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  1. GNR Tribute Album Coming Soon

    I am good. That Locomotive sounds pretty bad. lol I bet A7X could do a good cover of Locomotive.
  2. That Shadow is awesome. Axl showing he has more in the tank. The band is on fire as well.
  3. Some of those 91 shows were pretty rough rasp wise as well. I remember a clip of Civil War on MTV and Axl sounded like a dying man lol
  4. According to Classic Rock Magazine Axl has new tunes Slash is gonna work on and has 40 some riffs dedicated to new GNR himself.
  5. At one point I read that CD was a stepping stone of sorts from the old Guns sound to a new sound that would be more fully explored on CD 2 after people had gotten used to their new style. Just don't ask for my source, at this point I have no clue.
  6. Man I can’t find the studio recreation anywhere...
  7. Either the video is not playing on my phone or it has been taken down.
  8. I would say Estranged is my favorite song of all time, not just from GNR either. 1. Estranged 2. You Could Be Mine 3. Locomotive 4. Dead Horse 5. Paradise City
  9. They are on youtube again...
  10. I think Slash is at least as good if not better these days than ever before. His newer compositions in SMKC are great. Look at Anastasia. Incredible.
  11. Has a tracklisting ever appeared for the rumored Remix album?
  12. Move To The City (1988 Acoustic Version)

    We get so little “new” stuff but the last month or so has been incredible!
  13. I thought he sounded great at the Foo’s show.