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  1. Guns n Roses in 8D

    I'd settle for a 2d release to be honest.
  2. The "New Album" Thread

    100%. Theres actually a double whammy benefit - release standard album now for streaming only, release deluxe edition with bonus tracks on CD / vinyl once coronavirus has fucked off. Make money twice. Does that actually exist as a thing? Or are we supposing?
  3. There's an infinite Tuesday's left. And Dr Pepper is still a thing. At some point someone somewhere will release a GnR unreleased song.
  4. I'm not sure if you were responding to previous peoples posts as well as mine, but at no point did I mention anything about Sharon, the quality of Ozzy's music, or him being a nostalgia act. I actually love Ozzy and have all his stuff and BS stuff, and think the new album is very good*. I was merely pointing out that I don't think you can blame Andrew Watt for processing Ozzy's vocals, when they've been processed for 20+ years over countless albums and aren't going to age like a fine wine. *I've listened to the album now a few times now (on crappy speakers at work) and it is a LOT better than I was expecting and I really like it, with the exception of the two awful rap songs. So 9 of the songs are great. I don't get the over-produced comments (might be my speakers) but if these comments refer to a digitised sound I think this is partly a sign of the times unfortunately. Bring back room mics and early Zep style sounds all day please. I agree about the guitarist comments - some better solos etc would have been good, although funnily enough I actually really liked California Breed. Edit: Actually, re-reading your post (and the subsequent few pages) I think you were probably having a pop at GnR, not my comment. All good.
  5. Ozzy has never been a good singer and has always relied on vocal processing. He's snorted half of David Attenboroughs wildlife back catalogue, and is now a pensioner with parkinsons. I'm not sure you can blame Andrew Watt for failing to get performances from Ozzy...!
  6. No. I love the first one. The second one is good, but 3/5. Songs aren't as memorable. My main issue with BLS, who for the record I actually like, is the drumming and production. Dreadful production on most albums, with very average drumming.
  7. Interesting. I wonder how Josh new Bucket?
  8. I think Brain came first though. It was him that introduced Bucket.
  9. Brains ass in shape in terms of his ability to play the songs?
  10. Key here is for them not to overthink things. Just release a rnfnr album. Doesn't need to be (and won't be) the greatest album ever. But I'm of the view that a marginally better than average album is better for their legacy than nothing.
  11. It basically says they need izzy to write the songs.
  12. This is so depressing. Bullying. And the result being a complete and total missed opportunity with a wonderful musician.
  13. The "New Album" Thread

    I agree. However I think the issue is there's nostalgia acts, and nostalgia acts. I think everyone would be happy if 95% of this was nostalgia, as long as they dribbled out something for the hardcore now and then.
  14. I have always struggled to like Tommy after I heard that he bullied Bucket and was one of the reasons he left. That killed NuGuns and any element of creativity. Tommy just seemed to be a typical stereotypical rocker along for the fun of it. Bucket was an inspirational and original force. If Tommy can't get on with multiple guitarist's then it suggests the problem was Tommy, not everyone else. Not to mention that Bucket plays bass much better than Tommy. So I always blamed him for one (of the many) missed opportunities in Guns - Axl, Bucket and Brain should have just locked themselves in a room a month and cranked out multiple riff driven albums.