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  1. actually...I would say all likely but d). I don't see d) unless b)
  2. Ironically, this might be the most interesting time in GNR history. According to his speach, not even Axl knows what the future holds in cards. Some options - A) nothing B) reunion with Izzy and Sorum/Adler C) 2 year break and 30 years UYI tour D) new album E) some silly tour with eversame setlist down the line IMO, this line up has been milked dry. The money machine needs a new ace.One comment is significant 'this needs to end in order to move on to the next step'. Original 5 or Izzy/Sorum tour? Certainly less work and another 2 years of safe money grab. My wish? Sure, Axl wish? Possibly.
  3. Honestly, I think Fortus, Ferrer, Melli should pay them 50k a gig to be standing on that stage. On the other hand, what else could they be doing and running away with 120-150k a year? Plumbing, waitress, barber, mechanic, teacher... I think they are pretty happy with what they get. In Bon Jovi, everyone is on a payroll (not Phil X, the rhytham guitar..., they are also hired), But Tico, Richie, David...they got 2 million a month, recording or not, touring or sitting at home. When you think of it, putting up with Jon and earning 24 million a year or doing something else?
  4. the hired guns in the biggest names of the industry are around 10-12k a month
  5. What!?!? Say that again!?
  6. wanna bet? but go ask Izzy and Matt to join first overproduced as in CD? UYI 's IMO were exactly produced as they should had been. YCBM, Dead Horse, Right next door, Pretty tied up, Breakdown, Locomotive, Back off...sound xactly the way I would want them to sound. UYI III would be perfect for me
  7. I do think they can top their prime, studio wise, but only with UYI line up.
  8. At the moment, I do hope they won't be there would they ever record a new album
  9. George H.W. Bush. RIP

    business partner and close friend of Saddam Hussein and Bin Laden, sure they would have been saddend to hear this news if they were alive
  10. UYI's were masterpieces, TSI was masterpiece to everything else that followed. Looking at the amount of covers on the setlist now, one might wonder if TSI shed the light on what we would get 25 years later...
  11. Happy Birthday last decent GNR record!
  12. New photo of Axl Rose in 1998 surfaces

    unless he was a boxing bag
  13. New photo of Axl Rose in 1998 surfaces

    FUCK he was HUUUGE even back then!!! Is this the head wear after hair transplant???
  14. be thankful Frank doesn't have a solo spot