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  1. Estranged - Which one?

    Completely agree, not that it happens all of the time but when he does, the noodling version of the end of the second solo pales in comparison to the way it should be played. https://youtu.be/YRFA_KHbHDg?t=7m25s I get that they're his songs, and that he's a great improviser which 9 times out of 10 I prefer to hear, but some solos you just don't fuck with
  2. He'd have to have arms like Stretch Armstrong or Mr. Tickle to get the autographs of all of the members of GN'R after 1991 on there!
  3. Can someone enlighten me as to what the red stars are for? Stops between songs? Pyro? Bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale?
  4. 07/20/17 - NYC - Apollo Theater

    Regardless of their position as professional musicians, playing something different, and more importantly doing it justice, requires a decent amount of rehearsal time and last I heard, GN'R were touring the world playing every couple of days. Doesn't leave much time to get any alternative songs in good order. From what I've heard of the Apollo recordings, Axl sounds fine to me. Listening to it live, in the actual venue, he would have sounded incredible. Anyway, I came here to post something I quickly knocked up in Photoshop, should anyone else like square covers in the their collection
  5. Slash Appreciation Time

    My thoughts exactly! I think he's a technically better guitarist now, but I prefer his earlier playing a lot better, pre-2000 probably; Blues Ball, first Snakepit etc. It just did more for me, listening to that style of playing.
  6. 06/16/17 - London, GB - London Stadium

    Heading down from Newcastle on the train now! Friday and Saturday gigs! Also, did I dream this or had someone posted a litho for London? A take on American Werewolf in London with Big Ben in the background?
  7. Slash's new take on the second solo of Better sounds like absolute shite to what he used play before this leg of the tour! No soul to it, just mindless noodling. Disappointed.
  8. I seem to remember seeing a video from the NITL tour, where Slash was taking the piss out of DJ Ashba by copying his "Hulk-Hogan-I'm-listening-for-the-crowd-response" ear cupping move during the intro of Chinese Democracy. On this particular occasion though, Axl piped up and said something like "No offence intended" or something along those lines. Clearly sticking up for his buddy. Slash had been doing it for a couple of the early shows, but never did after this incident. Can anyone remember what show that was, where Axl basically said "Pack it in, Slash"?