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  1. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    Okay, this is a big string of nonsense. Due to geopolitical/historical reasons, Christianity has infused itself with American/Western culture and unfortunately, politics to a degree as well. Christmas is not just a religious celebration, it is a cultural event. Non-believers and folks from other religions participate in Christmas because that is what the Western world does every December 24/25th (not to say there aren't Christians residing in the East). Entire industries come to a halt for the holiday and the government closes - are industries or the government religious? No, at least they're not supposed to be. But culture dictates this is what happens. Christmas is also a business. Billions of revenue dollars are generated every year by companies intending to either profit directly on Christmas/Christmas-related products or by offering discounted services/products for the holiday season. These companies don't care if you're Christian, atheist, Jewish, Hindu, etc. - they want your cash. And companies are really good at coming up with ways to get cash from your pocket to theirs - again, they don't care which religion/race/ethnicity you are, if they market something and people will buy it, the company will sell it. You can't shove Christmas in peoples' faces and then get upset when they want to participate too. The holiday has been commercialized and culturalized. The technicality that some atheists or non-Christians are still celebrating Christ by having a tree and putting presents under it, well they don't care because they don't believe in that. But when you take a religion/holiday and force people to endure it year after year regardless of their faith, people seem to want to get in on it (I'm overgeneralizing, but the point stands) What do you mean by "the Christian holidays are very much under attack"? While I jokingly consider myself a lieutenant in the army that wages the "War on Christmas," I have a hard time believing the the US' dominant religion is facing a legitimate threat. Are you someone who gets upset when "happy holidays" is said instead of "Merry Christmas"? If so, you are perpetuating the culturalization of Christmas. Are you expert on other "ologies"? Are you even expert on "theology"? By expert, I mean you've studied the topic at an academic/research setting (at the least that is, preferably you'd hold a degree in the subject) - not Googling and reading random books from your church's library. I am not implying you don't have knowledge about this subject, but to claim expertise is different discussion. And this nonsensical claim that theology is unique in its requirement of wisdom is unfounded. It's insulting honestly. And then you criticize the "piece of paper" to say those who are awarded "doctrates" (whatever that is) lack wisdom? I'm sorry Mike, but this is ridiculousness of frightening levels. Of everything you've said on this forum that I disagree with, that last paragraph is probably the most blatant offender (to me at least ). This is partially true, but there was also a major labor/populist movement in the US which started in the 19th century and culminated in the first half of the 20th century. This movement was the direct cause of labor reform (in the US at least), not religious reasons. I'm not familiar with how other countries' labor conditions progressed though, so if you were referring to elsewhere, I can't comment on that. Most of the famous Greek thinkers and playwrights (Socrates, Plato, Sophocles, Aristotle, Pythagoras, etc.) predate Christ by about 300-600 years. I haven't studied Rome or the Hellenistic Period much, but the only philosopher I'm familiar with from that time is Plutarch. He unfortunately didn't say much of anything about Christianity, though if I recall correctly he did believe in a natural deity. Oh right, I think Epictetus would have been first or second century AD actually, I have read his piece. Never found stoicism interesting though, reeks of complacency. Don't think he talked about Christianity either. That's just not what he said. You took his premise and decided to reinterpret it. He was clear in differentiating intellect vs. knowledge. Smart people have always existed. Smart people who know that atoms are made up of many subatomic particles (the Greeks sort of got this one actually, but not anywhere near the level of detail we have today) and that the universe is an expanding void, well they have not always existed. Humanity in the modern era has really started to harness the power of the knowledge acquired over the past ~5,000 years. Sure, there was a bit of a downturn during the Middle Ages (in the West at least), but no one claimed it was a perfect increasing slope correlation between knowledge and time. Certainly there seems to be a correlation, but the graph would look fractaly with uptrends and downtrends, if such a thing could be accurately charted.
  2. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    Earlier. A few random examples from memory: On the way to the Holy Land, Crusaders killed a bunch of Jews after Pope Urban IV called for 'crusade' in 1096. About one hundred years later, Richard I barred Jews from attending some royal ceremony, and English citizens decided that was the green light to kill Jews and destroy their homes/business (Richard noted that was not his intention when he found out). And as Arnold noted, Rome didn't treat Jews too well either. But I'm not learned enough on antiquity or classical history to pinpoint original causes. There are lots of long articles on the net if people are interested though. You nearly wrote an essay in response to a question that wasn't asked! Anti-semitism was around long before the Nazis, you know that. I do appreciate the knowledge you've shared in the post, but the query was "why do people hate Jews?" Nazi rhetoric is not the reason people hate Jews and they weren't the first to make anti-semitic claims. It may have fanned the flames of bigotry, but it wasn't the cause. The Jews/money/banking thing is actually pretty interesting (maybe not the correct word...) and has historical origins. The roots of this stereotype can be found when the Catholic Church outlawed lending money with interest, for Catholics. Jews took many of those jobs/roles since Catholics couldn't; combined with the already brewing anti-semitism in Europe, you started getting some additional bigotry in the form of associating Jews with finance and banking. I don't know if I'd say "Israel is terrible." The current government is one of the worst in terms of the Palestine situation, but there are many individuals (Knesset members included) who are trying to oppose the right-wing Netanyahu government. They've seen varying degrees of success, but the last few years (Trump winning gave Netanyahu a lot more breathing room to do bad things) have been difficult for those wanting reform in the maintenance of Palestine.
  3. George H.W. Bush. RIP

