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  1. COVID-19 Outbreak

    I think kids are fine. My daughter's been going back to school for two weeks now. They stay in their own class bubble and on the playground have separate spaces per class. They often wash hands and have this whole system in check to go to the bathroom too. They have 'one way traffic' in the corridors too. They have their snacks and water in class and if possible, they're asked to go home for lunch (my daughter always comes home for lunch). The kids who have to have lunch at school, eat in class too. Looking at other countries who opened up schools, the main things is to keep adults and the elderly apart, kids don't seem to spread it significantly. Which is different with the flu, of course. I suppose there's always a risk, but that's life. It seems the downsides of not going to school far outweigh the possible risks involved in going to school, with precautions taken. Or that's what I believe anyway (because experts believe it). Let's hope I'm right
  2. NITL live videos on youtube

    Fernando posted on Reddit again, in response to someone pointing out the bizarreness of not posting videos out of respect:
  3. I have to correct you on a detail. The show was supposed to be in Ghent (Flanders Expo), not Brussels. We heard about noon the show was cancelled, but we were hearing very mixed news, so we went over there anyway and got a flyer saying Duff had a stomach bug or something, and the show was cancelled June 24th 1992, such a traumatic date for me. As fate would have it, I'd manage to see GNR for the first time 25 years later on the day, in Werchter, on June 24th 2017.
  4. The supposed contract(s) were posted here (Tinypic being gone, so the documents too): http://www.gnrevolution.com/viewtopic.php?id=13024 And were discussed here on this forum:
  5. NITL live videos on youtube

    Someone else just advised you to walk away from this band, as you've just found it. I could advise you to walk away from the forum It will always be like this, because more than probably GNR will never become a band of fan pleasers. If something cool happens (granted: which isn't too often), for five minutes people will be over the moon, until people start noticing flaws and when you come back an hour later, it will be 80% negative. Maybe people who are positive aren't so outspoken. Or they think it's enough to say once they loved it. Some people feel like posting they don't like or downright hate something ten times in every thread in D+N. So they may seem louder. If you want to enjoy your stay here, you shouldn't let it bother you. It is what it is.
  6. New Melissa Reese Article

    Yes, plus Brain was a member before. If a friend of mine was in a world touring band, I think I'd know everything about it. She seems very blasé about it.
  7. Yeah, finished it now. Good on Weiland. That is exactly right: 'Man, you're 40.' Very cringeworthy, the part where Ace made the girls bend over backstage 🙄 At the end of the book Matt seems to try and make up a bit, by saying he's grateful for GNR. And 🤣 to people saying I'm being politically correct or hypocrite by being against the rating of and breaking in of young girls for a madam. If you think that's cool or badass, well... It's a bit different than groupies.
  8. New Melissa Reese Article

    No, they were working together before that, because it says they had to interrupt their work every time GNR went on tour. Not that it really matters anyway, but they don't make it easy to document
  9. New Melissa Reese Article

    Hm, having read properly now, they do stress her young age a few times. Saying she wasn't even born for afd and lies. And she's quoted as well saying she doesn't know about their history as she wasn't born then. Doesn't seem like a slipup to me. It's not like a casual mention of her age.
  10. New Melissa Reese Article

    Possibly. I only remember always reading on here her age was a well kept secret. I suppose that's why I thought it wouldn't be too farfetched to believe she shaved a few years off her age. Bit silly since you could just find it online. I hope RS made the mistake. I'd rather have crappy journalism than people be ashamed about their age.
  11. New Melissa Reese Article

    So she does lie about her age? That's a bit pathetic.
  12. Need your help!

    Cool. I don't really have specific wishes, but I would love a dvd with live footage. Audio and video is all I really want.
  13. General Chat / Random Musings

    I read up a bit about the Fawlty Towers thing. It appears that it was the Major saying the N-word that's the culprit. I agree with John Cleese here:
  14. I haven't finished the book yet, but I wonder if it's shelved because of all these things. I am far more apalled/grossed out by all of that than I am shocked by his sneers towards Slash, Duff or anyone else. Seriously, I am not a loud feminist who yells ME TOO! at every corner, but all of this I find genuinely awful, and reading on here: 'He's just a guy fucking as many women as he could' as if it's some kind of feat? Ugh. He's talking about breaking in and rating exploited girls FFS. And as far as I can see, he feels quite good about it. Drawing the parallel with what's going on today, could you imagine a slave handler breaking in some slaves and a publisher publishing that book? I have never liked Matt, but reading his book makes me find him an absolutely atrocious, despicable person. I read Duff's and Slash's books too, and I'm not saying they were/are noble men, but this is taking it a whole lot further imo.
  15. General Chat / Random Musings

