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  1. Anyone with video/film knowledge here?

    I don't know the specs of Hi8 off the top of my head but I'll be as specific as I can. You'll need someone with a tape deck to do a transfer for you. The tape deck will scan and transfer the information on the tape to a digital file. A good transfer is 100% of the resolution and other qualities (color sampling, compression schema, frame pulldown, etc.) of the Hi8 video tape into the digital file. This would be a good transcode. MP4 is the video container. The usual compression codec used with MP4 is called AVC/H.264 which would probably be perfectly fine for Hi8 video quality. This is just a transfer. Some places may try to sell you on color correcting or editing the stuff for you which you can buy if you want. This stuff changes regularly so there's no assurances of anything to be future proof but MP4 is popular and well supported at the moment. Probably a safe bet. It's always good to have multiple backups.
  2. @Fernando What is your favorite unreleased song with the most influence from Chris Pitman not named Silkworms?
  3. Not exactly true. Movies go up on YouTube and they're down within a couple days and it's always the more obscure ones. The choice is between giving something for your fans to buy or punishing them based on the actions of a few. They should launch GNR VOD basically. I'd personally buy some old Guns stuff and some new Guns stuff. But I have no interest in buying DVDs/Blurays. Some may, perhaps GNR fans more than most, but not my bag.
  4. The only thing this would make sense for is live show streams and soundboards. Most people steal these anyway so maybe they'd pay $10 for something higher quality. Otherwise, they'd make more hay releasing individual shows on video at $20 a pop and they'd empty the vault pretty quickly doing it for unreleased music.
  5. I'd pay $200 for: CD 1999 CD 2002 CD 2004 CD roughs/demos/draft versions CD II CD II Alt. Versions CD II roughs/demos/draft versions House of Blues DVD The Joint DVD A high quality, well designed 20-page booklet (aka not by Kat) detailing: The Chinese Democracy recording sessions and different versions of the album Unreleased logos, album covers, video ideas, etc. I have no interest in fake flyers, handouts, signs, tickets, a replica of Axl's pube curler, or any of that other trash. This would be my absolute limit I'm willing to spend.
  6. Izzy moved back to Indiana because he saw Chris Pitman's shadow. #Facts #ChrisPitmanIsALegend

  7. pitman.fm


    1. Jabberwocky


      The one everybody called the most useless member and hire hand was 100% right on the nose

  8. Announcing a re-release 3 months prior to release? Fuck this band. I'm out.
  9. I don’t think we can rule out a new scented candle collection.
  10. Yeah I get what you mean but I doubt it. They would just do it. The streaming service would be cool but my guess is it's another partnership with Sirius XM centered around an Appetite For Destruction re-release. Who knows.
  11. The domain was registered in late March, nearly two weeks after the Tim Cook tweet. That's too quick of a turnaround to get a streaming platform up and running. It would've been something in play for some time.
  12. This could be interesting. If it's a closed wall streaming platform, the added revenue stream monetizes GN'R's catalog and may serve as the platform for future releases. We'll see what happens.
  13. Pitman is back and playing birthday parties

    Guy has a fun birthday party with his sorta famous friends. MyGNR: "What a loser!" Your irony meters are broken.
  14. Chris Pitman is a hero. He tried to save us from this garbage reunion tour. Slash is the evil villain. #MotherGooseExpress

    1. ZoSoRose


      I am very happy with the shows I saw, but its time for NITL to end