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  1. Vocal Coach Reacts to GN'R

    lol That's both in terms of Axl's attire c. '91, and this pointless video.
  2. There's another GnR link in there as California Breed supported Slash's UK tour back in 2014.
  3. Question - all the individual random songs that leaked earlier in the year bit by bit / one by one (HS, Atlas drums up etc)... Were they ultimately re-released again within the full cd (lower case!) CD leaks? I.e. Were I to have all the cd's, are those earlier individual leaks useless? I got a bit lost with what was going on if I'm honest.
  4. I don't think he plays on a lot of it. And the "Bucket" stuff is more riff ideas to build songs around. Both Bucket and Slash are wonderful guitarists, just differing styles. And I'm ashamed to say I actually don't mind Kiss. Their rocky earlier albums are very catchy.
  5. Live Era '16 - '20

    Only if they also did Live Era 2000-2006, with Bucket, the '06 European shows etc. That's really the only era that didn't get a live release.
  6. Yeah the wah on Take 13 is H E A V Y !
  7. This song is wonderful. And loving the solo. Just wish they utilised the guitars a little better - it often feels like they try to squeeze both Robin and Bucket into a song. Some songs work better with Robin, others with Bucket. Squeezing both in often doesn't work - this being one example I think. Giving Bucket more time to flesh out a longer solo (essentially playing during what is "Robin's" bit leading into Bucket's bit) would have been better. However... minor criticism. It's a wonderful track.
  8. This is like being a kid at Christmas again. I used to sneak downstairs on Christmas morning to see if Santa had left any presents. I'm basically doing the exact same thing now each morning.
  9. Didn't Bucket join after Brain? I thought it was Brain that brought Bucket into the fold...?
  10. Well. My word. I think if I had that I'd put something in my will to share it to the masses at such time!
  11. There's Bucket era stuff out there?, and hoarded by people that are dead or not interested in GnR anymore?! WTF.
  12. 100%. And isn't boring to me. CD sessions were mythical holy grail to those of us that have been around that long, so having this level of detail is amazing. Lord... I remember staying up until 2am at uni to listen to the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show play Oh My God in 1999 when it was released, and I have been waiting and hoping for more stuff ever since. All this goes to show (again) is that the album was done. They should have released in 2002, and done a more Bucket focussed follow-up for 2004.
  13. "Which" Brain version? I'm getting lost there's that many different versions! Haha. Anything with Brain on is great though.