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  1. Slash's New Album - Conspirators III

    I know you are ready for Slash to go back to his solo band, but is everyone else here ready honestly? Personally, from my end, I want Slash to continue working with GNR as long as possible so that Myles can keep going with what he has with Alter Bridge and maybe he can finally get his solo album out (Slash being in GNR again is the biggest window Myles has in getting that album out). I mean Alter Bridge is playing with an orchestra next month. I highly doubt that glorious opportunity would arrive if Myles had the schedule he had when working with Slash.
  2. Bands performing albums in their entirety

    I think Rush doing Moving Pictures for their Time Machine tour was great. It also helps that their shows are so long like 2.5 hours plus where the album is not the majority of the show. I mean Moving Pictures was basically only a 4th of their show and they still incorporated their usual staples (Freewill, The Spirit of Radio, Working Man, Closer to the Heart) and brought some good rarities like Marathon, Presto, and La Villa Strangiato is always a pleasure to see in the set. Also, they did 5 songs where three of them was from their latest album at the time (Snakes & Arrows) and two from an album not yet released at the time (Clockwork Angels). Rush always knew how to build a long set well where they cover all the basis between all of their eras well.
  3. Support bands, do you watch them?

    I think you'll might like Kentucky, Black Stone Cherry's latest album. To me, it was a step up from Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea and Magic Mountain, but it didn't reach the highs of Folklore and Superstition, but I found Kentucky to be a more enjoyable album to listen to then the two that preceded it. As for the main topic, well, out of the four times I've been to a concert, three shows had opening acts, one show had support I really was intrigued of and liked (Like a Storm and California Breed when they supported Alter Bridge). One show had support I was so-so on, but didn't hate (Gary Clark Jr. supporting Foo Fighters) and one show had support I outright dislike (Charm City Devils supporting Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators). As a main rule, I like arriving at shows relatively early to get good parking and stuff and if there is a support band that I'm intrigued off, I'm all open ears. If there is a support band I don't like, then I'll try to zone out a bit until they are done and move on from there.
  4. Chris Cornell Appreciation Thread

    Chris Cornell performing solo with only an acoustic guitar was always a great gem.
  5. And yet parts of this forum never really appreciates what this Slash/Myles/Conspirators brought in their stuff. It's always like "It's too cock rock. OMG Myles sucks as a vocalist with his screeching cat voice. He'll never sing like Axl or have 1/100th of the stage presence that Axl brings. He keep butchering the GNR songs. STOP IT! WHEN'S The GNR Reunion!!!" and etc. Those kinds of comments really frustrates me, but not those that posts in the Slash subforum here and creates and post threads like these. You guys are all right. As for wanting Slash and Co to come back again. I don't know. They always kill it live and can bring a solid 8/10-ish studio album, and play those songs live really well, but in terms of enthusiasm with regards to anything Myles does. Working with Slash again is not that exciting to me compared to the potential of releasing a solo album or continuing touring with Alter Bridge now (which they lacked horribly in the Fortress tour, due to Slash's solo stuff creating that conflict in scheduling).
  6. Help Me with ALTER BRIDGE Songs!!!

    Metalingus is a staple and their most played live song in the band's history. I saw them once in LA back in 2014, loved every bit of it. Would have loved to see them again, last week in LA, but I had to deal with other priorities which sucked because they played Slip to the Void and Island of Fools in their latest LA show. I would have loved hear those live. Anyway, here's what I think they will play when they support Aerosmith, minus one or two songs (they are keeping Blackbird, Metalingus, and Rise Today for certain). Writing on the Wall Come to Life Addicted to Pain Cry of Achilles My Champion Ties That Bind Waters Rising Isolation Blackbird Metalingus Show Me a Leader Rise Today
  7. Man, I would love to go see Metallica with A7X. Where I am at, they are playing at the Rose Bowl and they got Gojira supporting (a band that gets praise from bands like Metallica and A7X and I hear they are pretty good. Their latest album Magma was good, albeit it sounded a bit depressing and moody, but the playing was strong.) I'll see if I can get the funds to get the tickets depending on where I am at in the job front. This tour will sell well. Latest album was a success in the charts, haven't done an NA tour in 8 years, strong support from good-to-great modern bands. The NITL tour didn't really have too much, if any, influence on Metallica's future touring plans.
  8. I just find it humorous that in a Toronto venue, the name changed from a beloved Canadian beer name to an American beer name. I bet there are some Canadians were not happy with that.
  9. Halestorm

    They just released a Covers EP today. They covered Whitesnake's Still of the Night, Soundgarden's Fell on Black Days, and Metallica's Ride the Lightning. I thought they did good enough on Fell on Black Days and Ride the Lightning. They did not bastardize the covers for certain. I actually enjoyed their take on Sophie B. Hawkins' Damn I Wish I was Your Lover the most from the bunch. The original felt too 90s soft for my preference, whilst Halestorm had a solid rocking take on it.
  10. SMKC On Social Media

    ^^ Pretty much. I read stuff that they may reconvene and figure out what they want to do with the band in late 2017. I honestly think it is for the best though that they take this break. As much as these guys are good, and they are very good regarding studio albums and live shows, they been going at it a fair amount in the six years they were together. As a result, other people want them to do other stuff after a certain period of time. People really want Slash back in GNR or do something more different, outside of 80s style hard rock, like a blues album or something like that. Something to "challenge" Slash. People want Myles to commit more with Alter Bridge or release that solo album and get that acoustic tour going. Now people got their wishes. Slash is back in GNR. Myles with Alter Bridge released their 5th album and have a lot of shows on the horizon in 2017. It's for the best right now.
  11. SMKC On Social Media

    For those still cares, here's Myles playing an acoustic benefit gig that supports bringing more music education to communities in his hometown of Spokane, Washington. This video I'm about to link has part of Standing in the Sun and Starlight.
  12. Openers for Europe/NA 2017

    They got Download and they typically spend their June doing festivals like Hellfest, Rock AM Ring/IM Park, which they are already announced for, Graspop with some headlining shows in between. Usually, after they do festivals in June, it's in July that Myles is with Slash for whatever, but with the GNR tour, I'm hoping they do more shows by themselves anywhere in that period.
  13. You know what? F' it, I'm going to say it. Their latest album, Prayers For the Blessed, on first listen, is a tremendous listen to me. The kind of album that I was really looking for from them, and not the direction that Modern Vintage was going towards, and I say this as a fan of them since This is Gonna Hurt who had no idea, at the time, that Ashba was a touring member of GNR. That stated, DJ Ashba did a weird guitar solo track in the album called Catacombs. The beginning and end of it sounded like the intro of Kickstart my Heart and the middle sounding like Ashba giving his best Eruption impression. It's a 80 second track where your enjoyment of it depends on how much you like Ashba as a guitarist (and from the looks of it in this forum, not a lot of people will enjoy it, which is honestly fine). Favorites so far: Barbarians (Prayers for the Blessed), We Will Not Go Quietly, Maybe It's Time, Suffocate, and Riot in My Head.
  14. Again, it's just someone asking him what's the plan regarding Slash and his solo band (like most interviews regarding him seems to ask nowadays) on top of Alter Bridge stuff. It's not like Myles is outright begging for Slash to do another album with him and the Conspirators. I got to bold that for emphasis. Sometimes, when you got a good project going and it is on a delay for various reasons, interviewers want to know what's up with that stuff. It seems like the standard nowadays.
  15. Where's the proof in that? He's got all the momentum he needs right now with Alter Bridge. They are touring Europe, atm, playing some pretty solid packed theaters and got an arena tour (7 shows) in the UK in a few weeks.