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  1. Axl Rose on Looney Tunes episode w/new song

    Well, I'm not complaining. They sure know how to keep us all guessing. That was a lot of fun to listen to and Axl sounded great. Those howls were awesome!
  2. Your favourite live DVD from AC/DC

    Even though I'm a Bon fan through and through - there is something about Live At Donnington that ticks all the boxes for me. Like @Powerage5 it was my gateway into the band1.
  3. Why is the forum sometimes in Portuguese???

    As others have said, it's the translation within Chrome - ever been to a foreign site where it asks if you want to translate the page? When people hit quote on a post (with translation enabled on the whole site), the "translated" text gets transferred to the post box and the rest of us get a post in Portuguese, German or wherever the user is from. Hint: If you're using Chrome and you find a page with quotes you can't follow - you can right-click anywhere on the page, then click "translate to english".
  4. Haha holy fuck you listen to King Gizz! YES!

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    2. highvoltage


      Me too. Whats your fave album?

    3. Forsaken


      I'm In Your Mind Fuzz followed by Polygondwanaland then Nonagon Infinity. Everything they have done is all solid though. Saw em live last month too. 

    4. highvoltage


      Nice, I caught them in Denver last year. Was amazed how many people turned up, I had no idea the following outside Australia was so big. You can literally spend weeks listening to nothing else, the catalogue is so diverse. :lol: 

  5. Listen to TNT / Dirty Deeds from earlier in the tour and you will hear how much he struggled to put any rasp into them. By the end of the tour, his lower range had more rasp - at the expense of the very, very high notes and his range overall. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but it's much harder to sing Axl's falsetto-style on the lower-register tracks and still sound powerful. It's much easier to do it on the high notes which is why he shines on them.
  6. Well, various members of the community have claimed to have this show for some time now. It seems like in recent days (?) that number has spiked dramatically, all of a sudden. I don't know if anybody has actually posted a link to the full show publicly, but the fact that someone has posted it to YouTube makes me think that they'll likely be posting it other places as well.
  7. It's just Rocket Queen that has some effects on the vocal (it was part of the show). The show is pretty awesome, probably one of the better pro-shots I can think of, save for DJ's presence. Even songs like SCOM and YCBM are excellent.
  8. You're not wrong, especially given the Download crowd. What were they thinking....?
  9. I agree about the tempo. Still, as you say - it's very cool to have this version. It's so fucking sleazy!
  10. Help with probability question

    Then the ball example is based on a flawed premise. It doesn't help provide real-world context to your problem. The chance of a ball being red or blue has to be affected by the other balls and the total balls in the bag. Unless you put the previous ball back into the bag before you draw another out, it is not like the dice roll. The die has 6 possible states which remain constant. You need the same constant with balls in the bag. If you do indeed put the ball back into the bag (and there are 47 balls in total for each "ball draw"), then it's 14 and 33 balls respectively. Don't get "chance" and "randomness" confused. Remember the real world almost never lines up with calculated probability.
  11. Help with probability question

    You mean measuring the results of numerous attempts with 47 balls in the bag each time? It looks like there may be software that does what you're looking for (based on my limited understanding of your requirements): http://www.bioinfo.de/isb/2006060024/
  12. Help with probability question

    It's different to die rolls because you're removing a ball from the bag each time. If you're pulling a ball from the bag and putting it back in before pulling another one, that's more like the dice roll scenario.
  13. Help with probability question

    The reason it's confusing is that your question doesn't really make sense. You've said there is a 30% chance that each ball is red and a 70% chance that each ball is blue. But - the probability is different for each ball if you're pulling them out of the bag one-by-one. When you remove one of the balls from the pile (red or blue), the odds of picking a blue or red ball shift. It's not a fixed question. Consider the first ball you pull, assuming you had 14 red and 33 blue balls of 47 total: Red = 14/47 = 29.7872% Blue = 33/47 = 70.21% You pull a blue ball out of the bag. There are now 14 red and 32 blue of 46 total. This changes the equation on the next ball: Red = 14/46 = 30.4347%, Blue = 32/46 = 69.5652% So - the odds have will change with the selection of each ball and move closer to 50-50 as you go on. The only way your question makes sense is if you are asking what the distribution would be if you were to empty the bag all at once. In which case, the answer is as simple as you're instinctively thinking (14).
  14. Greta Van Fleet

    See, I don't think he's joking at all in any of those parts. I think he just used the interviewer's question as an opportunity to bring them up. He compliments them - but the frustration is very clearly there when discussing the similarities. You can insert all the laughing smileys you want, but if you actually read my post instead - you'd see I acknowledged that Plant compliments them in the same way many here have. Backhandedly.
  15. Greta Van Fleet

    He also pointed out that the singer (whatever his name is) claims to have "based his style on Aerosmith", then rolls his eyes. I'm not saying he didn't pay him a compliment - he said he had a "beautiful little voice" or something to that effect. It's quite true - he's a very talented singer with a great tone. But... he also seemed quite frustrated by the degree to which GVF (particularly the singer) emulate the early Zeppelin sound. Close your eyes and that's straight up Robert Plant. All the little characteristics of his voice are there. It seems that's the same response as a lot of people here have had. Obviously they are a great sounding band... the fact you could mistake these for Zeppelin tunes is a testament to that. That's also the biggest turn-off to getting on board with them. There's stealing from single songs (Zeppelin lifted plenty of material in their time depending who you ask)... but these guys go a hell of a lot further than that. It's even closer than the Airbourne-AC/DC comparisons and that's saying something. I'm not down with it.
  16. Greta Van Fleet

    Did you listen to it? He's not complimentary. He says he hates their singer.
  17. Skrillex already sort of did this with remaining members of The Doors... it's pretty bad.
  18. Whats next for ac/dc?

    It's half a step down dude. It's really not that much lower. Literally one semitone away from the album. If he was singing a full octave down, the band wouldn't need to change tuning at all.
  19. Whats next for ac/dc?

    The band tuned down a half-step for Brian. Saying he's singing down "at least an octave" is a massive exaggeration.