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  1. Family Guy Yourself

    Mygnr women have come a long way since posting pics fishing for compliments
  2. Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on fire

    I don't really like the comparing. It's like telling someone who's just had a horrible experience: Yes, but your experience is nothing compared to what that other person went through. It's not the time and place and it's completely irrelevant. Of course there are tragedies going on everywhere. I think we all realize that. I hate the finger pointing at people who donate to rebuild it now. Beside the obvious fact that they can do with the money they earned as they please, what do we know about what they're doing for other good causes? Just wood and stones? Some things transcend that. Some respect for our human history would be nice, even if you're no catholic. I'm horrified by people with no respect for history at all, religious or not. That doesn't mean to say fuck all kids in Yemen. Such hypocrisy too. Do those finger pointers never go on holiday? Don't they buy expensive clothes they don't really need? Or some collector's item? I'm sure you could save quite a few kids from Yemen too with a few hundred euros or dollars that you just spent on yourself.
  3. General Chat / Random Musings

    So you're the reason they kept on bombarding us with that. Just imagine being one of those presenters or whatever they are. And 1996, seems quite late. I'm pretty sure those hairdos weren't in style then anymore.
  4. General Chat / Random Musings

    I remember those commercials so well They were as awful then as they are now. I wonder who thought: Cool, I need that!
  5. British Politics

    If you're interested in all that, maybe you should visit Breendonk too. I think you live quite close to Belgium, no? It's not Auschwitz, but it's very impressive and there's usually not that many people. I imagine Auschwitz could have bus loads of tourists. I've been to Breendonk twice when I've been almost by myself. It's very surreal to walk in the actual rooms where the prisoners were, even more so to stand in the torture room. Not exactly a fun day out, of course, but certainly worth a visit if you're interested.
  6. Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on fire

    This makes me very, very sad And no, it's not something you rebuild and come out stronger.
  7. Member Picture Thread

    The times I've had people ask if volleyball or basketball was nothing for me. Sadly, I'm really bad at anything involving sports. But yes, true, it is handy to be able to reach the highest shelves
  8. Julian Assange Arrested

    I think it's so odd all the things you know so much about and then this you know nothing about. He won't be extradited to the US, as far as they're saying now.
  9. God, what a depressing place to get married
  10. Member Picture Thread

    No, it's not. It wasn't a serious suggestion. I sometimes get curious though.
  11. Member Picture Thread

    It would be so handy if everyone put their height under their avatar. It's a bit odd, sometimes I see a woman and think: Wow, she's really tall. And then it turns out she's as tall as I am I don't like that you can't really hide when you're tall. You always stick out. (I'm not a giant btw, only slightly taller than Powerage.) No one will lift me on their shoulders like you see at concerts But I'm tall enough to look over many people's heads So it has pros and cons.
  12. Member Picture Thread

    So how tall are you? Sorry, just being curious
  13. Member Picture Thread

    Yeah, but if Powerage was as tall as I thought he was, Graeme would be like 2m10. I guess it's like celebrities. You always think they're tall, until you see them in real life.