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  1. General Chat / Random Musings

    It's been a few years since I've seen it, but yes, it's amazing and totally crazy. Would recommend it as well. Might rewatch it.
  2. Which Conspirator sings OTGM? Forgive me if I'm being silly, but could he just sing all the songs? I liked his voice better than Myles's.
  3. Beside the fact that it's not her place to do big announcements or revelations, this! I think she also said as much, that there were a lot of possibilities, but things can always change. We should know the band well enough by now that that is true. So many things have had to be canceled, or we had to wait years for them to finally become real. Luckily, they realize that now and don't make announcements they have to cancel afterwards, upsetting and disappointing all fans. Whatever happens, happens. I'm used to that by now and I can always hope for nice things, but never count on them. As far as this band goes, since Slash and Duff are back, everything extra is just a bonus for me.
  4. The book's written by a Flemish journalist. That's why it's in Dutch. I guess he knew her and wanted to write a book on how a Flemish girl ended up working with the biggest rockstars. I don't know why it's been sold out for years and no reprint or translation. Lack of interest? No idea.
  5. Fool and Axl nutswinger, now we've had it all, queen of the bullies. You're just upset you can't bully me into shutting up You're always telling people they must not understand the English language. Well, now I guess it's you who doesn't understand. Not sure if it's the lack of knowledge of the language, but "sure, believe that it was because Axl doesn't like Steven" does not mean "Axl loves Steven".
  6. Lol, I never said he loves Steven. Where did I say that? But yes, annoying when someone doesn't see things black and white. That's your prefered mo for someone you don't agree with. Try to make a fool out of them by making up stuff they supposedly said.
  7. I think she can't talk about Izzy or upcoming plans because there are many possibilities, but nothing's set in stone. That's why no one comes out to say it. Because if it doesn't go like they plan at a certain time, everyone will be pointing fingers at Axl again, as per usual I think there might be new music and Izzy might be involved in some point, but it could just as well fall flat. The gfact that she doesn't talk about Izzy, tells me there is still a wish to work with him at some point, in some capacity. Or that the door isn't entirely shut anyway. She can talk about Steven because that is a done business imo. I'm still baffled at the posters thinking he'd be able to pull the NITL tour off. Has he ever in his life been able to pull a thing like that off? At a certain point she said Slash told someone (maybe her, don't remember) to check on Steven to see 'if he's coherent'. If that doesn't tell you enough, then I don't know. And LOL at Steven not wanting to play CD songs. He'd give anything to play with GNR. I thought that should be clear by now. I just read here that he played with a cover band. Why the hell wouldn't he play CD songs with Axl, Slash and Duff then? But sure, believe that it was because Axl doesn't like Steven and because they wanted to screw Izzy over. I guess that's why they tried to include them in the first place and why Arlett says no one is more loyal than Axl. No matter what anyone says, if it doesn't fit into the narrative, it just goes out the door.
  8. Yeah, he apologized and said he started kicking some lights and he didn't realize there was someone holding that particular camera After that, he took out a knife and cut himself in the face, apparently. Bit of an odd guy if you ask me.
  9. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    They've gotten many things from here before. Sid's video is probably no exception, as Sid is a poster here.
  10. Yes, this is the scenario I'm hoping for Has there been any rumour about Axl/DC lately? Seems to me that's been awhile and all seems quiet there. Maybe I just missed it, or maybe Angus isn't really concentrating on AC/DC after losing two brothers.
  11. Apparently. https://www.fuse.tv/2012/10/did-you-know-axl-rose-has-his-own-zoo
  12. Apparently. https://www.fuse.tv/2012/10/did-you-know-axl-rose-has-his-own-zoo
  13. Not now. Axl's had wolves for many years now. He's known to have a whole zoo. I don't get what's so cringeworthy about standing up for animal rights now and then. Then again, for some anything is good enough to bash or mock members of the band they're on a fan forum of.