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Status Updates posted by LyndaRose

  1. Under the new deal, AC/DC will be the opening act for Guns N’ Roses and Axl will perform for both bands every night during the tour. The upcoming Guns N’ Roses reunion tour is expected to be one of the top grossing tours of all time.

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    2. LyndaRose


      lol, read this on the web, Facebook is exploding with this news that Axl was on Jimmy Kimmel and said this

    3. Strange Broue

      Strange Broue

      It's amazing what shody journalism can do these days

    4. -W.A.R-
  2. I want the old forum style back

    1. Towelie


      Yeah, I gotta say, not really feeling the new format tbh

    2. darknightfan


      Some of it looks really nice but it's really slow on my computer for some reason.

  3. R.I.P. Thin White Duke

  4. she even sold the wedding certificate and now she is crying about having only one weddingpic??

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    2. GUNNER PT


      One day she will knock at Axl's door like some other guy did ... Regrets ...

    3. Padme


      If you don´t like her, why you waste your time reading what Erin is saying?

    4. darknightfan


      Who said we didnt like her? Its just weird.

  5. Happy birthday to my daughter and Duff

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    2. Lio


      Congratulations on your daughter, Lynda :-)

    3. Cosmo


      Happy birthday to your daughter!

    4. Mao5


      it was also neymar's birthday (23)

  6. I was wearing my MYGNR tshirt on Dutch national tv, in the National Food Test

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    2. LyndaRose


      The show will be broadcasted next Wednesday

    3. Powerage5


      Screen cap that shit!

    4. alfierose


      Nice one LyndaRose!

  7. sad day

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    2. magisme


      Sorry, Lynda. Take care.

    3. bran


      sorry to hear that lynda

    4. Nosaj Thing

      Nosaj Thing

      Lynda, I'm sorry. Please be strong, remember your mother wouldn't want you to be sad! God bless you and your family.

  8. Noflike Krystdagen en in Lokkich Nijjier

    1. aranrod


      En voor jou ook!

    2. Lio


      Vrolijke kerst en een gelukkig Nieuwjaar :-)

  9. 18th wedding anniversary today

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    2. magisme
    3. love&hates


      Congrats!in ourdays 18 years of marriage is starting to be unique and difficult to happen . Good :)long live love

    4. aranrod


      Congrats, Lynda!

  10. St Nicholas today

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    2. aranrod


      Ja hoor. Ik ben er ook één

    3. Rdeyahlxp


      Wat gezellig, misschien moeten we een nederlands subforum aanvragen?

    4. Johnny Drama

      Johnny Drama

      Ooh look aat mee Im Duutch aand I use doouuble voowels in eveerythiing.