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  1. yeah, well the answer to your question lies in your comment. there is a difference between someone getting hooked to the band in 2004 and hoping to see them live, in any shape or form, and millions of fans who lived with them through their peak, biught albums, waited for them to enter stage, collected fan memorabilia for many years, collected bootlegs, stayed up all night to see their video premiere/album come out/or see them play at some event ie VMA's and then jwaited for them 25 years to get back half assed reunion actually labeled as 'reunion' with potatos like Frank/Rich/Mel, Ax singing careless shows ie Berlin and 100 similar ones, 10/34 cover songs on the setlist, see members being shoved away (Iz), almost humiliated (Adler being driven half the globe for one song), Matt and Gilb (who actually gave significant sound to UYI era) never even called back, shows taken down from ytb schizoidly, fans being banned from shows for this or that reason and, and, and... There comes a time when die hards will say stick it up your ass Ax! Funny but in a certain way a fan from '87, '88, '91 has rights on this band as much as Ax - with difference being - fans never harmed the legacy of the band to shit, Axl did - numerous times. So yeah...We can not change things around, but after 30 years of worship - nobody can take it from us to take a piss on Ax/Team Brazil or whatever. ...or call Duff spineless. If it wasn't for Slash - many would have walked away by now.
  2. This is GNR - do or die. No hostages taken ...or get Iz back to sing half the catalogue
  3. throw out Wichita, Madagascar, Chinese, Better, Seeker..., put in Dead Horse, Pretty tied up, Breakdown, Garden of Eden, Michelle, Out ta get me...and you would have almost perfect setlist. Also Right next door, Perfect crime, Bad Apples, Don't damn me... Kick out covers, replace AFD for AFD and add UYI's.
  4. Axl Rose - Polish American?

    Mc's can be irish or scots, either
  5. Holy shit! They are playing Breakdown right now and Gilb is replacing Rich for some reason
  6. Slash also said he is working on music for new SMKC so...
  7. Axl Rose - Polish American?

    I remember reading Irish/German. Actually he made a refference about him and Duff having Irsh roots during UYI tour at Slane castle or something
  8. Seeeeriously how good Ax and Frank sounded - makes me think if they just played Locomotive version from '91 or '92
  9. can you repeat at least 10 more times how I call them? also, why the fuck do you care how I call them!? LOL where did I ever say I was talking with them or I was friends with them LOL if you type a post, at least TRY to reffer to what is being said cause your comments do make you look stupid. p.s. I am sorry that Iz, Ax, Gilb makes intellectual challange for you and your understanding who is being considered, but like 99.99% do know who we alk about and have no trouble understanding. you do know who I reffer to when I say Dizz, right? As far as contract goes...you do know that there ARE different countries following different laws and what applies in one country as obligatory DOES NOT apply in the other, right? ...or is that too demanding for you as well?
  10. 10/04/19 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits

    seeeeriously....by now I begin to think the alt list serves to sell tickes and collect click baits. they probably didn't reherse Dead Horse since 1993 and Locomotive since 1991. LOL as if Frank could play Locomotive in the first place
  11. ...on the sidenote...that contract does not mean anything legally. For all I know, the contracts should be signed by Saul Hudson, Willam Bailey and Michael McKagan. If they signed it as Axl, Slash and Duff McKagan all these years that document was not worthy much. Or is law different in California than eg. Roman law, Germanic law...
  12. when was the last time you spoke to Iz, 1975? do the terms 'loot' and 'PM Money' ring a bell?