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  1. Elder Scrolls 6

    I put about 30 hours into Oblivion, but decided I was done after doing what felt like the same Oblivion plane tower thing 35 times. Slight exaggeration, but you know what I mean. I really liked everything else, though I still prefer Skyrim. I think Skywind will be better than either, and I look forward to playing Skyblivion with those updated graphics, I mean, everyone knew they are going to make it. It's their flagship series. But they did a short teaser at E3 confirming it's in preproduction.
  2. Ghost Of Tsushima and Sekiro

    I like the look of Ghost a lot more, but both look fun. I don't have a PS4 though. Exclusives are incredibly annoying.
  3. Elder Scrolls 6

    We're likely ~5 years away from playing this. I'm more interested in Skywind - which hopefully comes out in the next 1-2 years.
  4. E3 2018 Thread

    Glad we got confirmation of Starfield, that's the biggest thing for me for this E3. Guess it will be a 2019 or more likely, a 2020 release. Not sure why they bothered with TES:VI, everyone knows it's coming so confirmation wasn't really needed. I still won't expect it until 2021/22 at the earliest. Todd said in an interview it's still in preproduction/concepting. Reddit has analyzed the teaser though and the current consensus is Hammerfell is the location. Journalists and insiders got to see about an hour of CP2077 gameplay. Pretty much all glowing reviews and they've been able to recount many interesting details. And I don't think anyone else here plays For Honor, but I was pleasantly surprised by what Ubisoft showed for that. Not sure how to feel about AC. I like the direction they're going in and the game looks good, but I still feel sort of "meh" about the whole series. I think AC needs a several year break to re-examine itself, both story and mechanic wise. A new engine should be a priority, but it doesn't seem like they think so. I'm pretty happy with this E3. Only complaint: no Star Wars games other than BFII DLC?! Disney is annoyingly ignoring this market. The SW world is so rich and the potential game stories are boundless.
  5. E3 2018 Thread

    I was thrilled to see CP77. Would have liked some gameplay, but I won't complain too much. A lot of people are saying they were disappointed by the trailer's brightness and lack of grit. But I'll wait to form an opinion until I get into the city myself and play. I watched the second half of the presentation and thought it was pretty good overall. Interesting that FO76 got a pretty big spot in the presentation though. Makes me think (hope) FO76 is possibly not the big reveal for Bethesda, or at least not the only one. EDIT: Cool info in here regarding Cyberpunk - https://imgur.com/a/PQ2FOio
  6. E3 2018 Thread

    I'm liking what I'm seeing from EA so far. Battlefield looks fun and I like that they're continuing to innovate their mechanics. I would prefer a modern setting, but then I saw this announcement trailer. Only a bit of gameplay in there, but I think that's going to be pretty good. Very excited for Anthem. A bit sad that there was nothing on Dragon Age, but that was expected. Microsoft is coming up soon, but I'm eager for Bethesda's tonight. I really hope FO76 isn't the only big thing they're promoting. We know we're getting an AC game tomorrow; feel sort of meh about it given Origins. That's all I'm looking for, but I'd like to be surprised too. Greedfall should show up for a bit, but I still don't know what to expect from it.
  7. What are you currently playing? Last game played?

    Anyone want an unopened copy of For Honor (XB1)? Bought it on sale as gift for someone, but without going into too much detail it didn't pan out. It's way past the return date and I only play PC. So whoever wants it, PM me your address (cont. US only, or you pay for international shipping).
  8. The Witcher III

    I started a replay about a year ago, but it didn't stick. I still need time for it to freshen up, but I'm eager for the moment when I'm ready. I did put about a million mods on it when I tried, which were cool. Mostly graphics/visual/weather things. Can't believe you didn't do the DLCs until now! H&S is good, and I'd have still thought the W3 was an amazing game had it ended there. But B&W is indeed amazing. It feels wrong to say, but I liked it better than the main game (not knocking the main game at all!) - and it helps to just look at it all as W3. I didn't get the ending I wanted for B&W, so a replay is inevitable. EDIT: And Trespasser is probably my favorite video game DLC after B&W. But I agree the other DLCs were lackluster. And though I loved DA:I, W3 is a better game overall. EDIT X2: Also, why aren't you playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance?
  9. MYGNR forum members bands

    This is awesome man.
  10. There's no question that the guitar solos on the two tracks differ, and there are some different lead embellishments in the new one. I do think the solo on the new single sounds more like Slash's modern playing. However, it's possible he did multiple takes in '86, and/or the solo has been spliced together in one or both versions. Not sure if Slash has ever commented on whether or not he does the latter. It's also possible those lead embellishments were just buried in the mix before, but the more I think about it, it seems like Slash recently did some lead work on the track. I see some people claiming the overall timbre is changed in a seemingly un-studio like way, but I think Slash's rhythm guitar tone sounds right in line with his late 80's tone. It does not sound like the tone on his solo records.
  11. Red Dead Redemption 2

    Trailer looks good. Looking forward to seeing more of the game's mechanics as we get closer. <insert general complain about no PC version>
  12. No, I don't live on Cheesuscant. That's correct. I didn't listen to the full tracks the other night, as gnr.fm gave us a staticy snippet - was the solo even on that site? The solos are clearly different. There may be some lead licks dropped in too, though I'd guess a lot of what we're hearing was just buried in the original's mediocre mix and lack of proper mastering. I have to get to a place with real speakers where I can have some peace to fully listen to each. For now, I'm keeping my $10.
  13. Dropping in a new solo and lead licks here and there does not constitute a "re-record."
  14. I only got to listen to gnr.fm the other night and I'm at work today. I just pulled up both the new and old recordings on YT, and did as much A/Bing as I could in the office. I maintain the position this is absolutely not a re-record. BUT, Slash's solo does sound different from the one on the previous SOYL recordings we've heard. Won't get to hear the full tracks until later tonight, but it seems some light recording was done for this.