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  1. Setlist for 2020

    1. Deadhorse 2. Garden of Eden 3. Shadow of Your Love 4. Zodiac 5. Shotgun Blues 6. Atlas Shrugged 7. Don’t Cry (Alt Lyrics) 8. Rock the Rock 9. Coma 10. Oklahoma 11. Yesterdays 12. Hard School 13. Locomotive 14. Estranged 15. Anastasia (Axl and Myles together, Axl has some different lyrics) 16. Shakler’s Revenge 17. Madagascar 18. Monkey Business (w/ Baz) 19. Right Next Door To Hell 20. Appetite Medley then all of Paradise City
  2. GNRCentral is getting worse. Can we ban it?

    I love their content. My main issue is the negativity lately and talking about this forum in a smartass tone. It starts to feel like Sid now hates GNR but keeps making vids anyway,
  3. Better song: Coma or Locomotive

    You took me waaay too literally.
  4. Better song: Coma or Locomotive

    Not fair, both are epically brilliant. Coma by a hair.
  5. https://tonedeaf.thebrag.com/guns-n-roses-fan-lifetime-ban/ Rick is famous now
  6. The cd cover is an amazing scan compared to any of the other covers.
  7. If anyone mixes Sorry with the isolated vocals, add in those louder Bach vocals as well. Please and thank you. lol
  8. Unpopular opinion, the sheer diversity, production, and musicality of the songs throughout the Illusions and Axl’s brilliant lyrics actually make the Illusions the best set of Guns material ever crafted.
  9. What if they have more than these locker CDs?!
  10. Yeah how DARE someone have a different opinion than you?
  11. They had also said that This I Love was a different song I believe. 🤷‍♂️
  12. The whole “out of time” part would work if you put Chinese last.
  13. Bring the rest of these rough mixes on. What a great time to be a fan of this band.
  14. One thing I noticed while looking at the Blabbermouth article about this show was that the comments were full of statements like “awesome setlist” so no matter what those of us that follow the band’s every show might think, the casual fan of GNR is very happy with it.