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  1. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    (one of our?) balls out performers of recent memory? And Slash is smiling too
  2. Oh lol, never realized it was two lithos. I did find it odd it was landscape, as most are portrait.
  3. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    I wonder if this could be considered grooming
  4. I wonder if this will be the new harassment thread
  5. Sidenote for Sweden: one reason they are so high on the list, is that rape is far more often reported there than here in Belgium, for instance. A while back, there was a survey showing an insane amount of people in Belgium (but also other countries, don't remember those specifics) found the victim at least partly responsible for the rape in some cases (the way she dressed or danced or whatever). In Sweden, the woman is always seen as the victim, while in other countries, sometimes women are called a slut or whatever. So, yes, if you are raped in this country, you're more likely to be judged if you happened to be wearing a sexy dress. Hence why fewer women report rape in many countries out of fear to be stigmatized, as opposed to Sweden. I also heard that if a woman is raped repeatedly by her partner or husband and goes to the police to report it, every rape will be counted in the statistics, it won't be just one file. I've no idea what the numbers of all those are, just a sidenote that might explain at least part of those high numbers.
  6. I thought we were just comparing cultures, but seems insulting is the way to go. If men rape just about anyone they see and women attack other women for just telling them their opinion or experiences, it seems safer to just stay this side of the ocean.
  7. Sorry, here is Belgium. We usually have men's and women's. But I have been to men's bathrooms. If the line is long at the women's, most women here would. I have been to Sweden, though, hence my experience with the neutral bathrooms. It seems odd that random men turn into predators once they're in the toilet. But I will keep it in mind if I ever visit the US, so thanks for the heads up 😀 Edit: here in Belgium I can't imagine men visiting the women's bathrooms. There would be no reason for them to do so, I guess, as there are no lines in men's bathrooms. If one accidentally strayed in the women's bathrooms, that would be frowned upon. When I go into the men's and see a guy, I'll always say: sorry, there's a long line next door.
  8. I've been to men's bathrooms as well, as often there's a line at the women's. I don't care. I've never felt threatened or whatever there. In Sweden, for instance, lots of places only have 'neutral' bathrooms. I can't think of too many places here that have only one bathroom, but personally I don't think it's a problem really. It's just a toilet. People should stop making everything so complicated. There are enough serious things to worry about. Toilets is not one of them to me. Maybe it's a cultural thing
  9. Why? Is Myles Kennedy a brilliant lyricist? I will keep hoping for new music, but not expecting it, so I don't get disappointed. Stories like these keep the hope alive Axl's voice may have deteriorated, but there are songs he's great on, they suit his voice now much better than some of the old songs. I wish they'd make an album with only songs that fit his voice now.
  10. I don't get it. What do gender neutral bathrooms have to do with this story? Is anyone suggesting gender neutral bathrooms are conducive to rape and/or paedophilia? And the concept of having three bathrooms is so odd to me: women, men and neutral? Either have men and women OR have neutral. No need for three, surely? Americans are so odd. Way to make it complicated. Will you be regarded as a LGBT-phobe if you pick the men's/women's bathroom? Will you be regarded as a transgender when you use the neutral one? Or just as a liberal? If you're raped in the neutral one, will they say you had it coming?
  11. Doesn't matter. Duff is Priest Vallon. Axl is Amsterdam Vallon. Slash is supposed to be Bill the Butcher. Only it's Bill with Slash's hat.
  12. I like the Duff one the best. I really like the design and colour of the Slash one, but maybe he could've given him Slash hair. Only the Slash hat is too subtle compared to the others. I think if the others had been more subtle, I'd like this even more. It's just that the others were obviously Duff and Axl, while this is just a film character with Slash's hat. It would still be really cool to have all three though, and even each individually, because I love the colours and design.
  13. Not to nitpick, but Slash's hair could be a bit longer and curlier. I wouldn't recognise him if I didn't know what it was. Axl and Duff were way more recognizable.
  14. General Chat / Random Musings

    I was watching it tissues in hand, sobbing uncontrollably when my husband entered. He was really worried, thought something horrific had happened Just talking about the film can have me tear up. I don't think I've ever had it so bad with any film. I often cry (silently), but not outright sobbing. La Vita è Bella is probably number two in my sobbing films.