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  1. Chris Cornell - I am the highway = NO GNR?

    Why would GNR feel the need to be obligated to take part regarding a big event regarding a deceased rock musician? I mean if we're asking why GNR didn't take part, we might as well ask why Eddie Vedder didn't take in it. Why Corey Taylor didn't take part in it. Why didn't insert "well-known rock band/musician that may have known Chris Cornell at some point" take part of it. Etc. I'm sure they have their valid reasons not to. Just because someone may throw out a feeler that they want you for the show doesn't mean you have to take part in it. I know Duff revere all the big bands that came out of Seattle so I guess I should have been a little shocked that he didn't take part of the show. I would have loved nothing more for Slash and/or Myles Kennedy to take part of the show. Slash, because he and Chris did the song, Promise, in the first Slash solo album and Myles would have delivered on any Chris Cornell song that he or whoever would have picked. That stated, they were both in Japan at the time of the show and they got a long two months of touring to do to cover Asia, Australia/New Zealand, and Europe. It would have been a big pain traveling across the Pacific and back for only one show (but what a show). I was there for the show. I had a great time. Audioslave delivered a great set, short but full of solid hits including Dave Grohl singing Show Me How to Live. I had no issues with Metallica playing their set. They delivered some deep Soundgarden cuts and got the crowd going with For Whom the Bell Tolls and Master of Puppets. Foo Fighters did something similar, play a deep cut Soundgarden song and Dave Grohl played Everlong to close their set to get the crowd going. Never saw Metallica in person so I was quite pleased with the result. I don't think I would have felt the same if GNR came out, but would have been thrilled if Slash and Duff did something (not as GNR the entity) to pay respect for their fallen peer, but if it is not meant to be then it's not meant to be. No point pointing fingers on why it didn't happen. Edit: Speaking of why Metallica being at the tribute show sorta makes sense. There was a spot in Chris Cornell's solo shows where he decides to play U2's One, instrumentally, and fitted the lyrics to Metallica's One and it's a nice performance so I think Cornell had a fair amount of respect for Metallica to do this kind of thing in his shows.
  2. ^^ Well, the name Disturbed on any official video is going to go far when it comes to viewer counts. Not like there's anything wrong with that. That video audio is also on the deluxe edition of the latest Disturbed album. Saw them last Friday. Was a great show.
  3. Those tickets are going to be expensive as f*** though. Myles' solo shows was only around $25.00 and he was playing in front of probably 400-500 people at a time and those sold out at a pretty fast rate. Now you add Slash to the fold.....
  4. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    I mean I don't like Living the Dream, but it's not because I think it's a weak album or whatever. I think, in a vacuum, it's probably a solid hard rock album, but it's not really something thrills me personally. I just think the direction that the album is basically what I was not looking for in terms of music to enjoy, especially from Myles Kennedy who released an awesome album in Year of the Tiger earlier in the year. I also didn't go see their show at the Hollywood Palladium, but not because of the setlist. In fact, their setlists look great which is putting more focus on their stuff and less emphasis on the GNR stuff (I know I know, people want to see Slash for that, but I'm going to be there mainly for Myles and not as much for Slash, so I rather hear stuff that Myles had his personal input on). I mainly didn't go because it was a weekday and tickets for the show was around $65.00 for a GA spot and didn't want to use my vacation time to try to fight for parking or a GA spot. I think where they are at now, this is a new album world tour and they should be putting a big emphasis on the new stuff that the tour is named on, so I think it's all good and these are great musicians and they'll deliver a show that the people there seeing it in person will enjoy.
  5. Concerts in 2019

    Hey guys, so I'm seeing Disturbed at the Forum in Los Angeles, tomorrow. Pretty excited for that. It's the first of six concerts I'm going to so far in 2019. I haven't been to the Forum in about three years. For those that have seen a show there, how is the parking there nowadays? Good, bad? Expensive? Are there other decent parking lots near the Forum within 15 minutes of walking?
  6. I think the consistent touring may have gotten to him at this point. I mean imagine this. He's been either in the studio or touring for the last nine years for either AB, Slash, or solo. That sort of stuff will take a toll on you at a point. I wonder how Corey Taylor been doing something like that without going insane (if he hasn't already). The only time Myles took a legit break in that period was during mid-December 2017 - March 2018 after Alter Bridge finished their tour for The Last Hero and before Myles went to tour solo and record Living the Dream. To me, he was really a very upbeat mood when I saw his solo show Last May. He was very very chatty and entertaining in ways that there was no way he can be this chatty with Slash or Alter Bridge. Alter Bridge is not one for high-energetic though. They are more of that band that evokes more of a "sorrowful, but looking for that light at the end of tunnel" sort of band. Hard to be energetic though, but that sort of stuff is why I need a band like that in my life where I am at for the last 12 years I followed this band.
  7. Slash travelling exhibition

    Looks like a cool idea. I think it would be a little cooler if this exhibition coincide with the dates and cities of Slash's upcoming shows.
  8. Best SMKC shows?