    His intent may not have been sexual, but he absolutely intended on touching that woman's rear. "“At age 93, President Bush has been confined to a wheelchair for roughly five years, so his arm falls on the lower waist of people with whom he takes pictures,” McGrath said. “To try to put people at ease, the president routinely tells the same joke — and on occasion, he has patted women’s rears in what he intended to be a good-natured manner. Some have seen it as innocent; others clearly view it as inappropriate." Admission of intent is right there in the statement. There's also an admission that he on multiple occasions has touched women's rears in similar circumstances (unwarranted and during non-sexual encounters). He "pats women's rears" to make them feel more at ease, which is an asinine explanation that raises more questions than it answers: Why are these women not at ease to begin with? Why doesn't he pat men's rears to make them feel more at ease? Are men naturally more at ease than women thus resulting in no need to pat their rears? Thank you. Helps to have a female voice when men are arguing about what is and what isn't appropriate touching of the female body. There are many political criticisms of Trump. Many. Seriously, MANY. The criticisms on his character are valid and should not be abandoned just because (in your opinion) "deep down, no one cares." I agree that some of his boisterousness acts a diversion, but don't worry, we're not letting him off the hook for his crooked, misguided politics. The unsuitability for the job has been explored multiple times. Psychiatrists broke their association's rules in publicly diagnosing him with narcissism. The unsuitability argument works just as well as any argument against Trump: it doesn't really change his supporters' views on him. That's the problem, his supporters are blinded by the reflection off his golden wig and deafened by his promises of "lock her up" and "economy good, Strong!" He literally said he could walk into a NYC street and shoot someone, and he would still be massively popular. Tells you something about the man and his supporters eh? Where is CR? Haven't seen him post in a bit. I agree with your note of hypocrisy. Though what Clinton did was consensual, so that's a notable difference. I do think Clinton is a bit sleazy and conducted himself in a manner not concurrent with how a 20th/21st century president should act. The presidency is a position of immeasurable responsibility, if the person in the seat doesn't have the ability to refuse a blowjob in what's clearly an inappropriate situation, that's concerning. Not saying it makes him a bad politician or bad president, but it's still a bit concerning.
  4. Battefield V/FPS games

    Yeah I remember the "white man" thing making the rounds on reddit during the beta, and a dev. confirmed it was blocked in the profanity filter, but would likely be unblocked for release. Regarding the EA executive who made those "if you don't like it, don't buy it" comment, here's the full thing: The community did not appreciate being labeled "uneducated." He should have known better than to use that word. Personally, I see no problem allowing female models/skins in multiplayer. Or Asian or black or whatever race, gender, nationality, or ethnicity someone wants to be. With Battlefield V (multiplayer at least), you're not really experiencing WWII in an authentic or meaningful way - it's an arcade shooter that you either camp in or and run n' gun. I see the player in these types of arcadey shooters as more of a reflection of their real-life self rather than a genuine attempt to mimic the experience of an infantry soldier. However, I just read up a bit on what they did with singleplayer, and that is inexcusable. I have no issue highlighting stories of heroism from women, blacks, etc., but FFS use the real stories in history (which there are plenty of! seriously there are thousands and thousands of WWII stories to draw from...) rather than taking real stories and fictitiously inserting women and French prejudice into them.
  5. Yeah this looks cool. Pretty sure a friend is getting the Switch version so I will get to play it a bit.
  6. The Upcoming Games Thread...

    Looks like I missed some announcements as I was going between playing games and watching the awards, there was a lot of cool stuff announced. But I'm still the most hyped for this Obsidian game, even more so after reading this article and watching this gameplay.
  7. The Dragon Age Thread

    The Game Awards just aired a short (10-15 seconds) trailer for Dragon Age 4. It confirms the game will be include Solas, likely as the main villain. No other information given, but it's nice to have confirmation.
  8. The Upcoming Games Thread...

