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  1. actually it is pretty relevant. For a) his fee is signifacntly smaller than GNR (which is a fact, not that it has anything with him being a pop star) b) his sound is a lot closer to Stones than GNR sound c) him being a pop star is a lot more likely to have effect on younger audience and turn them to Stones d) you brought him into discussion not me e) Ed Sheran plays second fiddle to none compared to GNR, in all honesty. My point was not who plays what genre, but that John Mayer, Ed and Liam would come on foot and play for free anywhere Stones would invite them, while GNR has bigger fee than Stones themselves.
  2. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    to cut story short...listening to Adler for 5 minutes makes one wanting to turn him off. he is mentally on the level of a 5 year old, now imagine being on the tour with him and having a choice. there is no way he will ever board that train.
  3. dude, no offense, but Ed Sheeran is not from rock establishment. Liam Gallagher can't sell out shit. Everywhere I saw him play there was like 400 ppl in 2000 venues. He had to cancel like half of US tour for 'medical reasons' in 2017. John Mayer is totally irrelevant outside of US. Garbage at least has some following on 4 continents. You really can't compare any of those bands with any half decent rock artist that should play with Stones soundwise. Maaaaaybe Stone Temple Pilots. But surely as hell not a band that gets higher fees than Stones themselves.
  4. what!? you know GNR fee, despite Frank/Mel/Fartus, is bigger than Stones right? I can't imagine Smashing Pumpkins open for Rolling Stones. Maybe some up and coming band. Walking papers, Garbage...type
  5. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    the reason why Adler is not capable of playing is pretty simple and has almost 0 to do with factors outside himself. For ref see how long he manages to stay within his own bands w/o line up change. Drugs have permanently damaged his state of mind. Matt is just all around better player. Out of all line ups Ax ever had, UYI and TSI sound was the most ideal sound GNR ever had, IMO.
  6. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    forget Steve. that ship sailed away long time ago. If ever, then Izzy and Matt
  7. chilling and working on next Conspirators record if anything
  8. judging CD, probably for the better... if we say My World is the biggest shit original GNR ever recorded till '94, we can say My World is Bohemian fuckin rhapsody foe everything since
  9. Pretty much following reason - 1) Ax said not so long ago, 'everybody but Slash. Most acceptable Izzy and Duff'. Who does he play with now? How reliable is anything Ax ever said or how much of a significance it ever had? Like - 0. 2) How much money did NITL brng him? Can he tour forever? Now they are back to Arena type size. What other trick can he pull out of the sleeve to return to the fee's they had for NITL tour? New album? Maybe, but no way with this line up would that be possible. Izzy would spare him 40% of the work on the new album and Ax was never too much of a worker. 3) Would you say no if GNR invited you back from Iz/Matt/Adler point of view? You can bet your money they would return on their terms now, not hired hands like earlier on. Would this all be the case, Ax turned out to be brilliant businessman. 6 years of touring without making a new album with biggest fee in the business instead of 3 years. Hands down, brilliant move!
  10. You people really crack me up...it's been 32 fuckin years and most of you learned - nothing! 'I still have hopes....maybe while Slash was away with Myles...maybe...maybe...'. Slash is the driving force of this band. Fortus is fuckin 0 and NOBODY outside his family is interested in anything he, Frank or Melissa have to offer. Slash and Duff go out of Axl's way and will avoid any confrotations that are likely to rise over the weather, gas prices, parking lot...anything. They are happy to have made peace and play stadiums again - period. Slash still has PTSP from the first chapter with Axl and will not go into any confrotation period. You think he likes playing with Fortus, Frank and Melli or he would replace them with Iz/Gilby/Matt? Same goes for new music. He will not push Ax, he can release new music with conspirators anyway. What can change, and only this, Ax realizes he needs to pull out the same old line up trick again, Iz comes back and Iz, Slash, Duff stitch an albu in like no time. Perhaps rework the iconic '96 album and Ax lays down the vox. Other than that - FORGET IT.
  11. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    You know what is sad? My fuckin world is better than anything Axl solo band ever recorded and it all took place under GNR moniker! What a fuckin' ebarassment! Ax should have called everything post '94 Axl's Roses or whatever. You can not compare the band that played UYI tour up to the end with those uncharismatic bunch of ppl scrapped from all around the place to play parts of Slash, Matt, Duff, Iz/Gilby... All of a sudden he needed 3 guitar players and like 3 keyboards to fit the void of Slash and Gilby. What a fuckin embarassment. You just can't call those ppl Guns N Roses, take a listen to UYI's and TSI vs CD, it is not even same style, so why call it same name when you are the only one there!?
  12. True the pics. But I don't recall he has made any comments about music being made, links to GNR songs etc
  13. Correct me if I am wrong. This is the first time Matt posted something GNR related since NITL started. NITL finished and there was no news about any actions withing GNR camp until yesterday when Niven said he would put his money on Izzy involvment in Oct. Also, day before, Slash and Duff wish Iz happy birthday for the first time since NITL started and Izzy was not involved. Now for someone who claimed all along Ax will pull out the line up trick waaaay before any new music will be recorded, it is natural I see a pattern here (Slash / Ax love relived also through birthday tweets), is there one!?
  14. NO! Quiet and simple - NO! Slash is done putting the pressure on Axl, if he wasn't you would not be watching this line up and there would be no more conspirators. Slash is there once Ax decides he wants to do something and Slash and Duff will adjust their time. They are glad to do somethng once he wants and to have a share, else they focus on their own projects. They don't want to go through the same shit like last 25 years.