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  1. Didn't Brain say he played on it?
  2. *FAKE* Silkworms Intro clip

    Even though I can understand some of the negative comments about this song (the RIR3 version probably didn't do it justice - I've heard that the NYE versions were much stronger) I've always found this the most intriguing GnR song and have no issues with musicians experimenting with their sound.
  3. Just release the bloody thing! Fan club only limited edition vinyl, record store day LE, download only - anything. Treat the fans. I always loved this leak. Needs a Bucket solo though 😉
  4. Cough... (Rod Jackson)... Cough
  5. Great interview. Just listened to it. Money is in 7/4 though not 7/8, you'd think a musician / producer would know the difference! At least we know the 35 sings rumours were true, even if there was no vocals. I guess Shacklers is the song he didn't record vocals for? I also think he could have done a better job structurally on The Blues to make it more epic. However very interesting.
  6. Both Slash and Bucket are guitar legends. Both can noodle incessantly, both can play rock / metal riffs, both can play emotionally, and both can play various styles. Slash is more classic rock orientated overall, Buckethead more experimental. Neither style diminishes each others ability. If anything they could learn from one another. They are both amazing talents.
  7. CD is good. I agree the arrangements needed work - a symptom of over cutting and pasting and insufficient band working together time to craft / hone the songs. I actually quite like the clean vocals, my biggest issue vocally is some of the pitching / vibrato, particularly in Madagascar and The Blues which should have been re-recorded. On topic - just release the vault. Get it done. I'd happily pay $200 for a limited edition boxset. Get it done for the fans that want to hear it. Those that don't can simply ignore it. Then move on, to new music written as a band.
  8. ain't life grand is an absolutely fantastic album, best singer / band / lineup Slash had post gnr. Wished they had more than one album...
  9. Yep. This was also completely pointless. CD demo drum track with Brain was better. Better was better. I can only imagine this was a gesture to get Frank on the album as a thankyou.
  10. THE Best gnr tribute band ever ?

    saw Gunz n Rozes in Leeds in 1999. Great night! The vid above are good though.
  11. If there is new music I hope to god it isn't a cut and paste job of pre-written and / or already pre-recorded music. It needs to be organically created. It will also be interesting who plays on the album, given 40% of the lineup are remnants of the MKIV of the CD era lineup.
  12. TWAT: Demo or Album Version?

    Any version without Bucket's solo is inferior imho. That solo elevated the song to a whole other level.
  13. Thoughts on Double Talkin Jive

    Totally agree. I said something similar earlier in this topic. Frank can't drum this song for toffee. He hits the right drums in the right order, mostly, but feel, tone, dynamics are shocking.
  14. Thoughts on Double Talkin Jive

    My experience of these types of things having been in many bands over the years is song writing tends to happen organically. Rarely would someone bring a fully completed song in with an exact idea of exactly how each part is played, with note for note sheet music for each member. Usually someone brings a basic idea, chord progression, riff, verse - chorus layout etc which the band would take and expand organically. There might be a vague idea of how the solo should be played, but this would be embellished, adapted, improved based on the organic feedback of the whole band. Songs (verse chorus, lyrics, chords etc) may be written by one person, but the whole finished article, the produced polished finished product, is a band thing.