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  1. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    Yeah...well there are still people who think Covid doesn't exist and the Earth is flat...they too heard it from many different sources just like we did about long lost love between Duff and Slash vs Frank. What good is it for a GNR fan if someone is good jazz or fusion drummer!? We need him to have proper timing in You could be mine, not Miles fuckin Davies or Nina Simone. That doesn't say anything about Miles or Nina, just says that we need proper drummer in a right place. I am completely ok with that if someone says Steve, Matt, Tico Torres or whoever is a shitty jazz or fusion drummer. There is a reason someone is in GNR or Miles Davies band.
  2. UYI fillers? CD better than UYI's?? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL CD went down as one of the worst records in the history of rock. It was in Walmart for like 2$ or something by 2009? Ax's averege tix sold according to billboard by 2010 were around 2500. Glad to see some like CD... then again, there are people who think the world is flat... ...or Frank is good.
  3. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    on the list of revolving GNR drummers, on the very bottom of it is Frank than NOBODY for miles followed by Brain! Enough said. Wanna hear why? Listen to YCBM or Mr. Brownstone from RamR 2006, that is NOT how those songs should be played.
  4. Nothing! Absolutely NOTHING!! Have they managed to come up with one single song of GNR leve in 20 years? No. They were talentless hired musicians who played parts of others that played or came up before them. A rock band doesn't become big through PR but quality. You can have best PR in the world and you will still be unknown bend in the ocean of other unknown bands. Those bands had 0 creativity or charisma and it has proven that Ax without iz/Slash/Duff ain't worth shit.
  5. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    Hey Brando, I'd have a few more. ask him what his favorite 2 songs were from UYI I, UYI II, VR, also what his fav live tracks were during UYI tour
  6. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    who is Kukoč then?
  7. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    hey Brando, I'd have a few... - any chance of Neurotic Outsiders reissue? was an reunion and a follow up ever an issue or could be an issue? - VR - were there any completed songs that hadn't made the albums? - does he talk with Slash or Duff? when was the last time he did? - if Fernando reached out to him, why does in his opinion Ax insist on 'his drummer'? - when was the last time he spoke to Ax? - was there ever TSI tour planned? - when was the last time he spoke to Iz? is Iz still in speaking terms with Slash? that's about it btw, I really like that Circus Diablo record he produced
  8. Unofficial updates on 2020 tour

    There is NO way anyone will tour for next several months. Big tour get negotiated good couple of years ahead. Club size tours 6-9 months ahead. With Bon Jovi it is different case compared to most. Bon Jovi as a bend are run by Bon Jovi and his family. He calls the shots when he wants, though, in his case any break is - MORE then welcome. His voice went down the hill tremendously last 3-5 years. Although, Jon Bongiovi LOVES the money more than ANY other artist. ...even if it costs him his health, which it did for them tme being. But yeah... It took Corona to stop NITL tour! That is probably the first positive side effect of the world standing still.
  9. Sadly, nothing nothing post Do you know what I mean was at least listenable. Total waste of resoureces it was recorded on. IMO. No diss on the fans intended. ...granted, any of them was probably way better than CD...
  10. Yeah, maybe Duff's another half pathetic effort or Loaded
  11. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    https://blog.michaelsegalweddings.com/guns-n-roses-matt-sorum-marries-singer-ace-harper-at-the-colony-palms-palm-springs/ Hadn't seen this one before. This may explain why Matt felt so buthurt from Duff out of all members
  12. where did you find this!? I read citing today from both Rich and Chris that they do have material but no album in plan since they just got together and don't want to go head over feet into anything
  13. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    hey sorry for running a bit late...no, one is chad, the other played with many bands under his nick, would have to google out his real name, But neither of the above,
  14. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    what I was going to say, how I read what this person said, they don't talk more than they need to. there is no brotherhood/friendship. sure they chit chat, talk backstage, but they don't hang together in each others rooms, talk things in great lengths...see how surprised Meg was once Ax walked in?