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  1. He isn't saying he's nobody, he's saying I'm famous but don't take my words as gospel 'just because'. I know that when you have a pedestal, people will look at your words and follow because they look up to you. And in this case, there is no harm in him pointing out that people should be wearing masks and trying to protect each other. If he can help get a few more thousand people to wear masks that's good in my book.
  2. Oh I LOVE Queen, but for gnr Slash is the man for the job! And his track record on epic ballads written by Axl is exceptional so there's that too!
  3. Yeah I'm a cat lover too! and that is a spoiled cat😁 beautiful! I expect a long love ballad for the next album and for it to be actually about Dijon.
  4. I just can't see a Tommy inclusion, the song itself might make it! because it's actually a good song in that UYI mould! but his vocal will be swapped out, as would Bumbles parts... so what it might sound like when all is said and done?? who knows! I think that would be a great song for a new Guns record though, same goes for Perhaps and State of grace... I'm on the fence with Oldschool, but maybe if Slash and Duff and co reworked it, it's salvageable. I love the verses in Atlas, but the pre-chorus and chorus sound like different songs... but there's a good song in there! two songs actually😁
  5. He is a public figure, but what he is saying is 'just because i'm famous, it doesn't mean i know better than you' and I appreciate when any public figure says that. I can't stand the hollywood people coming out saying their usual babble for the cameras, feigning compassion for the everyman! "We know what's good for you". I don't for a second believe Axl is in still touch with the everyman, but I think he at least remembers what it was like to be broke as shit and having to fend for himself. There are some people who hate when musicians speak out, and sometimes I hate it too! but in this instance there's nothing here that I disagree with! if leadership isn't going to try and help people then respected musicians and public figures AND normal people have to step in and do what they can!
  6. I have to think they were being pressured by legal proceedings if they pulled out... playing that gig was just stupid. I don't think a case would have stood had they pulled out considering it was the eve of the pandemic.
  7. They don't think in terms of keeping lunatic fans like us happy. Also, I'd bet that Axl is more old school and would prefer to release his material on a traditional album rather than bonus add ons for a greatest hits package. It worked ok for VH on best of both worlds but the new material was really not digested because it was surrounded by the bands biggest songs... impossible company! I do hope to hear State of grace in a more finished form one day though! that song above all the others has potential, kinda reminds of 'The Garden' part II.
  8. Yeah, it was a shame that they couldn't see eye to eye for a moment! but, it is what it is!
  9. They did try and collaborate on the greatest hits, there was a whole lawsuit where Duff, Axl and Slash tried to prevent the original one because they didn't like the song selection... and Axl also thought he was releasing CD that same year. They collaboratively tried to stop it, and collaboratively failed to do so. The pluses of the original releases were 1. it sold and continues to sell a shit ton! 2. I discovered Ain't it fun! Besides those two things the track list is fine, but it's not the final selection I'd have chosen.
  10. I told you what I expect. If you view the UYI records as two individual albums rather than a double album then that's three LPs - getting into that is just splitting hairs though. Listen they released enough music in that time to coast by for 30yrs so it was good enough, it just wasn't equal in amount to other acts.
  11. I'm only talking about LP releases of original material, but If you look at from the "a release is a release" perspective, then you're 100% correct.
  12. NITL live videos on youtube

    Normally I hate when bands barrel through a song, but in this case I actually like this version. I like how every drummer in GNR has played ISE though.
  13. Oh I agree with all of this, especially that last line!
  14. I know the history, but I'm talking about comparisons with other popular acts and the output is not stacking up. And it was the tail end of 87 that AFD started picking up momentum, but it came out in July of 87, UYI came out in September 91 so there's a 4yr period where they worked AFD, and as I said to Draguns Lies is a collection of B-sides, filler and Patience I just don't view it as anything more than a single + a few add ons... At the time of course it was all great, GNR were on MTV there was new videos, and momentum etc. but I'm strictly talking about something else, which is proper LP releases as per the usual release trajectory of a young artist. I can't argue that the period between 87-90 didn't make the band a lot of money or build fan awareness it was clearly successful but again, I'm not arguing about any of that.
  15. It's not the same as the wait for CD, I wouldn't argue that. At the end of the day it all worked out to some degree, they sold millions of albums but they were far from flat out going from Slash's recollection in his book. Anyway, my reply to Draguns sums up what I was trying to say.