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  1. That's impressive! Very nice!
  2. Copyright Strikes....

    Without discussing the whole MJ saga, the allegations against MJ are just of a different world than whatever we can throw at GNR. I don't know how I would react to that was what I meant.
  3. Copyright Strikes....

    This affects you more than me, that's okay. And we're nowhere near MJ territory here. To me at least that's so far apart I can't even compare the two and I would react totally different. As an aside, to the whole 'don't spend your money, vote with your wallet' discussion: I'm spending money because I enjoy it. I'm not doing it for them or doing it to do them a favour. It's for my own enjoyment. I'm not going to deprive myself of a great night just to make a statement when only myself will lose out because of it. But again, if you can't enjoy their music anymore because of the sideshow, that's different.
  4. Copyright Strikes....

    We're fans of the music. Why would anything influence that? Least of all stupid TB. I'm still going to enjoy their music and shows. Of course GNR are responsible in the end. But this time (again) it's Beta being rude to a big fan. If Axl loves them so much, they should've stayed his personal assistants (like Vanessa, I don't mind her) and stayed away from all communication with fans. Disregarding the rude attitude, but just looking at the content, they're obviously very very bad at it. Because in the end, we're really none the wiser about the GNR policy. Are the videos illegal and will they continue to be taken down by forces unknown (LOL), so it could be anyone EXCEPT those two people? Or are they always promotion and should you post your own videos tagging the band on their Facebook page? Because all of those are messages Beta and GNR social media sent us in the past week. Let's no forget the reddit account that might be or might not be Fernando. They're not even sure themselves. This isn't Axl directing his minions. They don't even know themselves what they're saying or who's saying what. They seem to just say whatever they want whenever they want without any clear policy or direction. But again, in the end, GNR are responsible for having these two at the helm in fan relations.
  5. Copyright Strikes....

    Yeah, could very well be. Still a bit odd they asked fans to upload their videos of the tour just last week. EDIT: and Beta said that she sees live videos as promotion. So not exactly a clear stance on that at all.
  6. Copyright Strikes....

    I think @BlueJean Baby posted it first, but I might be mistaken.
  7. Copyright Strikes....

    Yeah. Didn't I see that on one of the last shows the ticket said: no video or streaming? I've no idea if that's always been on the tickets, but it was posted in one of the last show threads, I think.
  8. Copyright Strikes....

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the whole takedown circus start with either Saskatoon or HOB? Wasn't it the whole drama between Alfred/MSL and Rick that started the whole thing?
  9. Copyright Strikes....

    But that won't even matter. We're too few people. I won't stop buying tickets because I enjoy the shows. They're not taking that from me. I'm not in any hurry to jump on the Nightrain though.
  10. Copyright Strikes....

    Nothing. Shut up and go to shows and buy merch. That's the only thing fans are good for. Otherwise they're just a nuisance, a necessary evil.
  11. Copyright Strikes....

    They're saying they don't know who's doing it, but it's not who everyone knows is doing it. She's calling it illegal videos. She's actually defending Alfred and being really awful to Margott. We all know Alfred's history. Margott buys practically every piece of merch there is and up to now, I haven't seen her say anything remotely negative about GNR or tb. But we do know the two fans have a problem with her. It's not that hard. TB approves of the two and basically every other fan sucks. Every band would love to have a fan like Margott. Not tb. Because those two don't like her. It's insanity.
  12. Copyright Strikes....

    They somehow succeed in being the most incompetent and most rude management team (lol) ever. They have it all.
  13. Copyright Strikes....

    True. So depressing. What an awful bunch of people. Luckiest people in the world. I blame Stephanie. Why the hell did she hire Beta? Yeah, I know it's Axl's fault that things are the way they are. I don't think he knows every stupid moronic retard thing Beta and Fernando post on the internet, but I'm sure he's aware of what's going on in general. I can pay Axl because I admire his art or whatever, even if he does stupid things. But TB? Ugh. Awful. It's just mind boggling. I can't wrap my head around it.
  14. Copyright Strikes....

    Axl has been unreachable for everyone since forever. You have to always go through TB.
  15. Copyright Strikes....

    Bottom line is: Beta prefers fans like Alfred and whatshisname to fans like Margott. TB only deserves fans like that. I think they'd have to tone down their luxury life a bit then. Shame I love Axl so much. If not, I'd just go watch Slash and Duff. It pains me to line TB's pockets.
  16. Copyright Strikes....

    Read margott's instagram
  17. Copyright Strikes....

    Just when you think it couldn't be any worse. Whenever I get something that smells of a complaint by a client (which we are, basically), I'll tell them to go cry about it somewhere else and just relax.
  18. Interesting 1987 tape on eBay

    You should buy it, transfer it and sell it again. It's probably what that Chilean seller did too.
  19. General Chat / Random Musings

    I knew as much as you before I read that article to find her quotes. Or well, less, didn't know about the nude pics, you filthy pig It's true about the context, that's why I tried to look up what she said exactly. But I don't feel like watching her instagram story, so I'll believe you instead.
  20. General Chat / Random Musings

    I had to look it up now: She reacted to backlash by saying: Might be taken out of context, probably is. Either way, still think the same about her. Desperately craving attention. Separated after 7 months of marriage in May, then had a girlfriend, and now this guy for a couple of weeks. Probably won't take that long for this guy to turn out a sucky guy too. I don't think anyone needs any relationship advice from her. I can't take someone seriously who took her vows just a year ago and since has had two other 'serious' relationships.
  21. General Chat / Random Musings

    I haven't read the quote, but that still sounds bad and she still comes off like a dumbass
  22. British Politics

    I've always found your parliament very funny. It looks like a lot of people in a very cramped space and they're all putting on a show.
  23. I was thinking: who's that, Joe Fucker? Or a rapper who's called Joe N i g g e r? No, I didn't think it through.
  24. Why was Slash poor?

    His parents were poor. Slash's grandmother sometimes had to help them out financially and when Slash was a bit older, he had to work and pay rent to his mum, I think. She knew and worked for celebrities, but they were never well off. I think off all of them, Steven was the one who lived in a more affluent neighbourhood.
  25. 10/20/19 - Tijuana, MX - Estadio Caliente

    Oh, I agree, I think they should play it every show, personally. In fact I said as much when someone said that he hoped they wouldn't play it to death like Coma. Because I'd want it at my show. I just meant that saying it's gone forever is a bit of an overreaction, just like the thought it would be in rotation with Coma was a little premature after having played it twice.