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  1. ok, 9/10 is too much. i agree. i didn’t meant it literally, just wanted to draw a picture.
  2. ok, and you are not familiar with the typical marketing strategy in terms of best of releases?! honestly, this is surprising. i could have bet you are 16 or so 😄 because in history 9 out of 10 greatest hits albums have some kind of an unreleased extra track in order to make even those fans buy the album which already own the other content.
  3. No offense but how old are you?
  4. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    No one needs soap opera. We got GNR. This whole thing becomes more entertaining than any new musuc could be. Could someone please ask Matt if the current version of his book is still up to date? 😄
  5. Seriously, I read his quote several times to get what he wants to say. I thought my english skills are the reason for my lack of instant understanding :-) And I am from Germany.
  6. Seems absolute plausible. In fact this is pretty much how Matt quotes Slash in his book. Allegedly, in terms of NITL-GNR Slash has stated „Its just a gig“.
  7. Since I am only active on this forum I do not know but really do wonder if a) Fernando is also hated on other forums/social media or just on mygnr and b) if (especially) Slash and Duff are aware of their manager’s behavior? Do they just close their eyes or is it really possible that they don’t know? Does anyone know?
  8. Totally agree. Seriously, I dont know why I am still here on a daily basis. I think this whole GnR thing is like a daily TV show which has become worse and worse during the years but you still turn it on because you are kind of addicted to the characters and/or so used to them.
  9. Steven Adler You Could Be Mine

    Is it the studio instrumental version of Locomotive like the one from Estranged? I always thought these were the exact versions finally released on UYI, just without vocals. I didn’t know Steve did the drumming on these instrumentals. Or am I wrong and there is another version of Locomotive? If so, I would be very happy to hear it :-)
  10. By the way: Covid-19 must be over.
  11. Russ, I totally get where you are coming from and agree with nearly everything you said on this forum 😄 But please don’t let me down and don’t buy this shit. 😉😄 As you do I got thousands of records and in the past I considered my self as a „completionist“ when it comes to a lot of bands in the past. But when I got older I came to a point where I asked myself more often do I really need this?! I know, sometimes its hard to not pull the trigger. For me it’s even harder when it comes to GNR, my „first real love“ which kinda still lasts after 30 years like an old marriage 😄 See, I was one of the idiots who bought the L&L box on its release day and guess what: I hardly opened the box three times since then 😄 After this whole L&L shit I promised myself I will never ever spent a cent on GNR product unless its a quality realease and its reasonably priced. And this Greatest Hits LP isn’t . Instead of spending 40€ on this crap I will support young bands and buy three cool albums with fresh and new music by them, maybe even nice DIY releases. By the way: Do you really own all GNR releases? All original EPs, all 12“ and all 7“? I do not. I still do miss some and will e.g. rather spent 20€ on a mint 1991 YCBM 12“ than 40€ on a shitty 2020 Greatest hits album. Please dont get this post as an offend. I highly expect you to know how it’s meant. 😃
  12. Fot those who don’t want to watch: 1. New Music? Covid-19-excuse. 2. Have you re-recorded drums for Shadow of your love (and others)? Long smirking and then: „Its a question for the management“ ,,, means h did.
  13. Wow...Tom Petty and Axl

    I think you guys are reading too much into it. Axl was offstage before Bruce and it seems like Bruce just wanted to follow Axl quickly. Whilst doing this he had a smile on his face. I think he really enjoyed the performance but thought the whole event wasn’t the right setting to remain on stage after the end of the song. Take in mind that the audience wasn’t his casual fans but lots of other celebrities. In fact, I think it was smart that both, Axl and Bruce, immediately left the stage.
  14. NITL live videos on youtube

    Volle Zustimmung!
  15. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    I just finished the book and in fact Matt talks bad about nearly every single person he mentions in his book. Yes, it might be the GNR camp that stopped the release. But it also could be, just to give one example, Stephanie Seymour who simply doesn’t want a book to be published which states that she rubbed Matts balls under a table and tried to fuck the whole band behind Axl‘s back. Anyway, even if only half of the book is true, it takes a lot of glory from GNR and everything related (and I am not talking about the groupie thing because how could this be news to anyone?!) For instance, I am referring to the first Snakepit album. I always loved it, especially the vocals of Eric Dover. To date this album seemed to me like an album by a band who had lots of fun together and a band with a great chemistry between all members. I always saw it as the pure result and the opposite of what GNR was in 1995. Now I learned that Matt hated the vocals so much that he even asked Slash to delete all of his drumming from the recordings and to find a new drummer for the release. This was a real bummer for me. After all, Matt turns out like a very narcissistic person to me ... even though I always kind of saw him like that. He blames everyone for everything all the time but him. You won’t find a „I was wrong“ or „it was my bad“ in the whole book.