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Status Updates posted by AdriftatSea

  1. Apparently ARFW hits the wine late at night sometimes just like me! ??

  2. What happened to the word association game? Can't even scroll and find it. What happened to y'all? 

  3. Thought it was the 5th no, th3 3rd sec, 10th row from stage this Fri in Houston! Will have on my Fan Club Badge! Can't wait to see GNR!

  4. Is anyone in Houston going to the show? I have two floor tickets to get rid of. My sister bailed on me. Inbox me if you are interested..

    1. AdriftatSea


      My daughter and I are still going. If you aren't a serial killer you can ride with us as I'm ordering a car service so I can have a drink!

  5. I'm in Houston. Welcome to Water World for us. I think I feel my fins growing. Thank goodness my home didn't flood. Some many peoples did. 

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    2. AdriftatSea


      We are in great shape. The water never came into our home. We are so very lucky!! There are many in bad shape. It's just awful for so very many people. Thank you for asking Gracii! I can't find the kiss emoticon but here are hugs and kisses! xoxoxo

      Oh, and I did go to work today, 7 miles from home. So no, not housebound. :)

    3. Gracii Guns

      Gracii Guns

      Phew! My city was flooded just after Christmas, and while my apartment was fine, it was pointless trying to get from one end of town to the other. Glad you're alright. :) 

    4. AdriftatSea


      Thanks Gracii. Glad you didn't get flooded in December!

  6. What comes with the Platnum seats?

  7. Quick. How do I buy really good tickets to the August 5 show in Houston??

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    2. AdriftatSea


      I'm going to wait and buy seats in the 100 sections.  Husband can't sit in the floor section.  I wasn't thinking.  

    3. Kasanova King

      Kasanova King

      Yes you can do electronic delivery and other than GA pit, the rest of the floor has seats.

    4. AdriftatSea


      I can't find how to just buy tier seats.  I'll wait until Tuesday I guess.  

  8. I've so wanted to keep up with everyones comments and posts on just two threads but I simply can't. I wish I could. It's going to take me a few days to catch up to everyone!  I'll enjoy it though! I have over 100 emails from two threads and following a hand full of ppl.  It's great to be back though!  How can I buy VIP tickets or really good tickets for the August 5 show in Houston? Love you ppl! ????

  9. I forget you live in Belgium. Oh Dear how are you really? I hope all is ok.  Keeping you and your family in my prayers.  

  10. Hey Friend!  Hope life is treating you well!

  11. Guess there will not be a Season 4 of Hemlock Grove. They killed off almost everyone except for the camera man.

  12. Happy New Year Everyone! Missed you all!!

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    2. AdriftatSea


      I would have to go in the back of the house to the office to get on my computer. When my husband was diagnosed with blood clots I decided to stay off the internet and hang out with him in the front. I finally got an iPad and an iPhome. Missed you all!!

    3. LyndaRose


      Hey girl, good to see you are back, Best wishes!!

    4. AdriftatSea


      Thanks Friends

  13. Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

  14. Life is a Dream

    1. Mao5


      Calderon de la Barca

    2. darknightfan


      what a shitty dream

  15. 'Ello Lucy, I'm home!

    1. DR DOOM

      DR DOOM


  16. I didn't create those accounts nor have I ever signed in to them.

  17. Happy New Year!

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    2. AdriftatSea


      Oh no! I'm sorry. Well, I hope she was very appreciative!

    3. Strange Broue

      Strange Broue

      the funny thing is: nope :)

    4. AdriftatSea


      That's too bad

  18. 20 minutes till I wake the hubby up and pour mumms down his throat! Yippee! :)

    1. AdriftatSea


      Yay! He got Moet instead of Mumms. We're in a no fireworks zone because of fire hazard but it sounds like we are in Baghdad outside my door! It's great! Happy New Year!

  19. Let's go Mississippi State Bulldogs!

  20. Happy Birthday in late December Drama. Whichever the fuck day it is. I was close! Close counts in horse shoes, hand grenades, and birthday's, dammit!

  21. Merry Christmas to all the insomniacs the world over!

  22. My daughter opened an Instagram account for me so I could like and comment on her photos. Now she is deleting my comments from her photos. hahah. I didn't even want Instagram.

    1. alfierose
    2. Johnny Drama

      Johnny Drama

      What a bitch. Cut her brakes and fuck her boyfriend with the strap on dildo that you bought her for her 12th birthday.

    3. AdriftatSea


      You are so damn funny! xoxox

  23. Husband's Christmas Party tonight!

    1. Nulla Lex Ink.
    2. Sixes


      anybody get super drunk and make out in a closet?

    3. AdriftatSea


      Hah! If they did! I didn't see it! But we did have lots of fun! :)