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  1. I think it all comes down to whether the alleged March release is real or not. If it is, however unlikely, we could see a dumping of hoarded songs the way we did in 07 & 08 leading up to Chi Dem's release.
  2. So holy shit, it looks like the 2010 album/follow up to Chinese really is floating around. And we may hear it sooner than later. If and when the planned March release pans out, these all loose value and people are panicking.
  3. Only this dumbfuck regime would expect songs that have been collecting dust for nearly 20 years *NOT* to leak and freak out like this. You reap what you sow.
  4. Just in time for the new album, right @Fernando?!
  5. I'm starting to wonder if there ever was a real Bucket solo in "Shackler's Revenge". I know people claim it's low in the mix, but I just can't hear it.
  6. Without a shred of doubt, Hardschool.
  7. Everyone. Some are just more privy to it than others.
  8. Axls too fat, dumb and old to care about new music. Makes you realized how far fetched an album is when they can’t get excited enough to play 1 new song.
  9. This tour.....is fucking pointless. 😑
  10. I know, it's sad. But whatever, let them mope. The rest of us will just be thrilled to hear and Axl & Slash recording for the first time in forever.
  11. And if they're not trolling us by putting Hard School on the setlist, that's more than likely the single they're cooking up.
  12. The only thing that may be realistic for the remainder of this year is a single if I had to guess.
  13. That would certainly be sick. That track and "Oklahoma" are both begging for Slash.
  14. It's just that 6 months for GNR is like a week to any other band. Just wondering what's realistic within that timeframe. Hard to know what's been done behind the scenes.
  15. You know, if Fernando wasn't just blowing smoke, and the album really is pretty much right around the corner...Does anyone think any original songs penned by Slash, Duff, and Axl together are on the agenda? The way Axl operates studio-wise I'd personally be shocked if anything other than Chi Dem era tracks "painted over" by Slash and Duff make the cut.