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  1. COVID-19 Outbreak

    In Belgium, 198 of 513 dead are people aged 85 or over, another 177 are between 75 and 84. I haven't seen the statistics mentioned by SoulMonster, but I think they're credible, based on the numbers here at least.
  2. COVID-19 Outbreak

    What an odd conclusion. Or are you being sarcastic? Surely opening businesses first means businesses are a higher priority? Plus the reasoning behind this is that children tend to not get affected by the disease. So schools are closed mainly because children could spread the virus, without being sick themselves. And even that is not agreed upon by experts. It isn't known in how far kids spread the virus. The decision to close schools is, according to our experts, mainly a political one, because the people ask. It's not a scientific decision and experts here all agree that this is the measure that might be one of the least effective. In fact, none of the experts were in favour of closing down schools. Furthermore, closing down schools has a really bad effect on the children. They lose out on education and the main concern here are the vulnerable children. Children from poor families, who don't have a laptop to make the assignments. Children of families where you know parents won't be stimulating them to keep up with their schoolwork. Children in a shitty home situation, who are left with no help anymore from the outside world. Many teachers and social workers here fear that those children will be lost for good if schools close down for too long. So opening the schools is only for the benefit of the children, precisely because they are the priority.
  3. COVID-19 Outbreak

    I think we'll be seeing measures taken down very gradually, to see what the reaction is. Like schools will be opened first, than people will be allowed to go back to work and lastly bars and restaurants will open again. That seems to be the thinking here anyway. It will be a long time before we can go back to normal life.
  4. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Seriously, how has he not been thrown out of the White House yet? It seems like at least a few presidents are complete and utter morons and a danger to their country. You have Trump, and then Bolsonaro, who said the virus couldn't touch him because he was a great athlete, and the president of Belarus who said the virus wouldn't touch them, and to just drink vodka and go to saunas to beat it.
  5. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Whereas Europe was extremy unlucky in timing. When the virus started spreading in Northern Italy, loads of people went skiing there, as we had a week off then. I remember thinking everyone who went to Italy or Austria should self quarantine for two weeks. But that was apparently too drastic just a few weeks back. As a result, we're all indoors now. What's done is done, but I hope next time we have an epidemic of this kind, government will act quicker and ask people who have been to the wide region that is affected, to stay at home for a few weeks.
  6. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Well, it started in China. I think people will likely have died from it before anyone ever knew about the virus. The first official case in China was January 10, while in December people like Dr. Li were already warning about this mysterious disease that killed people and made them really sick. It took China seven weeks before acting at all. It's not as if they were acting swiftly. No, they were locking up people who tried to warn for the virus, and they did try to hush it up those first weeks. So excuse me for not being completely trusting of numbers given to us by a heavily censored country that has been proven to at least try to hush this up the first months. Then when Li died, in February, they tried to hush up his death once more. China has a history of not being very open and honest, to say the very least. And the numbers are so far apart that I don't believe them. South Korea came after China, and they have reacted far more swiftly. They have such advanced measures in place you can even see on your phone if you've been in contact with patients, and those were quickly quarantined. They've also tested a lot more than here in Europe. People get tested and quarantined. We were told to just go to work and school un less you were sick. Since then, it's been proven that people are most infectious right before they get sick. So no doubt that is something that cost us a lot of lives in Europe. Even now it's only people that are hospitalized and medical staff that are tested. So, South Korea's secret seems to be testing, and a lot of it, and very advanced contact tracing. That's why I'm more inclined to believe South Korean numbers.
  7. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Yes, it's a bit useless to look at the number of infected people it seems. It appears to me it's more useful to look at people in ICU and dead. Our numbers have jumped up again, but that's because one lab hadn't communicated any data yet, so they got 500 in one time, and those weren't all from yesterday. Plus we're starting finally to gradually test more. So those numbers will keep on rising. I'll concentrate on ICU/dead. I just doubt that China has only a little over 3000 dead. I hope we can soon start testing people to see if they have gotten immunity for the virus, and thus cn start working again and come out of isolation. I hope those tests at least will be readily available. Our youngest deceased person was a 30 year old nurse. She was completely healthy. Got a cold on Tuesday, suddenly deteriorated on Wednesday, rushed to hospital, died on Thursday South Korea is a bit of an odd one, as beside reacting very fast, they go very far with the lockdown. The government looks at creditcard data and CCTV footage to ascertain where infected people have been and who they have been in contact with etc. Their contact tracing is incredible. That's something I don't think we'll be quick to do here. We value privacy a bit more than they do over there and they've gotten more used to this kind of crisis. Who knows, a few more of these pandemics and we'll be the same. Our society has changed beyond recognition in a matter of weeks. Telecom companies here have determined 80% of us in Belgium have stayed within their town though, so that's a bit of Big Brother too.
  8. COVID-19 Outbreak

