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  1. Happy Birthday Axl Rose

    Happy birthday to my favourite frontman ever! Enjoy it and I hope we can enjoy you for many more years to come!
  2. Do they though? On the live nation website I read it as the larger-than-life stadium tour. On the gnr website too. So just as an adjective, not the name of the tour. Might be wrong, I just hope that's not the name of the tour as I think it's cringy as hell.
  3. Isn't it the promoters who book them though? I don't know much about the music business, but I would assume they have some business sense and have thought this through in some way.
  4. The "New Album" Thread

    Slash has released a new album while back in GNR. He's been doing work with Ozzy too. Being in GNR doesn't stop him from churning out songs/albums. Why would he stop doing GNR shows, even if there's no new music? I don't get that reasoning. As for people saying he looks bored in GNR, I've seen him with GNR 8 times, seen him with Myles 2 times, all of them at the rail, I don't see a different Slash up there I love seeing him in GNR. If people don't, they should stop going to GNR and just go to SMKC shows. Cheaper and smaller venues anyway, so that's always a plus.
  5. Still better than Melissa's hair. I guess they didn't think of blue hair
  6. Can't a link be posted to an officially broadcast thing? How very annoying.
  7. I think they put on a pro show. That's my opinion, you can have yours. All the drama with people being done with the band for the umpteenth time (not saying you said that, I don't know if you did) It's not about lowering my bar. I will follow GNR and the forum as long as I enjoy it. I would love new music, but I don't see the point in endlessly repeating the same complaints at every opportunity. (Even if they are legit.)
  8. People love to be disappointed. My GNR motto is always hope never expect. It's far nicer to be pleasantly surprised a few times every decade than be disappointed at each and every show. That being said, the animation for ISE and the outro of RQ are absolutely atrocious and there's no excuse for that in this day and age.
  9. British Politics

    While it was in the news here yesterday, it didn't get that much attention either. Police seem to always be in high alert and ready in Paris. The moment there's any demonstration, they will go there and stop them. This time it was just the fire brigade. I found the unions shutting down electricity last week or so even more shocking. The French really don't want to work until 64, it seems.
  10. General Chat / Random Musings

    Yeah, she looks very much like him. It would be more of a surprise if he hadn't been her father. He practically lived together with her mother in her first years and remained in her life until she asked for him to recognize her as his daughter. He broke off all contact then. In 2013 he tried giving her a sealed envelope pertaining his alleged paternity that she was only allowed to open after his death. She declined. Not a very nice man, the old king. There have been rumours about Albert's youngest son not being his too. Both Albert and Paola were quite promiscuous it seems.
  11. Joey Kramer sues Aerosmith

    I think maybe you were just very naive then. Just look at the Beatles and the Stones. They were never known to be a bunch of friends. I had posters of gnr because I admired them for their music, looks and because they were badass. I never really saw them as examples to anything in my life.
  12. Street Performers in Covent Garden

    Just watching a doc on Bitcoin. Musician Sanshiro Fujimoto is playing next to a huge QR code to get paid in Bitcoin. We're already a step behind with the cards
  13. Street Performers in Covent Garden

    I hardly ever have cash, but lucky last night I did. Wanted to treat my daughter at McDonald's and the order system and paycard system were down. I was amazed so many People carried cash. Almost any other day of the year I could have had to return home pissed off. Also, in the last ten years,whenever I was abroad, I never had any problems paying with a card.
  14. Joey Kramer sues Aerosmith

    It all sounds familiar. They say he didn't show up for rehearsals at times. They say he isn't emotionally and physically ready. He says he is. However this pans out, taking them to court doesn't seem to bode well for his future in Aerosmith.
  15. Greta Thunberg's Groupie

    Don't worry. We're not even in there
  16. British Politics

    It's getting a bit ridiculous when a handful of people jump on Diesel's every post, however uncontroversial, to try and twist it.
  17. General Chat / Random Musings

    Dutch has vliegtuig and handschoen too. I wouldn't compare that to popti ping or frothi cofi though
  18. British Politics

    If anything, it promotes pigeonholing people and I don't like that. If I hadn't read about it, I would never have guessed Meghan was black or half black or whatever. I wonder if she's been confronted with racism as often as people who have darker skin. I would much rather see people not caring about skin colour. It doesn't make anyone better or worse. Maybe it's because I was raised in a time where we were taught skin colour doesn't matter. Look at the Benetton ads or that song by Neneh Cherry and Youssou N'Dour. It seems as though we're getting back from that. You have to be proud to be black, but you mustn't be proud to be white, because that's wrong. As if your skin colour is an accomplishment. Don't get me wrong, I do understand where it comes from and I do understand people may think it will help with racism. But I doubt that. Talking strictly about women now, I ask myself why don't these black people wear an afro hairdo (I don't know how to properly call it)? I think that would help insecure black girls who feel awful about their hair and do anything to straighten their hair to look more like white people. What kind of an example do all these black celebrities set when saying they're proud to be black, but treat their hair with chemicals just to have the hair of a white woman? It may sound silly, but it's a daily struggle for girls who feel forced to have their hair straightened at a certain age because having afro hair is ugly. I feel sorry every time I see a black woman with weaves or wigs or straightened hair. In short: I want to see Meghan with an afro
  19. The "New Album" Thread

    Hardschool is new. Who cares when it was written? Plus relatively very few people have heard it. Don't Cry was written and performed in the 80s. No one was crying about that being an old song when it came out early 90s. Seriously, people who would complain about Hardschool being on a release just like to complain.
  20. Nothing. I don't mean that. But bands/companies... are quicker to respond to a news outlet than to a fan forum.
  21. In fairness, in this case, the fans have nothing to do with the legal repercussions of the leaks (thank god). I don't really expect news from them on that front. I only want them to tell us when we'll get new music 🙂
  22. Everyone should have Belgium's law for this. Or France's. I didn't know secondary selling was forbidden there too. https://www.eccbelgium.be/themes/unfair-practices/misleading-practices/concert-tickets
  23. You can throw Izzy in as well then. His JuJu Hounds stuff was auctioned off as well. The storage locker story is only what we were told by someone who hasn't been 100% honest and reliable. We don't know if it existed. The GNR rep saying Zutaut 'found it appropriate to auction off' the stuff implies that it was not just some silly thing that happened unconsciously. And TB wasn't involved in GNR management in 2000. You can hardly blame them for this. I'm not in the music industry, but seen as Zutaut had discs of GNR, but also of JuJu Hounds (and maybe more), it would seem normal practice to have people working with you have copies of the stuff you're working on. (I think there were some UYI or older material circulated by Alan Niven too, from copies he had.) It doesn't mean you get to sell it. And that's where it comes down to in the end. Stuff was sold and leaked and it wasn't theirs to sell or distribute, and that's illegal.
  24. Yeah, that would make sense that they tried to find every buyer and strike a deal with them as they did with Rick. Then everything leaked anyway and they had to find out who was behind that. We're always just getting the story of one person that's involved, and then sometimes we get a glimpse of the other parties involved by 'Fernando' and the GNR rep now. Hard to try and piece together the whole puzzle when we only have some parts of it. I guess if this goes to court, we'll hear more about it.
  25. Since Rick is the only one going public, we had no way of knowing if more people were being targeted. Now with the GNR rep's official statement, it seems to me that at least Tom Zutaut is in trouble too, and there might very well be more people who are under scrutiny.