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  1. I do not recall the first time I heard a GNR song.. probably was one of the hits as they are well known (SCOM, Jungle..) but honestly, the song that got me hooked to the band, that when I heard it randomly starting playing on an old cellphone I wondered what? who is this? this is GNR? and I listened to it like a dozen of times (without knowing anything about Chi Dem). And i fell for all GNR albums and material etc, the rest is history. But Prostitute caught my attention as it was a style I had never heard before. Was about 8 years ago.
  2. Why is it that much better in terms of organization? (regarding Chile over Arg)
  3. what frank said at the end of locomotive that axl answered like a no
  4. Maybe he didn’t sound as he wanted on Locomotive ?
  5. 09/25/19 - Charlotte, NC - Spectrum Center

    what was the rant about?
  6. 09/25/19 - Charlotte, NC - Spectrum Center

    Please upload Shadow of Your Love somewhere
  7. 09/25/19 - Charlotte, NC - Spectrum Center

    can someone post shadow of your love link?
  8. 09/25/19 - Charlotte, NC - Spectrum Center

    oh shit he fucked up the deep part
  9. Tottally agree. I love all the songs in Chinese but Silkworms is the lowest of GNR, right there with My World
  10. yeah i think is that one. ive just heard it this morning
  11. a new 14 sec clip HQ of Atlas Shrugged has leaked