    If the death numbers in China are correct, does it mean white people are more likely to die from the disease? Or has the virus mutated into a far more deadly form? What else could be an explanation? This is Europe, we have great healthcare, and China didn't start taking measures earlier than us. I do believe China has beaten this crisis for now, but I have a hard time believing such 'few' dead after having it months. Europe has lots more after weeks. Even if we believe China wouldn't try to make it look less bad than it is, I think a lot of dead went under the radar. They even do here, and in Italy, where some villages have many more dead than in an average year, while only a small part officially labeled corona. Personally I have no doubt far more than 3000 died of covid in China. To add to this: just read an article about it. Families are now allowed to pick up the ashes from people who died of corona. In one Wuhan facility there were apparently 5000 urns waiting. Wuhan has officially a little over 2500 corona dead. It also has eight of these facilities.
  9. COVID-19 Outbreak

    I know I'll probably get it (or maybe I'm extremely lucky and have already had it without realizing), but I'm hoping I can put it off for as long as possible, so they may have found some medication that makes it less of a hell than it apparently is right now. As an asthma patient, I know what it is not to be able to breathe, it's a horrible feeling and whenever I see someone out of breath, or one of those corona patients in ICU, I get a bit panicky. I've always had this that I can't stand people being out of breath in movies for instance Because then the feeling I so often had as a kid, comes back. I'm secretly hoping the medication I already take to prevent my lungs from collapsing or infecting, might be helping me against this virus. (You don't have to say it's not likely, @SoulMonster, just let me be ignorant on this one) And if this virus will keep coming back, as it is expected, I hope there will be a vaccine the next time it's here.
  10. COVID-19 Outbreak

    In Belgium we're fmlattening the curve apparently. Which is of course great news. We've been in lockdown two weeks now, and it's been prolonged for two weeks, until April 19th, with a possibility to prolong it with another two weeks after evaluation. The peak is expected next week or the week after now. As we're flattening the curve, the aim is of course to postpone the peak and to make it as low as possible. The biggest worry is young people not following the rules, as they think it won't hurt them. Which is very sad of course. We had lockdownparties two weeks ago, which were harshly condemned at the time, and several young people in ICU right now have been to such parties. Apparently those parties are still going on. I have seen on social media psychologists and youth workers trying to reach out to young people and making them realize that they are in danger too, and that they have a huge responsibility towards the other people as well. 90% of the dead here are over 65. From the younger, most people seem to be men, but there's no explanation for that yet. It has been said that maybe it's because men smoke more, but the experts say (and I agree) that doesn't seem to be the case in Belgium. Maybe it is in other countries though. Biggest risk factors: high blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes. I feel reasonably safe right now, as I've been selfisolating for 3 weeks now, and taking good care of all precautions, as is my family. I feel safer with all the measures in effect than before. But our PM has also said that we're just getting started. There is a long road ahead of us and the numbers are really worrying in almost all parts of the world. Not too much good news to be taken from there. I hope that next week we might be seeing a turnaround, in some of the countries that have been hardest hit now.
  11. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Rammstein's Till Lindeman is in ICU. Apparently he was doing pretty poorly, but is on the mend now.
  12. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Sweden has closed secondary schools and universities, but kindergardens and primary schools are still open. All businesses too. The only other thing they banned is they don't allow +500 people in one place. They also urge people to keep social distance and not organize parties and such, but it's not mandatory, where as in most countries here you can get fined for just walking around outside with two other people who are not part of your household. They want to wait as long as possible before lockdowns or stay at home or whatever you call it, because they feel like people won't be able to keep it up for very long. As far as I can see, lots of people in Sweden oppose too, but the government follows this scientist's views and recommendations They are however putting up extra hospital beds and such too to be able to handle it. So it's not that they aren't doing anything, or that they think it's not a serious issue, but they just have this approach that's completely different than most.
  13. I've had tickets where shows were postponed or moved to another date before, and I've never asked for a refund. I didn't even think of that it would be possible If I couldn't go, I suppose I'd sell it on myself or give it to a friend. I had a Nirvana show postponed once, but eventually I got a refund after Kurt Cobain had shot himself
  14. Pretty sure it would be force majeure with corona. I got an e-mail from Live Nation today with new dates of some concerts for April and May and saying they're all busy working with other acts to find new dates. All of them were postponed to 2021. I'm assuming that's how it will go with GNR too, because same happened to their SA dates. They will only say they're postponed when they have new dates. It seems to make the most sense.
  15. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Well, finger pointing happens to be one of the skills the US president prides himself of. Another is his giant inflated ego. I'm sure when the virus is finally under control, it will all be thanks to him. This is basically his policy: If something goes wrong: point finger; If something goes right: take all the credit