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  1. The Gear Thread

    Best OD/boost I've used is the Cusack Screamer V2.
  2. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Discovery and European knowledge of the "New World." Nowhere did I say all of his supporters are ignorant. Just most. Intelligent people can do dumb things. There are certainly smart people who support him. I'd bet there are far more smart people who don't though. And I'm sure studies have reflected this. Education levels among his supporters vs. hers were demonstrably different when I reviewed the data in mid-2016. I was staggered by her answer because it reveals a limited view of the world. There are people who are dead because of Trump's rhetoric; remember the Indian gentleman who was killed in an unprovoked bar incident shortly after the election? How about the people murdered on the train in Oregon? How about the litany of studies demonstrating a rise in antisemitism, white supremacy, and hate crimes in 2017? How about the people affected by the regulations he has undone across a range of industries? How about the fact that we went from a president who had remarkable command of the English language and vigorous critical thinking skills to a dinosaur who's most pressing concern is subject to the whims of his incoherent mind? It's an attitude of, "well I'm doing OK, so there's nothing to worry about."
  3. US Politics/Elections Thread

    It's not time to play nice. I agree that name calling and ad hominem attacks are not conducive to a valid argument. But this charade has gone too far and too long for me to holistically respect cordial argumentation (especially when one side fails to provide actual argumentation). And honestly, IMO there's nothing wrong with a 'fuck you' as long as it's backed with genuine debate. Ignorant is a better word than stupid, when describing the majority of his supporters. I don't think you're a supporter of his at all and I don't mean to pick on you KK, but you provided a perfect example of this when you argued with SoulMonster about some aspects of Atlantic history. Despite SM clearly demonstrating academic-level understanding of this history, you were adamant that your knowledge and understanding was somehow commensurate with his, and therefore your views were not wrong in your opinion. This is how people support Trump. They learned or were taught certain things about the world, which they believe to be undeniably true. And Trump plays right into it; partially on purpose, as his political advisers know how to capitalize on this, and it seems it's partially who he is. Another interesting anecdote: I started talking to someone at a social gathering a few weeks ago. She was a self-described reporter, though I don't know who she writes for. She noted she was Republican, which surprised me given the setting/group of people. So I pressed her a bit (in a nice manner, no 'fuck offs') - I asked how she personally reconciled her political beliefs with the behavior of the president, and how she was able to support the president once having made the reconciliation. Her answer: "Well. I think it's just a lot of hysteria honestly. Not much has really changed." WOW, I said to myself in my head. Yes, for you - a 20 something , middle class class white girl - nothing has changed. I was staggered at her answer, and I didn't inquire further. I ordered a strong drink instead.
  4. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Aww, have we been mean to Little Donnie? Did we hurt his feelings? Did the cast of Hamilton hurt his feelings? Fuck off. The vitriol this troglodyte has spread over the last several years far outweighs the "main stream media machine beating on him." The media is supposed to beat on politicians, that's its job. Is it always perfectly fair? Probably not, they're human. But you act like the media attention has been unwarranted. It's not the media's fault if you reveal yourself to be a sniveling, elitist creep. That's a personal issue with Donnie, not a bias issue with the media. But at the next Mainstream Media board meeting I'll be sure to pass along your thoughts as we discuss how to be unfair to Donald next. The majority of your points have been refuted in this thread, yet you maintain your view. I see this all too often with his supporters. Why are facts so difficult for people to deal with?
  5. Switch TFA and TLJ and this is literally my list. Yeah that's one of the things I was looking for in TLJ: context. It did not mesh well with TFA at all. TLJ didn't feel like part of a trilogy, it felt like a standalone movie trying to fit into an overarching meta/plot (and a plot that isn't exactly coherent or clever). The material on what happens post ROTJ is already there... oh wait. Thanks Disney. I'm conflicted on this. I like the idea of more overall coherence, but I don't like the idea of majorly touching 1 - 6. What you hit on though is what pisses me off. There were so many great Star Wars stories to choose from for standalone movies and a new trilogy. And Disney basically said, "No, we know better than SW fans." It can also be interpreted as: "We don't care. We're going to produce what we think will make us the most money." This is a bit over the top "big evil corporation" talk even for liberal me, but fucking with SW is grievously emotionally wrenching. Out of likes. Agreed 100%. Out of likes. Also agree 100%.
  6. Thinking About Selling My Rig

