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  1. Chorzów 1992

    They played Prague and Budapest from neighbouring countries, Germany and Austria excluded.
  2. Dear Fernando, I read the coomments other ppl posted you and you answering them back. I won't go into other details, but I have to tell you about you irritating comment that insulted many of us and caused ppl to become outrageous. Long before you became involved with the band, while your mom took care of 3 children (you, your sister and Axl), there were we. Furthermore, there was millions of us! We were out there buying tickets, collecting posters, collecting bootlegs (very same ones Axl forbid to record instead of being proud like Billy Corgan or some others and be proud of those recordings today), buying albums, shirts...we were loading the band with money, not vice versa. Then Izzy left, we kept on coming out to see Slash, Duff, Ax, Matt, Gilby...We paid for your schooling, we indirectly secured you the position of GNR menager, for without us - there would be no GNR no more. With support of your mom, your patron ruined it all for us, but most of all for himself. 25 years later, we are promissed reunion - not halfassed but reunion. Why 2 keyboards when GNR at first had none? We get Melissa, Frank, Richard...and your comment 'band is not about who we want in'!? WTF!? I mean for real, WTF!?!? You know why ppl want Steve and Izzy? Check out Ritz '88. You know why we want Gilby and Matt? Check out Saskatoon '93. It doesn't have to be Izzy, but bring back Gilby. It doesn't have to be Adler, bring back Sorum. You know we want those guys? Because we care about quality. You know why we don't want Rich, Frank and Mellie? Check out Rio 2017. Simple as that. Being a manager doesn't involve overlooking art, merch and busses, it involves certain responsibility to the ones that feed you. If Matt, Adler, Izzy or Gilby said 'fuck them, we don't want to deal with them', ok. Yet all those guys wanted back and who do we get? The 3. Guess what, I did not buy a ticket for that and will not unless some more ppl come back. If you are happy with casual fans who won't buy the albums or merch but come out just to see who is playing in their town, be it Coldplay or Snowpatrol or Lady Gaga or GNR - then keep on touring with this shitty line up. Make sure yoou tell Axl to sit down with Angus and watch RIO 2017 and Saskatoon 1993, maybe Angus can help him see it. And yes...while you are at it, bring back that UYI tye dye tshirt, UYI 1 front side, UYI 2 back side, that will bring yo shit load of money.
  3. don't know about WOF being his best record. I kinda found it boring and one dimensional. I would rank them probably in the order they came out Snakepit 1 Snakepit 2 Slash AL WOF
  4. OK, my GNR worship goes way over 25 years...I dare say I can recognize some things...I would dare say that rhythm guitar is Izzy but it is not the parts from any of the previous Shadow of your love recordings. Was this the reason why Meeghan/Duff/Slash posted bday wishes and old pics? Very possible. Is Izzy back in the band? We would have to wait till the next time they get on stage. Fact is, everyone is tight liped eversince they last got of the stage. Also, Meg/Duff/Slash did not remember Izzy or his bday the last couple of years. Also, drums are Adler, but those are old. Guitars/bass/vox are new.
  5. which parts do you think may have been rerecorded? I think guitar and vocals may be new. Obviously, Fartus was nowhere near if it was redone. I loved this track back in the day And yes...This being single gives us finally one new song on the future setlist...
  6. UYI's are perfect as they are, granted minus My World. Eventually, some critic some day said 'they are overproduced' and then even the none GNR fans began repeating that cliche. They remain the most listened albums of my life. Not sure, but think I listened each over a thousand times.
  7. seriously...with fans buying this shit like crazy, no wonder Ax doesn't bother releasing new music. Why the hell would someone buy another cd if your original has no scratches!? I am a fuckin megafan old school and I never had a need to buy something just cause it is repacked and said 'MEGA SUPER DELUXE'. That is being plain stupid.
  8. just like Nirvana and Nevermind vs In Utero. In Utero too was a better album than Nevermind
  9. Probably more tour dates for 2019 with another 3-4 covers, making it finally 50% of the setlist covers
  10. ok, now that you pointed it out...depends what gadget you look on
  11. whatever it means. I guess Izzy is out with his pic crossed out like this. on the other hand, judging all the recent coments, I would bet on Adler being out with a chance of Izzy mending fences with Slash/Duff... whatever it is, it is weired and nothing should be excluded coming from this dysfunctional band...
  12. if we had Slash and his song ideas he is using with Myles put together with Duff/Matt/Izzy, we would have a perfect GNR album. this way we can't have neither perfect GNR nor Slash album...
  13. The importance of Mike Clink

    an producer can only work on the songs that are that good...he can not make the shit song good. however, the produce can add a certain quality to each album with details. In terms of GNR, I wouldn't want anyone else produce them shall there ever be new music.
  14. Foo Fighters "Concrete & Gold"

    Guess it comes down to taste. I thought Wasting light had terrific ending, Should have known, Misery, Walk...To me that was their best album to date (and the best tour).
  15. Mr. Know it all, I am glad you are complaining but although I tried hard, I haven't got a fucking idea what you are trying to say. you are not an insider, but call speculation - baseles!? This is fucking internet forum, 99% stuff here is based on speculation. the shit you wrote here is speculation. Speculation = baseless. so agree and accept ppl are entitled to their opinion or take a hike