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  1. This, I think, was the big takeaway from this interview. It literally is what it is, as in a powerful touring machine. Guns N' Roses, as a creative entity, has been bankrupt for over 10 years now. However sad, it's how it is. "If it happens, it happens." sounds absolutely grim.
  2. That interviewer asked literally every question we could hope for. Not his fault Slash kept stone-walling him!
  3. Oof, man his cold response bodes so shitty for new music. Honestly, I'm sure he'd love to record on whatever Axl has, but Axl's weirdness about putting out new music is probably a sore spot for all involved.
  4. These win the award for least request GNR "leaks" in MyGNRFORUM history.
  5. So is that 7 second clip fake? If it is, someone went through an awful lot of trouble just for some lulz.
  6. Axl: "Because I...don't vant to do eeeet...."
  7. Liked what I could make out. We've heard tons of stories of Axl playing unreleased tracks at parties, bars, & stripclubs over the years. That what this is from?
  8. Has anyone converted Silkworms to mono and created a decent mix?
  9. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    Absolutely. Best of the '18 leaks no doubt. Those vocals.....
  10. FYI, there's two versions of OMG going around. One that was recorded in front of a speaker for some reason, another that is similar quality to Silkworms.
  11. Does anyone other than Zoso have these?
  12. @Fernando Any truth to this? Might want to keep expectations in check!
  13. So that's it? We never hear Chinese D Era Tracks?

    I still don't understand why at the very least Silkworms hasn't leaked in full yet after those snippets a few years back. I want that track.
  14. @Fernando Fernando, would Slash and Duff be supportive of Axl putting out the second half of Chinese?
  15. Hello Fermananger! Can you shed some light on whether the reunion put the kaibosh on the music Axl was talking about putting out in 2014? Still on the horizon? A little positive news wouldn't hurt!