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  1. What Made Guns N' Roses Special?

    where do we start? - Axl performance in Berlin 2018 - Axl's performance in Rio 2011 - musicians wearing more make up and mascara than girls in the entire average club on friday and a guitar player putting a McDonalds fries bucket on his head - Frank's drumming - Mel's green hair - First 2019 Dead Horse performance Fuck 86-93 GNR, that was just rock, this is THE show! Doesn't get much MORE ridiculous than this Shit! ...I forgot...Team Brazil, my bad! That is THE key ingrediant + laundry bags
  2. Who is The King of Rock N Roll ?

    1. Me 2. Slash
  3. Don't worry, we are all human and basically every magazin I know made a different poll sometime. I remember that TIME beacuse we had prescription and I was Slash megafan from day 1, I always said he is all around best guitar player in the history but he's got the same problem like Bonham and drummers. Jimmi will always be mentioned as #1 just like Bonzo, no matter what happens in the future, as he was a pioneer and passed away very early in his life. With that TIME, I felt big satisfaction. I appreciate, unlike most posters, you actually dug the info and accepted to come back here and admit that. Big PLUS for that! Btw., I tried to search for that list myself last few days but couldn't find it, can you post a link? Cheers!
  4. are you ever getting bored with GNR?

    Slash is great. I don't have any problem with his music being bluesy over and over again. Him releaseing records like he already has in GNR or Snakepit. It is people around him I have problem with. The people like Frank and Fartus, Myles... He needs to have a good singer like Axl or Dover/Jackson, people with personality, Sorum/Izzy/Gilby. U don't care if someone stands out tecnically, but all around picture is what I care mostly. I don't care about Myles vocal abilites when his nasal singing is irritating.
  5. Actually - not. #2. Unless you have different issue.
  6. WTF!? I really LOVE those topics sometimes. 'Slash not that technically good', 'this or that player has better timing' The guy IS fuckin' Guns N Roses! TIME ranked him second after Hendrix in the history. Ahead of Page, Van Halen, Prince, Clapton, Sambora, May..., but some think Bucketfoot is better, Finck is better... Well guess what? You put him on one side and all the others on the others and the leverage is still on his side so AMEN to that. 1986-93 was Guns N Roses time, 93- is GNR semi-tribute time that plays GNR 1986-93, some covers and a couple of Axl solo songs. As Axl would say 'If you really wanna know...' Music wise, look wise, charisma wise, attitude, passion wise GNR stoped to exist July 1993. 2000-2016 was mascara time, with few occasional masks playing parts of GNR, nothing new, nothing exciting. Now it is Slash, couple of friends and few hired hands waiting for GNR members to rejoin and create something new worth playing,
  7. Axl is not stupid, like no lunatic is - but he is not as smart as he may think. You don't break up the winning team. Once he managed to replace Adler, he should have made a big sigh it all went well. Due to his obnoxious behaviour, we all lose Iz - GNR still rules the world. Now he decides to kick them all out (Slash/Duff/Gilby/Matt), by pushing them till they finally leave - WTF!? Once you are on top of the world there are tw ways to go on a) try to stay there b) down the abyss Ax choose to go down to the core of the Earth. Not something an inteligent person would do.
  8. Copyright Strikes....

    hold on...Jarmo(ron) was posting here after he banned all Slash/Duff/Matt/Iz/Gilb was at his place and told them to 'find themself another place' early 2000's?? how did Beta yell at you for posting here??
  9. CD was what it was and it turned out to be - EPIC failure. A proof for Axl he is just 1 piece in GNR puzzle. With Duff alone, that puzzle is not getting bigger and and Fartus/Frank and 58 others that passed through the band proved with CD 'they aren't the ones' and can be traded on. With Slash/Duff/Ax we have 50% of the puzzle completed. However, the fact the only thing they managed to release in 4 years being Shadow of your love - it is pretty obvious who and what they need to get on AFD - UYI heights. The question is, when and if Axl will realize that. If not, his peak will forever end in 1993.
  10. Happy Bday CD!

    If you consider Zwan a Smashing PUmpkins album - it is. Zwan had 2 founding members, CD had - 1. The fact it says GNR on the cover - doesn't mean there is GNR inside. The quality sums it up. None of the CD songs could have made it on the AFD - TSI albums. The only song of those albums that had CD potential was My World, and that says enough. You can't seriously compare any CD track with Breakdown, Locomotive, YCBM, Jungle, Patience, Dead Horse, Back off, Perfect crime, Estranged, Don't cry, PC...Not in this lifetime (unless you are Jarmo(ron) ). CD and Zwan are pretty much the worst 2 albums last 30 years by any band.
  11. Happy Bday CD!

    Considering its quality - thank god there wasn't more. Would it had been Axl's solo record w/o GNR mokiner - I would have said whatever. Cnsidering it actually hid behind the moniker - it dragged GNR from one of the world's greatest - to toilet.
  12. The Official "Axl's Attire" Thread

    his warderobe in LA
  13. they already showed the fans middle finger so they can skip the dildos
  14. Copyright Strikes....

    when it came out, I think my watching of Tokyo exceded 100 in less than 6 months. Like the first couple of months, I watched both tapes like twice a day. Paris was like a dream., as was Buenos Aires '93... Rio '91 - insane. But when Saskatoon showed up - from this perspective I think it may have easily been the best show to ever surface in PRO shot by some band. Wish a number of shows surfaced in PRO, Ritz'91, NYC 13/12/91, Worcaster 3/8/91, many, many other shows 91-93... Anyone saying Fortus and Ferrr line up is on the level or better than Gilby/Matt is insane...or hasn't been through that era.
  15. Slash’s Blues Band

    to quote John McEnroe - 'you can not be fuckin' serious'! Myles Kennedy playing Nightraing, with Slash and Fartus while wearing Mickey Mouse t shirt and singing in his nasal voice That is like biggest irony ever