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  1. 1991. I love how they improvised the set list, played new songs for the first time and sounded very rough. They were still a „dangerous“ rock band and have not been fully turned into diva mode.
  2. Why the negativity towards Axyl and GNR?

    I don’t comment on this 😄
  3. Why the negativity towards Axyl and GNR?

    No offense. I really do appreciate all your contributions. But what „other deep cuts“ are you talking about? What’s your definition of a deep cut? Every song that wasn’t a single?!
  4. Nightrain

  5. Nightrain

    I know what video you are talking about. I watched it yesterday and was about to post it but didn’t for obvious reasons. The video really impressed me ... sound and visual wise.
  6. ... but „he still loves the band“ as stated by him somewhere above and spents more money on them
  7. Same goes for Germany. Axel is a normal name, even very 1980ish. Axl is ... well 😄
  8. I think this Rick guy - in polite words - does not behave very clever. Besides, The fact that he seems to belong to this inner circle of people who have threatened families and are responsible for all the youtube takedowns destroyed my last bit of sympathy I had for him. Anyway, Even if I don’t have zero interest in the leaks, I think this whole topic is quite interesting because it (once again) speaks volumes in terms of GNRs management: This is because - at least from my understanding - there have been two public sales of the 19 CDs before the songs leaked, first the initial auction and then afterwards the deal with Rick (and his friends). My first question is: Why the heck didn’t TB stop the deals and/or bought the CDs themselves to prevent damage from their clients? In addition some legal paperwork could have been filed to the sellers to avoid the risk that they sell or leak any copies of the CDs content they might have created before the deals. Rick has stated that he informed TB at least about the second deal. Hence, they have been aware but obviously did ... NOTHING! And now they do wonder that these 19 CDs are circulating?! I think this a very important aspect when asking why GNR didn’t start any legal actions against Rick. Because I expect every judge in the world will ask the very question I asked above. My second question is: Even if we imply TB wasn’t aware of neither the original auction nor the deal afterwards, how the hell can this be?! How can fans know that 19 CDs of highly sought unreleased material is offered for sale in public multiple times and the band’s „management“ didn’t?! I guess, you get my point.
  9. I didn’t know. Where is that information from?
  10. Locomotive

    Awesome. Thanks! I must agree the band sounds really tight. Even Axl sounds ok for the majority of the song. But it must be a joke when people state that he sounds better than in 92.
  11. Totally agree. Nevertheless, stating that Rick just got a slap on his wrist instead of going to jail is still wrong.
  12. Did I get you right? You informed TB about the auction regarding the locker CDs but instead of buying the 19 CDs themselves to protect their client from damage, they let some random guy win the auction?
  13. Talking about intellectual property and seeing your avatar: Aren‘t you the guy who’s artwork has been stolen by GNR for one of their lithos?
  14. This is interesting and quite important. Is this a fact in terms of US law? In Germany the legal situation is a bit different, at least more complicated and not as black or white as you described.