    I think the proshots (Australia, Brazil, and Vegas during the AL tour) gives a great representation of them as a band playing to the top of their ranges and the setlists was more balanced and didn't go over the top with the GNR stuff or over the top with the solo stuff and incorporated some Snakepit and VR songs.
  9. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    Slash and Co still may do a North America tour in July/August hitting areas that they didn't hit in September/October as a final installment in the Living the Dream tour. Alter Bridge sure as hell isn't going to do anything at that point until they hit Europe later in the Fall like they always do to start an album cycle (unfortunately, which sorta sucks given that 2019 would mark the 15th year that they had become a band).
  10. 5 Finger Death Punch Appreciation Thread

    Many may write them off without hearing a note, but many people still enjoy them a great deal. Their songs gets blasted consistently on the active rock radio stations and they can pretty much co-headline an arena/amphitheater anywhere in the states with a similar sized band of their contemporaries. I say that's a pretty darn sweet deal for having a crappy band name. Not a fan of theirs, but I have nothing against them.
  11. The thing about music is that it's not always about wanting to top the previous classic album. Sometimes, albums are just expressions of where musicians are in life. Duff has some ideas and a theme that results in him wanting releasing an album. He wants to release it. Why not? Will it be great? Who knows? Is it going to be an expression of where Duff is at in his life as a person and a musician? I would think so. I think the issue is that people (not really people in this forum, just people in general) wanting Slash and Duff's albums from their various bands to be on par with GNR stuff, and I don't really think that's their intention. They just have ideas that they like and work with a couple of good people to hash it out and have a good time doing it and releasing it and feel proud of the recent stuff they release. It's not always about perfection or selling millions of albums or drawing big stadium crowds or having the album becoming a classic. They just like making music, when it comes to them in that moment, at a consistent basis whether the music is great or not. It's who they are.
  12. Iron Maiden - Legacy Of The Beast World Tour 2018-2019

    I got my ticket for the LA show, last week. Section 222. Set me back $70.00. Far back, but I'm pretty much in center viewpoint of the stage which is a good sign. If I got closer on either side of the stage in the 200 sections, that would set me back to $100+ and I didn't want to spend that. No matter, I get to see Iron Maiden which I am really excited for. It's an added cherry on top that Fozzy is on the bill as well as I like them enough and it's going to be pretty exciting to see Chris Jericho in a live setting (either wrestling or in Fozzy) for the first time ever for me and I know he'll get the place exciting to see Maiden (and try to get people into Fozzy in the process as well). The only concern is that since it is on a Saturday in September and the venue is a soccer stadium that is right next door to USC's Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. If USC is playing that day, could be big traffic and headaches trying to get parking. I hope Iron Maiden keeps For the Greater Good of God in the US sets. One of my favorite modern Maiden tracks (along with Paschendale and The Book of Souls).
  13. Iron Maiden - Legacy Of The Beast World Tour 2018-2019

    Wow. The Los Angeles show is in a venue that I have never heard of. Looks like it is in an outdoor soccer (football) stadium. Edit: Oh, it just opened this year and it is on the grounds of the old Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena. With Chris Jericho's Fozzy opening?????? I feel like I have to get a ticket now. I was on the bubble based on venue location, but now I feel I have to get a ticket to see this show. Probably would have to fight and claw my way to get access to buy tickets. How much does Maiden typically go for in ticket prices? Like around $60-70 for non-GA and $100+ for GA?
  14. Iron Maiden - Legacy Of The Beast World Tour 2018-2019

    ^^ What murmurs is happening regarding any Southern California shows? Is it going to be in an Amphitheater or in the Inglewood Forum? If it is at an Amphitheater, where at? San Bernardino, Irvine, Hollywood?
  15. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    He didn't say anything of detail. He just namedrop them in the thank you section at the end of his second book (which I found a bit odd, given the few times that both AB and Duff met up, but whatever.)