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  1. Not a fan of waffles myself. I thought you might thank us for the beer too What a horrible story. I had no idea about forced adoptions and sterilizations. That sort of thing sounds like nazi stuff, not Canada in the 60s! I can't believe stuff like that was possible only 50-60 years ago, in a western country at that. I mean, people are appalled by nazis and apartheid, for instance (and rightly so), but so many other ghastly things have happened that people at the other siode of the world have never heard of.
  2. I'm from Belgium My friend was at a conference in Canada and the law or treaty I was talking about, is that an indigenous person has to be given a platform, so they have to invite an indigenous person to give a speech and bless the conference or whatever (forgive me, I only know what he told me of that). So they invited an elder to do just that, only to find the poor guy, upon arrival at the place where he was supposed to hold a speech, had been thrown out of the venue by security. So they had to go out and fetch him back. It seemed to my friend many indigenous people had a drinking problem (reminded me of aboriginals in Australia) and they were regarded as second class citizens. Like you say, a lot of overt racism going in, the above incident only one example. I'd only heard this one story up till now. Other people I know who visited Canada, never mentioned any of that. I guess it's different if you only visit big cities or just take a road trip through the Rocky Mountains. But after hearing yours, it's only more proof of no country being immune to racism and discrimination, and no one has reason to feel morally superior to any other country.
  3. So you confirm the story my friend who's recently been to Canada (not the big cities) told me. He was really appalled by things he saw there regarding the treatment of indigenous people. Laws are in place to respect or honour the indigenous people, in ways that look absurd to outsiders like us, but if you look at what actually happens in real life, it comes down to being just hypocrite basically. It's funny, like you say, certainly now with Trudeau we get this image of Canada being this hospitable, social and warm (not literally though) country, but the situation for indigenous people seems much the same as in places like US and Australia.
  4. Well, I think we should all keep our fingers crossed they don't do Don't Cry Amazing? Great? A serious upgrade? Record an album?
  5. The 18,000 large venue is about the Rose Tattoo/Aerosmith show he considers his favourite, not about their own show, if I understood it right.
  6. I seem to be the only one who enjoyed Roseanne back in the day.
  7. Hm. Still not the new Anastasia or Unholy. I don't hate it, but I don't like Myles in the studio. I liked WOF (the album), and I listened to it quite regularly back then, but I'm not going back to it. I think I'll just hope there's a few songs on there that I may want to listen to in a couple of years.
  8. Oh, I didn't know. 60 today, right? But, yeah, I think the RESPECT takes away any doubt as to who he's talking about.
  9. Yeah, heard about that too. What is that all about? I truly don't get it. I'm not on any Facebook fanpage, but why would anyone want to remove those and how do they do it? On what grounds? Is it for copyright issues too? Will they stop when there's not one fan left, or what?
  10. You're right Well, that is sad. I enjoyed the Prostitute video a lot. And it was a fond memory too on the forum. Everyone was so excited and all positive that night and the following days. I remember Broski making a thread about that performance and everyone being so happy about it, and UK Subs sending the thread to Axl or Team Brazil or whatever. And I remember being so excited because I'd posted in it, and maybe Axl would read my post!!! Oh well, thank you to the asshole(s) taking it down because their own little lives are so sad.
  11. Oh, thanks for educating me. I truly had no idea most eBay signature hunters were black. I can't see what their race is on eBay. Of all the people I've seen waiting outside hotels or by venues, I haven't seen any black people either. But maybe Europe isn't that much into autograph hunters? Not sure. The guy buying up lithos in Gothenburg with 5000 SEK was not black though. Pretty sure he wasn't poor either. But I know you feel safer with just generalizing things, so whatever floats your boat.
  12. 100% agreed. If more people were less quick to judge and more trying to listen to and understand each other, or where they were coming from, the world would be a better place. Yelling racism or sexism whenever someone makes one remark (or even more) will never help racism or sexism out of this world. Instead it polarizes and makes it even worse. I think it's easier for people to just think some people are 'bad' and others 'good'. But it's a shame, because yelling abuse or plain ostracizing people has never helped changing minds.
  13. Yeah, and the journalist messed up by quoting Lemmy's lyrics, which have nothing to do with Chester. Just an odd coincidence that the song ended up being that.
  14. Yeah, it's confusing. The last sentence sounds as if Chester wrote other lyrics for it? Slash doesn't quote any lyrics, it's the journalist who does that in the intro, so maybe Chester had his own lyrics and Lemmy wrote new ones?