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  1. Any rumours regarding 2018?!

    at this point I seriously have doubts who is more hilarious. the guys thinking of the new album or the ppl thinking there might be more songs added to the setlist next year. Expect this tour to go on till 2025, with exactly same setlist, maybe just another 3,4 covers added by the people nobody heard of apart from Axl.
  2. When Slash and Duff are around Axl, they don't necessarely need Axl around to make new music, but they need Izzy to make great songs that will later make Axl make inspired lyrics. Also, they need Matt to be around in some shape or form, indepenant of his songwriting input. His style and presence is necessary to make a full circle click. I don't consider Stevie as reliable enough for anything long term.
  3. If Ax goes back to ACDC, would it be too much to ask to take Fartus, Frank and Melissa with him and keep them there?
  4. why would CD sell nw that Slash plays some songs live!? it was recorded when it was, with the line up that has done it and it sucks big time. just like the fact they don't play Breakdown, Pretty tied up, Locomotive, Dead Horse, Don't damn me...doesn't mean UYI's suck. would CD be any better if Slash, Izzy, Matt, Duff played - who knows
  5. the best 'shuffle' woud be Right next door Nightrain Brownstone Back off Breakdown Pretty tied up Jungle Get in the ring Bad Apples DTJ SCOM Ain't it fun Buick Black lether YCBM Civil war My Michelle Coma encore Don't cry Dead Horse Patience Encore Paradise city
  6. American because I said what I did about serbia and turkey!? I am sorry, you are not only bad in geography, but in history too. I think you would have to try very hard to find out one american that has knowledge of serbia and turkey. You also should leran definition of the word 'nationalistic'. But if you want to imply politics, which I don't think you should here, educate yourself what Serbs did in Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia and Kosovo in not too distant past. Perhaps with better knowledge of history and geography you will make less of a fool of yourself on internet. ...and yes, not bothering how to spell Hungary and Czech Republic is ignorant and rude toward those countries, so I am not the one being nationalistic - fool
  7. what makes you think I am American? I don't think I am the one that needs more geography studying, but you definately are. 2 countries he named don't exist and if you don't notice that, you are being 1) very disrespectful to its citizens 2) not very educated
  8. 1) You buddy need to learn definition of a word Nazi. 2) Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania sure exist. Hungaary or Cech don't. Cech is a goalkeeper for Chelsea. 3) You also need to do some math. 25k tickets sold in Romania won't cut a $5.5 million they ask for now. The fee they got and asked for in 2010 and 2012 is nothing to the $ 5.5 million.
  9. More fuckin' shows!? Fernando is that you? If it is, you need to study more geography. Some of the countries you mentioned don't actually exist, in others people don't earn in a month what it takes a GNR show ticket, others constantly produce wars or are on the verge of one (serbia/turkey).
  10. seriously...This is the most ridiculous topic I have ever seen. What is this a rock band or Wimbledon!? One would think we are discussing ice skating, athletics, basketball...this is fucking ridiculous.
  11. Yes, usually smaller bands do, or Scorpions. Bon Jovi change up to 7 songs a night, Magpie Salute (ex Black Crowes) change entire 40 songs every night, Smashing Pumpkins also rumble up, Aerosmith change songs from concert to concert, Foo Fighters usually change songs or song order..., RHCP, U2, Green Day... I really can't think of a band that is as boring and as predictable as this ultra silly line up. There are 2 things that come to my mind. a) the 'baggage' are so untalented they are not capable of learning more songs. b) Ax is to lazy to sch and he can't sing any others
  12. Fartus should never be on the same stage in the first place. Him, his playing, his guitar sound...everything is just irritating
  13. don't hope for Locomotive, Pretty tied up, Breakdown, Dead Horse...instead you will get 78th time of Blackhole sun and about 10 covers on 30 song set list. No matter how ridiculous Ax singing became, but the set list is the major factour along the 3 douche bags on stage why I won't spend a time seeing them on this tour. Seeker, Wichita, Black hole..., what is next, Take on me, Final countdown or sr some Willie Nelson shit? Maybe a rap song?
  14. Let’s honestly talk about ticket prices...

    if Guns want a single dollar from me, they will need to change the setlist and chuck out Farnk, Fartus and techno chick. only then we can talk.