    I've never ever idolized a statue or seen it idolized except for in church. I don't like iconoclasm one bit. And I hate that even Fawlty Towers has to go. I feel like I have to buy the dvd-box now before they delete 'Don't mention the war' from history. I can see why people think statues of Leopold II shouldn't be revered, although I've never heard or seen anyone revere Leopold II in any way, statue or not. But Fawlty Towers? I don't get that. Who was offended by that? Or hurt? Germans? Jews? Or just people with no sense of humour? I'm truly at a loss here. And what's next? We can all agree that women have been discriminated against as well through the ages. Maybe we should ban all art in which women are merely sexualized? Or ban films where only the female lead has to look at the inner beauty of an ugly guy, but handsome guys only fall for girls who are actually stunning beauties without glasses, braces and nerdy clothes? One thing I've always found odd. Quasimodo doesn't fall for an ugly girl, but she has to fall for an ugly man. If we follow the logic of iconoclasm, will sexism die if we ban all that? Maybe then more than a handful of women over 40 will still be able to get decent rolls in cinema, for example? But back to the statues, not everyone is interested in history, so many people won't pick up a history book, as you suggest, @SoulMonster. Even if history is of crucial importance to try and do better in our lives. We may not have statues of Hitler, but we have many concentration camps, (and of course some people are still alive who lived through it), so I think the physical presence is important. I know a camp is no statue, of course. I would say maybe having those statues in a museum with the right explanation may be the best solution to not offend people. But in the end maybe I would still find it best to leave the statues in the streets, where everyone can see them, even people with no interest in history and museums. Accompanied of course by a contemporary interpretation explaining a bit about why this person got a statue in his time, but how we look at it today. Low threshold education. I believe education is key in fighting racism and injustice.
  16. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Next month already, earlier than anticipated, Johnson&Johnson will start testing a vaccine on people. Let's hope it works. Then they can start making the vaccine early next year and could have 1 billion vaccines by the end of 2021.
  17. As a teenage girl during GNR prime, I can confirm I never knew anyone who was even remotely interested in Matt. I always felt he looked the odd one out. A poodle head was a total turn-off in the day. Maybe it was different in the US. I've never seen any girl crazy about Matt. I would assume it was the same as the Dizzy story. Groupies would go for anyone in the band just in the hopes to get closer to Axl or Slash. I think in the UYI days it was Axl, Slash or Gilby (after Izzy left). Those three were actually goodlooking guys. Duff looked awful, Matt looked a wannabe cool guy and Dizzy... well, he was never really in the picture.
  18. General Chat / Random Musings

    Yeah, I don't know. I've no idea how this will get better. Like I said, I've heard about stuff like this my entire life and it's still no better. That's a bit discouraging. Not enough people care to make it better, apparently. But now the US seems so polarized that I fear it will only get worse. To improve the situation people should try to understand each other, to bridge the differences, but they seem farther apart than ever. I guess we all hoped too much from Obama. Same people pulling the strings as ever, it seems.
  19. General Chat / Random Musings

    No, that's not fair either But I still think the looting is making it worse for the 'black lads are getting killed' and that's a shame.
  20. I don't know. I would assume they've read the book when it leaked, months ago, before Fernando's chats and the gnr selects.
  21. US Politics/Elections Thread

    It's not the first time a black man has been killed by police though. It's a normal thing in the US. It's been going on as long as I at least can remember and it still hasn't gotten any better at all. It needs to change. If it doesn't, racial tensions will get a lot worse and each and every white person will suffer for it. Just look at South Africa. I don't care if Floyd was a scumbag and it doesn't matter. The US is supposed to be a civilized country and it has courts to deal with alleged criminals.
  22. Same as some people are always very eager to assume the worst about the big 3 while never believing anything the big 3 say Years ago it was already said that Matt wouldn't be a part of the reunion because he was a pain in the ass in the VR days. From what I hear now, he comes across as being very bitter and people who have read the book say he doesn't even sound like a likable person in it and he always blames other people for whatever didn't go his way. I do wonder what's behind all this. The constant postponing, the one day you could order the Kindle version, and now it's supposed to be shelved. Seems a bit suspicious. What's been going on behind the scenes?
  23. NITL live videos on youtube

    Can't wait I wonder if I'll have to stay up tonight again like I did two weeks ago.
  24. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Yeah, and look at you now