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  1. Move To The City (1988 Acoustic Version)

    We get so little “new” stuff but the last month or so has been incredible!
  2. I thought he sounded great at the Foo’s show.
  3. Man I would love to hear high quality Oh My God and Silkworms not in mono. Digging the old versions from youtube a few days ago!
  4. Where is everyone that said I was delusional to think they would play Slither when they reunited? Not so vocal now are you?!
  5. Fantastic footage. So great to see “new” stuff from one of the greatest frontmen ever live.
  6. Which songs should they add/drop?

    Drop -> Black Hole Sun, The Seeker, Wichita Lineman, rotate some Chinese tunes, Play 4 Chinese songs a night. Add -> Locomotive, Dead Horse, Right Next Door to Hell, Perfect Crime, Breakdown, Since I Don’t Have You, Slither. Change -> Don’t Cry to alt lyrics and Heaven’s Door to the original version.
  7. 14 Years (lyrics)

    I always heard “Yeah it’s been another”
  8. Not a deep cut at all. Especially when GNR were the hottest band on the planet. When Civil War came out on Nobody’s Child it was huge on rock radio. Still to this day I hear it on rock stations all the time.
  9. “Mind blowing new song by Slash and a certain vocalist is amazing!”
  10. Looking for a good version of "Sailing"

    Thanks a lot everyone I really appreciate it!
  11. Looking for a good version of "Sailing"

    Yeah sure!
  12. Title explains it all! If anyone has a decent quality copy available to share that would be great. Somehow, I don't even have a copy of this song in my library of tunes.
  13. These videos are really cool. I was always the guy looking for treasures at out of the way places, buying import singles, and bootlegs back in the day. I love this kind of stuff. I rarely found any GNR stuff though I have a great Pearl Jam collection of physical media. I do have a couple fun GNR things like the Patience vinyl single, You Could Be Mine cassette single, and a couple others.
  14. Buckethead and Slash would make a sick guitar duo.
  15. 11/29/17 - Los Angeles, CA - The Forum