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  1. Said it a few times already, but I have no time for Slash's improvisation on this I love and Better. Replacing tasteful, well honed guitar solos with a bunch of stank ass shred instead? no thanks. This I love probably has the best guitar solo on the entire CD album. There are moments with Slash's versions that are fine, but overall I would be much more lenient as a critic if he would just include some of the more important sections of the solo and then take off with whatever he wants to add in. It literally sounds like he's practicing over a jam track to me, compared to Robins solo which was subtle and probably well thought out and produced. My thoughts on CD are that the album was so heavily produced that changing any one little thing drastically changes a songs whole vibe. I MUCH prefer listening to the studio version, because of the solo and because Axl can't sing it live these days.
  2. What guy wouldn't smile like this with these two hanging on their arm? 30+ years younger, blonde = rock star wife material OR a really good night. These are the type of fans Axl likes to meet not ageing men, with old concert tshirts and original pressings of Gnr albums
  3. True, but even Slash struggled back in the day to bring Axl out of his shell, the example being the wait between AFD and UYI (I know lies came out but I mean a proper full length work). Times have changed, people are older, wiser and more team / career focussed so, it is entirely possible that the golden goose (Slash's return) may deliver some golden eggs... or at least a few regular eggs... I need to stop with the egg analogy
  4. Would be great to get some material, but let's not get our hopes up... we've been doing that since 2011, and nearly 7 years later and we're no closer to a record. In that time, Axl was having a good time with his band, enjoying himself and talked publicly about a finished new record that he intended on releasing... the last word of that particular record was 2014... not a whimper since. SO, while it's great to ehar these rumours, let's just keep it steady and realise 1. they are just rumours at the moment 2. even if the rumours are correct, there are still absolutely no guarantees of hearing anything... unless this new Axl has decided to get his work boots on and actually release things in a timely fashion.
  5. Key words "In your opinion". In my opinion he adds something different and good to already good / great songs. The whammy bar thing is subtle, I don't think it distracts from the song at all... I'd say that you're problem is you like it how it was and you don't want to hear anyone messing with that, I feel that If this was how it was recorded in '91, it might be a different story. End of the day, it's live... I despise how Slash plays the Chinese era solos, but it's live and he is the guitar player so he gets to make those calls... however I still don't have to like it, just like you don't have to like Richards additions. I fully disagree that what he does is "showing off" though. I think people get hung up on touring musicians being 'pro, cold, technicians, unmusical' when in fact they are just like every other musician, but they never managed to make it with a band of their own. And what exactly constitutes as showing off anyway? What he does in heavens door? If he was adding slap guitar or something completely unsuitable I'd be the first to say that it doesn't suit the style of the song, to this day I haven't had much reason to raise an eyebrow due to Richards playing.
  6. I don't know if it was a personal grievance with Gilby, from what I've heard Axl say in regard to Gilby, it was more about Gilbys playing and general feel. Axl is all about the right vibe, and that's the vibe he has in his head for what GNR should or could sound like... "but he hired Frank!!???" well yeh! that's case and point! Axl looks for certain things in music, just like any other musician. One guy might play with a drummer and say "I never want to play with him again, he can't play" the other might say the exact opposite. Gilby executed the songs fairly well and was consistent, but he didn't exactly set the songs on fire on fire at the same time, or put his own sound on them, like Richard for example, just listen to how he plays used to love her or You're crazy, the changes are subtle but they add a great groove and new dimension to the songs. End of the day, I much prefer Richards playing in a live setting than any previous rhythm guitar player in GNR. Unpopular comment or not
  7. Just read an article about GNRs past guitar players and he said "I could have picked up the phone and tried to make it happen, but I didn't, and it didn't" not his exact words but that's basically what he said when asked if he got asked to come and play with them. That is interesting that he said that though, maybe he was asked?
  8. No, he just said that he didn't gets call to do the tour. Not a guest spot, or rhythm guitar spot or 3rd guitar etc. If they asked him to do it he'd drop everything to make it happen. Any person in his position would do the same... But as much as I like Gilby, he's no way near the level of a player that Fortus is.
  9. Hey, I guess some people like overly long solos with bends that are sometimes out of tune. More power to you. Look, I've got a pretty good ear for pitch and I can 100% tell you that on a number of solos in the sets that I saw in person as well as the sets I've watched online, Slash is off. "How anyone can say Slash isn't great" blah, blah! How can you be a critical music fan if you can't even be honest with yourself? I love Slash and Axl, but both guys have lost a step. I love Metallica but guess what, they aren't as tight as they used to be... It's called age, lack of practice and millions and millions of dollars in the bank. I have no problem saying that one of my heroes playing or singing isn't as good as it used to be, and I see no reason why you or anyone else wouldn't be able to do the same. I don't say "he's a limited player" or anything like that, I like what he does, and that's a very specific rock style... However a lot of players I know have argued that he is overrated and limited, I simply say that his technique has degraded somewhat in recent years, but he is still one of the best rock players alive, and the reason I picked up a guitar. Since you asked, I back all this up with years and years of playing music (everyday, I give lessons if you're looking😉), studying music and listening to lots of Gnr (and countless other bands) music both live and in the studio... So I'd say that most people would agree that I'm a fairly reliable and fair critic. Finally, you don't have to play an instrument to say if someone sounds good or not. You also don't have to have sold millions of records or played to stadiums to have an opinion, you should know that.
