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  1. What about Richard discussing how the proposed record from 2014 had riifs dating back to Slash on it? That's one way of hearing Slash riffs on a new guns record. I also don't think it's that crazy to see Slash and Duff writing with the current band. I see no reason why it couldn't happen. From my viewpoint, it looks like Axl has intentions of giving up on his cd material, explaining the amount of music played on the NITL tour, so could easily see them putting out some of those tracks with Slash and editing them the way they did on the older cd songs.
  2. Yes, very real possibility and Once it wraps, Slash starts working on basic tracks with Todd and Brent and when Myles finishes touring with AB they finish up writing and hit the studio. Fingers crossed that Myles not being around spurs Slash on to pursue a new Guns record... With Duff gone for the first part of next year with Walking papers, It's hard to see an all new Guns record materialising... but maybe it's the best of CD II and some new material that we've talked about many times before? possible. Might sound a bit thrown together though? but who knows! I hope they record some music, but I don't expect it... expectations are low. Can't see a situation of Axl and Slash writing new music and it not being for a new Guns record, but crazier things have happened in the last 3-4 years.
  3. I don't know, when someone says "I had lots of private chats that I never spoke about" it's usually a bunch of bollix. All of this could be true, it definitely wouldn't be that out of character for Axl... but I suspect a little bit of chicanery from Wall too, the "I'm completely innocent, I just print the truth man!" shtick is a little hard to stomach given the amount of interviews he does about Axl, and the books he's written. End of the day, who gives a shit, this was a minor spat for a GNR trivia night at best.
  4. 2019 is writing/recording the alter bridge record, so they'll be touring well into 2020. Looks like Slash is either gonna have to find another singer, take a long break, or record with Guns. Option 3 Slash. Make it so🖖
  5. That day that they need Steven or Izzy to sell out is not going to happen. That doesn't diminish Izzy and Stevens contribution to the overall of Gnr, it just demonstrates how the general public feel about gnr and what they want to see. And what's clear is that there are two simple on that stage who have 95% of the attention, and sell 100% of the tickets. Steven may be fine to do shows, or he isn't and he managed a 2hr show and somehow was ok after it. End of the day, if gnr wanted him back he would've been on the drums, instead they decided to roll with Frank, like it or lump it!
  6. Some talking over her, but an otherwise good interview. Lesson, when the interviewee is talking, you 🤐 with the "this was my feelings on the subject" definitey do not talk talk over them. Talking specifically about the CD question section.
  7. Because he's shatter said ass with his love making, and now there's nothing left but debris.
  8. Of course, I don't know it for fact but as Ronin mentioned, there's lots of similar stories. Check out Brian Wilsons story for a great example of an inner circle taking advantage. I think it's quite possible that Marcs right. Look at this way, in 1992/93 he splits with Stephanie, '94 he's in court, 95 he's in hiding, '96 Slash is gone, '97 / '98 Matt and Duff are gone... and then add all the weird past life crap he was mixed up in. For years he was losing the people around around him, and he had nobody to trust anymore besides this family that he met. He's in this fragile state, and he's pouring his heart out to these people and we're supposed to believe that someone might not get the idea that "this person is worth a lot of money, this is my chance to get close" I think you would be both naive not to at least consider that, but I also maybe a little too eager to find a conspiracy if you say "this is what happened".End of the ay, all we have to go on are, accounts from people like Duff, Marc, Slash and anyone else that was around in that period, between everyone's stories the truth is there.
  9. Yup! What their rationale was??? I don't know because. For a lot of years Axl was far from happy and one big reason was all the Slash/Guns stuff... Maybe they had good intentions? I don't know, but I just hate the idea of people getting close to someone and taking advantage, or "protecting" them from things 'they' think that person shouldn't see or hear. Messed up. Good interview!
  10. Simple answer yes. Almost every drummer that has played with gnr has a different sound and approach. I haven't heard a bad drummer yet in GNR, although there's things each do (aside from Adler... although was obviously more than a bit loose at times) that I don't like. There's a huge difference between Frank, Matt and Steven. Each guy has almost completely different to the other. I'd describe Adler as loose with a great rock n roll swing. I'd say Matt was a timing machine, always on, but he lacked the natural groove that made the early guns sound great, probably the most "session musician" style drummer in the pack. Frank is like some sort of hybrid of Matt and Steven with some other bits thrown in on top, I personally thought he played much better on previous tours, but he is still a good drummer and works well with the band, would I like to hear November rain played with a bit more of a back beat? you're damn skippy "stop rushing those fills Frank!!!" but I'm finicky about feel and timing on the best of days and I realise most people don't care about this stuff (I drive my band mad).
  11. And then can they play a tight two hour gig, cut out all the fat and just kick ass for two hours with just one guitar solo break and Duffs punk song... and if they want to throw in So fine, Axl can have another break... I'm generous like that
  12. Yeh, that original mix was very muddy, good call... also glad someone in the GNR camp is keeping an eye on that end of things. With Caram doing the front of house for the tour, I wonder how much work IF any did he do with Axl on the downtime tweaking CD material. Seems quite plausible they'd be doing something or another.
  13. So strange to hear Axl talking to the crowd, is this a new thing? A couple of months he barely opened his mouth between songs... he was almost chatty for this gig... almost