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  1. Which album would you choose?

    What kind of a poll is this? Sure as shit ain't gonna vote. Please put a third option: neither of them. Thank you.
  2. I feel good

    Boring as fuck!
  3. Breakdown Intro vs. Locomotive Outro

    Locomotive outro! Also one of the few instances where I like Matt's drumming.
  4. What is the worst UYI tour concert?

    Haha, lovely! I'd say any show where Axl had a stupid beard! I think his performances were directly related to that...
  5. If you could have any show on DVD?

    I'm actually flabbergasted to see so many here choosing/mentioning NuGNR shows... hey, opinions are like a$$holes, but... seriously???
  6. Haha, what a bunch of clowns!
  7. If you could have any show on DVD?

    Any? Hmmmm... Surely any of the Marquee 1987 shows. Especially the 2nd and 3rd one. Then any date of the European Tour Sept-Oct 1987 would make me very happy.
  8. You gonna be disappointed for sure. buddy boy..
  9. Oh look at a SUCKER right here, right now.
  10. Credit???? Oh you mean, MONEY. Fuck me, I forgot. Welcome to the age of debt. Kinda like the Jungle. Gonna end well? Time will tell.
  11. What a load of fucking bullcrap... but hey, thanks for finding the time to post all this for a LOL.
  12. Awesome stuff, thanks for arranging this.
  13. The MYGNRFORUM Make a Connection Song Challenge

    Only one song worth mentioning for me with the word LONG:
  14. Classic Rock Show Of the Year

    LOL, and no John Deacon as usual? Fuck that. Ain't even a synthetic Queen reunion. ROFL. Just call it May+Taylor and Whoever else. John Deacon = our beloved Izzy Stradlin (more or less...)