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  1. More takedowns?

    Let's take a step back before jumping on this. It seems it's just one website and only lyrics have been affected, right?
  2. US Politics/Elections Thread

    In the current GNR climate, chances are low I'll attend another show. However, if you're ever in the NY area let me know and we can set up a televised, moderated debate (or just beer ).
  3. Frank is sort of understandable, GNR needs a drummer. Should GNR need a second keyboardist? No.
  4. What are you currently playing? Last game played?

    Have to give a lot of credit to BioWare though. The developers (not just community managers) are actively responding to threads on reddit that criticize the game. They are being very genuine and warm and that is matched in the tone of players reporting issues/design preferences. I don't think I've ever seen developers so blatantly and consistently take part in community discussions for a AAA game. This little bit of effort on their part is generating a lot of goodwill among the players, regardless of Anthem's issues (which do need attention). Other studios should learn from this. It was only a week or two ago that Bethesda's community managers finally started to participate in the actual community on reddit. It took them 3 months of atrocious PR (not to mention a broken game) to realize they needed more transparent communication. BioWare is staying ahead of the curve. EDIT: Remembered another complaint about Athem, no photo mode! I believe it's coming though.
  5. I almost said that too - "Didn't Duff's pancreas explode like a year after he made those comments?" He could have been listening to Boz Scaggs and thought it was Slash showing him new material, for all we know. Kidding aside, I slightly hear the southern rock thing in some parts of I5OCS, but overall it is a hard rock album first and foremost.
  6. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I'd like to see Christians respond directly to this paragraph. @soon glossed over it. Is this an accurate characterization of the events described?
  7. What are you currently playing? Last game played?

