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  1. Guns died in the 90s. It was a moment in time. Axl tried to bring it back in 2001 but that crashed and burned. Damn good band too. But Guns is over. Move on with your life. That's my plan anyway. See yaaaa
  2. Meegan IG Post, New Music?

    The only time music is promoted on Instagram is when it is a picture that says "new single, download/stream here:" Stop. Just stop.
  3. This thread makes no sense. But answering your questions in order: The Seeker - Best was Detroit 2016. More swing and character. 2018-2019 - Axl/DC and Solo Ventures 2019-2020 - GN'R The Releasing Music Is Cancer and Best Avoided Tour
  4. The leather jackets are apparently $4900 according to Lmao no thanks guns I'm G
  5. So, who collects the GN'R vinyl?

    Yes life tends to do that. Let me know if you need any graphics help, I always need projects to stay sharp.
  6. Forgive my question please.

    He was in good shape 2009-2010 but the answer is Depression > Drinking
  7. Supply Lines was pretty tough yeah. They even patched it on future pressings of the game to make it easier. Fun times
  8. Are we too hard on Guns?

    If Guns wants to be a purely touring, money-making machine, so be it, but they're going to have to put in some effort. The merch is pretty much the same stuff they've been selling since time began. The only thing fresh at all are those lithos. Axl said it best quoting his old acquaintance Riad in the Chinese Democracy liner notes: "people were stupid and he could sell them anything". It's almost as if that cautionary tale has become the modus operandi. So if you're dissatisfied - stop going to shows, buying shitty merch, unfollow them on social media, and whatever else you can do. And stop stealing content and streaming live shows. That sort of bullshit is why no one makes music anymore and does $200 tours instead. Power to the people, peace out, and blame Merck and Azoff.
  9. It doesn't even make sense to be on Radio X which was the grunge station. I think the DJ introduces it like she was listening to it because it made her parents angry. Sorry, but he's dead in the GTA universe. Choked on his own vomit.
  10. I made a handful of refinements to the Chinese Democracy album cover: Changed overly yellow tint to more true sepia tone Removed distracting elements, i.e.: water bottle, trash debris, etc. Lightened water / dirt stains on ground Included very subtle sepia on "2002" version I might do even more extensive refinements to the image down the road and maybe do a fully consistent 2002 cover but not today. Click for larger. Feel free to use for personal use.
  11. Axl had spending lots of time in NY both personally and professionally. Rockstar is based in the city as well. The Housers and Lazlow are huge 80s nerds (Vice City, anyone) and 80s metal in particular. I'm guessing a simple inquiry about the soundtrack to Interscope started the conversation or maybe they ran into one another doing recording / casting sessions for the game. You never know. Lazlow produced the sessions with Axl and even still has the DAT tapes.
  12. A lot of work was done on the album in 2004 and was slated for a November release which would've been just after San Andreas came out in October. The San Andreas soundtrack was released on Interscope which was Guns label at the time.
  13. Forgive my question please.

    Here's the picture I was looking for the other day Enjoy OP