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  1. I actually quite like most all of the songs, but not as they appear on the album- I refer to the 2000/01 live versions and leaks. So while I technically like most of the songs I despise the album because they are all fucked with and don't sound half as good- title track, IRS and Riad in particular. It's also a very melancholic album, it's mostly all about Axl feeling sorry for himself.
  2. Sure, one was the lynchpin and principal songwriter in Guns N Roses and the other guy has been Axl Rose's tour guitarist for the past 15 years.
  3. black sabbath or led zeppelin?

    Iommi was best man at Bonzo's wedding. I think there are some tales of the two bands in the (definitive) How Black Was Our Sabbath? book by two of Sabbath's roadies. Ozzy does change his tune/mind/story a lot but yeah....undoubtedly a fan of LZ. Oz also sang on that Gary Moore song "Led Clones" which was a stab at all the rip offs...Coverdale/Whitesnake with Still Of The Night in particular!
  4. black sabbath or led zeppelin?

    I have an interview with him from the 90s where he lists the first two LZ albums in his top ten
  5. black sabbath or led zeppelin?

    70's Sabbath. Apples and oranges though, same goes for Deep Purple. They each did their own thing-sure there was/is common ground but they were all doing different things.
  6. Anybody who has followed GNR (Axl anyway) for more than 5 minutes should know that if they are getting their hopes up for new music then they are a fucking fool. Fool me once, shame on you...
  7. I just couldn't give a flying turd about pretty much any of the new characters-Rey is all "Mary Sue", Poe is really annoying, and I'll be fucked if Finn isn't the epitomy of the token black guy. Rose is the shittest Star Wars character ever. Get the fuck out of here.
  8. W.Axl Rose VS Vince Neil

    You always hear how crazy Axl could be etc etc, but is there any evidence of him actually punching anybody? Its all bitchslaps, pushing/pulling and yelling as far as I know of.
  9. I've been a Star Wars fan since before I can remember, and walked out of the cinema for this one and TFA feeling like they were defacing the original movies/story.
  10. I wish they had just left "the story" alone. These new movies aren't very "Star Wars-y"...are they going to have Chewie tortured and killed next? They may as well have said the baddies dropped an atom bomb on the heroes while they rejoiced on Endor in ROTJ...what a fuck in the ass these movies are. For all the shit he cops, these turds at least prove that Star Wars needs George Lucas.
  11. glitches in the matrix

    I fucking hate those pretentious Matrix movies. Wankers.