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  1. Changes in the upcoming leg?

    I think Axl respects Myles. While Myles hasn't had the sane success as other legendary frontmen, anyone who has a clue about singing should be able to appreciate how good and consistent Myles is. Also! I think he passes the test of what is legendary seeing as 3/4s of Led Zeppelin we're seriously considering hitting the road with him as their singer. If that doesn't give you the seal of approval nothing does. I think there was also a rumored story of Axl having people back on his bus after a gnr show and 'you're a lie' came on the radio and he asked for it to be put back on, after someone had switched it off... Don't know if this is confirmed, but I see no reason why he wouldn't like it considering he is a fan of Slash's style and because it's a legitimately good song. Anyway, if it's true, it confirms that Axl likes Myles's voice.
  2. Are you joking? 2006 Axl, 2010 Axl... Vs 2016-present. It's no contest. He sounded very good opening up the tour on the first trek and then he slipped and returned to the level he was so gig at during the 2012 run... Which was and us more than reasonable.
  3. I think he actually sounds better the higher the key of the song. When he is comfortable he goes to Mickey. If you really want to hear the fiery Axl voice they may need to tune up rather than down. The reason to tune down is a vocalists inability to hit the high notes. Say what you will but he can still hit the high notes, so no I don't they should or need to tune down. If they did and it sounded good then I would have no problem, as long as it was done right and didn't end up sounding sludgy.
  4. A song like Shacklers is a hybrid of Hard rock and industrial similar to something like 'The hand that feeds' by NIN. Don't really hear the nu-metal influence, beyond some downtuned guitars in places or the use of loops or hip hop style beats. Although, I could maybe concede If the world at a stretch. Later day NIN has some similarities to some of the material on Chinese. But the influences on that album are all over the place from Beatles / Queen (Catcher), Zeppelin (madagascar), to Black Sabbath / Floyd (sorry). And then there's some stuff that sounds totally unique to me
  5. Not for me, the original version and all live versions before NITL are far superior. The NITL version is different and cool, but it loses the feel, and that feel was what made that song so damn good. I don't argue whether it's a great live song, it certainly hasn't been in the last 2 years. Go and watch better live rock am ring THAT'S how that song is supposed to sound, and it's obviously stripped back in comparison to the studio version.
  6. Has Frank gotten worse?

    Funny thing is, Taylor was a session type drummer, did you know that? A drummer or any musician that can play in multiple sessions has the necessary musical chops (ears and ability) to play with almost any band. The idea that a session musician is a lesser musician is hilarious to me, especially considering how many session drummers replaced original drummers on records, and people still talk about the great feel on those records or can't tell the difference between them and the guy they know from the band. Seems to be an everlasting prejudice to Frank because he was hired to play in gnr, just like Richard.
  7. Has Frank gotten worse?

    Frank is playing how Duff and Slash asked him to play. In the years before NITL his playing was much tighter, even though he obviously did take some creative freedom in spots, adding extra Ghost notes etc. Anyway, it doesn't matter that the evidence to my comments is there, people prefer their version of the truth where he just decided to play looser and change his fills at the exact time Duff and Slash came back. There are parts within songs that I don't think he sounds good on, and in other songs he does a good job. I think he was a great drummer on the Chinese cycle, I think he's a good drummer on the NITL tour. Not great, and not bad.
  8. There's room for both. Slash is great at what he does, and someone like Yngwie Malmsteen is great at what he does. Also, there are some very melodic and tasteful players who are studied musicians (Steve Lukather, Paul Gilbert are two different the top of my head... Both can burn it up or come up with a simple melodic line, and are instantly recognizable). I don't think Slash is underrated in guitar mags, he's on the cover enough and he's always at least top 30 in the greatest polls. But let's get some perspective! There are A LOT of great guitar players, and yes some are more profecient than others and some people are preffered by more or less people... Just how it is! Not to forget all the great unheard guitar players who never got a big break.
  9. Not every singer that plays with Slash has to be edgy. Can't comment on the album as I haven't listened to it, besides the singles... Just thought the underlying bits about Myles were from a Axl fan who can't stand to hear Slash with anything other than Axl. I know he mentioned Scott, but it seemed like an after thought to hide his trail.
  10. Changes in the upcoming leg?

    Nothing major. Same song orders, probably 99% of the NITL setlist will survive onto the next leg. But!!! "it's different every night" so who cares I'd be happy to just here a (singular) song off UYI that hasn't been played in 25yrs, no need to list them we all know what they are.
  11. Guns N' Roses 2019 Plans?

    Another year of NITL in my opinion would be a mistake (outside of the millions earnt). Intermittent touring? Sure. Something like 2011, but hopefully there's a push to work together outside of touring or rehearsing for a tour as well. I don't know, we'll just have to wait and see. As we've said many, many times 'hope for the best, prepare for the worst'. For me this new album really isn't on my mind much or at all until I read a Slash headline or see one of the many new speculative threads about the future. Whatever happens, happens!
  12. There will be a new album. The reason there wasn't from 2010-present was that in Axls mind he was still getting g Chinese democracy over with the audience. I think he finally considers the work on the Chinese democracy album complete as it has reached a little more people through the NITL tour. Now that's one reason. The other thing g is that he's hot property all over again. After the release of CD his stock dropped. He wanted to release the music he wanted, the way he wanted and he knew that his position for demanding such a thing was damaged so he stalled and held back releasing a follow up. Now however, he's on top and he can push the label for a better deal and get what he wants. Finally, if there wasn't going to be a record, Slash would avoid the question or just come out say it. He's doing so many interviews and in each one generally confirms that he's writing material for a new record and he confirms that both he and Axl have both discussed the idea of doing one. Basically, a new album is not a done deal until it's recorded and gets through the label red tape, but! It's very much planned in the medium term. Putting a year on it? 2020? Who knows! but I'm guessing they realise that with their age they can't hold on too long.
  13. Nope, he's saying it's the right people for right now, he isn't saying one line up is better or worse. I would guess that if he was pressed for a favourite he'd gave AFD
  14. He's probably like Slash - "so living the dream, all things considered is..." interviewer "tell me about the new Guns N Roses record" Slash "ugh... it's probably going to happen, but anyway... my new record..." Interviewer - "have you recorded anything for Guns?" Slash - gets up, talks to his managers and has them draw up a new contract that ALL interviewers have to sign in order to interview him
  15. No. The old original version of NR was recorded by Axl and his fairly rudimentary piano skills (at the time). By 1990/91 by the time he recorded the final version he was a much better player and he had sat with that song for a long time having lots of space to change and add things. Guns have never been shy to credit writers, I can't see them writing with someone a d not giving g the credit... Unless whoever was writing with them expressly asked them not to credit them.