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  1. Is GNR the most underrated band ever?

    Most loyal fans??? You must of never heard of juggalos & the insane clown posse. Not many fans of a group can be put on the fbi's gang list.

    Lol. I cut the sleeves off all my shirts. I like to be comfortable. I have no clue how to post pics up. The chinese dudeacracy shirt is rare too. Most people dont even believe its legit......but it is. Lol
  3. Steven Adler *accidentally* stabs himself

    It really depends what you call drugs or sober. My definition of sober is not drinking, no smoking or use of recreational drugs. Etc....etc. so I'd say that there's a definite maybe.
  4. Is GNR the most underrated band ever?

    Your username always makes me think of a guy that cheated on his wife & was forced to get her name tattooed on his neck or his face. Whenever i see that i think this is never gonna end with "they lived happily ever after". Anywho as much as i love gnr, underrated does not come to mind. I think theres certain aspects that can be looked at as underrated with them, but as a whole....no. What would you think makes them underrated that hundreds of thousands of fans dont already think about them??

    Honestly if you keep your eyes open. & stay patient. You can get one for cheap. About a yr or so ago i wanted another one because my original is signed by buckethead, so i never wear it. Anyway i found one on ebay for 7 bucks. My friend just picked up a sleeveless one on eBay a few months ago for 12 bucks i think. You just got to find the seller that doesn't give a shit about it and has a Buy It Now or best offer for cheap. The hard one to get is the reimagined rape scene from 2011 tour
  6. Steven Adler *accidentally* stabs himself

    Were just gonna have to agree to disagree on this one. I'm sure we have different interpretations of what being sober is also.
  7. Steven Adler *accidentally* stabs himself

    You shouldnt believe everything you read. Also if they gave him morphine last night in the er, would you still consider him sober? I would also say if hes moved on with his life he has a strange way of showing it. Im sorry but him & his family are very toxic & not good people imo. I hope one day he does move on with his life & for his sake he does clean up and take some responsibility.
  8. Steven Adler *accidentally* stabs himself

    What does awhile mean? This guy has never been considered sober as far as most recovering addicts meaning is.
  9. Steven Adler *accidentally* stabs himself

    When was he ever off of drugs???
  10. Interesting GnR EBay listings

    Mysteries are better when they're unsolved. Lol
  11. Steven Adler *accidentally* stabs himself

    Yeah fuck them!!! When steven says he just wants blood he meant it!
  12. Interesting GnR EBay listings

  13. Jeff Powell eBay demo tape with Stuart Bailey

    Whoop whoop amish paradise.
  14. Jeff Powell eBay demo tape with Stuart Bailey

    Yes it did sell
  15. GnR Pinball Machine

    How much did you pay for it? When i was there they were selling it for 10 bucks last year.