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  1. limited edition Duff

    Weren't the songs used for the Westies the ones he got out of storage from that guy that posted here about the masters he had? Not sure if Slash had anything to do with it, can't recall having heard that, but they are old songs, as far as I understood.
  2. Agreed. Rosé to me is just wine. On the subject of that, I am sure I saw some wine like that last year on the forum here. Wasn't it in one of the pop-ups they had? Found it, @Gracii Guns even called it Guns N' Rosé. I think you should sue too, Gracii!
  3. General Chat / Random Musings

    Watching Border Security I can't believe how suspicious they are of anyone trying to get into the country. If you're just an adventurous young person backpacking on little money or planning, you get put on the first plane back to wherever you came from. Also, apparently they have the right to search someone's phone or e-mails, just because they think you might be wanting to work there. When you visit Australia, apparently you forfeit any right to privacy at all. A girl who's a model had to explain why she got 7000 dollars for a modelling assignment in Canada. Like WTF, what business is that of you? And she was denied access to Australia because they thought there was a chance she'd work as a model in Australia too. They found no evidence at all on her phone or anything of any business contacts, but she didn't have a return ticket and no plans yet, so she got sent back. That to me sounds crazy and makes me never want to visit Australia.
  4. I can't believe how unworldly some of you are. Or just instantly feel the need to criticize anything GNR, disregarding any common sense while doing so.
  5. Maybe not, but this seems like a no brainer. Company brewing Guns N' Rosé? Quite obvious it wouldn't pass. Blos N' Roses with two hairblowers as guns? Again, quite obvious.
  6. General Chat / Random Musings

    I don't get this. The French kiss, right? If I'm not mistaken, there was sth to do a while back about a woman hating to be kissed by all her colleagues at work. Pretty sure that was France. When I worked in Brussels, we had a lot of French speaking Belgians there and every morning, they'd go around and kiss everyone there. And this was a big office, not just a few people. In Flanders we shake hands at work. Kiss on social occasions.
  7. No, but I doubt they're GNR's legal team.
  8. If you were like GNR, you'd probably have a lawyer/legal team managing all those issues too. I really doubt any of the band members wasted a lot of time on this or got really pissed off about this. It's just business.
  9. Made me How cringeworthy would that be. Although we all know Axl still messes about on stage with everyone and texts everyone lame jokes when not on tour. Such a jokester.
  10. General Chat / Random Musings

    The Belgian royals' last name is just 'van België' or 'de Belgique'.
  11. It's alright. As far as I can see, us Belgians (and at least one Dutch guy too) had a big part in the English teams doing so well this week
  12. Ugh, enough with the sexism and the misogyny. I guess this thread has run its course.
  13. Jesus, cut it out. She's a woman. Mackenzie Davis is her name.
  14. Books/Reading Thread

    Yes, I have a Kindle Paperwhite. I have had it for like 4 years now, I think. I was hesitant to get it, because I really love books. To read, of course, and to just have them too But now I find I still buy some paper books, but find it hard to read them. A Kindle is so much easier. These days I don't have that much time to read, so I usually just read in bed before going to sleep. And it's great I don't need a bedside light to read anymore. Also, when on holiday, having a Kindle with loads of books on there beats stuffing your luggage full of books. It's just so handy to put it in your bag and take it everywhere. Also, you don't need a bookmark or remember the page you got to. The only con I can think of is that I don't find it easy to go back to a certain scene or page if I want to reread a certain paragraph or sth. But that may be me. It's possible, but I haven't really used the function, so not handy with it. I get my e-books from Amazon, it's a one click buy, so if you have wifi, you can just get it in an instant. Battery life is really great too. I always have it in aeroplane mode, unless I'm buying a book. As I said, I've had it for many years now and use it daily really. I suppose newer versions are a lot better and far more advanced than mine. But I can only recommend it.
  15. Books/Reading Thread

    Got her first one on Kindle after your recommendation. I'll let you know what I think I just read Duff's It's So Easy. I never read biographies, so this was my first GNR book. I liked it.
  16. Yes, but could he give a transcript of the English? (Or was that posted already and I missed it?) LOL, we're all nuts. It's not as if we'll have certainty about getting new music or not either way. The only way we'll ever know that, is when we're listening to it. But now I'm curious. I would like to see what he literally said in English.
  17. General Chat / Random Musings

    You forgot the capital in the middle. TayShaun, BerShawn, LaShawn.
  18. I know this is the era of fake news and all, but tbh I find your reactions pretty poor. I know you're not an official news outlet and I don't know what was accurate in that video and what wasn't, but I think you could address the alleged inaccuracies instead of name calling, no? Your reaction is similar to the reaction of so called Axl nutters when people complain about Axl's voice: 'Then sing it yourself if you think you can do better.' That's just nonsense.
  19. Exactly. Pretty sure he said nothing new here. It must be frustrating when you say: 'no GNR questions', and the clickbait title ends up being your manipulated answer to a question about GNR
  20. There's always the trouble of a translated article that we're re-translating as it were, plus clickbait. I'm betting he said something like: We would all like to do it, but will it happen? I don't know, we'll see. It's what everyone's been saying for years now basically.
  21. Well, everyone who has followed GNR should know that to be the case. So they shouldn't interview him if they don't want to hear anything else.
  22. I agree with you. I always found clamped in front of my back in particular very clever. Reading soon's comment I thought it might be my mistake not being a native speaker, but I'm happy you at least interpret it the same way I do
  23. I always thought the NR video was based on Without You, but not the actual song? Didn't Axl start writing the song before he even met Del?