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  1. What happened to Steven Adler?

    Agree about Stevie, but if they outgrew Izzy - what the hell are Mel, Fartus and Frank doing on stage!?!?
  2. If Slash goes back to SMKC after the tour..

    ...if this tour runs till the contracts expire, Axl takes a break, Slash/Duff/Matt/Izzy form a band and Axl feels sucked in, remember, that is entirely new situation, for, that band doesn't need to go under GNR logo, but it can. Ax left alone with everyone ' contracts expired is not on the top of the helm anymore.
  3. If Slash goes back to SMKC after the tour..

    on the sidenote... if this tour is really the end of this band, I can't imagine Slash and Duff going apart again. Just can't. I expect them to work with Matt and Izzy in some shape or form, wheather or not that will involve Axl, who knows...
  4. If Slash goes back to SMKC after the tour..

    If he goes solo, Rod Jackson should be the man . off the record...surprised me he never got around to work with Chris Robinson
  5. what tour!? outside of US/London they couldn't sell 2500 tickets.
  6. This line up

    Marc, i don't know if you spoke with anyone recently, i remember back a year ago something like 'it is great to see this happening, more will come out'... if you were to put your money, is this line up all we are getting? don't get me wrong, but 7 covers a night, no Izzy, Gilby, Matt. I cal live w/o Adler, but I have no desire to see Fortus and Frank. do you see Izzy coming back ever??
  7. 08/13/17 - Hershey, PA - Hersheypark Stadium

    it can hardly get worse than - Frank
  8. Drugs or something else, that Rio disaster show clearly implies there is/was something wrong with him,,he delivered a few disaster shows since too
  9. The Creative Crisis of Guns N' Roses

    on the side note... I am a fan veteran. I remember the day TSI came out, I thought - wtf!? Today I honestly think, musically/sound wise, TSI was the most ideal sounding record of all GNR albums. That band sounded like Gunners should have. Bombastc, rough on the edges, running like a freight train,, sounding like an airplane.
  10. The Creative Crisis of Guns N' Roses

    at the end of the day it is all about chemistry. Put together in a room Slash/Duff/Matt/Izzy/Gilby - you will get magic. Ax would need to stitch up lyrics and you would have an iconic album. Ax without those guys is a street musician qualty musician. With (Tr)ashba, Bumble & co, the trash began to get cleaned up, however, with Fortus/Frank/Mel, there are still 3 that are hindering the process. Maybe they function on stage somehow, but the 3 hired guns are something Slash&Duff obviously can't find creative juices. They come from completely different ends. Ax needs to let Slash and Duff finish line up process if he wants to move on. He 's got all the power, but he is as irrelevant as Steven Adler.
  11. actually, I was going even further back in the history. the one with UYI I front side, UYI II back side. those second hand reach 600.00$ on ebay
  12. unless it is UYI I and II dye tshirt there, not worth a mention
  13. of course not don't know how but you managed to missread. go back and read over