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  1. One more angle to take away from Slash not outright saying that he's going into the studio recording the next Slash/Myles/Conspirators album is that Walking Papers has a show in Seattle this month. According to this post here, http://www.mygnrforum.com/topic/219498-walking-papers-duffs-other-side-project-wp2-album-due-january/?do=findComment&comment=4518901 , Duff's name is not on it, but all the other guys in the band is on it. I found it quite odd that for a guy like Duff that lives, breathes, hype everything about Seattle that his name is not on that Facebook post, indicating that he's not going to be playing the show? What's he doing in that period aside from spending time with the family?
  2. I love this year in all honesty. My favorite band played the 2nd most amount of shows they have ever done in a year and that included playing in Rock in Rio, playing a fair amount of headlining shows in the US, and they played with an orchestra at Royal Albert Hall incorporating some deeper cut songs and they are in process of releasing a DVD. For me, personally, I got a job that has steady pay. I moved to Garden Grove, California in the OC where I'm about 10-20 minutes away from concert venues like the Anaheim House of Blues, the City National Grove of Anaheim, and the Honda Center (hate that place due to hockey reasons, but if there's a band I like playing there, I may consider going there). I went to see two concerts at the House of Blues in three days, Halestorm and Breaking Benjamin, and in all honesty, those might have been the most enjoyable concerts and the best crowds I have ever been in. Also, after a nine year hiatus, I'm back to playing World of Warcraft and I'm enjoying the content a lot and looking forward to where the game goes next year with their new expansion. So, my life is pretty good in comparison to 2016 and looking forward to see what's to come in 2018.
  3. I find it interesting that he stated RIP Sixx:A.M. (which is a bit of a bummer for me, since I found their Prayers for the Blessed album to be a great album and am always intrigue of another album from them). Does that mean DJ Ashba is up to do something else.............
  4. #RipNetNeutrality

    I think some non-US people are looking at this as well with worried eyes and thinking, "Could this happen to our country as well?"
  5. ^^ Well, you may not like this, but I do and this is the kind of stuff that fans of Myles have been waiting 8 years and counting for. I do think this is a good start for the solo album. Vastly different than what he's done with AB and Slash (which is where he needs to go towards to stand out and not have it sound like an AB-copy or a Slash/Myles/Conspirators copy). It's the opening song of the album and sounds to me it's basically mapping out what happened to him and his family in 1974 and the following songs would go more in detail. This was not going to be anything hard and heavy at all or making a statement to music world or whatever. This is a story about a very personal part of his life and going more "worldy-sounding" with the music and acoustic guitars and the likes seems very fitting to that personal story.
  6. All right, fine with me. I just wanted to make sure.
  7. Hmmm, Slash is in the studio with Myles at the time of that post, ehhh? Funny thing about that. On 12/05, Myles was still touring with Alter Bridge in Dallas and still is touring until mid-December, just finished a show in Tulsa (Eddie Trunk was there actually.) I'm not doubting that Myles may work with Slash at the start of 2018, but I'm not too sure about this particular sentence.
  8. Maybe you're right. The last thing I heard from Myles was an interview from him, last month, and the tone that I perceive from that in the post-Alter Bridge touring, 2018 was going to be more geared towards promoting the solo album out and not-so much working with Slash, but it's still going to be a busy year for him. Sure, he won't be playing the big halls that he's been doing around the world, but I still can see him doing like 2-3 months of acoustic tours across smaller venues in Europe and the states and I still want to see that personally after seeing him with Slash and AB. Maybe my bias in wanting Myles to promote his solo album and playing solo acoustic tours and my bias in wanting him to not work with Slash, nowadays, is hindering my perception. It happens.
  9. Hmmm, in the studio yesterday? Was Slash in Dallas yesterday?
  10. Honestly, the guy actually deserves a very well-earned break for a few months after recording and touring with Alter Bridge around the world in the last two years or so (and recording his solo album during their tour breaks) then after that, he's probably going to promote his solo album and do some shows in both sides of the Atlantic, I presume, before going back to get the foundation going for Alter Bridge's sixth album. Slash will not play any role at all in the solo album since Myles scrapped the idea of his first solo album (the one he's been working on and off since 2009) and created the ideas for this upcoming solo album. The guy is so well-versed as a musician and a songwriter that this solo album will be very very different than what he's done with Slash and Alter Bridge. Don't expect this to be a hard rock album is what I'm saying. He's incorporated banjo, lap steel, bass, and mandolin in this solo album. He's tapping into the influences of blues, R&B, and acoustic based music and influences as Mississippi John Hurt, Chris Whitley, K.D Lang, Nick Drake and the acoustic songs on Led Zeppelin 3 and 4. You actually don't expect either bands he's a main focus of to incorporate these influences in their music so his solo album is going to be compelling to say the least just for that. A teaser of the new song being released on Friday. As for the next Slash solo album and when they will get together and finish recording it and releasing it? I don't know. Quite frankly, I do not care and have no interest in that nowadays when I'm very very excited at the prospect of Myles' solo album. Maybe Slash's solo band is really on a hiatus that no one knows when the hiatus is ending, maybe not Slash himself knows since he's so busy with other stuff (in addition to touring again as a member of GNR).
  11. Slash's New Album - Conspirators III

    I know you are ready for Slash to go back to his solo band, but is everyone else here ready honestly? Personally, from my end, I want Slash to continue working with GNR as long as possible so that Myles can keep going with what he has with Alter Bridge and maybe he can finally get his solo album out (Slash being in GNR again is the biggest window Myles has in getting that album out). I mean Alter Bridge is playing with an orchestra next month. I highly doubt that glorious opportunity would arrive if Myles had the schedule he had when working with Slash.
  12. Bands performing albums in their entirety

    I think Rush doing Moving Pictures for their Time Machine tour was great. It also helps that their shows are so long like 2.5 hours plus where the album is not the majority of the show. I mean Moving Pictures was basically only a 4th of their show and they still incorporated their usual staples (Freewill, The Spirit of Radio, Working Man, Closer to the Heart) and brought some good rarities like Marathon, Presto, and La Villa Strangiato is always a pleasure to see in the set. Also, they did 5 songs where three of them was from their latest album at the time (Snakes & Arrows) and two from an album not yet released at the time (Clockwork Angels). Rush always knew how to build a long set well where they cover all the basis between all of their eras well.
  13. Support bands, do you watch them?

    I think you'll might like Kentucky, Black Stone Cherry's latest album. To me, it was a step up from Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea and Magic Mountain, but it didn't reach the highs of Folklore and Superstition, but I found Kentucky to be a more enjoyable album to listen to then the two that preceded it. As for the main topic, well, out of the four times I've been to a concert, three shows had opening acts, one show had support I really was intrigued of and liked (Like a Storm and California Breed when they supported Alter Bridge). One show had support I was so-so on, but didn't hate (Gary Clark Jr. supporting Foo Fighters) and one show had support I outright dislike (Charm City Devils supporting Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators). As a main rule, I like arriving at shows relatively early to get good parking and stuff and if there is a support band that I'm intrigued off, I'm all open ears. If there is a support band I don't like, then I'll try to zone out a bit until they are done and move on from there.
  14. Chris Cornell Appreciation Thread

    Chris Cornell performing solo with only an acoustic guitar was always a great gem.