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  1. Guns 2018 Calendar..

    I got the calendar early Here's a pic
  2. If any of you guys are more hardcore collectors/gamers, I'm selling my GameCube, WaveBird, and 10 games. PM me for details. Edit: SOLD
  3. Guns N' Roses ranks 6th in Highest Paid Musicians of 2017 at Forbes I'm not sure of their numbers as it seems to include 2016 information for some artists. The number seems a bit high but it's entirely possible I suppose given the shows in South America. I'll be interested to see Billboard's EoY numbers.
  4. The first half of 2018

    Incorrect. Scarcity principle. The feud only solidified the GN'R mythos of dysfunctional rock n' roll bad boys which increased demand and inflated the brand's value. It's fun to play alternate universes but if you put insane megalomaniac and dishonest drunkard into a computer simulator, same shit comes out the other end.
  5. My GNR Wall

    ZoSo got pizza wasted again 🤣 ive been fucked up before but linking from gmail?
  6. Here's the story about Jackie Chan aka "Checkmate":
  7. DJ Razz, no he didn't have the full song
  8. I was planning on listening anyway and this gives an added incentive. Billy is an interesting cat.
  9. I have it on good authority there is a strong No Spaghetti Clause written into the contracts.
  10. Six, actually. And two instrumentals.
  11. Request: Boston 2002 CD Radio Promo

    There are multiple versions, one with The Blues instead of Paradise City, if memory serves. I think there's also a 0:15 version. It's been awhile. I don't have it anymore.
  12. I don't think the under riffing is on the final version or in the Rock Band files. The bum-bum, bum-bum, double time bum-bum (2:41-2:42). The closest thing is Tommy's bass track but no guitar track of that. It does have it's bizarre elements most notably the outro which has abrupt changes and layering. The siren-y type effect fades out quickly to the left channel and then the guitar feedback attacks both channels before fading fast again to the left channel. But the MLK/Vocal Sample has abrupt transitions in 2001/2002 if you listen to live soundboards as well. Each clip was basically just pasted in there, not any cross fading or anything to make it sound smoother.
  13. I like your guys' modesty. Here's what I want:
  14. When you listen with proper headphones/speakers you'll hear that there are elements not present on the studio version / leaked Rock Band 2 files and professional production mixing (the outro being a dead give-away).
  15. New GNR: 1 Oldies Band: 0