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  1. I'd love to hear Since I don't have you live! my god, even the thought of it... boing! Ain't it fun would cool too! Surprised Sympathy hasn't been in the mix tbh! Pretty tied up is number 1 on my list
  2. You're joking, but we would all go crazy if they played rock the rock
  3. Imagine they are just using the backing tracks and recording their take over them.
  4. Ha! I know, I know If it came down to it, of course it's not their song! it's Dylans. In the context of a GNR set, it's one of the songs people pay to hear when they see GNR, that's why it remains.
  5. I actually like the Duff track too. I love that it sounds nothing like The Foo Fighters! at this point that is a very good thing in my book.
  6. It is a GNR song, it's a great sing along and that is the main reason why it remains in the set. Yep, it drags now in comparison to the old version but when you're there it's enjoyable to sing along. If it was on a DVD release I'd probably watch it once and then skip it unless they sounded fantastic throughout.
  7. Nothing to do with range. It's about politics, that's what these lists are always about. I couldn't care less for RS's 100 greatest singers, I'll make my own mind up. Personally Axl goes higher on MY list, but in general that he makes it to #64 in 2008 (or even now), in stead of some of the other great singers (not listed) is far from a slight.
  8. I was listening to this yesterday, no idea Duff played on it! As quirky as it is, I kinda liked it.
  9. Personally I think there's a very good chance of hearing Locomotive again. I'd guess (and that's all we do here), that Axl realises that it's a tricky song to sing and that he's not quite able to knock it out so... in his own time, away from a live stage with thousands of cameras he's rehearsing it. If and when he thinks he's up for it, he'll give it another go. No reason to be crying that it was off the set again last night! It's an alternate song, so it could be a good few shows before it turns up again, but maybe next time they tour It'll be a main list song. Main point for each of the remaining shows is to just expect the set list that was played at this show, IF they play something different then great, if not! yes it's a bit boring but there's no need to be disappointed.
  10. Better song: Coma or Locomotive

    I thought he did, but Slash wanted him to come back in overdub the guitars for a thicker sound and he didn't want to so Slash layered it himself. He talks about it in his book (not necessarily about Coma, Locomotive). Basically said, Izzy was happy with putting the recordings of his guitar that he made at home on the record.
  11. Better song: Coma or Locomotive

    Well given that I have no major love for Coma, Locomotive is the clear winner! Love the groove of Locomotive, it has a better riff, better solos, better vocal line; for me Coma is half baked.... but somehow it's one their longest songs and loads of hardcore fans get all hot n' flustered when they play it
  12. 10/18/19 - Guadalajara, MX - Estadio Jalisco

    Nope anyone who didn't have their head up their arses went out to enjoy a great band between 1999-2014... in particular the 2006 era band. Thousands upon thousands enjoyed the band. So, no if you wanted GNR it was there all along. Now, to all this bullshit that I keep reading about complainers. It's not complaining to tell it how it is. Grow up, sometimes people are going to dislike the things you like. You can like the same old, same old crap if you like! but for the most part people here are easily pleased, we want simple quick changes to the set that makes it a bit more interesting. Rotate opening songs, rotate Appetite era songs, do they always have to play mr brownstone? surely Out ta get me, my michelle, You're crazy would be good alternatives. End of the set, does it always have to be nightrain...Paradise city? Why not Paradise city at the end of the main set and nightrain at the end with confetti? it doesn't need to be this exactly, but I remember in 2014 when Guns opened with You could be mine and the board went crazy. Basically, if you can't handle gnr getting reasonable criticism, you need to get your head straight and if you can't do that I'd recommend skipping on over to the the nightrain forum or HTGH.
  13. 10/18/19 - Guadalajara, MX - Estadio Jalisco

    This is such a load of bollocks. You're saying swapping out 1 maybe 2 songs is a different set. Technically you're correct, BUT! we're talking about the running order, that is the same and that's what's boring. Yeah you may hear an alternative song, but overall it is the same set night in, night out. It's so easy opens, nighttain before encore, paradise ends EVERY night. That my friend is really boring, if you like that then you're going just to go at this point. I enjoyed both gigs that I went to but it was basically the same show just a different crowd/venue... think I got out at get me one of the nights too. I would not be arsed going to see it again though. 3 1/2 years later it has lost all its mojo. My favourite band and I really have no excitement for all this. 10yrs ago when cd tour kicked off I was so buzzed, now I couldn't care less. Hope the band continues, but at the same time I wouldn't be as heartbroken if they folded either. Overall review🥺Zzzzzzzz! Glad the crap like wish you were here, black hole sun is now not a definite for each show. That is a positive for the latest gigs😀
  14. 10/18/19 - Guadalajara, MX - Estadio Jalisco

    Normally if you're standing to the back of the gig, those people don't know about the CD material, if you go closer you will see more people who like it, those same people will be singing along to deeper UYI cuts too, the people in the back also don't care about deep cuts, they've come for the hits. If you want a hits set only, I think you would be down to short gnr set, padded with solos. Personally, not all the CD songs work brilliantly live anymore, and I think some of the older guns don't work too well in concert either... but, I like that they play songs that your 'bought the ticket on the day' fan might not have heard, it's a challenge for them and the more seasoned fans get a treat.
  15. Nah, I have heard him pull off Out ta get me, almost just as good as he did in 90s and this was in 2017 a year after the AC/DC run. I'm not saying singing like that, they way he did is good for your voice, but he isn't a fool. He realises that he needs top be able to sing to make money. He may be proud and maybe a bit crazy but he wasn't going to risk the rest of his career on one tour with AC/DC. His vocal troubles are down to preparation, and technique issues. The guy can still hit really high notes, outro of SCOM etc. In fact the majority of GNRs set is filled with Axl screaming and he manages. Also, screaming a high note with pitch and accuracy is still singing, just like singing with a clean vocal. And, every vocalist singing live uses delays, reverbs, compression etc. This isn't some Axl trick to mask bad singing.