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  1. Source: https://penthousemagazine.com/the-case-against-woke-axl-rose/ --- Good post @ArtTavana Next time I'm in LA you can buy me a shot
  2. Nintendo Switch

    Nintendo has introduced their next console, the Nintendo Switch. Will you be purchasing one in March 2017?
  3. If all hardcore fans boycotted the tour and merch, I doubt they'd do much about it. Some suit would crunch the numbers and say, nah boys, we'll just throw an inflatable dolphin and they'll come right back! But there's no juice left in the lemon. The Axl/Slash/Duff reunion was the commodity and the interest is waning. They even had solid openers! The machine needs reformatting. New album, new set design, new show, new approach to fans.
  4. Slash's tour ends in August. If we're charitable, let's say 2 months recording. October. The record company issues worked out and marketing plan prepped 1 month. November release. Super Bowl February. Axl gets a moment in the sun. An orange haired boy can dream.
  5. Red Dead Redemption 2

  6. Michael Jackson

    Interesting Twitter thread
  7. Michael Jackson

    I read an article/review on it which sounded very graphic. I'm not familiar with the case in any great detail. I understand the whole mob judgment thing so hopefully I see it and am disgusted by the shoddy journalism instead anything else.
  8. Michael Jackson

    I'm anxious to see Leaving Neverland. It'll probably taint all of Michael's music for me.
  9. You are all just little people on a power trip!
  10. I think a thematic thread can be drawn between the two. Appetite is exactly the type of album a group of raucous wayward youths would write. Illusions is the fracturing of that core identity and a lead singer grappling with issues of fame and his place in the world. But the back half of Appetite is rubbish and Illusions is more bloated than Duff at an open bar. Chinese is also a logical progression with a very intelligent bipolar guy making a very intelligent and bipolar album but ultimately one where the fox outfoxes himself.
  11. Thanks homie Never heard that song before. Now I know he knows you know he knows Izzy knows he knows better.
  12. I'm lazy so someone give me a bullet-point summary. I'd be most interested in CD era stuff. @Pele No vocals on Oklahoma, later Berlin as of Feb 3 2000. I'm obviously not sure of the dates/timeframe spoke about in the podcast.
  13. The only legitimate intel we have regarding the 2007 songs comes from Classic Rock. A record company executive played them the listed songs. This said, the material pre-dates 2007 and date back to 2002.
  14. For all his idiosyncrasies, I enjoy Rogan's podcast. It'd be great to get Axl in for a long form interview with a non-media type person. I think they'd bond over stand up comedy and martial arts. Hi-ya!
  15. Hello, NeonKinight. Thank you for asking. My name is Wagszilla or Doctor Thaddeus T. Wagszilla as I am known in my professional circles. I can tell you with 100% sincerity that yes, W. Axl Rose has had vocal polyps surgery many times in his career. How do I know? Why, jumping Jehoshaphat, I performed the surgeries myself! The surgery was performed in a hospital at an undisclosed location with dim lighting, a variety of handpicked scented candles, a small group of African witch doctors chanting quietly in unison, as Yanni's greatest hits were played in the background. All in all, it took about 3 hours per surgery. You are welcome.
  16. Alfred - Time to get things circulating. But surely there are more people with Atlas Shrugged?
  17. You know, it's bad for you if you block blood flow. I think we need to get things circulating up in here.
  18. Red Dead Redemption 2

    The brother/sister thing is in a house in the Heartlands at Aberdeen Pig Farm. The rapist is in a shack in Lakay. Different things. Another weird, questionable thing are the witches which are in north Ambarino.
  19. The Home Cookin' Thread W/ Recipes

    The serving size is 1 tbsp
  20. Red Dead Redemption 2

    That scenario is stupid. He’s shady as hell but if you shoot him you lose honor. The Aberdeen Pig Farm couple was 10x more disturbing. And the characters are Ken dolls down there. People hacked the bath tub scene and got nude Arthur. I caught Strauss peeing in Lemoyne and there’s nothing there. Just pee coming out of his pants like a fountain. After Rockstar got railroaded in 2004 they’re not gonna take that risk again.
  21. Red Dead Redemption 2

    If Red Dead 3 isn't a prohibition era Boardwalk Empire clone, I'll be shocked. SHOCKED, Alex. SHOCKED.