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  1. Axl vs. Freddie Mercury

    This! As Jason newsted said, GnR had their teeth for about 3 years and then they got bloated and ineffective, Axl went down with the ship in many ways. Obviously not taking away from the 2006-2010 return to form... but the other years have been so, so up and down!
  2. Axl vs. Freddie Mercury

    Freddie hands down beats Axl on almost every front. And it's not a competition and people will have their differences of opinion, but when it comes down to it Freddie is without doubt in mine and many others minds the greatest frontman of all time, beating Axl, Jagger, Tyler, Hetfield, or any number of other performers. Incredible showman, incredible voice from start to finish (no embarrassing dips like Axl), his back catalogue with Queen is also top quality, almost every album is great from top to bottom. GnR are my favourite band, Axl on form is the voice that I most like, but Freddie is the granddaddy, master of the universe and it's pointless to argue with it. He was the granddaddy before he died and he's only become more so with each passing year, because more and more people realise what an incredible musician he was.