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  1. I agree, there's definitely a bit of gap between being there and hearing it back the next day. And, I've come to the conclusion to just let people remain happy. My brother saw KISS this year, he was blown away thought they were amazing... we all know Paul Stanley can't sing, I could have said that but it would have sucked the good out of it for him. Not saying that we should just go along with crazies who refuse the evidence but if someone says "I enjoyed the show, he sounded good when I was there" as long as they don't make the argument of phones being to blame for poor vocals, I let it go But yes, in terms of one show that they could release tomorrow that Axl sounds great from top to bottom, I don't think it exists! But! you mention "a true live album", well a true live experience means some bits are going to be great, some things will be less than great, let's say they released Houston which seems to be a favourite around here, it's a decent show but Axl will be off here and there, Same with Slash's bends, Franks drumming, Duffs Backing vocals... there'll be mistakes is the point. I'm with you, in that I'd prefer a compilation, but I can appreciate the imperfections too, just like when I listen to the current Metallica and James is using a cleaner voice to sing Enter Sandman, or Lars is dropping a cool fill from any number of songs. The problem is that most of the best live albums, are far from live so the standards are almost impossible to match with a true live show just from the soundboard... there are of course freak of nature singers / bands out there that are on EVERY night, but we all know that is and never was GNR. What's wrong with this versions rendition of Patience? I've heard versions this year that stand up against the classic line ups versions (some of which are definitely not as good IMO). I'd agree with RQ, Yesterdays and Used to love her though... they aren't even as good as the last line ups versions, vocally or by the band... as a whole.
  2. Where is your evidence? That's like me saying all the parts on UYI and AFD were all recorded by outside musicians.... I just made that up but who cares right. Spread it around! Adler can't remember the session, and doesn't seem to realize that a remixed recording can sound sonically different from a late 80s mix compared to tech from 2017. Remember, Adler does have 25-30yrs of solid alcohol and drug abuse so it's fair to say his recollection isn't going to hold as much water as some of the other members who didn't dabble as much.
  3. The one that has 12 new guns songs on it.
  4. They serve a purpose on an otherwise slow album to give a bit of a tempo shift, in my opinion ion that's why he included them. I rarely listen to them other than in the car, when they come on in shuffle... They are fine, but I wouldn't be upset no to hear them again. I personally love DDM and GOE😁 but I live CD, I think both songs have great ideas I just think that both songs have too many of that same thing so their just chaotic... And not in a good chaotic 'Right next door to hell' kinda way.
  5. MY WORLD.... Unless we're talking about comedic releases, then it's top tier. Scraped and Rhiad are about as good as each other... As in poor/forgettable. I k I why they made the record but they should have been replaced or just left off for a shorter more concise album.
  6. I much prefer sons of Apollo, but that's it really, totally different music so it's not gonna suit everybody. For me SOA has more life in the music, something that AOA just didn't have (to me). I really didn't like the riffs in AOA, reminded of early 00s metal or the production style. It was the first bumble related music that I just couldn't get into in any way.
  7. And the only way to change that is continue the good work and do some high profile interviews (late late etc) and make sure it's mentioned that the old Axl/guns going on late is dead and buried. But yeah I 100% agree with what you said! Does that happen often on this forum😂
  8. If Dave Grohl did this, he would have headlines all over social media about how dedicated a professional he is! I honestly don't see much difference between the two these days. Axl broke his foot and played the rest of the show, and then toured sitting down, he's gone on stage sick a bunch of times and played either the equivalent o most other bands full show, or the entire GNR 2.5/3hr show... the guy doesn't always deliver the vocal we and everybody expects from him, but he does try... Anyone whinging and moaning, I get it! you didn't get a great show! but it could have been an all out cancelled gig. And I'm sure they had the option in their contract, to be able to cancel if any of the key members were seriously ill or injured... but they decided to go out and do as much of a show as they could, I'd have just had a few beers and enjoyed it for what it was. Now! any other night where everybody was in good health if I got this show, I'd be pissed! but sick is sick! you can't just force yourself better, and the voice is dependant on the rest of your body being in good health! Anyway! that crowd was filled with morons for the most part, people that got free tickets with the racing, most (not all) aren't fans of the band, they just went because it's a big name and it was free.
  9. Slash's guitar is out of tune (check intro). Not a bad performance besides.
  10. 11/08/18 - Jakarta, Indonesia

    No, I'm deadly serious. As of right now, when I hear both playing I lean towards Richard. As far as the guitar player who influences me more and the music they've written I obviously prefer Slash. I'm talking about Slash of 2016-present in a live context.
  11. 11/08/18 - Jakarta, Indonesia

    No, he's low(er) on the list. He is one of the best, he's just not top 10 like some here would have you believe. Again, I love his playing but I'm aware of the music world outside of GNR and rock. If we're limiting the scope and saying best blues rock guitarists, he's obviously going to climb a lot higher.
  12. I don't agree. I think the benefit of Old members gave him a buy through more so than 2012. London wasn't a particularly good show, in fact most of the pro shots from that year were not the stand out shows unfortunately... We all know how Axl us when there's cameras!
  13. Yeh, bridge school was shit, and if sure there was a handful of other shit gigs... But the actual tour was pretty consistent. He sang as well as he did on the first leg of the NITL tour almost every night..
  14. Axl's alleged plastic surgery

    That forehead in 2006 didn't move, he definitely looked like he was using Botox... Maybe not? I doubt he'll ever comment on it... He certainly looked better in 2006 though, in shape and singing well. He definitely looks every year of his age now, and then some.