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  1. Your view, right now

    Ugh, probably some trashy Brits going to Prague for a stag do because the beer is cheap. Am I right? I hope you're not one of them and enjoy the beautiful city instead.
  2. Yeah, I get that. I mean I assume none of us are totally innocent, but in this case it's a bit harsh when the artist is among us. Plus, this isn't a billion dollar operation we're talking about, but one artist. It might be hypocrite to say one thing's less bad than the other, but it feels different to me at least. When there are decent pics of shows they're always watermarked. I guess now I see why that's necessary. It's a shame someone shares their artwork as this is a thread with lots of dedicated litho fans and it's immediately 'stolen'. Who knows, maybe it's on eBay already sold by someone in Asia. I just feel if you're in this thread, you could at least ask the artist for permission to have a copy made.
  3. I've downloaded leaks, but if Axl Rose came on here saying he'd sell me his songs I'd gladly pay for them. And I will the moment he releases any music. As for the copy you had made, I have no idea about the specific laws, nor do I really care, but I think you could show some decency instead of insulting the artist.
  4. Death Pool draft 2020

    Same here. So anyone on my list will be safe again @Lithium It feels a bit like cheating doing this without you. But seems you moved on, so we have to do the same 1. Charlie Sheen 2. Harvey Weinstein 3. Olivia Newton-John 4. Queen Elizabeth 5. John Cleese 6. Miley Cyrus 7. Chance the Rapper 8. Fatboy SSE 9. Lee Tae-Min 10. Min Yoon-gi (Suga)
  5. All the guy said was that Fortus told him they'd rehearsed Hardschool. He didn't say anything about a release or new music.
  6. Anyone who's not the Big Three = low tier guy But of course he's an official member. I'm not one calling names at anyone who's not AFD5.
  7. I appreciate you telling us. As I always do when posters post small things like that. It's nothing earth shattering, but it's nice to hear about those little encounters anyway. I think it's a shame posters are being booed off by some every time they have a little thing like that to share, because there's so little 'news' that reaches us. However, if you have made it up, I would ask you to come up with sth juicier in the future At least have it be Axl you met and talked to, not some low tier member like Fortus. Anyway, it's nice to see GNR members interacting with fans and being really nice to them, and it's nice to see it reported here
  8. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Me I like them. (Just for Axl though, not for myself obviously.)
  9. I believe him. It's on the Alt setlist. Of course they've rehearsed it. It's not as if Fortus divulged a scoop saying that. We all have the Alt setlist. I think another poster said he heard them rehearse it before one of the early shows too.
  10. NITL is over, finito?

    Yes, as with everything in the GNR world, nothing is set in stone. It only becomes real when you witness it with your own eyes/ears. All the rest is up in the air.
  11. NITL is over, finito?

    The tour was supposedly over last year in Hawaii. Axl said so himself.
  12. Copyright Strikes....

    You're right. It was always said warchild created uzi suicidal llc to take down videos, and that's from years ago. There was a thread from years ago where someone did a lot of research to find it out. I don't recall the poster though. Before today I always assumed the uzi suicidal was a con account, because that became apperent years ago. People lost videos and wanted to find out whose doing it was. The answer back in the day was warchild. Edit: wfa makes several appearances too
  13. Copyright Strikes....

    Hm, maybe. I think Margott always talked about 'fans' taking down everything, so I don't really know why Beta had to jump to the defence of just that one guy. I seriously wonder why Beta seems so infatuated with him.
  14. Copyright Strikes....

    But didn't that reddit Fernando say that they changed the password to that and didn't know how it was possible videos were still being taken down?
  15. Copyright Strikes....

    I know of at least one person being banned there But yeah, maybe he has no banning powers there. I don't know.
  16. Copyright Strikes....

    Yes. One of the mods I mean is the guy running the other GNR forum and touring with GNR. He doesn't seem to like the guy, but apparently isn't in a place to do anything about him. I've no idea why. The guy insinuates he's doing it on TB's behalf for one, and there are screenshots of him admitting to doing the takedowns. I suppose those screenshots have been shown to TB. That's at least what I understood from Russ's posts.
  17. Copyright Strikes....

    At least two people touring with GNR are admins/mods. But they make sure to tell everyone they're volunteers. So basically that's an excuse not to be around much. (Or at least it was when I was still on there.) They were removed as far as I know, but it was then hushed up. The person who posted it was never reprimanded, warned, banned or whatever.
  18. Copyright Strikes....

    The racism was done by the two individuals we all suspect are behind the takedowns. The one who did the monkeyface meme is the same one who has been bragging about taking down videos. He has a long history on the boards. He impersonated Izzy many years ago, he's been an avid NuGNR fan, especially DJ Ashba. Then he turned around and told everyone here he was trolling, apologizing for it, and opening a Slash fanpage. He was banned everywhere for spreading personal information about admins/mods/people on the forum. He's also the one supposedly threatening another fan, after which a year later, last summer, he went to get the Zutaut leaks with the threatened fan. A few years ago, Tommy Stinson called him out on FB for impersonating him. He's been insulting TB and has profile pics on social media with TB and GNR members. Now this is the person Beta was defending. And he's really happy about it, as he reposted it to his social media and saying he hopes now everyone leaves him alone. These are all facts. The other individual remains more mysterious. What I do know of him is he makes the Nightrain a nightmare.
  19. Copyright Strikes....

    Still, without Stephanie no TB. So she's still the origin of all of this and so she's to blame
  20. That's impressive! Very nice!
  21. Copyright Strikes....

    Without discussing the whole MJ saga, the allegations against MJ are just of a different world than whatever we can throw at GNR. I don't know how I would react to that was what I meant.
  22. Copyright Strikes....

    This affects you more than me, that's okay. And we're nowhere near MJ territory here. To me at least that's so far apart I can't even compare the two and I would react totally different. As an aside, to the whole 'don't spend your money, vote with your wallet' discussion: I'm spending money because I enjoy it. I'm not doing it for them or doing it to do them a favour. It's for my own enjoyment. I'm not going to deprive myself of a great night just to make a statement when only myself will lose out because of it. But again, if you can't enjoy their music anymore because of the sideshow, that's different.
  23. Copyright Strikes....

    We're fans of the music. Why would anything influence that? Least of all stupid TB. I'm still going to enjoy their music and shows. Of course GNR are responsible in the end. But this time (again) it's Beta being rude to a big fan. If Axl loves them so much, they should've stayed his personal assistants (like Vanessa, I don't mind her) and stayed away from all communication with fans. Disregarding the rude attitude, but just looking at the content, they're obviously very very bad at it. Because in the end, we're really none the wiser about the GNR policy. Are the videos illegal and will they continue to be taken down by forces unknown (LOL), so it could be anyone EXCEPT those two people? Or are they always promotion and should you post your own videos tagging the band on their Facebook page? Because all of those are messages Beta and GNR social media sent us in the past week. Let's no forget the reddit account that might be or might not be Fernando. They're not even sure themselves. This isn't Axl directing his minions. They don't even know themselves what they're saying or who's saying what. They seem to just say whatever they want whenever they want without any clear policy or direction. But again, in the end, GNR are responsible for having these two at the helm in fan relations.
  24. Copyright Strikes....

    Yeah, could very well be. Still a bit odd they asked fans to upload their videos of the tour just last week. EDIT: and Beta said that she sees live videos as promotion. So not exactly a clear stance on that at all.
  25. Copyright Strikes....

    I think @BlueJean Baby posted it first, but I might be mistaken.