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  1. All good points and surely a pivotal year in their lives and history of the band. Indisputable is, after the monstrous success of 1988, they all went back "home" from touring and were left to manage on their own all the consequences that that success had brought. It was basically the period of the Hell House/AFD recording all over again, but on steroids, and this time it was too much for them. It cracked something, probably that personal bond that was apparent in the previous 3 years.. no matter how musically/artistically creative they still were, the magic was getting corrupted and altered by too many factors. Some good (more professionalism), many bad (substances abuse, egos, greed). Who knows what really happened, and I don't think they even remember much of it at all, despite what we read on books etc...
  2. Hell yeah! Now we're talking!
  3. And actually helped and enhanced the legacy of the band more than anyone else in the last 25 years or so...
  4. Don't Cry w/ Shannon Hoon

    Uh, no. Sorry. Best was the Demo one from 1986.
  5. Next GN'R Album Name Rumors?

    Three Little Pigs ?
  6. Cool, I'll be interested to read mostly about the UYI recording sessions. Of course also all the madness of the touring that came after LOL. All the rest, IDC.
  7. Man, you gotta love this guy... Ahead of the curve? Let's just say you totally got off the track at the curve and crashed. Axl wanting to be the one at the helm is one of the major reasons why the band imploded, as badly as it did, after 91. And no, I don't think anyone is butt hurt about Izzy... if anything, I'd feel butt hurt for paying a ticket to go see a boring, uninspiring circus of a band that has nothing to do with what GNR was about in its inception (and please, don't talk about evolution, cause all we've seen is aberration after aberration since Adler got kicked out)...
  8. Get the fuck outta here. It was never Axl's band from the very beginning. As a matter of fact, he was the one volatile member who ALMOST got kicked out of it more than once. By other band members and even management. Goddammit, what does it take for people to understand that GNR ain't GNR without the full AFD5 line-up? I give up. LOL
  9. So what? I wouldn't put too much weight on whatever Axl said back then of at any moment after Izzy left about anything GNR related... the man was already spiritually lost. Let alone from an artistic point of view. But that's a different story altogether, I believe... Would Izzy's alleged preference of playing in small venues be worse for the band than Axl's mega-vision a priori, artistically speaking? What's that got to do with NITL 3union? Bah, whatever. You have your own opinion and I have mine. Over facts we don't even know 100% about...
  10. What a huge BS myth/assumption.... I'm pretty positive Izzy had his ambitions and expectations in the early days too, as well as his preferences and likes/dislikes... and it certainly wasn't a 4k payday that made him thinking "I gotta get out"... of the mess that band had become by then (91)... it's fucking ridiculous.
  11. GNR Demo Tape Soundcloud

    Fantastic. Thanks a million, man...
  12. What sort of music video would GNR do?

    With the current line-up? Gosh, I hope they'd have the sense NOT to do any video content. It would be embarrassing.
  13. Which album would you choose?

    What kind of a poll is this? Sure as shit ain't gonna vote. Please put a third option: neither of them. Thank you.
  14. I feel good

    Boring as fuck!