    Watching The Game Awards now, so far the only thing I've found terribly interesting is Obsidian's new game, The Outer Worlds. Think it looks great. Not a lot of info on it yet, but looks like a classic style RPG/action game.
  9. Bethesda's faux pas is reaching staggering levels. In addition to the unstable servers, buggy gameplay, and content issues, Bethesda is dealing with a slew of new problems (that were pretty avoidable). People who ordered the Power Armor Edition ($200) received a nylon carrying bag instead of the canvas carrying bag which was advertised with the edition (and was still advertised that way well after release) - the nylon bag was apparently of considerably noticeable low quality compared to canvas. A Bethesda Store employee responded saying something like, "The materials (canvas) were too difficult to source. We have no plans to change this." Naturally, the already frustrated community was very upset. Then Bethesda-proper put out a statement saying, "The store employee was a contract employee and does not know our plans. We were unable to secure materials for the canvas bags. Everyone who ordered the Power Armor Edition is entitled to receive 500 Atoms (micro-transaction currency, $5 value), please contact support to receive them." This enraged the community further, prompting jokes about how canvas was so difficult to source and there must be a canvas shortage, etc. and pointed out you can order canvas bags from certain manufacturers in bulk for about $5 per bag... Bethesda finally released a statement a few days ago saying they were ordering the canvas bags and would let anyone who received the 500 Atoms keep them as well. OK, took them a few tries, but they made it right (after a pretty significant outcry). Well, they released a patch on December 4th and apparently it included a bunch of gameplay changes (mostly nerfs that were very unpopular with the community) that were omitted from the patch notes. This prompted a further response from the community and lots of anger that game mechanics people enjoyed were being nerfed when the game still has awful performance issues, gamebreaking bugs, unstable servers, and exploitable content. THEN, yesterday it was revealed that Bethesda somehow accidentally leaked personal information (name, address, some CC info) of everyone who bought the Power Armor Edition/or filed a support ticket. The form of the leak was somehow their customer service software sent a copy of every ticket submitted by Power Armor Edition recipients, to random players' email accounts. Turns out all of the tickets were viewable through Bethesda's customer support website, not in email accounts. Pretty nuts. And sad. There is a considerable anti-Bethesda bandwagon forming in the gaming community. Some of it is regarding the healthy competition from CDPR, R*, Ubisoft, etc. who have all recently put out well received products and haven't had similar marketing/communications issues. Really hope Bethesda comes back from this with force in Starfield, they have a long road ahead of them in regaining a large portion of the gaming community's goodwill.
  10. Red Dead Redemption 2

    I don't know if I agree that natural worlds are easier to develop. I think it depends how deep the developer intends to go with the realism and mechanics. In the case of RDR2, I'd bet it was incredibly difficult to develop such an in depth realistic world. It's perhaps not creative in the same way Bethesda is when they show us a new section of Tamriel or the Wasteland or the new AC with it's very casual accessibility, but it still requires quite a bit of thought and work (and A LOT of time and money).
  11. That's only slightly different than what you original said. It's still an excuse you are exclusively attributing to GNR. Why is GNR so exceptional that it takes them longer than other famous artists to announce/write/record an album? Other than Axl being notoriously anti-releasing music throughout the past 20 years and TB's instigation of his artistic laziness, I can't think of anything. Like I said before: no good reasons. There are logistical, legal, and business aspects to doing an album on a major label/distributor, but those hurdles are crossable if all parties want to go in the same direction. I could see them being nervous about it. They have a massively well-reputed legacy in AFD, Lies, and UYI. CD is barely talked about outside of GNR forums and I don't recall it selling too well. Another dud from GNR (this time with Slash!) could damage their fairly well-respected musical legacy. We know Axl didn't like playing the hard rock music GNR did as time went on in the classic days, and that's why CD sounds like it does. Slash and Duff still want to play rock/metal/punk, but does Axl? I can see there being an artistic divide. There's also the possibility they did "jam" some ideas and it just didn't sound or feel that great - which is what I was getting at with the possibility they're afraid to jump into a full album of new music. Testing the waters with a 30 year old song was their move at investigating this, it seems like. Of course, this is all supposition based on trends we've seen over time, because GNR doesn't really talk to the fans. Yup, just posted that's a possibility too. I definitely could understand that. What I don't like though, are GNR apologists whose excuses imply there's some sort of GNR exceptionalism or that "Axl would do it if x, y, and z happened." EDIT: To expand a bit further actually... a lot of new albums from "nostalgia acts" do get good reviews. Rush's Snakes and Arrows and most recent album were pretty well received, certainly not as well as 2112 or Moving Pictures, but good enough. AC/DC's albums have been solid, nothing amazing like Back In Black, but good enough that they don't tarnish the legacy.
  12. That's a poor argument. Plenty of other AAA rock brands/bands wrote and released new music in the latter stages of their careers: Rush, AC/DC, Kiss, Deep Purple, Aerosmith, even Van Halen released an album that roughly coincided with their reunion. There is no good excuse for GNR's lack of musical productivity.
  13. Of course it does. Slash and Duff are writing/recording new music because Axl can't be bothered to. Slash and Duff love writing/recording, there's no good reason GNR can't write music as a band. There is a bad reason though: Axl.
  14. Duff: "Hey guys, let's write/record new music!" Slash: "Hell yeah" Richard, Frank, Melissa: "......" Axl: "No" Duff: "Okay, well I'm going to write/record my own album about GNR. Take that, Axl111!!!! Also don't forget to send the checks from NITL to my house pls."
  15. What are you currently playing? Last game played?

    As I'm winding down AC: Odyssey, I decided to give Unity another chance. I bought it on release, but never finished it due to the litany of issues it had. Now though, I'm enjoying it a lot. The bugs are (mostly) gone, and the story/narrative structure is a fresh departure from Origins/Odyssey. It feels good to be a real Assassin again.