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  1. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    if they have the guy from you pic on this tour, they have to split the loot equally
  2. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    It is kinda righteous to ripp off the ppl that just won at the table. The ones who lost - don't have the money for ticket anyway
  3. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    wtf!? they had been AFD focused since like '87
  4. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    Not in this lifetime tour shoul slowly be upgraded to Not to end in this lifetime tour. Looking forward to this being a warm up to continuation of thecontinuation of the continuation of NITL tour in the years 20 - 24.
  5. Russ...LOL. How about you learn to accept other peopl think differently than you, wheather you ilke it or not. I personally do have my 2 AFD d's and don't give a flying fuck what was destroyed. They released LnL last year, what fucking else do you want from AFD after 30 years!?!? Where do you think they released LnL stuff from if key stuff was lost? Do you know for a fact that 'master' of 'all masters' was lost and there will never be another one like that? Damn! Personally, I read a lor of nonsense from you through the years and nobody bothered to go after you like you go after ppl who don't agree with you.
  6. LOL..I believe all members by now would know how to handle the reels ie. not in the shower, above the fireplace... did you miss the guy who had shit load of demo reels picked up from his home in April or something? not many, but ALL albums have a 'master copy' stored by the label that is untouched, but that is the reel that goes in the archive. It can be a 100th copy of the master that Russ is talking about. Theoretically speaking, my cd from '87, 95 or 2018 of AFD, could have been printed in LA, Austria, Tokyo, Sydney...you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Once it comes from label's 'master', that serves for all the reprints anywhere in the world. From there on, they could make a reprint from my, your or Russ cd without any change in sound. You should not mix rights with master. Every master has the sound that is featured on every and each reprint of a cd, vinyl, casset reproduced. Therefore, nobody bothered saying anything for all these years. Every band has its own label and their individual contract about rights. Nirvana rights were not same as Aerosmith or GNR, despite the fact they come from same label - Geffen. That is something only the two parties know for a fact. always glad to help out a fellow forum member
  7. I for one, happen to be in the music business and not to be an ashole, know what 'master tape' is. Every label stores one of each album, it doesn't mean it is THE master of all masters. The 'master' that you reffer too can be at Ax, Slash, Duff, Iz, Adler or Mike Clink place, or long chucked away. Master is there to make future copies of it, but, the only reason it is called 'master' is because it is one copy of the final work kept in archives. There you go. Feel free to ask more questions if you have them.
  8. Honestly...who says the 'master' is the one at Universal and not the one at Axl/Slash/Duff/Izzy home? There are so many copies made and the recording company keeps one as 'master'. On the sidenote, Billy Corgan made the reissues of all Smashing Pumpkins albums remastered. Guess what? To this day, no fan, me included, could tell the difference. How can you then tell a difference between a master and a copy of a master?
  9. what is the difference between 'master recording' and a 'copy of master recording'? Same thing like a cd and a burned cd. Do you honestly think they had something there those guys don't have sitting at home?
  10. Good news - it is Universal and not 'our' Vault with all the po shots and sdb's from live gigs. Also - not real loss, apart from the record company. For...You can bet anything destroyed there is something every artist has a copy of at home. Do you honestly think they had reel that a copy off doesn't lay around in Ax/Slash/Duff/Iz home?
  11. in all honesty...who started this silly cliche about Izzy refusing to tour NITL tour!?!? How many more times does he have to say 'loot was split equaly'? Damn... on the sidenote...what do you think, will he be involved or not once the reels had been picked up? The question is, will he use that as leverage to reenter the band.
  12. You know....sorry to dissapoint you, it doesn't take a genius to figure that one out. just watch November rain.
  13. oh, the guy who plays piano?
  14. You seriously regard Melissa as member!?!?
  15. Slash Matt Izzy Duff Gilby Steve Did I miss any member?