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  1. + Bucket for the CD stuff now there's a lineup
  2. I am no lawyer, but this feels correct. If I bought a storage locker and there was the entire Marvel cinematic universe and Star Wars DVD box-sets inside, I wouldn't expect Disney to be happy if I suddenly started uploading them on YouTube. It is what it is. I wish it were different, and 100% respect to anyone working for the benefit of the fans.
  3. Didn't Bucket get a song-writing credit on both Sorry and Shacklers? Or am I mis-remembering? My CD cd is locked away in storage (ironically enough!).
  4. My wife always winds me up on this one. She loves listening to swishy gated music from youtube (which sounds bad enough in the first place) on loud speaker on her phone via the tiny speaker it has. The sound quality is dreadful! Although to be fair I've probably heard GnR leaks with worse quality haha.
  5. If there's some kind of crowd-funding piece I'd be happy to support to get this released. To be honest I'd pay more for a CD boxset than I'd pay for a AFD boxset. I think this is for a few reasons: more obscure period of the band, definitely more unreleased "new" music, and I'm a huge fan of Bucket (acknowledge he isn't on the 1999-2000 stuff).
  6. This reminds me a little bit of Black Sabbath's deluxe edition release of the Eternal Idol, with the original Ray Gillen vocals. Fans were desperate to hear that. (And off topic, but I for one am very interested in the proposed remix of Forbidden album. I always like the lesser era's of bands music, like Forbidden by BS, some of the more obscure Deep Purple stuff etc - I think understanding the full catalogue and not just the "best of" is important and plays a key role in the history of the band overall. Maybe this is why I'm so fascinated by CD).
  7. Managed to crawl out my hole this weekend (been busy and trying to keep up with this thread has proven a challenge!). I actually like the song. Decent rocker and good driving riff. I think the intro kills it. Without that horrible intro a lot of the hate for the song would go I think. It's a bit like many of the songs on UYI I, just a good rocker.
  8. I ordered the whiskey glass with the bullet flying through it, which looked cool. Then I remembered I live in Europe, so god knows if / when it will get through customs given the bullet is real!
  9. 100%, would be very interesting. And we know there is plenty of music.
  10. This thread made me look on YouTube for Dylan and somehow I found this bizarre track on Slash's channel...
  11. ....When you are a fan of Fede....! And waking up at 6am to watch stuff on Periscope, having never heard of Periscope (or used it before, or since for that matter!).