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  1. Eh, I think most of you are being a bunch of Negative Nancy's. Does it take an ungodly amount of time for this band to get anything done in the way of new music? Yes, yes it does. BUT it's a different ballgame after this tour wraps up in November methinks. They're gonna need to put a fresh coat of marketing paint on the next big tour outing, and I really do believe that will come in the form of a new album. Whether that will mostly be older ChiDem Era tunes punched up by Slash & Duff or wholey new compositions is what remains to be seen. But I think we'll see something.
  2. Slash seems cautiously optimistic about recording with GNR sometime next year. There's even a hint in his recent comments that he may know something we don't (studio time scheduled already?). Hope there ends up being something to it!
  3. I think a mix is probably the most realistic scenario, since it pretty much pleases everyone. Would give us a chance to hear the best of whatever else is 'in the can' already, and I'm sure Slash and Duff will only elevate it.
  4. 2nd time Slash has mentioned that he expects GNR to do something on the recording front before the next big tour outing.
  5. Striking while the iron is hot has never been Axl's thing, sadly.
  6. Without knowing the nitty gritty details of their contracts, I would imagine that if Slash and Duff want something to happen, like recording, it's at the very least a conversation directly with Axl on the subject, whereas the others would likely never ever so much as broach the the subject within an earshot of him. But yes, I think at the end of the day all roads end with Axl as far as the big decisions go. I think 'influence' is the name of the game as far as Slash and Duff go moving forward.
  7. But if Slash and Duff genuinely want to record, I think it's at least a conversation, whereas with the rest I doubt they ever had the balls to confront Axl on the issue.
  8. I think Slash, and to a lesser degree Duff, having an expectation of recording new music before the next large-scale tour outing is quite different than Fortus or Pitman making off the cuff comments about new GNR music back in 2004. I'm not saying it will come to fruition in a timely matter, but Slash speaking on the subject holds a million times more weight than Axl's hired hands.
  9. Best quote on new music so far. He actually sounds hopeful there!
  10. This, I think, was the big takeaway from this interview. It literally is what it is, as in a powerful touring machine. Guns N' Roses, as a creative entity, has been bankrupt for over 10 years now. However sad, it's how it is. "If it happens, it happens." sounds absolutely grim.
  11. That interviewer asked literally every question we could hope for. Not his fault Slash kept stone-walling him!
  12. Oof, man his cold response bodes so shitty for new music. Honestly, I'm sure he'd love to record on whatever Axl has, but Axl's weirdness about putting out new music is probably a sore spot for all involved.
  13. These win the award for least request GNR "leaks" in MyGNRFORUM history.
  14. So is that 7 second clip fake? If it is, someone went through an awful lot of trouble just for some lulz.