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  1. LOL. Yet another punk pop rock band that is simply not "punk as fuck"? Ooops.
  2. Fly GNAIR

    Haha, it's quite funny to see the kind of flak the band is getting right on this... finally something 100% of the community can wholeheartedly agree on?
  3. Fly GNAIR

    That is some SHITTY ASS merchandise... a new bottom in the abyss has now been reached.
  4. Agreed. WWTJ should be mid-set, even 2/3rd...
  5. Fly GNAIR

    All I'm gonna say.
  6. Totally accurate. MrB always a favorite among casuals who manage to listen to Appetite. A lot of them actually prefer it even to PC and WTTJ...
  7. My point exactly in the Firenze thread. The cover kinda sucks anyway (it's a lazy, muddled, forced attempt), so it's a mystery to me why they haven't realized it and dropped it already?
  8. Bad taste there buddy.
  9. Honestly, Black Hole Sun still in the list??? WTF.... JUST PLAY DON'T CRY or sumthin'... What is it, an acknowledgement that "they" are all dinosaurs, so let's get to play whatever, whenever to remind people we existed and business was better back then? I'm beyond puzzled.
  10. Axl Rose Hot Balloon Story

    Man, that is a cool story. Wish it'd have happened to me back then! I'd invite the fella for a drink or something. He looks great as usual and totally casual. The Axl we all love.
  11. Beautiful. My appreciation for Mr Grohl has gone up tenfold of late.
  12. Wishlist (Not Setlist!)

    As mentioned many times: only thing that makes sense for me would be to have AFD5 perform, even just once. That's it. Then they can do whatever the fuck they want. More docs and interviews would be nice though.
  13. Hahaha, hilarious. Richard is a really good guitarist, yes. The other 2 are disastrous/superfluous. They are Aliens because they don't fit the alchemy of GNR at all, however talented you may think they are.
  14. Good to see 3/5th of GNR having great fun and finally having a decent drummer to play with them. Hope they do more of this, showing up for impromptu performances with other artists: it keeps things fresh and unpredictable and actually makes more sense to me than having the aliens and sell it all as "the real GNR". You know what'm saying? Also, kudos to Dave, the dude knows how to enjoy his job. Pure passion.
  15. Absolutely spot on. Some people may not like him, but Niven would agree 100% with you and all of us and know what to do to deliver and how to steer the band so that it all makes fucking sense again. Or at least regain some sort of decency and moral compass, artistically speaking.