with GNR again, SMKC are no longer the next best thing for most fans so I can't see the demand being as big as it was in 2014/2015 when they were super hot and picking up a lot of traction. I think they'll do good numbers but I think with Slash being back in GNR there is now a definitive ceiling of how far SMKC can go. Missed opportunity for GNR though.
  9. That's not accurate. Richard and Frank were involved during the Steven rehearsals and I'd wager they were there during Izzy\s time too... but without Izzy clarifying that I can only guess. Steven did however say that Richard and co were there while he was rehearsing saying something like "They're all really nice, but you'd turn around and they'd be gone, nice and quiet just how Axl likes them". We were not getting JUST the classic 5, it was always going to be the AFD band WITH Dizzy, Frank (If Steven wasn't playing), Richard and Pitman/Melissa.... AND tht was just going to be a small part of certain sets, in certain cities.
  10. I don't remember reading him say he was tired of the AFD songs, but yes, if he is tired that would be a option for him... however, he (I know it might be surprising) does take pride in the show he puts on, and he wants the audience to have a good time and hear the songs that GNR are famous for, so even if he is tired he doesn't want to throw the baby out with the bath water. You might be about the bucket departure and the end of his creative fire. I just don't think we know enough to say it definitely though, the guy has his own studio in his house, he could easily be writing and recording all the time. Even when artists are going through tough times, they still need to create... whether that's writing for others or writing without the aim of releasing anything. I remember reading about Shania Twain (the only time she'll be mentioned on mygnr ) but she lost her voice and took 15 years away from the spotlight, but she was still writing songs during that time, and I'm sure her fans were thinking that she was just sitting on her well formed arse (think about it) living it up, but it actuality she was writing for other artists and collecting songs for what would later become her next record... when she was ready to make it. I guess the problem I have is that, I don't really believe in the model of write, release, tour, repeat. As a fan I like the idea, but once I take the fan out of the equation, I see that there are other things in life just as and more important than doing cycles like that in music. Axl is however, WAY overdue on his next record. He is out there playing, he's not retired or semi-retired so his excuses are a little thin, he's not even working with other artists (besides the stint with AC/DC).
  11. Look when he's on the road, it's all about the money. When he's writing he is a artist through and through. I consider him more of a artist than some other bands that churn out record after record, difference is the level of thought and reasoning for the record; is it released just to tour and make some new merch for your audience, or is a artistic statement? In my opinion Axl is latter type of musician. Yep, he wants it to sell as much as possible, but if you look at how he made and handled CD, it's hard to say he isn't a artist. CD is a completely uncommercial effort, a huge risk and despite a huge backlash he has not backed down on the record... name one other band that has released a record that got that much negativity upon its release and 10 years later they still play 3-5 songs a night, I can't think of any. Most bands have a popular record, and once the tour ends and they go back out again there's no sign of any of that album, it's just the hits.
  12. He didn't even know Slash was there so that I can almost guarantee came from his handlers. Axls not the worst for doing that stuff, look here
  13. Then don't go, if you've already seen the ultimate version. Like it or not, you are not the person this tour was aimed at (even with you being a big GNR fan). Anyone who's actually giving out because Gilby or Matt Sorum not being there are obviously so far removed from what does and does not sell tickets. And yes, that's what it is about. Gilby was no more a member of GNR than DJ... take a breath, we all know that as fact. Gilby was a hired hand. Matt says he was a full member... but, he was just a contracted musician, he had zero say in plans. If you want to stay in the 90s great, go right ahead... but for the rest of us, time moves on, people change, bands change; you either move with it or you don't. The last AC/DC tour came through Ireland, I decided not to bother going because I had seen the black Ice tour with the BIB line up, and I'm not as much of a fan of the current line up, especially Chris Slades playing... I stayed at home, I'm not angry that AC/DC were out on the road without Rudd who in my opinion would have elevated things. I got on with things. Now, I don't know what went on with Izzy and his negotiations (beyond cryptic tweets and rumours) but I wish he was there too, that I don't dispute. However his absence didn't stop them from selling out worldwide, so in their minds and promoters minds it worked tremendously without him... and there was more money for everyone else.
  14. 99% is a stretch for the side that doesn't like him as a drummer. You're probably closer to 5-10% in reality. On here it might be closer to 90, but in the real world where people don't stress about the gnr drummer adding extra ghost notes in the verse of brownstone😋 they the majority had nothing negative to say about his playing. Frank will be there for the foreseeable, get on with your life... It's not that big of a deal!
  15. I agree no point asking about it really. I could probably give you the answer he'd give😂 Anyway, keep up the good work! Love the Beavan and Brain interviews!