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  1. Well I do no think we would ever know, unless he made a public appearence with someone. I think from what we are able to see, that he is pretty Ok living by himself and not sharing his house with a woman. He hasn't find that partner as Slash found in Meegan. And i think he is pretty ok with that anyways, and having fun with models and such (Lana del rey). He can be a father whenever he wants if that is a desire for him, but maybe not.
  2. Guns N Roses Logo

    Does Chinese symbols, what do they mean?
  3. I do not want another Appetite. I'm looking forward to a new album with the Chi Dem sytle. But i do not want new songs in the style of Shadow of Your Love.
  4. Tottaly agree. The song is overrated, and it sounds Silkworms style. I dig it anyways but I think it is not that big of a deal, IDK if the hype is for the name or just fans made it (the hype).
  5. In the Super Deluxe Edition, will there be a way to import the CDs to a say iTunes? (without the use of an external DVD reader)
  6. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    And what do you think about SOD and TWAT demo?
  7. https://www.alternativenation.net/guns-n-roses-manager-appetite-for-destruction-reissue-ripoff/
  8. Shadow of your love, Slither and Oh My God on the alt. songs
  9. Oi, @Fernando Thanks for stopping by mate. I personally really appreciate that attitude and the answers you have given. Is GNR coming back to Uruguay sometime? Been to Bs. As. twice but would really like to know if they are coming to this side of the river.
  10. I wish fucking Fernando came down from his fucking pedestal.
  11. Why doesn't he make things simple, and give an answer on couple of big topics we all want to know? E.g. Topic Adler & Izzy: This. Topic New Music: That. Is it really that hard?
  12. He tweeted me 'Bullshit and contemplation. Gossip's their trade" and then deleted it. https://twitter.com/valengarciafr/status/997175466187481089 Fuck these babies
  13. I do not know why he is considered a jackass for his comments. I think they are sincere.