  10. Seen the nitl show twice, one was an enjoyable show because of the people around me, but Axl was way off the mark, the other was a good show but a mile away from the best performances I'd seen from Axl in video or at concerts I attended from 2006-2012. How can you critique from watching a video is one of the most popular arguments on here. The phones may not pick up direct feeds from the desk, but they pick up the general house mix and if Axl sounds good or bad it's very clear. Yes, if you're at the show, sometimes it can be less noticeable with thousands singing along, but it's still there. As for Slash carrying the tour. He's definitely selling tickets and it's great to see him, but this is not the same player that left all those years ago... He was a great player, now he's a good player who sometimes had great moments... That's not the way you're supposed to develop as a musician. I could hear Slash clearly bending notes out of tune and generally not playing at the level we all remember from him. Overall it's a gig that's worth seeing, but it's overly bloated in many ways... Could have been great if they cut the fat and have a blistering concise 2hr set, solos, jams and some poor sing choices as well as some performance issues bring the batting average of this tour down. But, one thing is that at least it's live and they only use a handful of payback samples... Compared to other major acts. First show was a 6/10 (Slane) 2nd show was a 7 maybe 7.5/10 (Madrid) for all the reasons above.
  11. Didn't Niven or someone similar just say that he's "hidin' out, laying low" at the moment and doesn't want to be found, BUT he's in the process of putting songs together. Izzy is definitely not retired. He's as retired as he's been since the day he quit GNR, which basically means, he comes and goes when he wants, releases music when he wants and basically there is no clear defined schedule... well none at least that he's willing to share. As far as the idea of Izzy writing the majority of A new guns album, I'd be fine with that... but I'd be fine with anyone writing the new guns record if it would just get the frigging ball rolling on it. But those songs would need a good going over by Slash, Axl and Duff and co because as much as I love Izzy, some of his stuff can be a little repetitive... same goes for any band (Devin townsend, Opeth ar he exceptions) with one songwriter. Best part of the idea of Izzy writing the entire thing would be that he'd have the songs together in a few weeks.
  12. I think Axl loves the record, warts and all... but EVERY musician will look back on their last record and go "I would have done that differently" that's the nature of growing as a musician... and there's been over 10 years since recording wrapped on Chinese so I think it's a fair assumption that he might be thinking that way. Look at Metallica, When they released death Magnetic, they were over the fucking moon, "we want to play every song" "I can't pick a favourite", 8 years later, new album cycle and they've levelled a lot of (valid) criticism towards the record, and when the follow up to Hardwired comes out, they'll do it again. It's the way things work. It took very long to release it, some of it like Rhiad and Scraped are just straight up bad songs, Some are mediocre songs Catcher, Some are good I.R.S, Chinese and some hit that great mark, which for me includes Shacklers, Street of Dreams, If The world, This I Love. It's not a top to bottom belter, I don't think anyone here could make a convincing argument for that, BUT it's still one of my favourite albums, and there's songs on that record that get far more plays (by me) than older classic Guns songs... And that's not a slight on the older material, I love that too, It's the reason I started listening to GNR and continue listening to them.
  13. I was bored during a couple of songs, at both gigs, especially the extended jams / solo spots, and extended jams within actual songs (RQ, heaven's door). Coma is literally coma inducing live... Literally change it with any other song, just not another cover 👌 The previous line up were guilty of band jams and too many solo spots, but for me I was entertained just as much by that show as I was the one with Slash and Duff... In fact, I still think the best gnr show that I attended was with the 2006-2014 era band. Best guns gig for me were either Dublin '06 or 2012... 2010 was by far my favourite vocally... And it was entertaining in a way🤣
  14. Chances of “Free Fallin” live?

    You're wording was a bit funny. His voice doesn't suit etc. fine! but if we're talking about Axl and not having the talent to pull off a song? even in 2017 Axl can surprise us, I don't doubt with the right key and arrangement that Axl could knock Nothing compares to you, Let's go crazy or purple rain out of the park. Imagine Axl interpreting Let's go crazy with that high belter voice, similar to how he sings You're crazy.
  15. Chances of “Free Fallin” live?

    Let them do Running down a dream or into he great wide open. There's no way he will please us if he tries to sing Free falling now, that young throaty / smokey Axl voice is dead and buried in the context of a GNR set. If AC/DC decided to cover Free Falling with Axl I'd love to hear that though