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  1. Anderson .Paak - Ventura

    I have been waiting for this! I really liked Oxnard, but I'm a bigger fan of his soulful stuff than the hip-hop. I absolutely LOVE Malibu, listened to it almost every day for a good 6 months at one point.
  2. Haha holy fuck you listen to King Gizz! YES!

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    2. highvoltage


      Me too. Whats your fave album?

    3. Forsaken


      I'm In Your Mind Fuzz followed by Polygondwanaland then Nonagon Infinity. Everything they have done is all solid though. Saw em live last month too. 

    4. highvoltage


      Nice, I caught them in Denver last year. Was amazed how many people turned up, I had no idea the following outside Australia was so big. You can literally spend weeks listening to nothing else, the catalogue is so diverse. :lol: 

  3. beotch!

    1. highvoltage


      retirees represeeeeent