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  1. is this tommorrow or in a couple of minutes?
  2. Pero que como instalo una extension VPN? Que rica la Academia como paso a semis. Y osea en LiveXLive ahi lo puedo ver en vivo sin problema? Porque viste que ni aparece GNR Gracias y saludos
  3. can someone post a link to the stream???
  4. Rock in Rio live stream?

    So anyways, what's the link to watch it????
  5. Better fucking awesome as fuck. Please make it DVD, Spotify, NEW LIVE ERA !
  6. GNR's most Danceable song

    Definetely Mr. Brownstone
  7. Can Axl Sing Slither?

    If he can sing Coma, he can sing Slither
  8. 12-16-2010 to 10-02-2011

    I turn into a fan and learn a whole lot of GNR history since 2013. Went to see them in Ferro 2014 and 2016 at River. I'm about to turn 21. so People can turn into fans even if it's 2017..
  9. Same setlist, different day

    I got nothing on them repeating the setlist in different cities and countries. But I get what people are complaining about.. I think they demand that spontaneous thing GNR had, like in 09 when Axl said what do you wanna do next, and then tommy says Nice Boys for example; i mean go for it, that is rock n roll (and its really cool and thrilling). Only time will tell.. another (exaggerate) e.g:
  10. I am a fan of the clean 'raspy' voice. Although i like all Axl's voices (except the superb Mickey like at the performance at that School benefit whatever). But it is a shame we will never hear that old raw voice anymore.. If we ever see new musicc released by GNR I imagine vocals sounding like the Chi Dem sound.
  11. I know I have listened it before but I lost track of it. And yes I like the album version better but anyways, I agree they are astonishing vocal performances, and what do you think about the highs of IRS and TWAT?