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      MYGNRFORUM Theme Template Update - Additional Features   09/09/2017

      Happy to announce that the upgrades have almost been completed and the new custom theme is available for all users. There are still a few bugs to work out which we hope to have solved over the next day or two.   To use the new template, click on Themes at the bottom left side of the page and click on MYGNRFORUM (New): It is now set to default in case you did not previously changed themes. A new feature of this update are the new reactions to posts.  By click on the like button, users have a choice of five different reactions (two of our own design): Remember, if you GNR like something, make it a dolphin like! Please use the Ask Staff Anything thread with any questions or concerns. Thanks to everyone for your patience and cooperation over the last couple of weeks while we got this done.  


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  1. Ask Staff Anything!

    @soon, could just be a coincidence - I don't think there's any particular issue tagging your account.
  2. Ask Staff Anything!

    You said you could like some posts in a thread but not all, right? Do the posts you can like change when you refresh the page? Or is it the same posts every time? Sorry for the super-specific questions, this is just a strange problem.
  3. Ask Staff Anything!

    Thanks for replying. A few more questions: - If you change to the "Default" theme (click "theme" in the very bottom-left corner of any page on the website), does it still happen? - If you refresh a thread, does it happen to the same posts every time? - Are you on desktop or mobile?
  4. Ask Staff Anything!

    Does this happen under the default theme? And if you refresh the page, is it the same every time? I wonder if this has to do with your browser as I haven't seen anyone else with this particular issue. Mobile only?
  5. Ask Staff Anything!

    The gender icons are very easily fixed - I just need icons! The original files have gone missing. Seems an easy thing to find but I wanted to remake some that didn't look lame with our grey background. They have to work at a very small size (think 20x20px) and have a transparent background.
  6. Ask Staff Anything!

    I have to make new icons! I can't find the old graphic files.
  7. Ask Staff Anything!

    There's no reason that area would load slower than another (on the server side anyway). Perhaps you need to do the old cache/cookies clearout at your end.
  8. Sounded pretty great to me. Lots of rasp on the lower parts.
  9. Pink? 0/10 for whoever chose the guest tonight.
  10. It was far from his best night. I've enjoyed the hell out of Slash's playing the whole NITL tour - but Rio didn't impress me one bit.
  11. Happy Birthday Gracii

    Happy birthday @Gracii Guns! I still remember when you were Minnie Mouse, once upon a time...
  12. I'm only at Better now, I paused after DTJ. Not sure I should hang around for that...
  13. Axl is usually very prominent in the mix, both on broadcast and at the shows themselves. I don't agree that he's ever really "buried". No words for this performance, it's an absolute mess. At DTJ now and I can't say I've enjoyed too many moments so far.
  14. Ask Staff Anything!

    I didn't even notice it was gone, thanks. I'll work it out.
  15. MyGNR

    That's right. If it's still profitable, it doesn't make sense to pull it offline.