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  1. I actually don't dislike the song, I don't... But, of all the songs from the CD era (that we've heard) I think this one aged the worst. I like Axls voice on it, and I quite like the majority of the song (hate the section after the guitar solos, why Axl?) I think the current released version is ok, I think it's probably getting a fair enough shake, especially on here where every dream setlist thread has GNR opening and closing with this song or ...Silkworms Think Axl said it best, when he described it as a demo. It seems about 70% done, then it was like "They need the recording today, it is what it is" I can imagine that being the exact circumstances too I don't think they would have made a great song (it's good) out of it even if they did rearrange it a bit more. I throw this song on every once in a while, I remember being starved for new GNR music some time last year and turning to this... it did the job
  2. I use Google music in Ireland, and I have every Guns song (released) from '86 onwards, including CD and Alt lyric Don't cry. I'd say it's some weird mix up, or somehow they haven't been paying correct royalties for CD material and Don't cry Alt. so the label pulled them while Spotify and the other platforms rectify it, that's the only explanation I can think of considering everything else is still up.
  3. It's been discussed, it just hasn't been decided about the when, where and how. Some bands write on the road, some bands don't. Some bands just focus on touring and others are constantly looking ahead and deciding what they want to do next... GNR has never been a band with long term plans.
  4. That's a completely unmusical thing to say. Slash is iconic and he is great, yada, yada... But that doesn't mean every other gnr guitar player is thrash compared to him. Like it or not those other musicians brought interesting things to the table. They also wrote solos that we're memorable (like the outro in better or the TIS solo). I accept that the more atonal fretless or bucket type leads might are jarring to some, but the more bluesy parts are as good as it gets. Example of Slash adding his parts and making it work well with what had come before is Madagascar. A completely new part but it was complimentary and brought the song to a new place. I thought so e of his other contributions mainly his solos were distractions and over indulgent... Considering how over indulgent CD could be at times it didn't really have room for more of that.
  5. Happy that Brian gets to finish what he started. Unhappy that I'll have to wait even longer now to hear new Axl Rose studio material. My personal preference would be for AC/DC to do a Sam and Dave (Van Halen ref.) with Axl coming out singing half and Brian doing the other and then both together. Can't see it. I'd also be happy just to hear Axl duet with Brian on one of the songs on the new record (which certainly is a possibility) Or take a whole lead vocal for himself. I think most AC/DC fans myself included want to see Brian end AC/DC, but we also understand that Brian is 70+ and no matter how much he tries that voice is not on the same level it was. Axl on the other hand seems to have that extra bit of fire in him when it comes to AC/DC... When he's 70 I'll probably say the same thing though (however unlikely it is that he's still performing).
  6. But you can obviously see the other side of the coin, with Slash throwing out the majority of the CD guitar parts. Those songs may not be NV, or Sweet child to most people, but to some there are definitive parts that need to be played. I wasn't a big fan of some of the 2000-2014 live versions.
  7. Special edition CD re-release with live versions from NITL tour, as well as remixes as bonus. Remixes in my view should not be the main release... I'd personally say that re-releasing CD is a bit of a waste though. For obvious and we'll documented reasons. But! If Axl is intent on releasing it, get it out of the way now so gnr can move on to something else.
  8. The future for Guns?

    I kinda agree, I also think they need to keep moving and go somewhere new while still hitting those classic gnr styles. Some sort of a hybrid of everything they done to date seems like the best option. I would prefer to hear Axl spit dire for 40-50mins, but I also want to hear some more if his more progressive or ballady tracks
  9. Where are you Axl Rose?

    Good to see that ACDC fans are as mental as us😂
  10. Where are you Axl Rose?

    I don't think it's a shafting anyway. He was definitely contracted for the rock or bust tour, I wouldn't be so sure that, that contract extended past the end of the tour. I' sure it was discussed whether or not they'd be continuing and he certainly has suggested some involvement in recent months, but that could be wishful thinking. Slade was doing a good job on that last run, so there's no question that he can go, but yeah he is getting older so it's quite possible that Angus decided Rudd was a better fit, and like I said in my other post gave the AC/DC name that other bit of credibility after everyone else left.
  11. Where are you Axl Rose?

    Well AC/DC have recorded in Vancouver for a long time now. They also work very privately. They also don't live in Canada so the reasons for two or more past or present members of AC/DC to be in Vancouver at the same time are limited... limited as in very unlikely unless it was them working together. These guys don't holiday together, I'd imagine they don't hang out, outside of gigs and getting to and from gigs. I think this is exciting. I also think it's very exciting that Phil Rudd might be back in the fold. As much as I appreciate Slades contribution to AC/DC, to my ears he has never sounded right on the Rudd tracks. Phil obviously ballsed things up historically with all that meth and gun for hire business but with the band down to just angus as an original, bringing Phil back makes sense and gives things that little bit more credibility
  12. GNR jumped the dolphin (finally)

    I disagree, most bands have their say in what goes in these special edition releases. I think they decided what extra material was included etc. I also think that they oversaw the decision for the posters etc. They might not have picked everything originally but I'm almost certain Axl would have looked at the final proposal and then gave the thunvsup or down.
  13. GNR jumped the dolphin (finally)

    Who do you think runs this band? if it involves dollars and cents, they know what's going on. NOW there is a possibility that Universal have acted alone, and through some loophole in the gnr contract they are able to do things like this without the bands expressed consent... but why would Universal piss off GNR right now? surely that are crossing their fingers for possible live releases, best of compilations, ....new singles / albums (I know ), IF GNR had no hand in it I can't imagine they'd be that pleased with the negative attention.
  14. GNR jumped the dolphin (finally)

    This is something that was big news last year with Taylor Swift. Basically getting her fans to by repeat copies of her album and other merchandise so that they had a better chance of securing tickets for her upcoming shows. This whole thing is disgusting, and if GNR had any long term business sense they would run a mile away from this because it's not the golden ticket that they think it is. EVENTUALLY even the most diehard fan bites, and it's shit like this that does it. I'm obviously not a fan of GNR, because I've not bought the boxset or even been offered the chance to buy this picture disgusting, greedy and and short-sighted.