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  1. Whats next for ac/dc?

    It's half a step down dude. It's really not that much lower. Literally one semitone away from the album. If he was singing a full octave down, the band wouldn't need to change tuning at all.
  2. Whats next for ac/dc?

    The band tuned down a half-step for Brian. Saying he's singing down "at least an octave" is a massive exaggeration.
  3. I doubt Phasma is really dead. Johnson referred to her the "Kenny" of the series for a reason. I had my criticisms and they've been covered already... but: - I wasn't into Leia's space-flying - Fairly disappointed with Snoke and Phasma like most - The Finn/Rose arc was pretty "meh" - I'm not sure I can buy into Kylo as the new top-dog; he's always been a little... bitchy for me - The Porgs would have been totally tolerable.... with about 1/4 of the screen time. A couple of the gags worked though. That being said, I liked this movie. A lot. There were some great scenes in it; especially Holdo's huge moment and the red-salt skimmer scene. The lengthy space-chase didn't seem that outrageous to me... they even acknowledged it was a ridiculous situation to be in. I thought it worked. I don't agree that Ackbar should have had Holdo's moment... notwithstanding the actor's death, he's only popular because he looks like a fish and made it to meme status. We know next to nothing about Ackbar and who he is from the films... Holdo is an actual character, who makes decisions and creates tension within the story. I thought she deserved that moment. I didn't think you were really set up to hate her either, I think you were supposed to realise she had a plan all along. Anyway, it was definitely one of my absolute favourite moments in any Star Wars movie... there were gasps all around the cinema! More than anything - I think this film really opens Star Wars up for a new generation (as it should). TFA paid more than enough service to long-time fans and I appreciate that Rian didn't necessarily set out to make a "Star Wars" film with all the quirks people have come to expect. I get the criticism, but I enjoyed it.
  4. Ask Staff Anything!

    Hey @vloors, it's a temporary notice for all members lasting a few weeks. It should only appear once per day and will be removed in 8 days. Apologies if it's felt like an inconvenience; I assure you it's for a very worthy cause that could affect your experience online. Even if you're not in the US, there are flow-on effects for the rest of us globally. I would urge all of our US membership to consider making a call to congress using the form.
  5. I'm not going to pretend he sounds perfect, but I think the performance is leaps and bounds ahead of the two previous soundboards.
  6. Would be nice to hear more about the actual show, but most of the suggestions there aren't too far from the mark.
  7. Thanks for tracking and uploading during your busy period @rockphantom. It is very much appreciated!
  8. Guess I joined just in time for TWAT. Awesome!
  9. RIP Malcolm Young

    I really relate to your words here. Thankyou.
  10. RIP Malcolm Young

    RIP - the greatest rhythm guitarist rock n roll has ever produced. Malcolm Young, human metronome. Just gutted. I tried playing a couple of AC/DC tunes but it's just making me sad.
  11. Did I say that? You seem really desperate to get into an argument with someone, it's kind of sad.
  12. I really like this interpretation. Might have to give some of their other work a listen. Obviously it won't appeal to the meatheads, but that's fine.
  13. Pets!

    @Pishy if you notice the text is 'highlighted' when making a post, use the "remove format" button to set the text back to normal. Select the text and click the eraser icon (below the bold button on the editor) to clear it. Not sure why it's happening to be totally honest. It's a pretty random glitch, I haven't seen it with anyone else.
  14. Ask Staff Anything!

    @soon, could just be a coincidence - I don't think there's any particular issue tagging your account.
  15. Ask Staff Anything!

    You said you could like some posts in a thread but not all, right? Do the posts you can like change when you refresh the page? Or is it the same posts every time? Sorry for the super-specific questions, this is just a strange problem.