    Got to play about an hour or two more of Metro. The story/game literally started kicking into high gear at the point I left off at, so it was 100% riveting story and action basically the second I got back into the game. I'm just getting into the open world, but so far I am incredibly impressed. 4A Games has produced a more cinematic experience with better writing and story than BioWare. I like Anthem, but Metro blows it out of the water in the areas of texture fidelity, NPC design, animations, and most importantly: story/writing. I know this is based on a book series, so the story isn't 100% original to the developers, but they have done an excellent job bringing it to digital life. Looking forward to getting more into the game. And performance is much better than Anthem, steady 60-80FPS no matter the situation. Playing also reminded me how good those first two games were, because Exodus takes everything from the previous games and pretty much makes it better. It is what I expected from this game, yet I am very impressed at the same time. 4A Games is a tiny developer compared to BioWare, R*, and many AAA developers. EDIT: Reading a bit deeper into the Metro communities, it looks like a lot of people (on all platforms) are experiencing issues with varying degrees of significance. I haven't encountered anything yet, but it does look like the game would have benefited from more polishing.
  8. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Downzy addressed this, but yeah this is not a symmetric comparison at all. Again, about 30 pages back is a previous argument in which I linked various sources noting illegal immigration's beneficial effects on this country. I could link them again or find new sources, but you ignore them anyway and somehow your mind tricks you into thinking they're less valid than the propaganda talking points you repeat. And you're still stuck on very specific points that have nothing to do with other benefits and in no way disqualify the concept that illegal immigration benefits this country and its economy. I am not an expert on immigration and I don't know the exact answers to those questions. The data is not hard to find though if you're truly curious. If you're not truly curious, then you're doing yourself a disservice by repeating anecdotal experience and absorbed propaganda. Are you serious? Democrats don't try to help American citizens better their lives? Democrats want citizens to have easy access to healthcare, sustainable energy practices, labor and worker's rights (*), access to affordable education, and the ability to walk around in the country they live in without having fear of persecution due to religion, race, or sexual orientation. You literally gave an example of a Democrat giving 300,000 citizens free healthcare. Democrats want the uber wealthy taxed at a comparable rate to people like you and I. Democrats are concerned with firearm safety, given the amount of people (usually white men) who decide to shoot up public places. There are so many cases, the Wikipedia article doesn't even list every case per year on the summary page, you have to go to the individual years to see the entirety of each list. And Republicans put their head in the sand and claim firearm control isn't a problem? This is the power of lobbying, like I noted with AIPAC a few pages ago. * Anecdote time: toward the end of Obama's presidency, a new labor bill (I think it was a bill, not an EO) was introduced that would have guaranteed my right to overtime pay from my employer (any work past 40 hours per week). I worked in politics at the time, an industry not known for its strict 40 hour work weeks. Then, Trump won the election and the bill never made it into law. I don't think it's truly a matter of stupidity (I know you didn't say this, just noting the title). It may depend how you define the term, but everyone (or at least 99% of people) has the capacity to critically think and be able to discern fact from fiction. But taking that step forward and getting there is really difficult. I don't think it's a matter of stupidity or low intellect. The conservative propaganda machine is excellent at tapping into the emotions of a lot of Americans. While liberals do engage in some propaganda, I'd posit the conservative machine is far more robust and organized. ______ Just saw a random news article. Apparently the newest endeavor against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is Republicans expressing their disgust that her boyfriend is on her staff. Turns out he was simply given an @house email address so he could have access to her calendar - this is common for families of elected officials. The Republican response has been so ridiculous and hypocritical. Ivanka? Jared? Did you guys forget that? A senior adviser to Trump doesn't know what socialism is and fails to see the hypocrisy that her boss hired two family members. This is truly madness. And in this case, it is stupidity. ___ And the current SoD, a man with no government or military experience prior to his appointment in 2017, is currently looking for military projects he can gut in order to allocate funds for the wall. That is an odd prioritization of national defense. I now see Padme posted this already, hard to keep track of posts here sometimes.
  9. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I'm heading out for the night, but I linked you several articles noting illegal immigration's specific economic benefits. It's about 30 pages back I'd guess, if you want to check. Or you can look things up yourself. "Your case" - I do not have an agenda past what I read in scholarly, academic, and scientific publications. I am not arguing my case, I am arguing the case of people much smarter than me who have done research, ran experiments/studies, and have learned about these complex issues.
  10. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Arguments are valid or invalid, if we want to be semantic, they are neither good nor bad. Your two questions about illegal immigration are irrelevant. Whether or not illegal immigration benefits low wage workers or those going through the system is neither here nor there. Even if the answers to both questions are 'unequivocally no,' it doesn't change the fact that illegal immigrants do provide economic benefits to this country. I don't know the answers and I don't feel like looking into it right now. You are free to consult resources. Though I'd caution you to keep in mind what the source is on a data point (the place you got the welfare stat from wasn't exactly trustworthy). Regarding the NY healthcare plan, it willl affect 600,000 NYers, roughly half of which are illegal immigrants, as you said. Do you know the cost/burden an uninsured patient puts on the medical system? It's Saturday evening and I'm not about to chase sources, but I'm pretty confident it is cheaper to insure someone than it is to treat them for serious/chronic conditions while they're uninsured. You are correct, you didn't say every single one should be removed. Though, what is your ideal solution? This is so good I'm not even going to respond, just quoting for preservation.
  11. US Politics/Elections Thread

    You have a habit of picking out semantics and ignoring content. Law abiding, yes. Aside from the civil offense of being here illegally. Chances are you've broken the law at least once in your life - one civil offense does not make someone a criminal. Like I've posted before, many of these illegal immigrants are not only law-abiding, but they do pay taxes and contribute to our economy and communities in multiple ways. Shift the argument? How about you go back any of my many posts directed at you over the last several months and instead of responding with out of context quotes, data you don't understand, and zingy one liners, you develop your own arguments based on data you source from reputable institutions. Evidence? One governor declaring his state a sanctuary state is evidence the Democratic Party is operating on a pro-illegal immigration platform? Politicians saying they'd rather focus on deporting law-breakers over non-law breakers is evidence? Try taking your evidence procedures to a court - blue or red, the judge will laugh at your "evidence." It seems like you're suggesting every single illegal immigrant should be immediately removed from this country? You may want to check in with an economist or major labor union to find out the repercussions of such a move. Try taking that to ICE, they'll also laugh because they know it's an impossible task. That's why it makes sense to focus on dangerous individuals.
  12. I find that surprising, do you know where/when it was said (about Duff specifically)? 5 O'clock is definitely a Slash record, but many of the songs would fit GNR quite well given what AFD/UYI sound like.
  13. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I believe he was talking about immigrants who are scared and/or persecuted in cities and communities within the US. If he was trying to express that anyone in the world can just show up at any time without good reason (asylum), I would find that problematic too. But you are applying your own interpretation to his words. I agree in this case he could have been a bit more specific, you're welcome to contact the CA's governor office to get clarification on this comment if you are suspicious. Again, because one governor said his state will be sanctuary to all, it does not mean the Democratic Party is pro illegal immigration.
  14. US Politics/Elections Thread

