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  1. I saw somewhere that he was just trolling with those pics and he wasn't actually there. A friend's pictures. But who knows.
  2. Yeah, SCOM is nothing special as a video in itself. There were so many better videos in those days. Most GNR videos are better than SCOM. My favourite GNR video will always be Don't Cry
  3. Greta Thunberg's Groupie

    Such disdain and misplaced feeling of (moral) superiority for the average working person is what gets people like Trump elected. Appalling.
  4. Those were the days we'd go crazy for pics where they photoshopped Axl next to Slash
  5. My problem is the 'fans' say they're acting on TB's behalf. They could debunk that story, could've done so a long time ago. But no, silence. I wish they'd just tell off those 'fans'. But for some reason, they seem to be somewhat protected at the very least. Didn't that Fernando reddit account that Fernando wouldn't deny or confirm say that TB account was being used for the takedowns, so they changed passwords, but it's still happening? I wonder if this is their awkward way of saying they're not behind the takedowns? The idea comes from Slash, because he asked his fans to post videos of show day too.
  6. Not Dutch. Flemish. I think most of those old tales were cruel and involve a lot of sex, like the fairy tales. Difference here is that the bad guy basically wins.
  7. Coma. But I love Locomotive too and hope to see it live some day.
  8. Not sure. Multiple people had the leaks. Rick's not the Chairman. So who knows.
  9. No, don't think so. He's had those in other legs as well when things don't go like they should. As soon as it's resolved, he's alright again. He's on stage singing a song, he can hardly walk over there and ask to adjust stuff, he has to make it obvious while singing. I haven't seen a whole lot of this leg, but I don't think I've seen him in a better mood than this leg actually.
  10. General Chat / Random Musings

    Soulmonster's so fast he can reply to Dazey's post before he's even posted it
  11. Except for the people in attendance. It's the same like alternating DC and Patience. Sucks when you get one but not the other. No one who gets it live will be like: ugh, I've already seen this on YT.
  12. Great Locomotive. And I love Axl doing the Love's so strange. It would be odd to hear another voice there. I don't want Melissa or Duff on there.