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  1. Of course not. Matt came in on a request from one of the world's top bands at that time, he was not found on the street like Ferrer or the revolving door Axl had since Matt. You don't get guys from your competition for 15k a month. Now before telling someone he lacks information, please don't write such stupidities as the contract part. Sure he had a contract, so do Axl, Slash, Duff...., that doesn't make them a hired hand. Every club sized band that ever recorded an album has a members contracts. You obviously are mixing up terms and definitions. Hired hands are people who are hired by the band to play parts without core band ever considering them as members'. They are there to play parts, tour but they are not visible on merch, logos, videos etc. Like rhytham guitar in Bon Jovi, like the guy who plays rhythm in Green Day last 20 years.... As for business part. I am glad you read carefully because not once did I say in any post a word of shares or money terms. Go back and read what I said. One of the things I said was 'I am not going into shares, for not even Axl, Slash, Duff have equal shares'. 'That is something only they know'. I was talking about how they viewed Gilby/Matt/Dizzy compared to the others. That in 1991-93 we had a 'BAND' and that reflected on the quality of the playing where as now - it sounds like Slash and Duff playing with a fuckin cover band. Slash pretty openly said what he thought of Frank and pretty vaguely answered the question on Fortus.
  2. I am saying that until Axl took his favorite fromhimself and fired everyone else, he considered the band to be a full fledged band. The 6 members of the band that played '91-'93 were considered as 'band members' not hired hands. Do post '93 members appear on any official merch? No. Did Matt/Gilby/Dizzy appear on official merch and logos - oh yes. Has Axl reffered to them as full time members before Live Era - oh yes. This may be new to the fans post '93, but yes, that was a band. What shares they had? Nobody knows. Hell nt even Slash/Ax/Duff have equal shares nor did they buy equal amount of Izzy's partnership, but that is something else. Point is, those guys were considered by the rest of the band as members. Those guys for 3 years made Saskatoon, Buenos Aires, Paris, Rio, Chicago, Oklahoma - standard quality shows - after them, went all to shit. No PRO shot today sounds/looks 50% of any of those shows. Rio, Apollo...you name it. Finally, many years ago Gilby spoke about his status in GNR, saying anyone thinking he was an additional member or hired hand is hugely mistaken. Linear notes about him and Matt in Live Era came to them as huge surprise. Let's say Gilby knows what he is talking about and there is a reason he appeared on HoF with Slash/Duff/Matt/Adler.
  3. Sorry but no. Frank, Fartus, Mel, Bucketfoot, Absha, Tobias, Finck, Bumblehead... totally NO charisma type of musicians. Charisma doesn't have anything to do with seating or standing, sunglasses or not, it is something you either have or don't. You were born with it or didn't. As for Matt and Gilby - no. Matt and Gilby were not hired musicians (not in that sense). They were full time members and as such labeled by Axl in the interviews. They were also on GNR pinball machine and on public merch and logos - unlike Fartus, Frank, Mel or any other post '93 line up. Only once they were gonne with the others did Axl turn the story around and begun the story 'additional musicians!'. Anyone thinking Matt and Gilby were 'hired hands' - was not around in the day or does not have full information. As for Duff and Slash likeing Fartus and Frank - one doesn't like either, the other doesn't like one of those 2. Either way, Slash and Duff hanging out with Matt and Gilby and not really interacting with Fartus and Frnak speaks volumes I won't go into.
  4. hahahahahahahahahaha... if you belive what you write - YOU are on fuckin crack or some other serious shit! not sure what it is, but it is seriously damaging. worst concert of that era is 50% better than best concert of this era. if you think this line up can pull out a show like Buenos Aires '93, Chicago '92, Paris '92, Saskatoon '93....you are deaf or delusional.
  5. uhhuh!? uhm...NO! I am really, really sorry but NO! Richard Fortus has 0 stage presence or charisma. I am glad you met him and Frank and they came out as great guys, but I meet 30 people every day that are great but that doesn't make them elegable to play in Guns N Roses. Richard Fortus, no offense, looks like a character who escaped from Angry Birds. He is a hired hand and as such you can not compare him to Iz/Gilb/Matt/Adler, who were band members. Those guys were totally other league from Fortus and Frank. Don't need to go back through history, just check out some of the last shows of the UYI line up, Buenos Aires 16/7/93, 17/7/93, Saskatoon '93...You think in their best dream Frank and Fortus could pull that off? LOL! The only reason Fortus and Frank are there cause Fortus is probably even cheaper to have than Gilby. Gilby probably had even more charisma than Iz. I had probably never seen guys with less stage presence or charisma than F & F in any band that made it through.
