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  1. Bud Light. Of course Axl had to show up. We all know he loves his Bud Light.
  2. That's funny coming from you. I've seen you insult many posters on here, calling them all sorts of names. I'm just calling it like I see. You're a person that doesn't know the tradition, but will still shout 'racist' with your fingers in your ears while other people try to explain it's not as simple as that. But okay, I will shove it. Classy
  3. I don't see what the naughty list has to do with Zwarte Piet. I already explained my stance. As you know nothing whatsoever about where it all comes from and how it has evolved, but you do tend to see things black and white with no room for nuance, there's no reason for us to further discuss this. I agree with @username mostly, and with Len as well.
  4. Seriously? It's not just a Dutch holiday, it's Belgian too, so maybe you shouldn't just drag apartheid into it, but Leopold II as well.
  5. European Leg

    Easy, they can say there was still such a high demand for seeing them that they thought: Why not? We're having a great time together.
  6. They're smudged because they come down the chimney, @Len Cnut. I think it's about half and half now here in Belgium, I think. Personally I think it's all rubbish. All children love Zwarte Piet, even more than Sinterklaas, who is indeed a stern man. The Zwarte Pieten are always goofing around doing funny stuff. Back in the day we were still a bit scared of Zwarte Piet, as he was the one who would put you in a bag and take you away from your parents if you'd been naughty. But he's been nothing but fun the last 30 years or so. I don't think I ever saw him as a black man back in the day. Kids don't think about that, much less see them as slaves. Are the little elves slaves? Everyone would love to help Sinterklaas, surely! Anyway, if people are hurt by that, fine. Have smudge Piet. I don't think kids care that much. It's just adults making this into a big deal. The thing that disgusts me is that adults ruin it for children by demonstrating against Zwarte Piet. As a kid, Sinterklaas was by far my favourite holiday. I still love it. In the Netherlands, they're more extreme than here with the protests. We're more of the soft evolution type. No need to spoil the party for the poor kiddies. Oh, and now the Zwarte Pieten debate has practically been won by the offended people, they start attacking the whole Sinterklaas thing. KIds get stressed because maybe they've been naughty and won't get anything. There's not even talk of a bag for naughty kids anymore. And another thing is the adult conspiracy against the poor little kids. Kids will be disillusioned if they discover their parents, their entire family, teachers and basically all adults and older kids have been lying to them for years. I do remember when my mum told me Sinterklaas wasn't real, it was all them doing it. But even if it was a bit of a trauma, the fun and excitement that is Sinterklaas is worth a little trauma
  7. European Leg

    Same that happened to Axl in Hawaii saying it was the last show of NITL?
  8. No, they said that stuff about allowing discussion about leaks.
  9. Exactly, that would be my idea too at this point. It's not about the videos. The videos are merely a means, not a target. The real target is the forum.
  10. It doesn't seem to be that simple, as GNR social media asked people to upload their videos. The taking down still went on.
  11. Oh, hilarious, I can just see it now before me. 'Mr. guitarpatch, did or didn't you discuss Atlas Shrugged Drums Down 1.5dB on mygnrforum.com August 13, 2019, around 11AM? If so, who else was present?'
  12. But it's not TB keeping us from uploading videos. That's silly. In 2014 the troll was a member on here. He was in MYGNR podcasts FFS. It's silly to think they would give up the fight just because the focus would change. It's not about videos, it's about destroying the forum.
  13. Why? I'm sure TB and the trolls would be thrilled to hear that. Getting rid of MYGNR is at least the trolls' main objective. When I started reading the forum in 2013 there was nothing going on. At some point we didn't even know if GNR was even alive. And even then people had stuff to talk about.
  14. Always the pessimist! Don't forget the official videos. We still haven't figured out why that guy jumps the cake, have we? Well, there you go, there's an endless treasure trove for us to explore again.
  15. I wonder what crap Axl deals with then when he's not on tour.
  16. Of course, I agree with that. They are responsible. I always have a hard time imagining Axl not knowing about stuff, I always think he's more informed than many think. I wonder if he'd dedicate a new Get In The Ring to the fans. It kind of feels like that.
  17. Well, this makes me sad, even if I know that's silly. How could this have evolved in a situation where GNR and the fans are each other's enemies? I have this romantic idea of both GNR and the fanbase having struggled through so many hard times together forging an indestructible bond (Is this Duff? ) Guess not. It's sad when you're thinking of your favourite band you're thinking of a (totally inadequate) Brazilian family that totally despises you instead of a great frontman, best guitarist in the world and music that has meant so much for you for decades. Ugh, leaves a bad aftertaste.

    No, it's always only US. I'm tempted to get the Deluxe. That's the only one I ever considered. It's now down to 72 EUR. I know it's just 50 in the US, but with taxes and shipping it costs me a lot more.
  19. Solutions

    I think the problem is shared accounts, or just like someone posted: posters helping them. I think lots of genuine fans will be affected, and still people would be in those sections who are friendly with those two. We know this. There's no miracle solution and I think just putting quota is something that might do more harm than good. Plus, @ZoSoRose, no offence, but you yourself said you're here for the community, not for the band anymore. I'm sorry, but if people who've been here for years coming to check up on the band and occasionally posting aren't allowed in anymore, but people who lost interest years ago are, what's the sense of being mygnrforum?
  20. Copyright Strikes....

    As far as I know, it was rumoured Fernando was responsible for the leaks pre-CD, so he may have leaked songs over 10 years ago. Not that it matters.
  21. Copyright Strikes....

    They were Zutaut's tapes from 2000. I don't really see what Fernando would have to do with those specifically.
  22. Copyright Strikes....

    After having read the announcement @downzy made, is this at all feasible? Would you still get complaints then? I know back in the day we used to have a members only section, so it should be possible to have something like that again? It would suck for everyone who's just a lurker, of course, but it would help some at the very least. How sad is it to think they'll go touring and we'll find no videos at all here?
  23. The Hangover/I'm an Alcoholic Thread

    Finally visited Kulminator in Antwerp yesterday. What a weird and unique experience. There were so many many beers I just chose a beer on tap and it turned out a great choice for me. Very yummy!
  24. Copyright Strikes....

    Yeah, it seems to me that whoever says or does anything that might be perceived as complaints, criticism etc, is persona non grata. In my opinion, it's impossible to have any relationship with them unless you have not even the smallest point of criticism. They cannot handle any criticism. People talk about the official forum and imo it's just the same. The concept of positive criticism or even feedback seems alien to them. They don't want to hear any feedback except: 'Everything is awesome!!' Just saying you don't agree with something makes you a hater. If anyone has the energy to try to deal with that kind of people, great. But I'm far too old to try and deal with that bullshit. They hate us? So be it. I'll enjoy my shows and hopefully some music at some point, but that's it. I'm not expecting anything anymore. That being said, I've never attempted any direct communication with any of them (except Fernando on the official forum, and he replied. Yay!), so to say I'm giving up would be too dramatic. As always in the GNR world, foe me it's a case of: never expect, always hope.