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  1. I'm still unsure if I want to do a new build. My processor is old yet it seems to be doing fine with my 1080. At this point I kind of want to run my system until it decides its done, not me. I'm sort of curious to see how long this will be a viable gaming build at 1440p/maxed settings. So far, it's holding up surprisingly well given my processor is from 2012. As long as I can get 40+ frames on maxed settings, I'm happy. I care more about looks than smoothness. Pretty low maintenance for a PC gamer. I would get the i9 9900k for sure though, one reason as you noted it's not that much more expensive than the i7s. And I believe only i9s have hyptherthreading whereas the i7s don't anymore.
  2. I kind of get the fireman vs. firefighter thing. It's the same as actor vs. actress, waiter vs. waitress, host vs. hostess - there are no reasons for those secondary words to exist other than to at best separate the genders (unnecessarily) and at worst build a gender hierarchy. Even the argument that they derive from Greek/Latin or Middle English or whatever, isn't really good enough. There is some historical reasoning for actor vs. actress, but those reasons are void in 2019 and I see no etymological reason for waitress or hostess. I believe film/TV awards should get rid of the gender separation and have two categories for acting, Best Lead and Best Support. Is there a good reason why we should judge the quality of one's acting within the context of their gender? I'm not expert on acting, but I don't see any reason. Fair/equal treatment for women is in a much better place now than pretty much any point in history, but saying the work is done is quite premature. I'm glad to see as I read more of the thread you're revising your stance a bit. 2019 is still reeling from #MeToo and IMO, it's only within the last 10 years or so that people are starting to realize we may not be as progressive as we like to pretend to be with our advanced tech and centuries worth of history. And people are acting on that realization. The world is still an incredibly unfair place to varying degrees for many people depending where/who you are. I'd agree some people go overboard and extreme, but that happens with any social movement. But when white men complain feminism goes too far, I laugh. I've brought this up to friends of mine and I've been met with anger and frustration and I expect other males to echo similar sentiments. But that kind of lends itself to my point. If the notion of people campaigning for fairer/equal treatment upsets you, isn't that a bit of a sign something isn't working correctly? I have seen comments from posters on this forum that I find to be a bit objectifying and verging on that "locker room talk" line Donald Trump used. If I had to guess, some of the women on this forum are on occasion made uncomfortable by these comments, though I assume they are used to it since the behavior is of course not reserved to an internet forum. Personally, I tend to have a higher than normal standard for what I find to be 'appropriate discussion' in a public or even private venue, so maybe it's just me. And I don't think men are uniquely guilty of this, women can be too. But it's mostly coming from the male side IMO. And I don't think that makes anyone a bad person necessarily, I just think centuries of an unfair social structure have been ingrained in our behaviors. Perhaps this is just my personal weirdness and misanthropy, but I feel people in a very general sense aren't understanding that the gender dynamic millennia of history has built maybe isn't the fairest way to do things. And plenty of women buy into that as well, it's sad that some women I've met genuinely believe they're inferior to men and they were all too happy to explain why they believe that.
  3. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Personally, I don't engage in two sentence 'haha I won you lose' types of arguments because those aren't genuine debates. You came here to rub this "win" in liberals' faces because you care about 'the win,' you don't necessarily care about the content of political discourse. This is consistent with a lot of political discussion in this country, on both sides. Though I'd unsurprisingly posit it's moreso coming from team red. And let's not pretend that Donald Trump is suddenly a saint because it looks like the level of collusion was minimal (34 indictments, and no Silent Jay the courts don't care about Democratic conspiracy theories) - you know Mueller's a Republican, right? Trump is still the same uncivil, fraudulent man-child he has been shown himself to be. Draft dodger, racist, didn't pay working people their agreed upon wage; routinely disrespects women, other countries, and anyone who doesn't agree with him. And re: Mueller and the probe and general investigations of Trump's graft. The saga is not over. Mueller did not recommend any more indictments, but that doesn't mean there aren't important points in his report or other reports that the American people should be aware of.
  4. The 'Halo' Thread

    I am a Star Citizen "backer." I bought it after I was so disappointed with ME:A, I was hoping it could fill my space fantasy desire. But at the time (mid 2017) the game was pretty bare-bones, despite boasting some impressive first steps and plans. I also had terrible framerate/stuttering issues and ended up having a bug where I couldn't fly my ship... which was like 80% of the reason I got the game, to fly in space. Haven't loaded it up in a while, but I do have good expectations for the game once it's finished and/or in a Beta state. I should log back in sometime to check it out.
  5. Hydration was also the scorn of my system for several years, with two coolers in a row failing within 6 months of installation. I left the water game and went fully air cooled and haven't looked back. RIP Smackalibur II. EDIT: Is it bad that this hits me harder than 99% of the celebrity death threads we have on here?
  6. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2019 Edition

    John Hurt, Tilda, Ed Harris. It was a great film. It's been quite a few years since I've watched so I don't recall my grievances with it, but I have overwhelmingly positive memories of the film. I went into it expecting something kind of 'meh' and was pleasantly surprised.
  7. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    He's doing the 'rhetorical' thing again, it seems. I almost made the mistake of typing up a genuine reply to his "science has done bugger all" post, but then I remembered the last time I genuinely responded to a similar claim. I think this is his form of trolling.
  8. Destiny 2

    I've been playing Anthem and I watched some D2 videos. I may try it out. Haven't played though.
  9. You did not say it outright, but you did attempt to normalize the behavior as a defense for Michael Jackson.
  10. The Upcoming Games Thread...

