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  1. Duff New single available

    Same here .. always loved Duff's voice
  2. Duff New single available

    Also on Apple Music https://itunes.apple.com/ar/album/tenderness/1453229167?i=1453229169
  3. GN'R should make a movie

    Axl finished in a coma for valium overdose Slash died in an elevator Duff hve his pancreas exploded Steven was a real mess and you can see it know I think they have an interesting story to tell.. but for me it never gonna happen.. too many points of view
  4. GN'R should make a movie

    I don't think that Slash would be asked if he agrees or not.. if this ever happen it would be something between TB & Axl.. but it's never gonna happen..
  5. GN'R should make a movie

    i think that if it ends with the breakup of the band someone will be hurted.. everyone blamed Axl.. do u think Axl will allow that? or the story of the contract for the name of the band and not playing unless they sign it.. i don't think we will ever have this movie unless it has nothing to do with the band.. like an unnofficial movie Truth is the truth hurts don't you agree?
  6. Duff upcoming solo shows

    Maybe he wants to test how it goes... if it goes well he add more shows.. idk
  7. Duff upcoming solo shows

    Duff McKagan feat. Shooter Jennings will be playing two shows in May: May 30th - Philadelphia, PA @ Theatre Of The Living Arts May 31st - Washington, DC @ City Winery. Will be on sale Feb 22 2019
  8. A "fake" re-recorded live album would be better than a "real" live album..Axl's voice would be better in a studio (confrmed with "Rock The Rock")..we don't want Rocket Queen or you Could Be Mine with the NITL voice..
  9. I don't think of it as very profitable..
  10. About releasing something new, they don’t owe us anything, treated with some respect and etc.. I think that we're the problem.. I believe that we as fans have the power to change things.. if they continue doing the same setlist for years and years, and we we complain but still continue making sold out shows/filling stadiums they'll probably continue doing the same indefinitely..easy money.. But..if they have problems filling stadiums and start loosing our support they probably change their strategy and do something about it..or they disappear.. It's my thought..maybe i'm wrong
  11. New album... as a die hard fan i’m getting bored with the all the nostalgia and want something fresh.. we have been listening to the same music for 30 years..and i will continue to hear it but.. times moves on..
  12. Rare Pics

  13. Rare Pics