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  1. Slash's home studio vs his creativity

    Actually, Slash was active all time long, VR was mostly formed 2002, 2004 thei album was out. It took Ax 18 years to bring an album out and once he did - it was probably the worst album of the year. so...
  2. to be honest, I left the band with with Slash and I contuned to follow his/Gilby's/Duff' work post GNR. I was ready to spend last dime on the tickets would they reunite. Slash/Duff/Ax did, with Dizzy that makes 4 of my favorite line up, however, without Izzy/Gilby/Matt, I have no interest in this band. I have all '86-'93 bootlegs complete, incl demos, I did not d'load a single show of this line up, nor do I have interest. Ax was running a cover band for 15 years, now it is Slash/Duff/Ax feat cover band. You are either a band or you ain't one. This is like a school band in which everyone that plays an instrument gets a shot once in their life time. sad and pathetic. Did not expect this from Slash and Duff. Steve is not capable of being in the band anymore, but this is shit.
  3. when did their friendship go down the train in the first place??
  4. man...you overestimated that alot, ya know? there were figures for 2011 or something on billboard, the numbers ranged from 2000 to 2500.
  5. at first I thought you guys actually challanging this claim were actually - nuts! Now reading your posts, I could see it making sense in the following way. Ax realised he does want to continue CD II but with Slash and Duff back, he realized it is not GNR coup of tea so he releases it with Ash/Fartus/Melli/Frank, basically it becomes what CD I was - Ax solo project. Meanwhile true Gunners are back, working on the new material like during AFD/UYI days, band minus Ax. Slash/Duff/Matt/Iz or Gilby. Not entirely impossible. Reunion tour can not go forever...Ax obviously does want some sort of solo album so... Nothing ever made sense in GNR world, why should it now?
  6. you honestly think Ax would bring back Ashba Before Slash, he coulnd't sell 2000 tickets anywhere outside London. After smelling the money past 2 years - don't think he would go back to that. We have more chances Slash convincing him to sip some money and return Iz/Gilb/Matt instead of Fartus/Melli/Ferrer
  7. Slash Buys $6.2M home in Encino

    How far away is Ax?
  8. GNR LA 2016 event shirt at H&M

    Go to Scottsdale

    I bought that in Phoenix two weeks ago...for 29.99...
  10. If he just had a car...maybe we could have a rerun of UYI Tour and forget about the Melissa/Frank/Fortus and last 25 years embarassment...Izzy back, Matt, Gilby...Axl please buy Doc's car
  11. Oh nooooooo. I hope it is fake news. Who would want Ferrer there permanently ...I hope Ax, Duff and Slash would join Matt and Izzy
  12. ok, I though the guy in the far corner was Todd. Who is the guy above Slash with the blond, Myles or Frank (Sidoris, not Ferrer) ? Although, I was convinced Kimo was Ferrer Although, handed, Kimo probably does play drums better than Frank...
  13. who are the people in this pic other than Slash and Frank??