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  1. Buckethead Updated 2018 Tour

  2. New Buckethead Pikes Discussion

    The entire set of Pikes are 60% Off which totals $216.00. I really want to buy it.
  3. Buckethead Updated 2018 Tour

    I will be seeing Buckethead on March 29 at The Token Lounge. If anyone is also attending, PM me/say hi at the show. @RussTCB @ZoSoRose are you gonna be cool like Fonzie?
  4. ye think tis bloody robin finck or paul fookin tobias running the sweeps across that fretboard do ya sonny
  5. Axl is pretty chunky there, his weight picked up around the Fall 2006 tour after the European festivals. His goatee is just comping back in which places it sometime after KROQ Inland Invasion 9/23. Never wore the Gucci shades later on either. He slimmed back down around November/December. That Splenda Diet. It's probably a composite of multiple shows. IIRC, of course.
  6. What Would Chris Pitman Do?

    #WWCPD #MotherGoose #PitmanIsBetterThanSlash

    1. Sosso


      He would have a tequila shot

  7. Sean Beavan interview highlights: - Sean's background, early life - The role of a Producer explained - Early interactions with GNR via NIN - Working with Brian May on CD was a fanboy moment - Came to CD project via Howerdel and Finck, each attempting to recruit him separately Chinese Democracy tidbits: - Confirms Axl's trilogy idea "had idea for these three records at one time" - 35 songs in first month of project ("instrumentals without vocals") - Mentions wanting to cut down budget but Axl said no because he was taking care of crew - Tom Waale and Jimmy Iovine "came in a couple times" - Confirms most CD vocals were from 1999 - Axl played guitar on "loopy" songs like Madagascar, was likely replaced by other players - Loop based songs were done in Billy Howerdel's small studio - Jimmy Iovine wanted "Oh My God" on End of Days, not a band/collective decision but Axl was agreeable - Names The Blues / Street of Dreams as the most epic or complicated song to put together - Album stalled in vocal department, mutual decision to leave, and he recommended Ezrin but RTB replaced him - Says Axl wanted the creative emphasis, was uneasy about Brian May being involved - Confirms Chris Vienna's audition and that he was around when Slash and Duff were still around Other GNR tidbits: - Live Era mixed by Andy Wallace, Sean didn't work on it at all - Doesn't remember working on Appetite re-recording - The song he didn't work on that he mentioned during the interview was "This I Love" - Didn't work on "The General", thinks Tommy told him about it though It's a bummer they didn't ask about other CD songs, unreleased CD songs, etc. but I'm appreciative for the interview. As far as the tired, stupid discussion about New GNR being like NIN... NIN sounds nothing like GNR and vice versa. The closest approximation is The Slip which is probably the most divisive NIN record. NIN is industrial, ambient soundscapes, and alternative pop. Shackler's Revenge is by-and-large a combination of these two songs: See you around, kids.
  8. Guns 2018 Calendar..

    I got the calendar early Here's a pic
  9. If any of you guys are more hardcore collectors/gamers, I'm selling my GameCube, WaveBird, and 10 games. PM me for details. Edit: SOLD
  10. Guns N' Roses ranks 6th in Highest Paid Musicians of 2017 at Forbes I'm not sure of their numbers as it seems to include 2016 information for some artists. The number seems a bit high but it's entirely possible I suppose given the shows in South America. I'll be interested to see Billboard's EoY numbers.
  11. The first half of 2018

    Incorrect. Scarcity principle. The feud only solidified the GN'R mythos of dysfunctional rock n' roll bad boys which increased demand and inflated the brand's value. It's fun to play alternate universes but if you put insane megalomaniac and dishonest drunkard into a computer simulator, same shit comes out the other end.
  12. My GNR Wall

    ZoSo got pizza wasted again 🤣 ive been fucked up before but linking from gmail?
  13. Here's the story about Jackie Chan aka "Checkmate":
  14. DJ Razz, no he didn't have the full song