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  1. Just like expected. Nothing in the works, relief of any danger Frank/Mel/Rich material may ever come in under GNR moniker
  2. Slash picks his favourite songs in his back catalog

    WTF!? 0 ALG songs!? Like every song on that album is better than anything he ever did with Myles! No Be the ball or What do you want to be? Only Coma off Illusions!?!? No Breakdown, Locomotive, YCBM, Civil War, Perfect crime, Dead Horse, Bad Apples, DTTJ or Pretty tied up... Seeeeriouslyyyyyyy...Either Slash is aging or he did not do this list himself
  3. 1) Izzy or Gilby back, Matt replacing Frank and Mel join Greta Van Fleet 2) all past live material available for download 3) UYI dye t shirt reprented. Yellow front, blue back. that's about it. Pretty modest IMO Nothing tooooo demanding
  4. with GNR you never know, but I would put my money on ...when it happens, it will be w/o Fortus or Frank on it
  5. I'd rather remember them with UYI's being their last authentic music recorded than have CD type crap with Guns N Roses label on it, even if it was Slash and Duff on that album. I do think with Izzy doing his part and Matt doing his UYI/TSI type drumming they can create magic but I don't see that happening in 2019. Maybe UYI 30th tour or something. I rather not have any new music than hear Frank's splashing drums all over.
  6. Ryan Bingham

    don't know his stuff - but know him. A friend of my school friend is his wife, so we spent some time hanging out
  7. The truth, and the end.

    GNR up to '94 - best band ever. GNR post '94 - biggest fuckin joke ever to sell out stadiums!
  8. The truth, and the end.

    if anyone thinks the band ever cared for the fans - you lived in the world of fairytales! does the band that cares about fans ban the very same fans from taking pics, recording concerts, release records every million years, fires the whole band over someone's uncontrolable ego? if they ever did, it was probably while Matt/Iz/Gilby were a part of the unit. Duff and Slash are back, but they are afraid every inch not to step on Ax's shadow and not to say something the brat might endanger their future or throw a tantrum. They can't stand any of the other members but don't have balls to even mention a word to Ax. Hint - remember how Slash classified Frank last summer? This is a one man band and no band that is such is a band or has any value of such.
  9. from that album Ian Astbury/Ozz/M In general a) Rod Jackson b) Dover c) Chris Robinson
  10. It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere - Vinyl reissue?

    how do those companies approach to get reprint permissions? ie. Neurotic Outsiders and Ain't life grand labels are long gone. Hell, I would reprint stuff and sell them via Amazon, just so fans can have access..
  11. It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere - Vinyl reissue?

    i have original cd's of Ain't life grand, Believe in me, It's five o 'clock, Neurotic outsiders...but I think it is a shame this stuff doesn't get reprinted. There is plenty of albums there with high quality stuff that is out of print, they should always have at least 1000 copies out there. I mean if you can buy any 60's album in most stores...
  12. Ash actually comes out as funny and disrespectful. Fanboy = ment to be a diss at someone who devoted part of his life to promote Slash (Ash's brother)? Ment to diss ppl who support his brother? Well guess what? a) w/o the fans any musician out there would be = 0! Who is buying albums, tickets, magazines promoting them, merch? b) Ash should accept that he doesn't own Slash in any shape or form. Nobody will steal his brother from him. He should grow up and act according to his age. Furthermore, not be frustrated with ppl supporting his brother, but support the ones that support his brother and appreciate them. I was with him when he went on the rant regarding the current line up, but this is a misshit and makes him look like a spoiled brat. p.s. I thought he partially designs the stuff Slash releases? ie. he is spitting on the ones that partially feed him.
  13. Frank to play in GNR cover band

    with all the incarnations he's played, it is kinda hard to tell which one wasn't the cover band.
  14. Do you see Velvet Revolver coming back at some point?

    i hate to bring the news - but Scott died 3 years ago