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  1. Oh... by the way... that sardonic laugh in the background is Alan Niven's.
  2. Hey, the dude is a genius and a gentleman.... and always kept his feet on the ground.
  3. Glad and amused to see so many here openly displaying how much they can't stand that Del James dude. Useless POS. As for GNR management etc... I don't know WTF is going on (I guess good old greed, for lack of a better word, is good...) , but all those guys are making me less and less enthusiastic and proud about wearing my vintage GNR shirts collection ... and that says it all. I keep seeing the Super-Duper Deluxe AFD box I got and put in my living room in the corner of my eye and can't help but tell myself: WTF was I thinking??? Then I remember: I was drunk when I ordered it... Man, this band and everything around it is a True World Champion in leaving a major sour taste in my mouth, ever since 1992. /rant off.
  4. 1) I LOVE Steven's arrangements on Civil War in the studio. Some of his best in my opinion. Absolutely adorable, perfect fills. Matt? NO fucking way, please. Steven's drumming give the song the round, soft edges it needs. 2) Anything GNR without Izzy loses something. Would love to hear a proper Stradlin arrangement for the whole song. His own way. 3) Love CW at Farm Aid. One of my fave performances to listen to, even though I usually prefer the pre-1988 version of GNR live. Something about that whole gig that just reeks of raw extreme talent, high emotions mixed with carelessness, spontaneity, anger and extreme drug abuse. Just beautiful. And yea, I kinda prefer it to the studio version, if only because of Dizzy's useless piano..
  5. Still doesn't mean he doesn't like playing live. It's an assumption, and extrapolation, if you will. If we're playing this game, I'd like to believe he LOVES playing gigs... when they're done PROPERLY.
  6. Again with this stupid myth? Izzy never said he doesn't like playing live... why wouldn't he? What he doesn't/didn't like was all the bullshit around big tours and RNR star fuckery and whatnot. And honestly, who can blame him???
  7. The future for Guns?

    Build a time machine?
  8. Been unbelievably hot in southern Norway for weeks... unreal. Gonna be humid too.
  9. Oh cool, thanks buddy! Then I take back my complaint about it. LOL
  10. Yea, seriously. WTF is in Frank's head?
  11. The one we see in Reckless Road seems to display 1986 though. Or maybe it's a corrected version?
  12. Got my hands on the Super Deluxe. Noticed one of the ticket stubs replicas, the one that is supposed to be for the Troubadour Jan 4th 1986, it has a typo and it says Jan 4 1985!!!! WTF. Way to go Team Brazil/Universal. Honestly, the box is a waste of money.
  13. Hey anyone happen to know which hotel they gonna stay at in Oslo? Perhaps The Thief? Thanks in advance if you know!!