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  1. Is there an additional vocal clip during the Adrianna Rocket Queen section?
  2. Photography

    Where are these at? It's surreal to me seeing water that isn't surrounded by 500 houses. #Merica
  3. I read somewhere the guy worked for years on edit of The General? Does this mean the fans have worked on Chinese Democracy II more than Axl has in recent years?
  4. It's actually from O Globo, a Brazilian newspaper who got the scoop before Rock In Rio 2001 when Axl was quite chatty about the project. The General's intro was played frequently on the 2002 tour. It was later souped up and played in the Ashba era.
  5. This is cooler than the Shadow Of Your Love lyric video. A couple day job in Photoshop, AE, and C4D.
  6. Fly GNAIR

    If you ever use the hashtag #GnRAir, you deserve a kick in the dick. I think that's in the Bible.
  7. November Rain Estranged Civil War You Could Be Mine Better There Was A Time Patience Sweet Child O' Mine Welcome To The Jungle Prostitute Madagascar Paradise City My Michelle IRS Yesterdays You can have the rest.
  8. Did anyone split up the MP3 file into individual tracks?
  9. I look forward to the leaked morse code transmission of the lyrics to Atlas Shrugged in another 5 years. I hear the tapping solo is unreal.
  10. Photography

  11. Photography

  12. New Nightrain Membership Items

    That's a no from me, dog.
  13. Photography

    I like Mr. Sticky.
  14. Photography