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  1. Ain’t It Fun

    Best song on TSI.
  2. Your Least Favorite Among the GN'R Hits

    November Rain, for sure.
  3. Duff To Play Charity Event

    Absolutely disgusting news. Fuck off Mr McKagan. Seriously, RIP GNR. And yea, no fucking comparison between Cold-shit-play and Duran Duran. The latter had decent musicians who could arrange song properly and originally and made 2 historic awesome records (debut and Rio). Goddammit, I'm pissed off...
  4. Epiphone Limited Edition Slash Firebird

    Ugly as fuck.
  5. Kings Of Chaos Nightrain

    Uh, no. Fills are different. And I don't like them. That said, really nice performance, surely prefer what Gilby is doing here than 4tus - sorry Ricky, you're an awesome guitarist, but even Gilby fits this band better. Now, imagine Izzy. LOL And I like Myles. He can sing and has nice timing.
  6. After all, he did write Don't Cry! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  7. What are your opinions on the UYI albums?

    When they came out I actually liked them more than Appetite... but I was 11 y.o... talk about hype, eh.. Honestly, just great songs and I love the fact that they literally "spurted" the double album at the same time. I'd just replace Sorum with Adler, mix the guitars better (where's Izzy?? LOL), eliminate Dizzy and "his hand"/all his unnecessary piano arrangements, the fake synth strings on NR and of course My World. Then we're talking...
  8. Oh... by the way... that sardonic laugh in the background is Alan Niven's.
  9. Hey, the dude is a genius and a gentleman.... and always kept his feet on the ground.
  10. Glad and amused to see so many here openly displaying how much they can't stand that Del James dude. Useless POS. As for GNR management etc... I don't know WTF is going on (I guess good old greed, for lack of a better word, is good...) , but all those guys are making me less and less enthusiastic and proud about wearing my vintage GNR shirts collection ... and that says it all. I keep seeing the Super-Duper Deluxe AFD box I got and put in my living room in the corner of my eye and can't help but tell myself: WTF was I thinking??? Then I remember: I was drunk when I ordered it... Man, this band and everything around it is a True World Champion in leaving a major sour taste in my mouth, ever since 1992. /rant off.
  11. 1) I LOVE Steven's arrangements on Civil War in the studio. Some of his best in my opinion. Absolutely adorable, perfect fills. Matt? NO fucking way, please. Steven's drumming give the song the round, soft edges it needs. 2) Anything GNR without Izzy loses something. Would love to hear a proper Stradlin arrangement for the whole song. His own way. 3) Love CW at Farm Aid. One of my fave performances to listen to, even though I usually prefer the pre-1988 version of GNR live. Something about that whole gig that just reeks of raw extreme talent, high emotions mixed with carelessness, spontaneity, anger and extreme drug abuse. Just beautiful. And yea, I kinda prefer it to the studio version, if only because of Dizzy's useless piano..