  6. Well maybe because when it comes down to Duff saying 'we had his amps waiting for 3 months' and Iz saying 'they didn't want to split the loot' - Iz comes out as more reliable. It doesn't take a genius why he left them there waiting 3 months. If he didn't want to tour, he would of told them 'fuck off and tour'. Also, if he didn't want to tour with that size band, he wouldn't have wanted to come back '96. Iz never left because his check was too big or he didn't want to tour the stadiums - he left for same reason like everyone else - Axl. Taht story about him coming back from Duff, everything Slash had to say about the subject and Axl's comment - clearly give Iz heads up. 'Not wanting to tour' was a silly explaination on why he left back in the 90's. Iz point - You have your point, I have mine. I say they never sounded better than with Sorum and Gilby was the best fit to replace Iz. I know a lot of ppl think same, Canter also complimented Gilby. Playing in a band is not just playing, but also stage presence. Stage presence is something Fortus has 0 of.
  7. To quote you - 'this is a total crock of shit'! Who are you to say Matt is not a perfect fit, Gilby not a great songwriter or Izzy did not want to tour!?!? As for Iz....I am still amazed how you've missed it - the loot was nor split equaly - unless Izzy told YOU otherwise. Which would mean you have exclusive news. All your info is based upon your personal opinion without any facts to prove otherwise, so this conversation is pretty much waste of time. As I said, 'you heard some UYI bootlegs', others of us lived through AFD/UYI era, so you will never be able to understand. You can always pretend Ashab is great player, Bumblehead is great songwriter, or Frank is the greatest drumer on greatest cd ever made - that is your universe. Your knowledge of 1985-93 era is based upon 'few bootlegs' and that is why you will never understand why post '93 guys were hired hands. I am sorry for you as Ax would say, but history can not be rewinded. Do yourself a favour and see on ytb Rio '91, Paris '92, Buenos Aires '93, Saskatoon '93, Buenos Aires '92, Tokyo '92..., you will get the point why second keyboard wasn't needed and why Gilby and Matt were waaaaaaaaaaayyy better fit for the band, Btw., what is the deal with you repeating 'Izzy did not want to tour' over and over again, when he said openly why he isn't there!? Why don't you trust him?
  8. ? Why pretend? You've heard, some of us lived long enough to have knowledge of 1986 - present. You hadn't seen AFD line up? You hadn't seen UYI era live? You only got to see current line up? Well tough luck. Life can be a bitch sometime. But hell, it is pretty childish to claim the best era is the one you went through, ya know. Say, Gilb/Iz/Matt/Steve come back in Oct, will you whine for Frank and Fortus? Just for the record, the only one who mentioned Gilby was a great songwriter was you. But his first two albums did contain better songs than anything Ax released post '93. You know Iz didn't want to tour for a fact? You spoke to him? Whoa! This deserves a special topic then. Please don't come around with such silly arguments and tell others where or how to live, you sound like 15.
  9. Because I waited 22 years for 'reunion' and instead I got the band whose best show was 30% of UYI's line up era worst show! While Slash can play all guitars - Frank can not drum in any half serious band period. Guns N Roses are not a band that need 2 keyboards. Dizzy playing stuff like Locomotive, Breakdown or other UYI material are as far as keyboards are needed. This line up has 0 creativity. Ferrer and Fortus are not what Slash and Duff need. If not Izzy, bring back Gilby. Sorum by all means. TSI sound was perfect fit for GNR. It was a great record given what it was. Other than that. There is a reason why no GNR ever happend after Iz left. Marc Canter explained here a while back how and why each album came about and why each member was vital for the album
  10. A timeline for the reunion

    nothing from GNR world ever made sense and 90% of the things that are official - probably never happend. So why bother. After being the biggest band on the planet - Axl fires the whole band. A couple of years after being a cancer - Slash is a best buddy. Izzy from being 'the only person I can imagine working again from the old line up' and playing with him in 2011 - 2016 the only crucial member not being on board of the reunion tour. Ferrer being the worst of the revolving 78 drummers in the band but he still remians in the 'reunion' band.
  11. Piss people off?? Nah. I don't see that happening. Unless with a few teen fans. Ppl will either buy or won't, attend the gigs or won't. Period. Doubt anyone will lose any sleep (or money) over it.
  12. who cares about an album featuring Frank on drums and Mel on keys!? In all honesty... I would rather remember them finish it off with TSI
  13. if his touch is so magical, he also deserves shit for Fortus/Ferrer/Mel standing under the GNR moniker instead of Iz/Gilb/Matt/Adler
  14. seriously...with the way CD paned out, who is looking forward to something that didn't make that album?
  15. isn't this interview taken from smw else where it already came out like a month ago? I could swear I read this before word for word.