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  1. Chinese Democracy Vinyl

    Wow... 69 pages of vinyl mayhem! Cheers!
  2. Chinese Democracy Vinyl

    On the subject of vinyls, anyone have any recommendations for "beginner" amp and speakers. I have a record player.
  3. Unreleased Greatest Hits

    I'd absolutely love that. However unlikely it is. And I've said before, but leave the CD guitarists on CD stuff. So Buckethead please. Otherwise if the next GnR release consists of Slash redoing solos on former line up material that has already leaked, it'll be like CD all over again, which was Bumblefoot redoing solos on former line up material that had already leaked (as much as I love Bumble and Slash, leave it alone please, release new shit, save former line up shit for a boxset of that line up material). Amd surely they must be scratch vocals, there's mistakes!?!
  4. Unreleased Greatest Hits

    Cheers. My bad. Too early this morning! I own it, can't believe I got mixed up!
  5. Unreleased Greatest Hits

    The Yesterdays single in 1991 had a different version as a b-side, so there's been a few different versions released.
  6. I left a comment on one of the other topics about drum sound, and how on the recent youtube releases / Appetite for Democracy the live sound is awful as you can't hear the cymbals which carry the "sleaze" factor needed in dirty rnfnr like Apperite, ACDC's early stuff etc. Cymbals in this song are perfect. Even the reverb left on the cymbal fading out at the end is there. Guns sound engineer: take note.
  7. Unreleased Greatest Hits

    This is a "best of" though. Greatest Hits - songs released as singles, "hits" that get radio play etc. Best of - any songs, including album cuts.
  8. Unreleased Greatest Hits

    Coma and Locomotive are two of their very very best songs. I agree about Down on the Farm.
  9. Unreleased Greatest Hits

    What versions are the demos on the track list? The same as the recent AFD boxset?
  10. The TSI cover.

    What was the deal with the small text at the bottom of the cover again? I remember some conspiracy about that for some reason.
  11. NITL live videos on youtube

    Was that Foo Fighters video (which is now removed... ) on the Foo's official channel? I only caught it briefly late last night but thought I saw the FF logo, which made me surprised this morning to see the video gone. Edit: It's still there. Doh. My phone crashed and didn't reload the video within the frame and I thought for a moment even the Foo Fighters were being subject to these video deletions. Thank god not. We already live in a crazy enough world.
  12. Need your help!

    Sorry, I meant in UK. UK site doesn't have it, and I'm worried about mega import costs if I buy internationally.
  13. Need your help!

    Anyone know where best place to get Locked and Loaded boxset is these days? Has it sold out? It's over £1000 on ebay.
  14. Fingers and toes crossed! Would love to hear more. Release a Buckethead "In Search Of The" style boxset if needed.
  15. 100%. He is a true "artist", a creative genius. And while the creativity in the band at least appears to have dried up, Bucket released 300+ albums.