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  1. Hey you might be right, but they aren't the first band to do something similar. I might have bought a bare faced lie though, I'm open to it. But they didn't need to do those shows, the other markets I mentioned would have welcomed them with open arms (and legs).
  2. I actually agree with that, the HOF performance was better than most of the NITL tour versions of the same songs... Obviously swap out Myles (who did great on the night to be clear).
  3. That's an interesting retelling of history. They played bowling alleys because they wanted to play a bunch of intimate shows, they weren't forced into it because of poor ticket sales. And I know the arenas in America weren't full but we're still talking mostly 3/4 full arenas, with the occasional sell out or less than 3/4 sold. Gnr were still playing double nights in London, and selling out throughout Europe, selling thousands of tickets in SA, and doing great in the Asian territories, they were no way near stadiums but they were still a huge band, doing good, but not spectacular business. Finally, I never suggested Slash wasn't a huge fan favourite and that he brings a lot of fans back! I just meant that there are a lot of great players out there, and there are not that many great frontmen! So while I love Slash he is far more replaceable... Had gnr replaced Axl they'd be where Skid row are today. Axl could still go out with another version of GNR and do well, the rest of the guys could not do that, even if they were allowed the use of the gnr name.
  4. Guns n roses is more than sum of its parts. A record with Slash and Duff will sound a whole lot closer to what most people remember as GNR. That doesn't mean CD is any less a GNR record though. This argument will rage on long after GNR hang up their leather chaps and large brimmed hats, we ain't ever going to come to an understanding. I accept any version of GNR that has All on vocals. All things considered😉, he wrote some of my favourite songs and he's the voice. Guitar players, like it or not are far more replaceable! And I'm speaking as a guitar player so I should be saying the opposite. I don't take anything away from Slash or any member (Ashba obviously excluded), but the voice is the key ingredient.
  5. Duff interview.

    The truth lays somewhere in the in-between. They wanted him to do it, they offered him a fee, he didn't like the fee so he didn't do it. I don't know how true it is that he at that stage said I don't want to do a long tour... Considering that they have all said that they had commitments up to Coachella and they weren't sure where it would go after that. I doubt Izzy would have wanted to stay on the road for 2 years though.
  6. According to most sources gnr didn't start studio sessions until 95/96. And I don't think work started in earnest until Slash and Duff had quit, and Matt was fired. I'm sure things were thrown around though but as far as fully formed songs, they were years away! It would be interesting to hear the demos moby heard though! But his timeline in this interview is a bit off.
  7. It's never too late. Much more entertaining now too
  8. Best thing GNR fans can do is not read this. No 1, it's garbage! No 2, the more you click it the more revenue it makes.
  9. AC/DC and Metallica have both opened for the Stones, neither of which were opening bands at the time. You do it because it's a cool nod to get, GNR would do it because they are all HUGE Stones fans. I don't see it happening but if it's a limited run of shows of course there's a possibility... but there's also the possibility of a new record coming out tomorrow, doesn't mean it's happening
  10. If you think Axl Rose is personally involved in every minute detail of gnr you're fucking crazy. Online lyrics and YouTube videos mean nothing to the gnr machine. If for some reason a to be released songs lyrics or a to be released live album or new song got leaked, Axl would be aware of this and then he would oversee that it's resolved. Everything is handled by other people. Axl owns and runs gnr but you're reaching.
  11. They have no power over Axl, and they know that. If they try and force him they know he will kick up a stink and go to court rather than give something he doesn't want to. Axl would probably prefer to lose millions of his own money than to let someone or something get the better of him.
  12. Those guys are tied in to the UMG agreement, there's no time limit. The time limit is when the label says we're dropping you, or the band sues to get out of their contract. If GNR wanted out of their contract they would have done just that after the label mishandled (In Axls opinion) the Chinese release. Gnr are worth too much to a label so they aren't going to let them wait a contract out, GNR owe more records and while the label isn't over them saying "we want it by November" you better believe that if there's recordings then they want to slap the UMG label on it and put it out, and make as much money as possible off of it.
  13. So it is exactly as I called it😄 small tour to dust things off and then kick around some ideas in a studio somewhere. Biggest red flag was that Slash is already working on the next SMKC songs for their next record. Where does that leave Slash contributions for the next gnr release? Who knows, but I would think that he would be fully focussed on his next gnr recordings since UYI (not counting TSI).