    Roland MicroCube is not a bad amp. Tiny, sounds decent, and cheap. I like Blackstar's 1 watt tube amps too. I wouldn't expect more than $200-$300 for the Line 6 stack. $1,200 will get you a quick sale with that LP if it's in good condition. I usually see Trads go for $1,200 - $1,800 depending on finish/specs. I'd aim for somewhere in the middle personally.
  7. US Politics/Elections Thread

    It's backed by the same thing which backs the US dollar: faith based on several attributes of the controlling party (US government). Bitcoin has a 100% open ledger, mathematical proofs, and exact knowledge of how many coins exist now, tomorrow, or years from now. And given the fact that it's nearly impossible to literally destroy a bitcoin (it's only happened once to one coin and it was intentional), and you have a pretty strong backing IMO. Whether it's a good currency due to other things like technological barriers/ease of use or volatility, that's a separate argument. But it's only backed by zilch in the same way the USD is. I think there are better cryptocurrencies for actual currency use, but bitcoin has laid the foundation for them. That's what they want you to think (EDIT: no it's not, that was a stupid thing to say. What I meant is: it's not well known that you can make money on this still). I've seen professional investors put ceilings on BTC of $100K and $200K. Less traditional people (McAfee, etc.) think it could go way higher. I agree the ship has sailed on making meaningful gains on BTC (unless you have a lot of capital to start with). But, who knows? There is A LOT of money to be made in cryptocurrency. There are nearly 1400 currencies - yes, some are garbage/memes/useless. And some are gems which are integrating real-use technology into their platforms. There are plenty of people who have gotten quite rich off crypto, without the help of BTC. (and no, I'm not one of them, just interested) The market cap in October was around 300B if I remember correctly. Today, it's at 770B. This is not to say it will grow at this rate forever, but it is growing. It is not too late to invest. My guess is we're just on the tail end of Phase I with cryptocurrency (though there were certainly waves within the phase). It is here to stay, and it will grow for the foreseeable future. EDIT: Also just a general note, yes you can buy less than 1 BTC. You can buy .2, .5, .75830, etc.. Any amount you want really. I haven't watched the video, but this issue is very complicated. There is indeed a powerful Jewish lobby in the US. AIPAC has historically been "the Jewish lobby" - that's started to change in the last 10-15 years. Quite a few Jewish/Israel advocacy organizations have been established to combat AIPAC's awful behavior. And some of them have been reasonably successful. AIPAC does not represent the views of American Jews. It represents the views of its conservative mega-donors and the minority of American Jews who are Republican. It's a loud, powerful minority, I'll give you that. And it's been all too glad to show its true colors given the heavily right-leaning US and Israeli governments. For the average private individual, meaningful mining became unsustainable several years ago. South Korean and Chinese firms have a monopoly on BTC mines, though there are some US-based ones too. Good list and summation of the 'knowns.' It will be interesting to see if any surprises happen though. In 2006, I doubt we were talking about Obama as a possibility. It depends, but generally: yes. I've seen county board races with more aggressive fundraising plans than some congressional races. Here's a big problem with a lot of the conservative logic I hear in this country. "Common sense." In my experience, it's a term used quite often by people who don't have the ability to understand (or they ignore due to political/cultural influence) data, argumentation, or systemic issues. The world is fucking complicated. The US government is fucking complicated. "Common sense" answers are fucking stupid, and they rarely address an issue appropriately. Actually, I'm pretty sure there are a litany of studies which confirm more guns = more violence. Perhaps some Heritage Foundation or similar studies report otherwise. But the majority of analytical material out there is not conflicted: more guns = more violence. Here's an article which discusses 30 studies: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/more-guns-do-not-stop-more-crimes-evidence-shows/ Downzy addressed this really well, but I just want to say opposition research and campaign strategy is an entire industry in the US. This sort of thing is done by every campaign from presidential down to the county level; red or blue. It's legal, and is in no way comparable to colluding with a foreign power (especially a non-ally) to influence an election/affect policy prior to inauguration. I forgot about Rita! Definitely someone's alt.
  8. The Gear Thread

    Had the R9 for around a year. Main guitar is still the 68RI. Always will be.
  9. The Gear Thread

