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  1. #WokeAxl

    Ah I didn't realise he said that. Well, in that case obviously there's the whole "when you're young and doing interviews, you say things you shouldn't" argument... but overall it seems he did put the suggestion out there.
  2. #WokeAxl

    I have never heard Axl say he was a manic depressive. I actually heard him saying that he has seen people in magazines say he was, but he was never diagnosed. Maybe now, he'd say he was but to my knowledge that's things other people have said about him, and things fans have picked on to excuse unexplainable behaviour (going on late for 20yrs straight).
  3. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    Highly doubt it. Maybe an appearance?? If it didn't happen between 2016-2018 I don't see what has changed since. If anything guns have doubled down on their position on regard to Izzy, and Kay the blame (if you want to call it that) for his lack of involvement at his door. Would be nice, but it's far from crucial, to me at least! I'd much rather they put the fucking tour to bed and make this record. Thing about touring is it's almost certainly disappointing! Axl weak out of the gate, and likely the same stage show, setlist and everything in between. Anyway... Maybe we get a record for the end of next year🤣
  4. They certainly aren't underrated. They are however cast aside by a lot due to the look, look of some of the videos, and past nonsense with Axl.
  5. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    Fair enough, I just thought you were on threads about new music not so long ago... But I can't say I'm keeping tabs🤣 If you don't enjoy it, I have no problem with that and if later on down the road you decide you like it again, I have no problem with that either! And like you said there's plenty to talk about around here besides gnr. Curious though, was the last show in 2017 because that was the last time they played near you?
  6. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    That you're not invested in gnr anymore. You follow them on show days in threads that takes a lot of interest, you still have hope! 😃 If I didn't listen to GNR and enjoy doing so, I wouldn't be here... Nothing personal mygnr people 😄
  7. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    That ain't true, otherwise you wouldn't be here.
  8. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    There nothing in that, that isn't already common knowledge and readily available. I think it's past the time that people care about these stories, as he never got charged with anything. I remember reading a little bit about this a year or two ago on some gnr article, and it didn't stir up attention, so I don't think editors ate going to jump on it. Also Duff and GNR will never respond so that douses the story with cold water.
  9. There's human decency and human nature. I know when I posted my original comment I wished him the best, but as a fan and knowing his history, it is fair to speculate the way I did (based on that article). I included the point that there may be more to the story, with that some of my post wasn't going to be totally fair for this particular incident. The full story will come out in time and then we can make a solid assessment beyond guessing. Adler's team may have released a statement but that could be simply to not worry promoters... What they said is most likely true though! At least I hope so! If they choose to give more detail on how it happened then we can all stop speculating! Finally, mentioning gnr and his involvement or lack thereof wasn't classy, but I owned it. I hope if he needs help, that he gets it!
  10. This is a bit extreme. Gnr is a big part of his life and history. People have written books about their days with Fame and used famous groups or people to sell copies... And they had no way near as much right to do so as Steven. I agree he latched a little too firmly onto the AFD brand, but maybe the guy isn't as well off all the time, as we think, and if you had that easy open venue source at your disposal you might do it yourself. Also it's far more likely to be heard with the gnr association.
  11. it's not GNR or anyone related to the bands fault if Steven is unhappy, that is purely down to the life Steven chooses to lead, whether he's sober or not. It's excuses like that, that led to the man living in drugs for over 20 straight years. Perspective, he is hugely successful and continues to make enough money from his time in the band that he doesn't need to work very hard... most musicians never make it to this point. It obviously isn't easy when something you love moves on without you, but that is all part of life.
  12. Well look at the wording. I wouldn't get too worried about that article, it's just a 'get there first' write up, and really there is no information beyond that leaked hospitalisation report. I think stabbing yourself in your stomach is more of a cry for help, than a full blown attempt. Anyway! Let's hope for the best!
  13. How do you unintentionally stab yourself in the stomach? I guess it could happen if he tripped? but it's fairly unlikely. Good to hear he's ok though! Hopefully there's nothing else at play, because he looked to have a few years where he had it together. Guess I'll be the asshole to say it first... But it's episodes like this (if it's not just an accident), that prevent him from being a more permanent member of GNR.
  14. Reasons why they can't is simple. This is going to be in court for years! They no longer own the masters of the bands material, they ha e reproductions. If the bands take the label to court and say "produce the Masters to my back catalogue" they can't do it, so the artist is now basically in the driver's seat. They are going to get sued by everyone, and rightly so. In a way it's a good thing, because these labels ha e been screwing the artists for a long time, and now they are going to have to cough up $$$ Obviously though, it's more bad than good because it's so much history gone for good!
  15. This fire happened about 10yrs ago, so it's very likely the new remastered is a digital copy of the analog master. This is only getting started now, the lawsuits are coming thick and fast.