    It looks like the game will also be on the Microsoft Store at release, which seems contradictory to being an Epic 'exclusive,' but that's what I'm reading.
  11. The Upcoming Games Thread...

    I believe CDPR has confirmed Cyberpunk will be a current generation release. There may be an "HD" version for the newer consoles, but at release it will be XBO/PS4. ______________________ Epic has announced The Outer Worlds will be a timed exclusive to their platform when it releases this year. I feel bad for Obsidian, they certainly saw the outcry re: Metro and all of the other shenanigans surrounding Epic, but the publisher has made this decision. There are new allegations of data farming against Epic as well, which is troubling given that it's not the first occasion.
  12. I have read every post in this thread, which is staggering because I don't really care about the MJ issue specifically. But the pursuit of truth and condemnation of malice interests me, so here I am. These are your last few posts and I even reread the last few pages for you. Still not seeing how your "stay warm and alive" statement is relevant to this discussion. Your argument seems to be that Michael wasn't a 'total stranger' to these children, so it makes sleeping in the same bed OK. The argument seems built on your personal experience of it being "perfectly normal that children sleep in the same bed with their parents or any other trusted adult. I've known children who continued co-sleeping all the way to their early teens." This is your personal experience. Most children do not 'co-sleep' with their parents through their teens. I'm sure it happens, but it's not the norm. However, no one suggested a parent sleeping with their child is problematic, though into teens I think that's a bit abnormal, but not wholly immoral or wrong. But do children sleep in the same bed as a 'trusted adult?' I'm not a parent admittedly, but I find that hard to believe on a mass scale. Who is this 'trusted adult?' Family friends? The neighbor? Soccer coach? Religions figure? Teacher? Famous celebrity who provides riches and experiences? Those roles should not yield the ability to sleep in the same bed as a child. One night here and there due to unique/circumstantial reasons may be OK (like temperature or a power outage, as you mentioned), but many nights in a row/many nights per week like MJ did? That's OK to you? That's the crux of the issue, it wasn't a night here and there due to circumstance, it was consistent due to desire. Whether that desire came from the child, MJ, or both, MJ should have known as an adult it was wrong. And as DD is noting, the allegations are outside of the bedroom now, so the circumstantial excuse of needing to sleep in the same bed seems less likely as the evidence grows of abuse elsewhere.
  13. Elaborate please, how is 'circumstances where it is the only way to stay warm and stay alive' at all relevant to Michael Jackson and the question of children sleeping in his bed? This is not Stalingrad in 1943, this was a celebrity mansion in a secure environment.
  14. Well, in this case there was a sprawling manor which had heating and air conditioning/climate control, so I think your temperature-related excuse for children sleeping in a bed with strangers is moot here, in addition to it being totally ridiculous in general. Michael Jackson: Oh you're cold, child? Come sleep in the bed with me under the covers, instead of the 70 spare guest rooms with beds of their own.
  15. What are you currently playing? Last game played?

    Yeah I'm going to get Rage 2 and I'll have to do it through Bethesda's Launcher. Doom also being a Beth Soft title, will almost certainly be exclusive to Bethesda's launcher. ______ Regarding Anthem, I'm still playing. I don't really know why. Something about the game keeps dragging me back, despite the lack of content, the incredibly stingy drop rates, and the repetitive nature of the content that is present. I have graduated to playing mostly GM3 and while it is the hardest mode available, with a decent build and a coordinating squad it's really not that difficult. The design of the difficulty is stupid, the only difference from GM1 to GM2 to GM3 is that enemies have more health. I think GM3 has 30x health of GM1 or something like that. My big problem is that the loot drop rates for GM3 (even after their server-side hotfix on Friday to improve drop rates) are still pretty poor. I spent more hours playing Anthem GM3 this weekend than I spend playing games during the week, and I got 3 Legendaries. 1 of which I could never claim because I got a Pilot Error (connection drop on server's part, basically) and it disappeared, the other 2 were junk because for some reason, Legendary items can have junk inscriptions. Not sure how much longer the game will keep me going given the hardest difficult just doesn't reward the player for their time. AC:OD's newest DLC is out, I guess I'll get around to that. Metro: Exodus is still waiting for me, I only put 3-4 hours on it despite really really enjoying it. But I'm really annoyed at a massive plot spoiler I saw on reddit (in the title of a fucking thread) and I think that's been putting me off from playing.