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  1. Hi there, Since I had no proper place to hang those lithos I was not really into them to date, even if some of them look nothing but awesome. Now that I have moved, I would love to have the LA 2016 Pool Skater because I have been a skateboarder and GNR fan for about 30 years each. http://lithorati.com/na2016/2016-08-18 Los Angeles.html How rare is this one and what is it's average price? Do you think there is any chance I might get one at "short notice" or is it impossible to get like London, Paris etc? If one of you has one to offer, I of course would very much appreciate an pm :-) Thanks very much for your help! By the way: I was at London first night but to much into party mood to get the litho. I kick my ass today 😄
  2. Until this thread happened I always thought I have got some reasonable knowledge about GNR demos but some of you guys proofed me wrong 😄 This is one awesome thread. Thanks to your incredible table, @zombux! Nothing but incredible! And thanks to all other Sherlock Holmes guys who put their effort and knowledge into the table's development. The whole thread reminds me of good old times browsing through gnrsource.com which I absolutely loved. This being said my question is, if there is really no (uncirculated) demo of YCBM? I mean its a song which was around since the appetite days.
  3. How to record an IEM ??????

    This article includes an explanation. https://rateyourmusic.com/list/TheScientist/everything_you_wanted_to_know_about_bootlegs/
  4. Don't Cry (Alt lyrics)

    Cool, I wasnt aware to date that there is a pro shot 😃
  5. Don't Cry (Alt lyrics)

    Do you from the top off your head at which shows it was played? If so, I don't need to check gnrontour ;-)
  6. Same goes for me. I think its the early mix of Brownstone reased on the 12" version of one of the first singles (might be ISE). Since I am on holiday I unfortunately cannot double check or clarify if its in the LNL box at the moment.
  7. How bad did the CD tour do?

    Well, in June 2012 a few friends of mine bought tickets last minute for the Mönchengladbach, Germany show for approx. 10-15€ because the gig sold so bad. They were like "I can hardly get Axl Rose on DVD for this little money, so lets go out and see him live instead of watching TV at home or making the dishes." Any further questions?
  8. GNR Demo Tape Soundcloud

    Ah, ok.
  9. GNR Demo Tape Soundcloud

    Didn't he state that it's not from him?!
  10. Do it, do it, do it! 😃
  11. Don't worry. I didn't receive any shipping information either but got my box on time last friday.
  12. Mine was shipped from Universal Music in Berlin and I received it on Friday. The delivery box I got was the one by which the L&L boxset went through the whole manufacturing process as I could see on the notes written on the box. The L&L box itself (and I guess most of the repilca stuff) was made in China. Then it went to GZ Media record plant im Czech republic who pressed the CDs and records (GZ in general is very hit or miss) and then it went to the Universal warehouse in Berlin where it was stocked until the day of release.
  13. I am very excited about the hidden cassette. Even though I do own an original AFD cassette I was a little bit pissed because of them not using one drawer for a cassette version of the album or LLAS instead for stupid rings. They did proof me wrong by including an exclusive rerelease of an old demo tape. Smart move.
  14. Buying Izzy Stradlin CD's like a boss (Jauce)

    Great steals! With respect to the Ju Ju Hounds tracklist I know exactly what you are talking about. Regarding the Guns without Roses bootleg I can tell you that I do own this CD since 93. Hence, the cover definitely isn't a photoshop cover but a first gen computer designed one 😄