    Just saw this. And it's coincidentally relevant. I'd really like to try it in an X in a 4x12. The Creamback 75 is underrated; everyone loves the medium magnet 65, but I like the heavy 75 better. But in other news, I decided I was ready to part with my R9 a few weeks ago. Put it up for sale, got a few bites not nothing solid, until an interesting trade offer came my way. I got a 2010 Clapton Custom Shop Strat, an ENGL Powerball II, and a Victory 2x12 with V30s. The Strat is sort of meh, maybe it's just not my thing - definitely going to sell it. The ENGL and the Victory are killer. I've been looking for a good V30 2x12 cab for my heads, and this deal ended up working out. The bonus is the ENGL is so awesome. I've played an ENGL Artist Edition and the Fireball 120, didn't like 'em-didn't hate 'em. I was originally planning on selling the ENGL to get some more cash... but now I don't want to. Thinking of swapping one of the V30s for a H75 too. Tone tower (the Marshall is at the amp doctor currently):
  10. My Band's First Single

    Love it. I'm definitely hearing Lower a bit, also a bit of early Deep Purple, and Robin Trower. Excited to hear more man!
  11. What are you currently playing? Last game played?

    My favorite BF game. I understand the community is still going pretty strong, though I haven't played in a long time.
  12. What are you currently playing? Last game played?

    Got Battlefront II a few days ago. I think it's surprisingly good given the sort of "meh" first one. This is the game the first one should have been. Playing on PC; let me know if you want to group up for a few matches.
  13. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Interesting discussion this last page. I posit there may be a cultural divide. Canada's voter turnout rate is generally, what? 60-70%? The US' is a decent bit lower generally. My assumption is that voting is viewed differently in the two countries. A lot of people in the US feel disenfranchised from the political process (and it so happens they are indeed institutionally disenfranchised sometimes) and that their vote doesn't really count, whereas I don't think Canada has that problem to the degree the US does. And though I agree with the logic downzy, I'm hesitant to phrase it as "they endorsed the winning party." I'd be more comfortable with, "they failed to endorse the party that aligns with their views." They are similar statements, but I like it better phrased in the negative, for this reason: I think there is a problem with political culture in the US that repels many viewers from participating in the process. I think it's a bit unfair to cast blame on "spectators." Or at least, it's unfair to cast as much blame on them as we may cast on ardent supporters of the current venomous idiocy permeating our country. And when talking about voting statistics, it's difficult to base arguments/conclusions on one figure. For this case, I like stating it as 650,000 people. I don't know the statistics of Alabamian's voting history, so I don't know if 13% is high for them (or, 40% of eligible votes), BUT I can sure as hell tell you it's a lot scarier to see that 650,000 people voted for this man. Who cares if it's just a % of a % of the total citizenry in Alabama? It's an alarming figure given the level of notoriety surrounding him. I think Moore got so many votes for the same reason Trump did: he's an old white Republican. He loves god and family and 'Merica, and hates those evil Muslims. That's all you need to hear if you're the average conservative-leaning person who has been fed conservative propaganda; and sadly, a large % of the American citizenry eats this shit up. I'm more interested in knowing who were the people that voted for Jones. Did rogue Republicans send a few votes his way? Did Democratic turnout shoot up for this race compared to other historical senate races/special elections in Alabama?
  14. It didn't sit well with me either. BUT, my years of SW gaming and book-reading are telling me there were cases of force-sensitive individuals who are not yet trained, being able to tap into the force in emergency/high stress situations. I thought it looked really kooky, and that it was an unnecessary scene - but unlike a lot of other things in this new trilogy, I did not think it inconsistent with SW lore. Yup. Avengers-style shit comedy. Doesn't fit with SW. The Disney is showing. It was sort of OK in TFA, but it bothered me more here. I liked the movie. But it wasn't as good as I'd hoped. There's too much Disney, and not enough LucasFilms/Arts. And, at the end of TLJ, the Resistance is nearly decimated, and they have no base. We have one film left in the trilogy. They're going to rebuild the entire Resistance AND (presumably) win the "war" all in one movie? The plot seems to be moving oddly. Perhaps there is a way it works, but I can't see it at the moment. And ffs, hated the very last scene. And the whole casino thing too - did not feel Star Warsy. But codebreaker guy was good. Oh and Phasma is unnecessary. Random question: what happened to Luke's green lightsaber? He seemed to have it when he was training his students (the scene in Kylo's hut), but he doesn't use it at the very end vs. Kylo. I do recall he fought Vader with it in ROTJ, can't remember if he lost it there when Palpatine was torturing him (been a while since I've watched).