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  1. GNR / Terminator 2 shirt - real or fanmade?

    If it in fact is from 1991, I expect it to be official. Otherwise it has to be faked by some talented guy. Keep in mind that there was no photoshop software available to everybody back then. Anyway, it looks very cool.
  2. Well, I don't think Slash needs an excuse. His output is fine (quantity-wise). Same goes for Duff, Izzy and Matt. Even Steven and Dizzy have released a proper amount of albums/contributions to other artists within the last 25 years. Only one person needs an excuse, to speak in your words.
  3. Are there retailers in the US which have the box in stock? In Germany I haven't seen one single box at any record store to date.
  4. The first thing Izzy could/should do is to release his post-On down the road-albums in lossless quality. I accept that he doesn't want to release them as physical records (CD or vinyl) but what I still don't get is why in 2018 there still isn't a chance to download them anywhere as wav or flac files. How can any musician release his albums in shitty mp3 or streaming quality only?! I just don't get it.
  5. I think Dave not showing up multiple times happened in terms of the Project (VR) after Izzy disappeared, not regarding GNR.
  6. Caption this classic AFD5 photo

    "Kids, don't try this at home."
  7. I got the box myself;-) Just saw on ebay that you sell the lithos as well?!
  8. I expect you to sell the vinyl and keep the rings, tattoos and cleaning towel, right? 😄
  9. Guns N' Roses rehearsal 2002 VMA

    First thing to say is that I am coming home drunk, so please excuse any typos and so on. Last weeks got me thinking a lot. I enjoyed listening to all the podcasts and follwing the discussions going in here. But fact is, thats it seems like a complete waste of time or nothing else like a self helf group. I have always seen us lile as GNR "ultra fans" like the ones of soccer teams (in europe). Ultras in europe are the heart of every team and game, no matter if it is dog day weather or freezing cold. Ultras are always there and especially responsible for the mood of the whole stadium during the came. And this is why every management of every club has an eye on the Ultras and why tne Ultras have a voice. Well, with regards to GNR the last week(s) has shown us that the GNR 24/7 fan base - the GNR ultras - have no voice or anything at all. Families got threatened and we didn't even get a "no, this one particular guy is not acting on our behalf", which wolud have taken them one minute, if at all. Why should tney deal with us at all?! How few people are signed to this forum? How many average joes went each night to the NITL shows within the last 2,5 years?!?! Got it?! Why the fuck should camp GNR deal with us?! Got it?! I have been loyal to GNR for nearly 30 years (in words: t h i r t y years), but they and/or their management was able to ruin the whole thing within very few weeks. I am very frustrated ... and this has nothing to do to with line up or set list discussions, Axl's voice or the lack of new material. It's something deeper ... that has been destroyed.
  10. CD is missing on Spotify Germany as well. Don't Cry alt. lyrics is still there.
  11. Guns N' Roses rehearsal 2002 VMA

    I wonder that the clip is still up. If I were GNR, TB or the idiots who declare themselves as the ones who act in behalf of the band and take care of them (you know who you are), THIS particular video is the one which should have been taken down immediately (!!!) to avoid any further damage to the b(r)and Guns n' Roses. But here we go, it's still there. I just don't get it 😄
  12. Guns N' Roses rehearsal 2002 VMA

    This is the holy grail to a lot of people?!?! Are you serious?! Each his own, but I had to stop this crap after 15 seconds.
  13. GNR jumped the dolphin (finally)

    Thanks. You made my day 😂 If you are responding again, could you please do me a favor and once again create a screenshot of Axl which demonstrates how furious you are 😄 And please don't forget the corresponding lyrics. 😄 How about "I don't care about you" Dude, I love your sense of humor 😄