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  1. Do you really thnk a word mini is appropriate for this? That would have been longer than Dynasty, Santa Barbara, ER and Baywatch together, joined by Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place!
  2. Imagine what the guy from your pic must think. After all, it is partly his loot that Slash and co weren't willing to share that paid for this cake
  3. I remember many pools/experts where Slash came in as 2nd best guitarist ever, Clapton, Angus, Eddie VH, Jimmy Page behind him, but NEVER, never were there Mustaine or Buckethead in top 100.
  4. Why oh why!? X 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 was it reeeeeally necessary?
  5. its hard for me to rate a person who puts a KFC bucket on his head and says he grew up with chickens in ANY shape or form.
  6. Favorite Slash albums

    1) Ain't life grand - overall fantastic, music, vocals. 2) 5 O'clock 3) Contrabend 4) Slash 5) Libertad 6) AL 7) WOF (kinda boring)
  7. Changes in the upcoming leg?

    Definately! At least 3-4 more covers on the setlist.
  8. Guns N' Roses 2019 Plans?

    IZ if ever, then with Matt. Forget Adler. Considering everyone's love for Frank, Matt is probably closer to the band than Iz.
  9. i don't understand why all the dissapointment with Duff. I read his book, followed his entire career in GNR and post that, I can't understand why he was given the role of a 'GNR saint'. All the stuff he did ended up broken, blaming others. While everyone was in feud with Ax, he sued him while playing shows with Ax's GNR tribute band soon after. Despite all the screaming at Slash over the years, I find him the most reliable of the 3, he may twist stuff around due to drugs and stuff, but when it comes to the band and its history I really find him most reliable. Other than him, if you want the truth, try seeking Gilby and Matt (Izzy if you can get a hold of him). Personally, I have written them off when they returned in this silly half assed line up. I don't care to see them or listen to new music of this shitty line up. Best show of this line up is 70% worse than UYI tour worst show anyway. Drummer sounds like shit, they have more keyboards than guitars and that rhytham guitar is the best in the 'most useless' league they could get. When Izzy was out, they tried to get a replacement with reputation, in the end they took Gilby who was probably best fit image wise and it worked. Fortus might work for Kiss or Alice Cooper but def not GNR,
  10. although...losing Fortus may not be a bad idea
  11. Gilby Clarke @ The Canyon

    Gilb is playing such small places, I doubt Ax heard of them
  12. Actually...No. It is enough to see Slash has 0 - ZERO interaction with him for 3 years. Enough said, right!? On need to be ironic.
  13. Seriously...how old are some of you. I mean, what is poor Slash supposed to say, 'I fuckin' hate him and I would play with Iz and Gilby any day rather than him'? I mean...it is all said on stage. Slash and Duff clearly have no lost love for either Frank, Fortus or Melissa, but it is what it is until Axl realises... Period. Would it be for Slash, you woulld defintely have 2/4, Iz/Gilby and Matt/Adler
  14. Slash Will Be Doing a Reddit AMA on September 20th

    someone should ask the obvious -don't you get tired of this setlist after 3 years - why do you play so much covers with such great catalogue -don't you think Frank is shit -what is that green haired chick doing in the corner -do you see IZ in any connection with GNR in the future that is about it
  15. Absolutely not. I think by them they cancelled the tv apperance the line up Slash/Duff/Axl/Iz/Steve/Dizzy fell through. They were never going to have extra guitar and drummers. Firstly, it makes them look stupid. Secondly, unecessary costs. If they had Steve in, which all sides claim, there is no way it was ment to be Slash/Steve/Duff/Ax/Dizzy/Fortus. People would laugh at them. Obviously, Iz was more vital than Steve. When Steve fell through, they probably went for extra cheap solution - Fortus. Frank/Fortus/Meli is a fire extinguishing solution which happend out of necessity. My 2 cents.