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  1. 1. Blackbird 2. Cry of Achilles 3. Fortress 4. Brand New Start 5. Open Your Eyes
  2. Debatable. All four of them are good/great, but I wouldn't say that any is clearly better than the other. I just prefer Myles above all of them.
  3. Maybe because he wants to do it for pure enjoyment and enjoy playing with the group of guys he's with in his solo band? Sometimes, it's not always about making the most amount of money possible or needing to do the solo album to fulfill obligations. If Slash decides now is the time to do stuff with his solo band, so be it. I mean if everyone else in GNR is game to do a new album and tour on the backs of it, he's game no questions, but we haven't heard anything about it and you know how Slash is. Slash wants to keep busy and wants to go go and go when it comes to making new music.
  4. Jebus, $58.50 for the cheapest seats and $153.50 for the more expensive seats? Nope, just nope. If I see these prices if they come to the SoCal area, I can't justify paying that when I recently saw Myles for only $25.00 and that was the most enjoyable show I have ever been to which I feel cannot be topped anytime soon. At least, the NYC show's prices looks more reasonable. Only $48.50 + fees for GA. Plus the venue looks interesting enough. On top of that rooftop in that pier. Plus it is a new venue.
  5. She could very well mention that it is sobriety from alcoholism (which is a big challenge to overcome by itself) rather than any harmful addictions outright.
  6. Slash's New Album - Conspirators III

    Myles stated in an interview (picked up by many sources like Blabbermouth) that vocals were done last week. I guess we'll get all the necessary details like release date, song titles, first single out, maybe a US or Europe tour announcement in the upcoming weeks?
  7. I would think that Slash's Dik Hayd record label is pretty similar to Metallica's Blackened records in a sense that by forming their own "independent" labels, they get to call the shots on how and when exactly they want their material (albums, live dvds, etc.) to be distributed. Of course, depending on region, the independent record labels would partner with a label like Roadrunner and the likes as a way to easily distribute the albums to big retail chains like Target, Walmart, etc. (I would definitely include Best Buy, but I hear they are doing away with selling albums in July). So, in essence, I think Slash is basically calling his own shots and decides that now is the time to release an album with Myles and co. and is not really obligated by any big-shot record labels to get an album out or is in any rush to get an album out.
  8. Good points, and as a big Alter Bridge fan, I'm sorta in the camp that it's ok for AB to take their time more with their sixth album release and delay it and album tour by a few months (going into say 2020) than their usual timeline (the fall of that year) and let Slash/Myles/Conspirators take more center stage in 2019, here's my reasons why. 1. Myles is probably going to be lacking some fresh guitar ideas after releasing AB's The Last Hero and his solo album, Year of the Tiger. After his solo tour, he probably wants to go back to be in that role of just providing lyrics and vocal melodies on top of whatever guitar ideas Slash will come up with (I'm hoping Frank Sidoris has some good guitar ideas as well that plays well with Slash's vision for the next album). 2. Kerns, Fitz, and Sidoris didn't really have a big band/project during 2016/17 while Myles was busy with AB and Slash was of course with GNR and the NITL tour. Kerns reformed Age of Electric and did some shows in Canada, I think. Brent Fitz played drums with Gene Simmons in his solo shows. Neither of those I imagine, while it's good productive things to do, doesn't really bring a good payday as say playing with Slash in theaters, music halls, and the occasional arena shows. Those guys are great enough players that they deserve that sort of big project that being in Slash's solo band brings.
  9. I want to see them cover more stuff from VR/Snakepit/2010 solo debut along with the two (going to be three) albums that they did together. I think they have got a big enough catalog to work with that they do not need to rely on the GNR songs too heavily to create a compelling set. They can still play a few GNR songs like Nighttrain/SCOM/Paradise City (since they do it so well) and hopefully they can finally ditch the long version of Rocket Queen. Plus, Myles is doing some covers in his solo shows like Elton John's Levon and Zeppelin's Going to California. I want to see them to a few covers that no one expects them to do, but do it amazingly in their rendition.
  10. I thought the capacity was reduced to around 80k or so after the festival in Donnington in 1988?
  11. ^^ You're A Lie was a big radio staple at the time and the title track to World on Fire was #1 on active rock radio format (Mainstream rock radio) when it was out and they have done a good amount of good gems in those two albums. What I want to see if Slash/Myles/Conspirators want to tour again is put more of an emphasis on the VR/Snakepit/Slash's solo stuff and you can still bring out certain GNR tracks like SCOM and Nighttrain and Paradise City near the closing spots of the show and it would still be a great show for people to see. In fact, as a guy that has seen them once, and they were good, I wanted them to put less of an emphasis on the GNR stuff and more on other stuff that reflects Slash's career as a musician and that window could be there now that he's back in GNR.
  12. Slash's New Album - Conspirators III

    ^^ Honestly, that article is telling us nothing really new or recent. I think it's just Blabbermouth being Blabbermouth. Myles is still stating (on a recent The Jasta show interview, last week) that a new Slash/Myles/Conspirators album remains to be seen and that he's looking to get additional solo shows (after his shows in May) in for 2018.
  13. I honestly don't know why more arena bands do not use the center of the arena for their stage for their shows like Metallica does for their arena shows? The section 205 seat that Bono listed, if that was for a show where the stage was not center, it would be a more subpar area to see the show. The fact that the stage is center for Metallica, that section makes for a more fantastic view.
  14. If that would have been the case, people would have voted with their money and do their research and can think for themselves whether or not they want to spend their money on this line-up, but they still went to the shows with all of this information out there. People don't have to go if they don't like the line-up, but other do and those are the ones that is driving the success of this tour. Oh well. That's sometimes the reality, not the reality that people really want to envision.
  15. He's busy doing the next Tremonti album right now. A lot of pictures being posted in Elvis' studio in Orlando from the band's social media outlets.