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  1. 8 minutes ago, Dazey said:

    I was referring to the people who were protesting peacefully (and without semi automatic weapons) in the grounds of St John's Episcopal Church before your führer had them tear gassed so he could have a cheap photo op. He even managed to gas a priest which normally I wouldn't object to but in this case it was a tad harsh. :lol: 

    Mindboggling. How do Trump supporters defend that one? Fake news?

  2. 26 minutes ago, action said:

    it doesn't matter.

    police brutality has gone on for way too long, and it has pretty much been able to continue without much in it's way.

    The massive outcry that we see today, the combined efforts of artists and musicians is good in and of itself, but the issue is: it's far too late, and far too little. this makes me a bit mad.

    Also, don't forget that society "demands" a response by all these artists. I honestly wonder how much of it is genuine, and how much of it is just saving their own ass.

    Their tweets of today, only highlight their silence up to this point. Their tweets of today, don't exonerate their silence of yesterday.

    There isn't one single honest person between those people.

    But he's been saying this for 30 years. Why do you keep ignoring that? Can't they speak out anymore, because it's the woke thing to do now?

    People's mentality needs to change. And by standing up for what you believe in, you tell all those people what you believe is right. Is it enough to change the world? Of course not. But I can bet you it's better than saying 'the looting starts, the shooting starts' or 'release the hounds'. It's people standing up and trying to unite instead of polarize. If you don't see the merits of that, that's on you. Just sit on your ass and say it will never be enough and it's too little, too late, so best not to do anything at all.

    In a world where influencers are getting more and more important, I would say it is very crucial they take a stand and show what they believe in. (Not talking about GNR, because people will be mocking and blabla irrelevant and stuff.)

    If Trump can poison minds with his gibberish, then it's other people's duty to say: No, this isn't right, this is not who we are.

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  3. 7 minutes ago, action said:

    All those artists jumping the bandwagon now, speaking out against racism, have as much credibility as a fox in a chicken's den.

    When the fox preaches, take care of your geese

    Oh, did you forget in 1992 there was a little song called Cop Killer, after the riots in LA? Bodycount was asked to support GNR back then. That's 28 years ago. Don't make it as if Axl Rose just got woke and jumped on the bandwagon. We aren't all too young to still remember.

    After the promoter in LA asked to replace Bodycount by another act for the LA shows, this is what Axl had to say:


    Guns N’ Roses lead singer Axl Rose branded the elimination of Body Count from the shows as “shallow-minded.” He added, “Both Ice and myself are tired of all the racial crap. This was our chance to play together and show people that we’re about artistic expression, not violence or prejudice. It comes down to this--freedom of speech is OK, as long as it doesn’t piss off some public official.”


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  4. 2 minutes ago, action said:

    I think people are criticising Axl more for being a hypocrite, rather than being a supposed racist.

    I don't think Axl is racist (never did), but I do think he's a hypocrite, trying to squeeze money and attention out of a horrible racist assault. I'm surprised so many people fall for it.

    Axl should just shut the fuck up

    How is he squeezing money out of it? Do you think people will go out and buy a 12 year old album now? Or a 33 year old album? Why is it suddenly wrong to make a stand against racism and police brutality? Artists have always spoken out against things they felt were wrong in society, no?

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  5. I respect the police, but they're certainly not idolized here. I often get the feeling at least some of them go for the quick fine of the law abiding citizen who parked in the wrong spot while they'll let the thugs go because they're scared of them :lol:

    There are bad cops here too of course, and now and then we get a scandal of racist police, or corrupt police, (bad apples everywhere, I suppose) but nothing compared to the US police.

    I think some are armed, but not all. I've never seen police draw their weapon, thank god.

    A friend told me of a Canadian friend she had who was all surprised that we don't hang around to watch an arrest happen, to check on the police, so to speak. I sincerely hope that will never be necessary here. How cops can think it's okay to sit on someone's neck for minutes is beyond me. There is obviously something very very wrong with US police and the US in general when black people must teach their children not to stand out when just walking on the streets.

  6. 8 minutes ago, action said:


    Whenever I see an old band perform, it's the same.

    I don't see why guns should be judged more harshly for their performances.

    compared to say vince neil, Axl isn't doing so bad.

    but it's all just nostalgia by this point.

    People expect a creatively thriving band, it's just unrealistic expectations

    Yeah, just enjoy it for what it is. If you can't, that's fine too. I can't imagine all the energy people waste on getting disappointed over and over again. Well, some people thrive on that of course.