    They are for awarding law-abiding individuals with citizenship and respectful treatment. These "illegals" more often than not contribute to our society. These politicians are not for allowing random people en masse to enter this country. Nothing you've posted corroborates your claim that Democrats are for illegal immigration. You can disagree with how they want to address the issue, but you are mischaracterizing their intentions.
  15. Yes, David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, etc. are more individual artists than they are bands. And I'd argue they care more about lyrical content and songwriting than they do about music. For me, music is priority #1 in a song (including vocal melody, but not including lyrical content). Despite the fact many people remember bands by song titles/lyrics, it is often (but not always) the music which makes the lasting impression on you, causing you to remember those words. In the case of GNR, I think it's pretty safe to say most of us are attracted to the music primarily and we possibly identify with lyrical content on a secondary level, depending on the song. No issue with The Beatles for the following reasons: The Beatles took their stylistic trip together. It's also worth noting the sonic transition you mentioned was partially due to time, the early 60s was the time of 12 bar blues rock (and the 50s of course), the late 60s is when many bands started to experiment. The Beatles were perhaps slightly ahead of the curve in this regard and they almost certainly contributed to future experimentation in the genre, but you can still find blues rocky songs on the later albums. They are a bit more evolved from some of the stuff on the early records, but they're still there alongside the experimental stuff. Although the later Beatles albums are unquestionably different from the early ones, the circumstances and the significance of experimentation are not enough to warrant a name change. I'm not too familiar with The Arctic Monkeys, I would ask what is their defining content? What other circumstances affected the band that led to stylistic change? Shinedown is a good example. They were a modernish rock band when they first started ~10+ years ago. Over the course of their existence, every member has left except the singer and a lot of their songs have drifted into the pop rock territory. I would say the current band should not be called Shinedown, due to the extreme personnel change and the music having drifted a bit from the earlier material. This drift is not as drastic as CD, but the personnel component is important, as @DieselDaisy is describing. I don't think it is too modern or too experimental. I think it is too experimental to be called Guns N' Roses. I have listened to many things released in the last 20 years and very little of it is Zep or Nirvana rip offs. I'm struggling to think of any band I listen to that is derivative of either of those artists (or any major 70s/80s acts in general). I was going to say The Answer for Zepp, but they're really isn't much overlap. I don't listen to Greta or Airborne. I did not know of their existence until this post. Yes, it makes sense that those four songs feel more UYI because they revolve around Axl singing over a piano. But the rest of the album, that isn't based on piano melodies, doesn't sound like UYI. I was going to systemically go through each one, but this forum is just taking up too much of my time and I have two brand new games I need to play. Things like Scraped, Riad, Better, IRS, Shackler's, Sorry, and TWAT are not things any musician from the UYI lineup (aside Axl) would have explored on their own. The guitars use scales Slash/Izzy have probably never heard of, and syncopation and abstract dynamics are utilized. Slash is very much about straight up Eb 4/4 guitar riff-based rock music, the "rockers" on CD are not really riff based and the tunings seem to vary depending on song. So the first half of your post seems to confirm what I'm saying? Some of CD sounds like Axl because Axl is the only holdover from the UYI days? Simply containing a guitar solo is not a significant overlapping quality between the music, IMO. I agree that CD is probably the closest rocker on CD to AFD/UYI. It's a short, simple riff-based song that doesn't really take any stylistic liberties. I did read Slash's book, and while I don't remember that part, I believe you. Appreciate you bringing it up. I do recall though it's said that It's 5 O'clock is what Slash would have brought to the table for the next Guns record. It's pretty standard Slash hard rock. Meshing that with Axl's new interests would have still yielded a fairly GNRish sound. I disagree. Modern production is not the only difference, nor is it really the issue. Modern production shouldn't = overproduction. Plenty of bare-bones modern rock acts have crisp and fresh sounding records. The songwriting (especially on the rockers) and production style, is what makes this album so different from past GNR releases.