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  1. The Gear Thread

    Sounds cool. Boosts and ODs are the only pedals I really get into. 15dB will be a nice push.
  2. Wolfenstein II

    Well, most of time someone plays a PC game, their PC is already on (as is the nature of a multipurpose machine). And with a SSD, loading up a game in less than 30 seconds is absolutely possible; I do it almost every day. Even if my PC was off, I'd still confidently say from "off" to "in game" is less than 90 seconds. Would a console be a bit faster in this case? Could be, but not by a lot. I assume your comment was meant to be a bit hyperbolic, but I've taken it literally anyway in an effort to recruit into PC Master Race. Our Basic registration fee is around $1K, but you can become a VIP member starting around $2K. EDIT: Right, and regarding the topic. I've never played a Wolfenstein game, but I probably will pick this up when I'm done with AC/SoW.
  3. Call of Duty: WWII

    Zombies has been the best part of CoD for a while.
  4. Marshall Code vs. Boss Katana

    Yeah bedroom levels for a homeowner vs. a kid at still at home or an apartment renter (me ) are pretty different. For my situation, the DSL40C was way overkill for home use (though I intended to bring it to gigs). It did have a very good MV, and I could get decent-sounding low volume tones. I had the SL5 for some time as well. On 5 watt mode, it was too loud for apartment use. I kept it on 1 watt mode pretty much always. In the HT1M, I swapped the Blackstar speaker out for a Celestion offering, and that made the feel much tighter and sound a bit clearer/less fizzy. And swapping preamp tubes could've done it too. I forget what the stock tubes were, but I didn't keep them.
  5. Marshall Code vs. Boss Katana

    DSL15C will be too loud for home playing. The DSL5C would be a bit quieter (and cheaper), but even a 5 watt tube amp is LOUD when you get it going with distortion. I've enjoyed the Boss Katana the two occasions I've gotten to play one. At that price range, the only thing I'd recommend looking at as well are the Blackstar 1 (or 5) watt combos. My bedroom amp is a Blackstar HT1M combo. I rarely have the master past 10/11 o'clock; tube amps are loud.
  6. new evidence suggests the universe doesn't exist

    The answers to those questions are fairly standard material for even high school European history courses. They're certainly discussed in undergraduate history courses, as they are all major historical items from 16th century Western Europe. The difference between transubstantiation and consubstantiation is not a significant detail. To equate such a minor detail with indulgence selling, the name of the period, Martin Luther, etc. is a bit absurd. IMO, the question which began this argument has no place in a standard high school or undergraduate European history course. Graduate European History, perhaps. Theology/religious studies, certainly.
  7. Final Fantasy

    I believe its coming to PC early next year. I'll definitely play it. I thought it got good reviews though? Not amazing, but pretty good.
  8. The Gear Thread

    Not sure what's going on elsewhere; I really only check the gear and video games section. I can't imagine the GNR section is at all riveting, and the last General Discussion thread I looked at had its last 3 pages completely off topic between 4 Britons arguing about who-knows-what. A new set of strings always feels great. What are you using? I've been on the EB Cobalt 11s for about 3-4 years. Tried M-Steel, didn't notice anything special. Haven't tried the Paradigms yet. And I think I'm leaning on not getting that 2x12 cab. I just don't need it right now, and a decent deal can pretty easily be found if I do end up having a need for one.
  9. The Gear Thread

    It's criminal that this thread/board hasn't seen a post nearly all month! I am possibly getting a 2x12 cabinet. Mojotone with a Creamback 75 and H30 in it. It's the right price, but I'd need to switch out the H30 for another Creamback or V30 since my heads are 100 watters. And Mr. Bond, let's hear that SG!
  10. What are you currently playing? Last game played?

    What do you guys think the best looking game of 2017 has been so far? ME:A has been the best looking I've played this year, despite it being a "meh" game.
  11. Shadow of War

    Just wanted to amend my comments on the story. It really picks up at the end of Act I. I'm midway through Act II, and the story has certainly reached SoW's story quality. Now my only two complains about the game are: 1). Talion is almost too agile/too fast. In a CC situation, it can be tough to keep a specific target (ie: captain/warchief) locked on. 2). The skill tree system doesn't feel as elaborate as it looks. I'm level 30, and I genuinely have every skill that I want (including the final skills from several trees). Minor complaints though. This is a 9.3/10 game IMO.
  12. What are you currently playing? Last game played?

    Elex comes out today. I haven't preordered, but I'll definitely be getting it. I have been needing a classic type RPG to fill ME:A's shoes for a while, so I'm looking forward to this. The same studio that made Gothic and Risen developed this game. It's a dystopian sci-fi/fantasy RPG. Reviews are mixed through positive. The negatives mostly note poor performance issues on console, unintuitive combat, and some wonky character animations. But everything else is supposedly stellar.
  13. Shadow of War

    Have about 8-9 hours on the game. Story is a bit unconvincing, but the story is far from what makes this series great. Gameplay and mechanics are a bit refined from the first one (in a good way). SoW feels like a revamped SoM, and I'm fine with that. I would like to see more of Middle Earth, as it looks like we're staying mostly in Mordor and eastern Gondor (but I can see why this is the case, given the story). But, gameplay/mechanics and the characters are so good that I really don't care about the minor story-related shortcomings.
  14. Shadow of War

    Just a few days away. I've been waiting for this since the moment I finished the first one in 2014. Anyone else going to be playing this? I'm excited to see how they've refined the last one (not that it needed much refinement). I've been avoiding the promotional materials/gameplay previews for the most part. But the few things I have seen look excellent.