    It's funny how people who enjoyed this, are being labeled as easy to please, low standards and pretending as if everything is okay, while the critics of course only have valid criticism :rolleyes: We're all on a GNR forum, no need to be arrogant about other posters' taste.

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  7. 13 minutes ago, GNR_RNR said:

    Again literally "complaints, complaints, complaints

    Honestly, it's a good way to make sure we never get anything like this again.

    Nah, there's a few posters that have posted nothing but negativity in this thread multiple times. I think overall people were happy with it. Past few days people seemed to be expecting we'd get only one song a week, or even just a clip of a song. Or some publicity for merch in between songs. We got three complete songs. There will always be people who find nothing good whatsoever in anything (too bad for them) and they feel the need to say that 10 times, but let's not focus on that. And let's hope Fernando and the band don't focus on that either :)

  8. Just now, alfierose said:

    The stream wasn't great at times. As I understand it though YT have lowered the quality across the board due to everyone being at home for months.

    You can change that yourself. I know nothing whatsoever about it, but I read that on here and you can change the settings on YT to 1080 HD.


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  9. Yes, we kind of knew it would be those three songs from the length and the trailer.

    I enjoyed it a lot. I'm really looking forward to watching more of these and I would really love for them to have some kind of DVD release of the NITL tour. So many great memories :wub:

    But, yes, only a bit of Axl. It was like the Slash show. Not that I find that very upsetting. But looking forward to seeing more of Axl next time.

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  10. 1 minute ago, Tom-Ass said:

    I think he looks better like that. It is just a normal haircut. Looks much better than that thing straggly mess he had the last few years.. With those weird curls.. 

    I agree. It took some getting used to, but he doesn't have a great head of hair anymore, so I think it's better like this too.

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  11. 8 hours ago, action said:

    the common characteristic of these people, which I admire in all of them, is that they are all self-made men. determined, hard working people.



    I ouldn't call Trump a selfmade man, or Johnson. Not sure about the others. But Trump inherited his company and Johnson was a private school pupil and Eton college boy. They may have worked hard, but they aren't selfmade men.

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  12. 6 minutes ago, Towelie said:

    It's pretty obvious that his word doesn't mean shit. I think he speaks out of wishful thinking more than anything else. I don't think he wants things to be this way, but Axl's the one calling the shots, and Fernando's just hoping for the best, much like the fans. This is why the online fan community need to stop hanging on Fernando's every word, because until such a time as something is officially announced with regards to new music, there are no guarentees and the promises of a wishful thinking manager mean jack shit.

    Yeah, the way he worded it, saying 'deep down I believe it's coming' or something like that, it does sound like something I could say, more wishful thinking than anything. I'm sure he knows after all these years that nothing is sure with GNR unless you're actually seeing it with your own eyes/hearing it/holding it in your hands. The smallest thing seems enough to throw a spanner in the works and block Axl.

  13. 48 minutes ago, Dazey said:

    Our government is trialling an app but it only emerged after launch that it doesn’t work on iPhones. So that’s useful. :lol:  


    2 minutes ago, SoulMonster said:

    On my phone the Norwegian app keeps getting disconnected from Bluetooth without telling me. So I have to remember to go into its setting now and then and reconnect it otherwise it won't register if I am close to other people. Urk.

    Okay. Seems that for now we're not missing out on anything yet then :lol:

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  14. 1 hour ago, SoulMonster said:

    We are starting to discuss how we could emulate South Korea better. Their strategy of testing, isolating, tracing and quarantine has worked really well. The idea is obviously to know who is infected and keep them quarantined while leting the rest of society go on as usual. This is an obvious approach but very hard to achieve. It requires A LOT of testing and then very efficient contact tracing to identify other people who might be infected so they can be put in isolation before they infect others. What South Korea has done to achieve this is to have a very good infrastructure for testing (labs, personnel and equipment), a very efficient health care system (South Korea has lots of emerging and established life sciences companies), clear policies, and a mandatory app that allows the government to study movement and contacts. 

    Doesn't Norway use an app too? How is that working?

    Belgium decided not to go for an app because they didn't find any efficient enough and because too few people would use it, making it useless. So we have contact tracers calling all infected people and they ask about contacts the past two weeks. We have to hope people still now (we're still mostly home or at work of course) and are honest about it. Plus I read that one week in, only 1 in 2 infected people have been contacted. That obviously needs to improve.

    We are testing a lot now though, so we should get most people who get symptoms anyway.