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  1. Friends HBO Reunion Special

    Yeah, it was funny. Back in the day I didn't meet a single soul who didn't love it. Now it seems like everyone's too cool for it, even on a GNR forum. And yes, the fact that it's popular again now proves that it aged well.
  2. I hope you're growing good bacteria then
  3. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Sanders and Biden are both almost 80. That's just ridiculous. I don't get how either of them could get the nomination. They've had their time. Move over and let someone 30 or 40 years younger do it. It's sad that the US president seems to have to be someone that old, as Trump is in his 70s too.
  4. In the Axl chats, Axl said Brian May wasn't happy with how his parts turned out. He didn't recognize himself or sth like that. If that is what you are refering to, it's in one of the Axl chats.
  5. General Chat / Random Musings

    You shouldn't read that crap paper If it were mine, I'd send them an e-mail correcting them, because that's obviously not right. I just checked my paper. They use the words extreme right sympathies, xenophobe and racist, which all seem to be correct. Apparently he also complains about not having found love in his manifesto. Sad little man projecting his frustrations on people with a different background.
  6. General Chat / Random Musings

    As far as I read, he's been called extreme right wing. There's a clear distinction with right wing, I think. If I hear extreme right wing, I think racism. I don't think racism when I think of right wingers.
  7. 06/17/20 - Warsaw, PL - PGE Narodowy

    I think Poland 2018 was the first show ever Tako didn't get front row, because they sold loads of early entry tickets. In most countries ee means front row, but it doesn't in Poland. I remember it was a lot cheaper compared to other shows, but you didn't get a VIP bag or weren't guaranteed a spot in the front. If I recall correctly, there was either no GC or the GC was bigger than the GA.
  8. He didn't seem very connected to the band to say the least. At the very least management could have told him though.
  9. I don't think it impacted Axl at all. From what I gather, BBF rarely saw or talked to Axl. If I recall correctly, BBF was forced to tour even though he had been in a serious car crash and was in terrible pain. Axl supposedly didn't even know he'd been in an accident. There was a video of Axl leaning onto him at a show and BBF grimacing painfully.
  10. GNR WOMEN'S CHAT 2020 *NEW*

    It's not as if he hasn't tried, of course. https://www.therock.net.nz/home/funny-shit/2016/06/axl-rose-wants-this-photo-removed-from-the-internet.html
  11. I don't have tinnitus, young man, thanks to my ear plugs
  12. Only been in Europe, and I always had earplugs. If I were you, I'd bring protection. Better safe than sorry ☺️
  13. Travelling thread

    Who wants to go on a trip in England this time of year? 😄 Maybe go to York and do some nice indoors stuff like diesel said. Seriously though, when going away in this season, always make sure there are indoor options. Nothing is nice when it's pouring, grey and windy.
  14. Travelling thread

    Keep in mind storm Dennis is supposed to reach England in the weekend!
  15. Show me where the tabloids noticed it then. And answer me this then: do you know any people with serious health issues that give 3 hours+ shows, multiple times a week, for a couple of months, at any age?
  16. I seriously haven't seen those. Or are you talking about tabloids that take an unflattering pic of any celebrity and then put 'OMG!!! Look at X! Friends worry about X and this picture proves why!!' Or 'OMG, look at how X has changed in 30 years!!!' Because I don't pay attention to those.
  17. Of course reviews care. If artists look unhealthy/doped up/botoxed/whatever, you read it in the reviews. The media are obsessed with looks. If anything, they mention he runs around for 3 hours. I don't know many unhealthy people who do that. In fact, I know none.
  18. So when did he have his act together according to you then? Whatever that might mean. He's doing all the shows like clockwork, no rants, no outbursts, neither on or off the stage. I'm not sure what you're expecting. To me that sounds like having your act together. People here like speculating about his health, but I have only seen this 'concern' about his health on the forum. I never read anything about him looking unhealthy in reviews.
  19. @Liva Except Beta denied taking down videos and agreed videos are a promotion for the band. And GNR social media asked fans to post videos of their show experience. Those are facts. I basically scroll through all the setlist complaints nowadays. It's all very predictable. Setlist complaints are more boring than the setlist. However, they seem to be able to add songs like Wichita, I feel good, BHS etc. I've seen eight shows and I think there's only one where I didn't get a song I hadn't heard before. It's not that choreographed. I don't think anyone realistically would expect or even want a complete overhaul. And they can and do add stuff to the set. I just crave new music. When that time comes, the usual suspects will be complaining. But many will be thrilled too. In fact, besides the complaining, when something amazing happens, most people will be enthusiastic (at least for a few hours😜). As for Axl having meltdowns, at the Berlin show many things went wrong, Axl was obviously very frustrated, but he didn't storm off. He's less volatile these days and handles mishaps a lot better. Let's hope the storming off days are behind us.
  20. Why? Does Axl look like he's enjoying life less than at any other period we've seen him? I don't think so. Also, most fans are happy with the performance. I'm not speculating on medication of medical condition, but Axl to me seems much happier and at ease since 2016 than ever maybe.
  21. It's total BS that casual fans would be disappointed if they didn't play songs like CD, Better, Yesterdays, Coma, TIL, Sorry and so many others they've been playing for years. They have to play Jungle, scom, nr, pc, don't cry, ycbm, Patience, kohd and maybe lald. (Don't think I forgot any.) That's 9. They can rotate all the rest with new songs or other deepcuts. I'm not one of those asking a complete overhaul, but to pretend they have to play all these songs (3 hours+ set!!), is just silly. It's not unreasonable to expect some changes now and again.
  22. General Chat / Random Musings

    You also have a cycling contest of 8k against the wind. Funny.
  23. General Chat / Random Musings

    I saw his wife gave him some Sly Stallone artwork for his birthday too.
  24. Met him walking the street near checkpoint charlie the day after the Berlin show. I was super nervous, but he was really nice. Told us they were all jetlagged. Asked us where we were from, I told him we'd see a few more shows and thanked him. We took a pic afterwards. He also saved me from walking right in front of a car crossing the street So in a way he saved my life. So since that day Duff can't do any wrong anymore
  25. I wasn't following Duff really, before he got back into GNR. So I love him more now. Love him on stage, loved him when I met him and I love his album and loved his solo show. Slash is as much of a badass as he's always been. They both make me happy on stage. Their business decisions are none of my business. I can't pretend to know better and it doesn't affect my life as it obviously does theirs. I'll live my life and let them decide on theirs.