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  1. Funniest post of the month 😆
  2. The Matrix 4 (with Keanu Reeves)

    Huge fan of the first Matrix movie. HUGE. Could't even watch 12min of the second one and the 3rd one, I didn't even bother. So yea, who the fuck cares about a 4th one?
  3. A note on this: I consider West Arkeen a much more prolific and relevant contributor to GNR than Dizzy could ever dream to be. As for the topic off the thread: fellas, it's simple. You can stick and slap any narrative you want, free to use your illusions, but the Members of Guns N' Roses as they were signed to produce music were 5 (FIVE!). And we all know who they are. All the rest is a diminishing of the formula, to the point of total alienation... LMFAO
  4. Noooo...no sleep loss. Just self medicate it with 1 or 2 gallons of vodka everyday. And yea, I'm pretty positive they still feel some of the jitters. Or at least have some bad memories LOL
  5. Yea, LOL. 😂 But jokes aside, can you imagine the pressure and anxiety/uneasiness people around Axl have to bee feeling when talking with/about him (in interviews, in this case)? One ambiguous word, or look, and the rest is history.
  6. Tracii Guns talks about the early days of GNR

    Awesome thread. Absolutely fantastic.
  7. LOL, don't give Fernando ideas...
  8. A timeline for the reunion

    Marc Canter, is that you?
  9. SCOM is nearing 1 billion views on YouTube

    I disagree. SCOM is my favorite video of them, especially the Alternative version because it just looks fantastic and it is perfectly balanced: every shot, of all the members, just makes you beg for more. More. MOAR. It is eye candy in its simplest form. The music does the rest of course, but the stripped down production, almost zen form of the shooting and montage is all a music video ever needs. Honestly, it's up to personal taste, but I had no fucking interest in dolphins, seeing a dude jump from a helicopter or an oil tanker, or see Axl pretend to marry a top model and shove his tongue down her throat in the cheesiest way. I want the band, in its purest form. No special FX, fake film sets or "fireworks" to distract me from the one simple fact: the band (AFD5) was just too fucking beautiful.
  10. Probably. Why not? LOL Although 500-600k (AFD prod. + advances/life expenses from 1986 since signing) was not much back then for Geffen, especially for 3 months. I think I read somewhere that Geffen revenue for 1988 exceeded $100 million. $8-10 million a month in revenue gets you some wide, VERY wide lines of credit with a lot of primary banks. Basically they could do whatever they wanted.
  11. About Fact number 8: 350k back then were a decent sum for a nobody's band at their debut. But for Geffen, it was nothing and it was probably among the best return on investment (ROI) they ever saw in such a short time. Even for the first few months (until WTTJ started airing in Spet. 1987, which according to this, was the turning point: https://loudwire.com/guns-n-roses-appetite-for-destruction-album-anniversary/ ) of "failure" at 250k copies sold, assuming a rounded gross profit of $7 (10 bucks suggested retail price average between all formats minus royalties, which were rather low, as per Alan Niven), then the net return was more than 100% (assuming 50/50 distribution splits as Geffen often mentions...), in about, let's round up and say, 3-4 full months (end of July till October 1987). They could break even on just the production costs in 3-4 months. Then of course, the band was costing tons more in advances, touring and keeping them all alive or at least out of jail, but that is another story altogether. And this was probably the source of the dissatisfaction at Geffen, I guess, with Appetite "failure" at first. GNR members were a liability outside of their music, too much risk... SO, they wanted GNR to stop touring after 3 months and record another album? I think they knew where the liabilities/risk were and where the return would be. If the band blew big like Zutaut was claiming, well... huge Risk/Reward. Why? Because they knew already they could break even, even for a lofty 350k production budget on a totally unknown band.
  12. I think I remember reading it was written on the way back from the Hell Tour as well.. but who knows. Don1t think they know exactly either... "Who wrote Don't Cry? I did." LMAO 😂
  13. You forgot Difference No 3: emulating Kiss right now is exactly what the original GNR could and would NOT stand and considered lame as fuck (now apparently it's punk as fuck just cause it generates $ on a t-shirt..) SAD 😢
  14. Dear Fernando/GNR, can you perhaps think of doing an Official Guns N' Roses Spittoon https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spittoon ??? PRETTY PLEASE!!!! This way when I think of this last version of GNR or Team Brazil, I can relate properly and SPIT or BARF. 🤮 Many Thanks in advance, Ancient Evil