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  1. I could see them putting out a bluray maybe, but does anyone purchase live albums anymore? It's unfortunate, but I don't really think it's the "thing to do" anymore. It's the era of digital singles now.
  2. Same. But bear in mind that this isn't Bumblefoot, and this operation just finished a tour that landed at fucking #2 of all time. I don't exactly see them spinning their wheels, but we'll see soon enough.
  3. Slash's tour picks up on May 3rd in Mexico, so unless they've been doing some top secret recording and this is a continuance of that, I would imagine they're working on 1 track for a specific reason.
  4. Well this is pretty fucking surreal. Something for the new Terminator flick perhaps? If James Cameron asked Axl, it'd be pretty hard to say no I would imagine, though it'd be nice if this had more to do with a proper album. Either way, a new GNR track would be rad any way you slice it.